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         Stepfamilies:     more books (100)
  1. Smart Stepfamily, The: Seven Steps to a Healthy Family by Ron L. Deal, 2006-01-01
  2. Stepfamilies by James H. Bray, John Kelly, 1999-04-20
  3. The Smart Step-Family: Seven Steps to a Healthy Family by Ron L. Deal, 2002-10
  4. How To Win As A Stepfamily by Emily B. Visher, John S. Visher, 1991-09-01
  5. Secrets to Stepfamily Success by Gloria Lintermans, 2010-06-16
  6. The Stepfamily Survival Guide by Natalie Nichols Gillespie, 2004-09-01
  7. Strengthening Your Stepfamily (Rebuilding Books) by Elizabeth Einstein, Linda Albert, 2005-10-24
  8. The Step-Tween Survival Guide: How to Deal with Life in a Stepfamily by Lisa Cohn, Debbie Glasser Ph.D., 2008-06-15
  9. Smart Stepfamily Small Group Resource DVD, The: An 8 Session Guide to a Healthy Stepfamily by Ron L. Deal, 2010-03-01
  10. Help! A Girl's Guide to Divorce and Stepfamilies by Nancy Holyoke, 1999-09-01
  11. Stepfamily Realities: How to Overcome Difficulties and Have a Happy Family by Margaret Newman, 1994-04
  12. Family Rules: Helping Stepfamilies and Single Parents Build Happy Homes by Jeannette Lofas, 1998-11
  13. Making Peace in Your Stepfamily by Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D., 1993-01-04
  14. Becoming A Stepfamily: Patterns of Development in Remarried Families (Gestalt Institute of Cleveland Book Series) by Patricia L. Papernow, 1993-01-01

1. National Stepfamily Resource Center
The National Stepfamily Resource Center’s primary objective is to serve as a clearinghouse of information, resources, and support for stepfamily members and
About the NSRC Educational Resources Research Site Map ... Email us at
Auburn University
Welcome to The National
Stepfamily Resource Center
media representatives with user-friendly and research-based information on stepfamily living. For more detailed information on the NSRC - Learn About Us
Save the date!
Clinical Training for Professionals Who
Work With Stepfamilies
Join us in welcoming Dr. Patricia Papernow and Dr. Scott Browning, International stepfamily clinicians who will offer a two-day training on working with stepfamilies. They offer a unique opportunity to view live therapy sessions with a created family and process time with each clinician. Details will be available soon. Please check back or join the listserve for updates. Check out Smart Steps for Stepfamilies Our research based educational program for adults and children living in stepfamilies.
Welcome Smart Marriages!
Click here for more information about ordering the teach out of the box (TOOB) Smart Steps for Stepfamilies program.
Looking for a local support group or trained therapist ? Got media or research questions ? Follow the links.

2. Stepfamily Network Home Page
Resources for helping stepfamilies solve problems and achieve their ideal family situation. Includes articles and a question of the month.

3. Blended Families: Stepparent Tips For Healthy Bonding And Avoiding Problems
In a stepfamily, or blended family, one or both partners have been married . How do attachment relationships affect the ability of stepfamilies to bond?
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This site is for information and support; not a substitute for professional advice.
Blending Families: a Guide for Stepparents
Today, at least one-third of all children in the U.S. are expected to live in a stepfamily before they reach age 18. The blended family is becoming more of a norm than an aberration. Born of conflict and loss, newfound commitment, and often heart-wrenching transition, stepfamilies face many lifestyle adjustments and changes. Fortunately, most blended families are able to work out their problems and live together successfully. But it takes careful planning, open discussions of feelings, positive attitudes, mutual respect and patience.

4. Successful Stepfamilies
Created by author, therapist, and stepfamily educational specialist Ron L. Deal, this site provides Christian resources for single parents, dating couples

Online Smart Store Conference Events Couple Checkup ...
Smart Single Parents Blog

Welcome to
Successful Stepfamilies

Are you feeling stressed at home and longing for peace and harmony ? We want to help! Here you will find strength for your journey and answers to your questions. Come see how to create safety in your marriage and how your family can be successful. Welcome Created by author, therapist, and stepfamily educational specialist Ron L. Deal , this site provides Christian resources for single parents, dating couples with kids, stepfamilies, and the churches who serve them. What others are saying... "With Biblical wisdom, compassion, and understanding, Successful Stepfamilies is helping remarried couples build strong, functional blended families." (A ministry of Focus on the Family) Successful Stepfamilies is the most highly practical program I know for helping couples who are dealing with the common struggles of stepparenting. The church desperately needs to offer hope to this large segment of our society. Ron and Nan Deal are available to help you with the process. Ron is an excellent presenter and his book

