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         Stamp Collecting:     more books (100)
  1. Guide to Stamp Collecting (Collector's Series) by Janet Klug, 2008-04-01
  2. Stamp It!: The Ultimate Stamp Collecting Activity Book by Leslie Jonath, 2002-09-30
  3. Stamp Collecting by Stephen R. Datz, 2009-04-01
  4. Stamp collecting as a pastime by Edward J. 1848-1909 Nankivell, 2010-09-08
  5. Warman's U.S. Stamps Field Guide: Values & Identification (Warman's Field Guides U.S. Stamps: Values and Identification) by Maurice Wozniak, 2009-08-17
  6. Stamp Collecting for Dummies by Richard L. Sine, 2001-08-15
  7. Top Dollar Paid!: The Complete Guide to Selling Your Stamps by Stephen R. Datz, 2009-04-15
  8. All About Stamps: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Philatelic Terms by Wayne L. Youngblood, 2000-09
  9. Introduction to Stamp Collecting by Steven J. Rod, 1990-10
  10. Stamp Investing by Stephen R. Datz, 2009-06-15
  11. Postmark Paris: A Story in Stamps by Leslie Jonath, 2005-02-17
  12. How to collect stamps;: A basic course of instruction in the world's most popular pastime, by Ralph A Kimble, 1936
  13. Encyclopedia of United States Stamps and Stamp Collecting by Rodney A. Juell, 2006-05-27
  14. The world of stamps and stamp collecting by Arthur Blair, 1972

1. Stamp Collecting - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
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Stamp collecting
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Jump to: navigation search A stamp album page with different Machin stamps and spaces for missing stamps Stamp collecting is the collecting of postage stamps and related objects, such as covers (envelopes or packages with stamps on them). It is one of the world's most popular hobbies , with estimates of the number of collectors ranging up to 20 million in the United States alone.
edit Collecting
A French stamp issued in a panoramic format. Collecting is not the same as philately , which is the study of stamps. A philatelist often does, but need not, collect the objects of study, nor is it necessary to closely study what one collects. Many casual collectors enjoy accumulating stamps without worrying about the tiny details, but the creation of a large or comprehensive collection generally requires some philatelic knowledge. Stamp collectors are an important source of revenue for some small countries who create limited runs of elaborate stamps designed mainly to be bought by stamp collectors. The stamps produced by these countries far exceed the postal needs of the countries. citation needed Some collectors, observing the generally rising prices of rare stamps, have taken to

2. Shopping/Antiques_and_Collectibles/Supplies
Stamp Collecting. Home / Shopping / Antiques_and_Collectibles / Supplies / stamp_collecting. Software. 25 Sites in Stamp Collecting

3. Stamp Grading And Condition - Stamp Collecting :: Glassine Surfer :: Stamp Colle
Stamp Grading and Condition Knowing a stamp s grade and condition will save you time and money and help you build a better collection.
Stamp Collecting for Beginners and Philatelists Stamp Auctions for Every Collector
Stamps, Covers by US State

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Enter your search terms Submit search form Glassine Surfer web
Stamp Collecting with GS
Stamp Grading and Condition
Nothing is more important to a collector than a stamp's grading and condition, and nothing is more important than knowing how to adequately describe and accurately grade stamps. Knowing how to eye-ball a stamp's grade and condition is something each collector must learn, and though it might take a little practice, a practiced eye will save both time and money and help a collector build a better collection. Stamp catalogs have sections that outline the relationship between a stamp's grade and it's value. Typically, a catalog pegs its printed prices to a certain grade, and it's understood that better grades sell for a premium and lesser for a discount. Even in this day of enlarged web site scans, collectors need sound and fair descriptions because some faults do not scan well and rarely are both sides of the stamp shown at a web auction site. In fact, many grade a stamp by the picture, then compare their opinion with the seller's. If his is inflated, either he does not know his stamps, or hopes that you don't.

