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         Software Engineering:     more books (100)
  1. Head First Software Development by Tracey Pilone, Russ Miles, 2008-01-11
  2. Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System by Sam Guckenheimer, Juan J. Perez, 2006-05-19
  3. Agile Management for Software Engineering: Applying the Theory of Constraints for Business Results by David J. Anderson, 2003-09-27
  4. Software Engineering: Modern Approaches by Eric J. Braude, Michael E. Bernstein, 2010-04-05
  5. Experimentation in Software Engineering: An Introduction (International Series in Software Engineering) by Claes Wohlin, Per Runeson, et all 1999-12-31
  6. Principles Of Software Engineering Management by Tom Gilb, 1988-01-11
  7. Requirements Engineering for Software and Systems (Applied Software Engineering Series) by Phillip A. Laplante, 2009-03-27
  8. Software Security: Building Security In by Gary McGraw, 2006-02-02
  9. Software Engineering Economics by Barry W. Boehm, 1981-11-01
  10. Software Language Engineering: Creating Domain-Specific Languages Using Metamodels by Anneke Kleppe, 2008-12-19
  11. Software & Systems Requirements Engineering: In Practice by Brian Berenbach, Daniel Paulish, et all 2009-03-26
  12. TSP: Coaching Development Teams (The SEI Series in Software Engineering) by Watts S. Humphrey, 2006-04-20
  13. Software Engineering Concepts (Mcgraw-Hill Series in Software Engineering and Technology) by Richard E. Fairley, 1985-01
  14. Software Engineering Handbook by General Electric Company. Corporate Information Systems, 1985-10

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42. Projects Tagged ‘software_development’ And ‘software_engineering
software_development+software_engineering. Showing 2 Open Source Software projects. software_development; software_engineering. Refine search with
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FUJABA Tool Suite
Primary Language: Java Licensed as: GNU General Public License 2.0
The primary topic of the Fujaba Tool Suite project is to provide an easy to extend UML, Story Driven Modelling and Graph Transformation platform with the ability to add plug-ins. Metrics updated 14 Jan 08
Primary Language: Perl Licensed as: GNU General Public License 2.0
Codestriker is a Web application that supports online code reviews. Traditional document reviews are supported, as well as reviewing diffs generated by an SCM (Source Code Management) system and plain unidiff patches. There are integration points [More] with CVS, Subversion, Clearcase, Perforce, Visual SourceSafe, and Bugzilla. There is a plug-in architecture for supporting other SCMs and issue tracking systems. It minimizes paper work, ensures that issues, comments, and decisions are recorded in a database, and provides a comfortable workspace for actually performing code inspections. An optional highly-configurable metrics subsystem allows you to record code inspection metrics as a part of your process. [Less] Metrics updated 27 May 08 Popular Tags java c++ web development ... tools
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44. Computers:software_engineering [Andrew's Wiki]
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45. Luke Cole - File Manager - Thumbnails...ion/uni/graduation-software_engineering/
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Index of /~sc454002/software_engineering. Parent Directory .tar.gz; Work_01/; Work_02/

49. Digg - Software Engineering, Not Computer Science
A GREAT article comparing software engineering and computer science.,_Not_Computer_Science
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Software Engineering, Not Computer Science
A GREAT article comparing software engineering and computer science. "A scientist builds in order to learn; an engineer learns in order to build." (Original PDF here: Share Bury Favorite? tekmonkey 2 years 136 days ago , made popular 2 years 135 days ago
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  • on 10/12/2007 gg!++DUGG on 10/12/2007 wow, what an excelent article. Very informative for someone who has to decide what sort of computer related major they want to choose (ME!). on 10/12/2007 pretty good article :) foolio

50. BibSonomy :: User :: Emanuel
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51. Software Engineering - CoreOntoWiki
Translate this page software_engineering Inspec The systematic application of scientific and p_isStructureIn(software_architecture, software_engineering
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Software engineering
From CoreOntoWiki
Jump to: navigation search software_engineering 소프트웨어 공학 Inspec The systematic application of scientific and technological knowledge methods and experience to the design implementation testing and documentation of software to optimize its production support and quality [작업자]KAIST : TERMIUM 소프트웨어의 설계제작신뢰성품질 관리 등에 공학적 기법을 도입한 것. 소프트웨어 공학의 궁극적인 목적은 신뢰성 있는 양질의 소프트웨어를 경제적으로 만들어 내는 것으로1970년대에 들어와 소프트웨어의 개발 및 유지 보수에 드는 비용이 점차 증대됨으로써 발생한 소프트웨어의 위기를 해소하기 위해 연구되기 시작하였다. 이는 크게 구조적 분석/설계가 중심이 되는 시스템 분석/설계 분야소프트웨어 비용 산정 분야프로그램의 정확성 검증 분야컴퓨터 프로그램에 [작업자]KAIST : TTA SE; edit
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52. Software_engineering - Craig.hancock@gmail Com On Diigo
Killer features for finding, managing and sharing online information. A powerful personal tool and a rich social platform.
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A Software Design Specification Template
Tags: architecture design development documentation ... on 2006-07-09 and saved by 6 people All Annotations (0) About more from Expand
Open Source Software in Java(tm)
Tags: ajax api blog bookmarks ... website on 2006-07-09 and saved by 47 people All Annotations (4) About more from Expand
The New Methodology
Tags: agile article articles design ... usability on 2006-07-09 and saved by 11 people All Annotations (3) About more from Expand
Handbook of Software Architecture
Tags: algorithms architecture blog booch ... tech on 2006-07-09 and saved by 16 people All Annotations (2) About more from