5. Focus Adolescent Services:  Stepfamilies & Co-Parenting
Resources, information, organizations, articles, and books on stepfamilies and successful coparenting.
We need your support! Home About Us Site Map State Directory ... Contact A guide to realizing if your child is at-risk, displaying self-destructive behaviors, and needs your help and intervention Adolescence Adolescence: Middle Childhood Adolescence: Early Adolescence Adolescence: Middle Adolescence ... Unclutter Your Life Stepfamilies and Co-Parenting Rights of Children of Divorce Helping and Supportive Resources Help Your Teen Adjust to a Stepfamily New stepfamilies face many challenges. As with any achievement, developing good stepfamily relationships requires a lot of effort. Stepfamily members have each experienced losses and face complicated adjustments to the new family situation. The members of the new blended family need to build strong bonds among themselves through:
  • acknowledging and mourning their losses
  • developing new skills in making decisions as a family
  • fostering and strengthening new relationships between parents, stepparent and stepchild, and stepsiblings
  • supporting one another
  • maintaining and nurturing original parent-child relationships
While facing these issues may be difficult, most stepfamilies do work out their problems. Stepfamilies often use grandparents (or other family), clergy

6. Stepfamilies Work! Home Page
stepfamilies Work! is a place for stepfamilies to find help, hope and inspiration. Provides articles, useful links, advice and more to help stepfamilies

7. APA Help Center - Family & Relationships - "Making Stepfamilies Work"
Recent research suggests that younger adolescents (age 1014) may have the most difficult time adjusting to a stepfamily. Older adolescents (age 15 and

8. Stepfamily Problems | American Academy Of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
With the high incidence of divorce and changing patterns of families in the United States, there are increasing numbers of stepfamilies.

Help Contact Us Facts for Families
Stepfamily Problems
No. 27; Updated July 2004
With the high incidence of divorce and changing patterns of families in the United States, there are increasing numbers of stepfamilies. New stepfamilies face many challenges. As with any achievement, developing good stepfamily relationships requires a lot of effort. Stepfamily members have each experienced losses and face complicated adjustments to the new family situation. When a stepfamily is formed, the members have no shared family histories or shared ways of doing things, and they may have very different beliefs. In addition, a child may feel torn between the parent they live with most (more) of the time and their other parent who they visit (e.g. lives somewhere else). Also, newly married couples may not have had much time together to adjust to their new relationship. The members of the new blended family need to build strong bonds among themselves through:
  • acknowledging and mourning their losses developing new skills in making decisions as a family fostering and strengthening new relationships between: parents, stepparent and stepchild, and stepsiblings

9. Stepping Stones Counseling Center, Serving Northern New Jersey
Experienced, licensed mental health professionals dedicated to improving and enriching the quality of stepfamily life in Northern New Jersey.
The Professionals Who Understand Stepfamilies
They have unique needs and require expert understanding. Despite love and good intentions, stepfamilies often face issues with:
  • Couple Conflicts and Communication
  • Child Discipline
  • Unrealistic Expectations
  • Loyalty Conflicts Between Children and Parents
  • Relationships with Previous Partners
  • Finances and Child Support
  • Holidays and Family Celebrations
  • Access to Children for Non-Residential Parents

Parents, stepparents, grandparents, significant others, and especially children
can feel resentful, confused, overwhelmed or rejected.
Stepping Stones Counseling Center was created with the goal of improving and enriching the quality of stepfamily life. Our staff is composed of experienced, licensed mental health professionals, each of whom is a stepfamily member. We not only work with stepfamily issues, we face them every day in our personal lives.
Stepmom Support Group We are forming a new stepmom support group that hopes to begin meeting in the Ridgewood-Glen Rock area during April or May 2008. Please contact the group coordinator, Randi, at

10. Family Life - Remarriage/Stepfamilies
Growing Up With Yours, Mine And Ours In stepfamilies How Age Affects a Child’s Reaction to stepfamilies Parenting in stepfamilies (PDF only)
Parenting Before Remarriage