4. - Arran - 24 - Male - UK -
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5. Reference : Museums : Recreation_and_Sports : Stamp_Collecting : -
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- Visitor information, details of collections and exhibitions, online catalogue, and educational resources.
Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History

- Presents a worldwide collection of stamps and covers. Includes schedule of events, details of exhibits, library, memberships, hours, admission and directions. Located in Weston, Massachusetts.
Post Mark Museum and Research Library
- Dedicated to collecting and preserving post marks and postal history around the world. Located in Lyme Village near Bellevue, Ohio. Last Updated: 2007-07-21 13:42:01 About NoMoz Terms of Service Listing Rules ... Site Map

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7. Stamp Collecting Videos - Watch Video About Stamp Collecting On Mefeedia
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Stamp Collecting Videos
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Stanley Gibbons Plc (SGI)

from - (beta) on April 28, 2008
12 views Bet you, if you were asked what the best performing asset class over the last few years had been you would not say stamps. Well you should, because it is. Some stellar prices have been achieved for certain examples of very rare and very old bits of paper. But before you go scuttling off to the attic to turn out granny's long-forgotten trunk, have a care to look at Stanley Gibbons first. also in: videoblogging stamps sgi sgil ...
Attempted Unknown

from Attempted Unknown on June 13, 2006
594 views Stamp collecting letter-carriers are so 2006. also in: mail documentary interesting seattle ... flyingspot
shows using stamp collecting
2 on this page Attempted Unknown 1 subscribers + subscribe Log in or sign up to leave comments. comments on stamp collecting: (No comments yet..)

8. Shopping > Antiques_and_Collectibles > Supplies > Stamp_Collecting - Jasminecorp
Updated Blogs. Ras Malai. Xtreme Marketing Inc. Tar files starting with specific characters, How to. Donate for Mike Huckabee Presidential Campaign 2008
Updated Blogs Can woman be a prophet? Offshore Web Outsourcing from India happy b'day dear More ..... ... Usenet Groups Stamp Collecting Directory Shopping Antiques and Collectibles Supplies > Stamp Collecting Web Sites i The Washington Press
Stamp collecting supplies. Editors and producers of the White Ace Stamp Albums, ArtCraft First Day
Covers,and StampMount Mounts.
Rating : Not yet Rated Whois Check
Espace Lollini

Offers space philately-related catalogs and albums.
Rating : Not yet Rated Whois Check
Matthew Crandell

Offers a variety of stamp collecting supplies including albums, and mounts. Also stamps, philatelic information and links. Reviews Rating : Not yet Rated Whois Check Scott Publishing Publisher of Scott Postage Stamp Catalogues, Scott Stamp Monthly and Scott Stamp Albums. Reviews Rating : Not yet Rated Whois Check H. Farahbaksh Offering hingeless printed albums for the middle east countries. Reviews Rating : Not yet Rated Whois Check Album Publishing Company Offers books and reference works on German philately.

9. Carnival Of Money, Growth And Happiness #30 - Stamp_Collecting
All the latest news relating to stamp_collecting.
Carnival of Money, Growth and Happiness #30
Feb. 03 Welcome to the 30th edition of the Carnival of Money, Growth and Happiness. Everyone likes money, at least a little bit, and finding ways to achieve frugality with little effort seems to be the American way. Steve Faber presents Free Money - Just What You Need Right Now? Even in down times opportunities abound at work, in investing, and in business. Or are you taking it seriously and building a successful business? Bohl presents Small Business Trends Column - Who Else (Besides a Majority of Business Professionals) Wants Work Life Balance in 2008? A nationwide survey sheds some light as to what people think will help them achieve their business goals in 2008. PT says, " I took a step back from the typical money goals and just listed some simple resolutions". In advertising, business, and life in general, your assumptions can cost money. Read the full story at Posted Under: Stamp Collecting
About PeruzeIt

10. Shopping Antiques And Collectibles Supplies Stamp Collecting On NYMSD - National
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11. Regional, Europe, Croatia, Recreation And Sports, Stamp Collecting - Canadaspace
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12. Stamp Collecting
a href= http// Stamp Collecting /a . Originally published July 12, 2006. Last updatedMarch 18, 2008.
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    Stamp Collecting
    Email to a friend with a personal message
    A wise friend of the family once told me "Collecting is great for kids." And despite its apparent decline as hobby for young people, it still is a great way to combine geography, armchair travel, history, and own's one personal view of world into a single pastime. My childhood stamp collection was lost in the Northridge earthquake of 1994. I sure would have loved to share it with my kids.
    American Philatelic Society: Just for Kids
    "The word 'philatelist' means a person who practices philately or stamp collecting. It comes from the French word 'philatelie', which was derived from the Greek words 'philos', meaning loving, and 'atelia', meaning exemption from tax (which also came to mean 'postage is prepaid.')." The American Philatelic Society is the largest, nonprofit organization in the world for stamp collectors, and its kids section is my pick of the day. Visit for beginners help, and fun game and activity pages.

