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         Snacks:     more books (100)
  1. Scooby-Doo's Snack Tracks: The Ultimate Collection by Rhino Records, 1998-09
  2. Bake Your Own Scooby Snacks by Jennifer Leczkowski, 2008-02-05
  3. Petit Appetit: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Easy, Organic Snacks, Beverages, and Party Foods for Kids of All Ages by Lisa Barnes, 2009-03-03
  4. Snack Time Around the World (Meals Around the World) by Zurakowski, Michele, 2004-07
  5. Snack to Your Heart's Content!: The Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol, Low-Calorie Quick & Easy Cookbook by Shelley Melvin, 1990-01
  6. Street Food of India: The 50 Greatest Indian Snacks - Complete with Recipes by Sephi Bergerson, 2010-08-31
  7. Midnight Snack (Step into Reading, Step 1, paper) by Erica Farber, J.R. Sansevere, 1997-07-22
  8. Healthy Treats and Super Snacks for Kids by Penny Warner, 1994-09-01
  9. Joy of Snacks: Good Nutrition for People Who Like to Snack by Nancy Cooper, R. D. Nancy Cooper, 1991-04
  10. Rodale's Naturally Delicious Desserts and Snacks by Faye Martin, 1978-10
  11. Skinny Snacks
  12. Fun Stuff Silly Snacks Cookbook by Editors of Favorite Brand Name Recipes, 2010-01-27
  13. The Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book by Lisa Hildreth, 2006-01
  14. Lullabye: Memories, Madness, and Midnight Snacks by Howard Freeman, 2007-05-17

81. Homemade Crunchy Snacks | Ask Metafilter
I would like to make crunchy snacks from scratch. Please give me recipes. (Slicing up a vegetable or a fruit is not a recipe)
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Homemade crunchy snacks
December 3, 2007 11:56 PM Subscribe
I would like to make crunchy snacks from scratch. Please give me recipes. (Slicing up a vegetable or a fruit is not a recipe)
posted by bigmusic to (24 comments total) 46 users marked this as a favorite you can soak dried soybeans overnight in water, then spread them on a lightly-oiled baking sheet and bake them for 20 mins or so. sprinkle with salt and presto, crunchy.
posted by twistofrhyme at 12:04 AM on December 4, 2007
Soak chickpeas overnight, rinse, roast and season. Also, a slightly odd greek salad - chunky chopped cucumber, capsicum, sundried tomatoes and fetta is brilliantly crunchy. Air-popped popcorn, of course. ... there are more, but i'm far away from my reciepe books at present .. posted by ysabet at 12:31 AM on December 4, 2007 Very disappointed not to see more responses to this... i'd like some crunchy snacks too :) posted by fjardt at 1:55 AM on December 4, 2007 [

82. Snack Food - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
A snack food (commonly shortened to snack) is seen in Western culture as a type of food not meant to be eaten as a main meal of the day (breakfast, lunch,
Snack food
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search This article needs additional citations for verification
Please help improve this article by adding reliable references . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Part of the Meals series Common meals Breakfast Brunch Lunch Tea ... Supper See also Cuisine Kitchen
Banquet A snack food (commonly called a snack ) is seen in Western culture as a type of food not meant to be eaten as a main meal of the day – breakfast lunch , or dinner – but one rather that is intended to assuage a person's hunger between these meals, providing a brief supply of energy for the body. The term may also refer to a food item consumed between meals purely for the enjoyment of its taste. Traditionally snacks were prepared from ingredients commonly available in the home, often leftovers, sandwiches made from cold cuts, nuts, fruit, and the like. The Dagwood sandwich was originally the humorous result of a cartoon character's desire for large snacks. With the multiplication of convenience stores, packaged snack foods are now a significant business. Snack foods are typically designed to be portable, quick and satisfying. Processed snack foods are designed to be less perishable, more durable, and/or more appealing than prepared foods. They often contain substantial amounts of

83. Little Debbie® Snacks | Unwrap A Smile®
free shipping Easter Party quick and easy recipes.

84. Wired 15.03: Minifesto For A New Age
Minifesto for a New Age. An Epic History of Snack Culture. Snack Biz This is snack culture and boy, is it tasty (not to mention addictive).