Couple Relationships

11. AAMFT - Stepfamilies Consumer Update
A stepfamily forms when one or both adults in a new couple bring children from a previous relationship. Although stepfamilies look like firsttime families
AAMFT Consumer Update
A stepfamily forms when one or both adults in a new couple bring children from a previous relationship. Although stepfamilies look like first-time families on the outside, they are very different on the inside. The first step toward making a successful stepfamily is understanding the differences between stepfamilies and first-time families. The previous marriage may have ended in divorce or in death. The original parent may be a never-married single parent or an adoptive parent. The new couple may be gay or straight.
How Stepfamilies Are Different
Stepfamilies have "insiders" and "outsiders." In a first-time family, the adult couple is considered the "insider unit," but insider and outsider roles shift. Sometimes mom is closer to Danny. Next month, dad and Danny are closer.
In stepfamilies, insider and outsider positions start out painfully stuck. Agreements about every day issues lie within the parent-child unit, not between the adult couple. And single parent families usually have become a very tight unit. All of this makes stepparents outsiders in their new families. This outsider position often leaves stepparents feeling invisible, powerless, rejected and lonely. Biological (or adoptive) parents begin as the stuck insiders. They are most connected to their own children, to their new partner, and to their ex-spouse. Insider parents often feel torn and anxious trying to balance everyone's needs.

12. Smart Stepfamilies
Knowing what your time style is importnat because it probably has some parallels with how you do stepfamily life. It is important to know how you do time.
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Smart Stepfamilies
Thursday, February 07, 2008
New Stepfather blog
This could be a promising new blog. It has just launched and will chronicle the life of a new stepfather.
Go check out Stepdaddy blog Posted by Fajita at 3:01 PM 0 comments Labels: blogroll stepfather
Sunday, January 20, 2008
How do you do time?
How you do time may have a connection to how you do stepfamily life.
Here is what I mean: Some people have beliefs about time such that enormous amounts of things can be accomplished in small amounts of time. If you can write it in your daytimer or PDA, then it can be done.
Write a novel between 8 and 10 PM fits in the slot, but there is no chance that such a thing could happen.
Other people rarely know what time it is. The dont' wear a watch, the do not carry a cell phone or any time-keeping device. They approximate time and depend on others to do their time keeping. Some of these people have really good internal clocks while others are always way late or way early. Time never really seems to apply to them.
Certainly there are extremes to the various ways people do time with lots of people landing somewhere in between the extremes. But whatever the case, you have a time style.

13. Interviews For Divorced Parents And Stepfamilies
Stepfamily Talk Radio features interviews with experts about issues facing divorced parents and stepfamilies. Simply click to listen. a network of concerned organizations and individuals we call them partnerswho bring innovative radio programming to parents who are divorced or separated, remarried, or who plan on combining families.
The Stepfamily Talk Radio Network Your Hosts / Team Listen to Stepfamily
Talk Radio
Our Partners ... Contact Us ABC-TV's Supernanny Seeks Divorced Parents and Stepfamilies

14. Stepping Stones For Stepfamilies Series
Stepping Stones for stepfamilies Lesson 1 Taking Time to Think about My Stepfamily Stepping Stones for stepfamiliesLesson 2 Building a Strong Couple
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15. Psychology Today: Lessons From Stepfamilies
Studies stepfamilies, which turn out to be living laboratories for what it takes to create successful relationships. Why stepfamilies provide lessons for
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Yes, they are more complicated. But they're also richer. Stepfamilies turnout to be living laboratories for what it takes to create a successful relationships. They have surprising things to tell us all about marriage, gender relations, parenting, and the intricacies of family life. Here we are, three decades into the divorce revolution, and we still don't quite know what to make of stepfamilies. We loved the Brady Bunch, but that was before we discovered how unreal they were. Now that stepfamilies embrace one of three children and, one way or another, impact the vast majority of Americans, we can't seem to get past seeing them as the spawn of failure, the shadow side of our overidealized traditional family. When we think of them at all, we see only what they are nothence their designation as "nontraditional " families, heaped with unwed moms, gay parents, and other permutations that make up the majority of families today. By the year 2000, stepfamilies will outnumber all other family types.