53. Talk:Software Engineering - Wikibooks, Collection Of Open-content Textbooks
more to explain where they are best used. Patrik 2014, 4 December 2005 (UTC). Retrieved from http//
Talk:Software Engineering
From Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection
Jump to: navigation search This wikibook is intended as a connector book between the differend wikibooks on the differend fields of software engineering. Idealy we would get a complete work on software engineering.
The idea is that seperate wikibooks will be started on the differend subjects, starting from this page or independed and then linked. Possible we could use a page URL standard (e.g. software_engineering_ subfield pagename
Any ideas are welcome. Patrik 08:36, 1 Jul 2005 (UTC)
edit Waterfall model?
The sections here are set up in a very traditional way, kind of implicitly supporting the waterfall model: spec, design, implement, test, etc. It would be good I think to balance this out with some info on agile programming techniques. It isn't just a fad, real companies are developing real software this way... 21:33, 3 December 2005 (UTC) 21:33, 3 December 2005 (UTC) Actually the layout supports multiple models. For example the spiral model uses spec, design, impl. and test in small repeating iterations. Ofcourse the layout may be changed to better represent what these steps (specification, design, ...) are and how they are employed in differend development models. You're more than welcome to propose a better layout as I'm not an expert in the material.
The many models (functional, OO, agile, extreme programming) should get a clear treatment and compared to each other, not so much as to say which is the best, but more to explain where they are best used.

54. Template:software Engineering - Wiktionary
(software engineering). Retrieved from http//en.wiktionary. org/wiki/Templatesoftware_engineering . Categories Software engineering Context labels
Template:software engineering
Definitions from Wiktionary, a free dictionary
Jump to: navigation search software engineering Retrieved from " Categories Software engineering Context labels Views Personal tools Navigation Search Toolbox

55. Category:Software Engineering - AboutUs Wiki Page
Retrieved from http// . All content is available under the terms of the GFDL and/or the CC BySA License.
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Category:Software Engineering

56. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING A Series Of Text Cum Handbooks
latex2html split 0 -toc_depth 6 software_engineering. The translation was initiated by Dines Bjorner on 2006-10-23. next_inactive up previous
A Series of Text cum Handbooks
October 23, 2006
This is the base home page for a series of three text cum handbooks on Software Engineering
  • Three Volumes
    • General
      Three Volumes
      Software engineering: the art, craft, discipline, logic, practice and science of developing large scale software products is in increasing need of a trustworthy, believable and professional base. These volumes are devoted to fill this need. The present series of strongly related volumes combine informal, engineeringly sound approaches with the rigour of formal, mathematics based approaches.
      References to Springer URLs
      Abstraction and Modelling - xxxix + 711 Pages
      Volume 1: Back and Front
      Left: Multi- coloured Asters
      Synopsis, Volume 1
      The present volume covers the basic principles and techniques of abstraction and modeling. First this volume provides a sound, but simple basis of insight into discrete mathematics: Numbers, sets, Cartesians, types, functions, the Lambda-Calculus, algebras and mathematical logic.

57. What Is Software Engineering? - A Word Definition From The Webopedia Computer Di
This page describes the term software engineering and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information.
You are in the: Small Business Computing Channel ECommerce-Guide Small Business Computing Webopedia ... Refer-It Enter a word for a definition... ...or choose a computer category. choose one... All Categories Communications Computer Industry Companies Computer Science Data Graphics Hardware Internet and Online Services Mobile Computing Multimedia Networks Open Source Operating Systems Programming Software Standards Types of Computers Wireless Computing World Wide Web Home
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software engineering Last modified: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 The computer science discipline concerned with developing large applications . Software engineering covers not only the technical aspects of building software systems, but also management issues, such as directing programming teams, scheduling, and budgeting. E-mail this definition to a colleague Sponsored listings Custom Software Development - Web, windows, and database applications customized for your business. Free quote and consultation. Software Development: General Digital Corporation - Over 25 years experience working with highly critical embedded application software, including Assembly, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, ADA, and more.

58. 2007-2008 UAF Catalog
Software Engineering. College of Natural Science and Mathematics Department of Computer Science (907) 4742777 M.S.E. Degree
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2007-2008 UAF Catalog Software Engineering College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Department of Computer Science
M.S.E. Degree Minimum Requirements for Degree: 30 credits Downloadable PDF (PDF 83K) Software engineering is defined as “the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation and maintenance of software” (IEEE Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology). Graduates of the UAF M.S.E. program will be prepared to develop high-quality software products which meet required deadlines within budget constraints, understand complex software-intensive systems and to participate in their development and application while adopting different process roles. Those roles include software architecture, design, construction, test and project management. The UAF software engineering program is based on recommendations from Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute and standardization efforts such as the international SWEBOK (Software Engineering Body of Knowledge). Local, national and international employment opportunities for software engineers continue to be numerous. Graduate ProgramM.S.E. Degree

59. Software Engineering Home
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60. Valador, Inc. - Information Architects
Software Engineering (software_engineering) Management Consulting Services (management_consulting) Modeling Simulation (modeling_and_simulation)
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