Top Stories Magazine Wired Blogs All Wired
Minifesto for a New Age
By Nancy Miller
Snack Attack! Intro Minifesto for a New Age An Epic History of Snack Culture Snack Biz Snack Culture Snack Film/TV ... Snacklash It was round. It was tiny. It was delicious. And it was about to change the course of American culture. In 1991, Nabisco unveiled one of its greatest - and most influential - innovations: the Mini Oreo. Shrunk to the size of a quarter, the Mini Oreo offered a unique and tantalizing proposition: constant consumption without consequences. The downsizing of the iconic treat - eventually repackaged in supersize resealable bags - cemented Oreos place as number one in the $3 billion cookie market. A major phenomenon was born. Replace Nabisco with Apple, the Mini Oreo with the iPod nano, and youve got a blueprint for the current boom in what might be called snack-o-tainment. Apples single-minded marketing campaign for the iPod (its tunes - not albums - in your pocket, after all) taught us the joy of picking the choicest cuts and shuffling them into individual hit pdes. The same with television: When the video iPod launched in October 2005, we were suddenly eager to pay $1.99 to watch a music video or a recent episode of Lost in a smaller, portable version of what was already available for free on that big square thing in our living room.

85. Snack Food & Tortilla
For more information on a particular application, please contact your Snack Food Account Manager. We ll suggest the Intralox belt Series, style,

86. Google: Google Snack Rooms
How do you feed an army of Googlers One Fruit Loop at a time A tipster shows the bounty of.
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Why Rupert Murdoch should defrag Bill Gates and the rest of tech
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Google snack rooms
How do you feed an army of Googlers? One Fruit Loop at a time. A tipster shows the bounty of snacks that keep developers munching all day. Kinda reminiscent of youth group rec rooms. Clicky for a full view of the candy store.

87. 20 Foods To Snack On For Enhanced Productivity - Stepcase Lifehack
(photo from here) Most people eat to lose weight, get healthy and build muscle. There are some people, however, who snack correctly in order to enhance
var arrOptions = new Array("true", "right", "true", "true", "", "blockquote", "pullquote", "pullquote pqRight"); pullQuoteOpts(arrOptions); SEARCH Enter your email address: January 22nd, 2008 in Lifestyle
20 Foods To Snack On For Enhanced Productivity
(photo from here) Most people eat to lose weight, get healthy and build muscle. There are some people, however, who snack correctly in order to enhance their productivity. The following is a list of 20 foods you can eat to improve your eye-sight, improve your performance, energize your brain and keep your day on track.
  • Avocados. These keep you from bloating up after a big lunch and are tasty either on their own, with sugar or salt on top, or with your salad. Almonds. Great for brainpower. Read more here Raisins. Want more energy? Grab a pack of raisins. They are high in energy and antioxidants, and low in fat and calories. Figs. They help maintain high energy levels while keeping your appetite far away. Whether you find fresh figs or a pack of dried fruit, enjoy its natural sweetness. Olives.
  • 88. Fire Truck Snack - Enchanted Learning Software
    Fire Truck Snack. You can make these treats from graham crackers.
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    (via PayPal $20.00/year or other amount (for sending a check by mail $20.00/year or other amount (for subscribing by school purchase order As a thank-you bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages. (Already a member? Click here. More Crafts You Can Eat Enchanted Learning Software's Fire Truck Snack More Kinder Crafts Children can make these tiny fire trucks for a preschool or kindergarten treat. Each fire truck takes one and a half graham crackers. This craft makes a great snack that kids can make themselves (with some guidance). This craft can be messy! Supplies
    • A paper plate
    • Graham crackers (1 1/2 per fire truck)
    • Tiny Ritz crackers (for wheels)
    • Stick pretzels
    • Black licorice
    • Softened cream cheese (or thick frosting)
    • Red food coloring
    • A red jellybean, a red Dots candy, a cherry, or a strawberry

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