16. Stepfamilies
This situation is what is commonly called a stepfamily . Reading List for stepfamilies Internet Resources for stepfamilies
You Are Not Alone
This webpage has been created for stepmothers everywhere, from someone who has "Been there; Done that!", to let you know that you are not alone. Your situation is not unique. There are many people and resources out there to help you. There are many more links available than the ones I have listed at the bottom of this page. This is just a starting point. I have also included a list of books you can get from your local library, or buy. Stereotyping people and situations is responsible for many of the problems in this world. There is such a preconceived idea of what the "family" should be: "a biological father, mother, big brother and little sister". What a real family is, is a group of people who live together, help each other and love each other. There need not be "blood" ties in order to care about and love another person, large or small. There are also many preconceived ideas of what a "stepmother" is; I shall probably never forgive the Brothers Grimm for their fairy tale stepmothers, who are nothing short of the wicked witch of the north. In reality, stepmothers are just like any other kind of mother - they care, they worry, they love, they get angry, they get over it, they make mistakes, and sometimes they overprotect; but for the most part they mean well. They are just people doing the best they know how. I firmly believe that a person is who they are, even before they are born. When a person arrives in this world, there is no instruction book that comes with them. This small person has no language skills with which to tell you what they do and don't like, or even who they are. You have to make the effort to get to know them, learn who they are, what their preferences are, and if possible try to help them grow into a responsible, compassionate, and contented large person. This bonding process of learning to know and learning to love takes place over the course of their being an infant, a toddler, a child and continues through the teen years. Ideally a deep love and attachment grows between parent and child that will last through their whole lives.

17. Stepfamily Association Of America - Pittsburgh Chapter
Local chapter of the Stepfamily Association of America. Information for stepfamilies and local information for those in Pittsburgh.
Welcome to the Pittsburgh Chapters of the Stepfamily Association of America!
"Dealing With A Difficult Ex-Spouse", an educational seminar, will be held on October 19 at UPMC Passavant Hospital. Click for details.
Our next Pittsburgh Meeting is Tuesday, October 12 at 8:00pm; our next South Hills Meeting is Friday, October 15 at 7:30pm; and our next North Hills Meeting is Tuesday, October 19 at 7:30pm. Why not join us? Click here for locations and contact information.
Get some tips for dealing with your ex ; find out if you're an effective or misguided stepparent . Our words of wisdom section has something for everyone.
Check out our links page for other great stepfamily sites and resources.
What do teens really think of their stepparents ? What kind of a stepfather was Dr. Spock ? Find out in our articles section.
Check out our recommended reading about stepfamilies.
Click here for information on how to join the SAA. (Membership is not required to attend meetings)
Drop us a line..suggest a great site for our links page..cry on our virtual shoulder..we're just a click away and we would love to hear from you!

18. Stepfamilies Associates - Home
Counseling for stepfamilies, family alcholism, marriage and families.
Judy Osborne is a counselor, marriage and family therapist and group psychotherapist and Director of Stepfamily Associates. Since 1981 Stepfamily Associates has provided educational workshops, group support and couple consultation to people in all stages of stepfamily living. Stepfamily Associates offers: In addition Judy Osborne provides: Scott Spiegler: The Computer Therapist

19. Step-Families When Families Mend
Bray and Kelly report the findings of their extensive research in a new book, StepFamilies Love, Marriage, and Parenting in the First Decade.

20. Designing Dynamic Step Families
Knowing what to expect and what is normal for a stepfamily can reduce the pressure of unrealistic expectations. Understanding the territory and the skills
Practical information for the inevitable challenges of stepfamily living
An eight-part Series with Study Guides designed to tackle the challenges of bringing the pieces of two broken families together. "Ready to use" for workshops, conferences, and small groups.
You will be inspired and entertained!
Welcome Smart Marriages Attendees! We are looking forward to meeting you in San Francisco.
"Designing Dynamic Stepfamilies" will be used as the curriculum for the following workshop:
Stepcouples: Me or the Kids – (Teach out of the Box Program) 609
Saturday, July 5, 10-11:30am
After the fantasy of courtship, reality sets in – delivered by the kids, ex-spouses, money, and ‘no time for us'.
Teach couples to master the challenges and reclaim the territory.
Remarriage Prep: The Second Time Around - (Teach out of the Box Program) 809
Saturday, July 5, 4-5:30 pm Learn how to identify your non-negotiables - often overlooked in courtship - Conference Special $80 for the DVD with Study Guide and $35 for the VHS with Study Guide Click here to order now Return to Smart Marriages TOOB Page Few challenges in life are more difficult than bringing the pieces of two broken families together. Past hurts, high hopes, pre-existing relationships, and different backgrounds can make this task incredibly tough.

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