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         South Korea Culture:     more books (100)
  1. North & South Korea (Culture In…)
  2. South Korea: Education, Culture, and Economy by Georgie D. M. Hyde, 1988-09
  3. From Tradition to Consumption: Construction of a Capitalist Culture in South Korea by Dennis Hart, 2001-07-20
  4. South Korean Culture: Korean Wave, Marriage in South Korea, Culture of South Korea, Public Art in Korea, Women in South Korea, Eul-Yong Ta
  5. Culture Guide: South Korea, Series 1 Elementary K-6 (International Outreach Culture Guide, Series 1 Elementary K-6)
  6. South Korea: Education, Culture, and Economy --1988 publication. by Georgie D. M. Hyde, 1988-01-01
  7. Culture Guide: South Korea Series 1 Secondary Grades 7-12 (International Outreach Culture Guides, Series 1 Secondary Grades 7-12)
  8. Culture of South Korea
  9. Militarized Modernity and Gendered Citizenship in South Korea (Politics, History, and Culture) by Seungsook Moon, 2005-01-01
  10. South Korea's Minjung Movement: The Culture and Politics of Dissidence (Studies from the Center for Korean Studies)
  11. How Corporate Culture is Influenced by National Culture - Using the Example of South Korea and Samsung by Marion Göttert, 2008-02-18
  12. Korea Its History & Culture by Korean Overseas Information Service, 1996
  13. Internet in Korea: Internet in North Korea, Internet in South Korea, Seoulpodcast, South Korean Web Culture, .Kr, Korean Progressive Network
  14. Politics and Culture in South and North Korea (Routledge Advances in Korean Studies) by Dennis Hart, 2010-08-01

1. South Korea
Introduction. Facts for the Traveler. When to Go. Events. Money Costs. Attractions. Off the Beaten Track. Activities. History. Culture. Environment
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South Korea
Korean society is based on the tenets of Confucianism, a system of ethics developed in China around 500 BC. Confucianism is big on devotion and respect - for parents, family, friends and those in positions of authority. Confucius also emphasised justice, peace, education, reform and humanitarianism. Many Koreans attribute their country's remarkable success in recent decades to this attitude. In modern Korean society, Confucianism is most noticeable in relations between people. The Five Relationships prescribe behaviour between ruler and subject, father and son, husband and wife, old and young, and between friends. If you fall outside any of these relationships, you do not, effectively, exist. Many travellers to Korea find the locals rude: they're probably not; chances are they just haven't noticed you. Once you're introduced to someone, you'll fall within the rules for friends and things will start looking up. The South Koreans have turned their hand to just about any art form you can name. Traditional music is similar to that of Japan and China, with an emphasis on strings. The two main forms are the stately

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