13. Virtek Directory :: Shopping : Antiques And Collectibles : Supplies : Stamp Coll
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Shopping Supplies
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14. Reference › Museums › Recreation_and_Sports › Stamp_Collecting
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15. Reference/Museums/Stamp Collecting > Page1 - - Free Submit Site,Free
Adulu Reference Museums stamp_collecting page all is 0 Video Museums stamp_collecting Stamp Collecting video by youtube

16. Stamp Collecting, Collectibles, Articles And Information
Stamp Collecting, collectibles, articles and information.
Save this page in your Favorites File for easy reference My Greatest Stamp Find
By John Anderson I have been involved with stamps nearly my entire life. My first collection was as a ten-year old boy collecting with my neighborhood buddies. By the time I was done with it, I had more than 3,000 stamps in my collection and sold it for the princely sum of 7.50 in 1958. I don't remember what I did with the money. I think I treated my family to supper at the neighborhood burger joint. I gave up on the hobby for about seven years and took it up again as an adult. Where before I collected anything I found, I started to look for stamps in better condition and in sets. The first such set I bought was from Vatican City for the 1962 Christmas celebration and paid all of 50c for it.

17. Stamp Collecting - Wikipedia
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Stamp collecting
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Stamp Collecting is the collecting of postage stamps and things related to postage stamps. It is one of the world's most popular hobbies.

18. Catalogue Salvador
Image obtained from http// 1 centavo on 3 c brown Surcharged and overprinted 1889 (2 types, with/without
Home CD index CD volume 1 index CD volume 2 index Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 2
EL SALVADOR 1867-1896
Return To Catalogue Salvador 1897-1920 Note: on my website many of the pictures can not be seen! They are of course present in the cd's;
contact me if you want to purchase them: Note on the stamps of El Salvador from 1890 to 1899: The printer of the stamps (Seebeck) kept the printing plates of the stamps issued during this period. He issued numerous 'reprints' after the stamps were obsolete. These reprints are known as Seebeck issues. A nice website with stamps of El Salvador can be found at:
1867 Volcano
1/2 r blue 1 r red 2 r green 4 r brown Overprinted 'CONTRA SELLO' in a circle (1874) 1/2 r blue 1 r red 2 r green 4 r brown The overprint 'CONTRA SELLO' was applied to prevent stolen stamps from coming in the market. The 'CONTRA SELLO' overprint was used on later issues for telegraphic purposes. Typical cancel:
(Star cancel, reduced size)

19. Collecting Africa Can Be Daunting
This article is the first in a multipart series discussing the philatelic history of Africa.
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Collecting Africa can be Daunting
Michael A. Weatherford Articles in this Topic Discussions in this Topic Jun 17, 2001
Africa stands unique, in history, in geography, and in the world of stamp collecting. It's the second-largest continent in land area, behind Asia and ahead of North America. It has the third-largest population, and the largest number of independent states. It is home to one of the world's oldest civilizations, and yet has many areas where the current inhabitants are only a few steps up from stone-age technology. It was also the most colonially dominated continent, even moreso than South America, and the last to rid itself of European masters. All of these vast differences, and more, are reflected in its philatelic history. Over the next several months, I'll try to provide some groundwork that will help make this area a little less confusing for the average collector. The southern Mediterranean coast is basically a narrow strip of arable land hemmed in to the north by the Mediterranean, and to the south by the almost impenetrable Sahara Desert. Water is the key to survival in this region: the most advanced civilization in the Western world grew to prominence along the lower Nile River, in Egypt. The primary religion is Mohommedanism, the result of the rise of Arabic culture in the late 700's AD, which swept across northern Africa from Arabia to the Atlantic. When the Spanish defeated the Moors in the late 15th century, it opened up an age of conquest that swept most of North Africa's territory into colonial empires for the Spanish, French, and Italians. Egypt was nominally an independent caliphate attached to the Ottoman Empire until the end of World War I, when it became an independent nation with strong ties to Britain.

20. Stamp Collecting Images Search On
stamp_collecting.jpg Robinon-Acle Philately - the stamp dealer for stamp stamp_collecting.jpg stamp_collecting 75 x 73 6.10kB source page

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