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         Sufi:     more books (101)
  1. The Sufi Book of Life: 99 Pathways of the Heart for the Modern Dervish by Neil Douglas-Klotz, 2005-02-22
  2. The Sufis by Idries Shah, 1971-02-05
  3. The Sufi Path of Love: The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi (Suny Series, Islamic Spirituality) by William C. Chittick, 1983-09
  4. The Way of the Sufi (Compass) by Idries Shah, 1991-09-01
  5. Awakening: A Sufi Experience by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, 2000-07-10
  6. The Sufi Path of Knowledge by William C. Chittick, 1989-07
  7. Master of The Jinn: A Sufi Novel by Irving Karchmar, 2004-09-01
  8. The Book of Sufi Healing by G. M. Chishti, 1985-04-01
  9. A Sufi Saint of the Twentieth Century: Shaikh Ahmad al-Alawi (Golden Palm Series) by Martin Lings, 1993-01
  10. The Healing Power of Sufi Meditation by as-Sayyid, Nurjan Mirahmadi, Hedieh Mirahmadi, 2005-06-30
  11. Master of The Jinn: A Sufi Novel by Irving Karchmar, 2004-09-01
  12. The Sufi Doctrine of Rumi (Spiritual Masters. East and West Series) by William C. Chittick, 2005-10-25
  13. Sufi Symbolism: The Nurbakhsh Encyclopedia of Sufi Terminology, Vol. X: Spiritual States and Mystical Stations by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh, 1996-12-01
  14. Alternative Healing, The Sufi Way by Shaykh Taner Ansari, 2007-01-11

1. Sufism - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
sufism (Arabic ta awwuf, Persian , sufigari) is generally understood by scholars to be the inner or mystical dimension of Islam.
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Oneness of God
Prophets of Islam Practices ...
Tasawwuf (Sufism) Major branches

Shi'a Culture ... e Sufism Arabic taṣawwuf Turkish tasavvuf Persian sufigari ) is generally understood by scholars to be the inner or mystical dimension of Islam A practitioner of this tradition is generally known as a Sūfī Arabic ), though some senior members of the tradition reserve this term for those practitioners who have attained the goals of the Sufi tradition. Another common denomination is the word Dervish (derived from Persian darwīš Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq , a 15th century Shadhili Sufi master, wrote in his major work "The Principles of Sufism" ( Qawa`id al-Tasawwuf ) that: [Sufism is] a science whose objective is the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but God. Shaykh Ahmad ibn Ajiba , a famous Moroccan Sufi in the Darqawi lineage, defined Sufism as:

2. Sufism, Sufis, And Sufi Orders: Sufism's Many Paths
An annotated and explanatory web directory of sufism designed for students, scholars, and the general public. Sections on major sufis and Orders,
Sufism Sufis Sufi Orders
Sufism's Many Paths
Dr. Alan Godlas, University of Georgia Sufism or tasawwuf, as it is called in Arabic, is generally understood by scholars and Sufis to be the inner, mystical, or psycho-spiritual dimension of Islam. Today, however, many Muslims and non-Muslims believe that Sufism is outside the sphere of Islam. Nevertheless, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, one of the foremost scholars of Islam, in his article The Interior Life in Islam contends that Sufism is simply the name for the inner or esoteric dimension of Islam. After nearly 30 years of the study of Sufism, I would say that in spite of its many variations and voluminous expressions, the essence of Sufi practice is quite simple. It is that the Sufi surrenders to God, in love, over and over; which involves embracing with love at each moment the content of one's consciousness (one's perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, as well as one's sense of self) as gifts of God or, more precisely, as manifestations of God.
  • Sufi Spiritual Transformation Workshop w/Dr. Godlas March 29-30, 2008, near Kalamazoo, Michigan.
  • Sufis Without Borders An online discussion group loosely moderated by Dr. Godlas and a moderating committee; currently over 860 international participants from many Sufi orders and perspectives, interested non-Sufis, and scholars.
  • 3. What Is A Sufi?
    The word, sufi has been ascribed various origins, among them words meaning purity and wisdom. The sufi, therefore, is one who has discarded all that
    What is a Sufi?
    What is a Sufi?

    One who does not separate himself from others by opinion or dogma;
    and who realizes the heart as the Shrine of God.
    What does the Sufi desire?
    To remove the false self and discover God within.
    What does the Sufi teach?
    What does the Sufi seek?
    What does the Sufi see? Harmony. What does the Sufi give? Love to all created things. What does the Sufi get? A greater power of love. What does the Sufi find? GOD. And lose? self Hazrat Inayat Khan The word, 'Sufi' has been ascribed various origins, among them words meaning 'purity' and 'wisdom.' The Sufi, therefore, is one who has discarded all that does not belong to his innermost self, and who has cultivated the garden of the heart, for there is no other place where wisdom grows. The Sufi sees the Divine Presence reflected in all names and forms, and is limited by none. Knowing that no man-made distinction can contain the One Being, the Sufi offers sincere respect to all forms of worship, while ever striving to be free of dogmatic limitation.

    4. List Of Sufi-related Resources On The Internet
    sufis are mystics on the path to the Beloved (God). Most sufis are Muslims, followers of the religion of Islam. Some sufis (primarily in the West ) are
    List of Sufi-related resources on the Internet
    Sufis are "mystics" on the path to the Beloved (God). Most Sufis are Muslims, followers of the religion of Islam. Some Sufis (primarily in "the West") are involved with other religions, or no formal religion as directed by the higher source of wisdom within the human heart. Resources below last updated on September 19, 2007
    Sufi-related resources
    Discussion Lists and Web Forums:
    Caravansarai: An informal discussion list focussing on the spirituality of Idries Shah
    Discussion list for A CHERAG'S LIBRARY
    Visit to join The Cherag's Library Discussion List. This list is intended for Cherags (ordained ministers) and members of the Church of All and the sufi orders and organizations developed from the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan such as the Sufi Order International, The Sufi Movement and The Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society, members of The Dances of Universal Peace, This list is open to anyone attuned to the divine message that transends ethno-centric differences and who wish to explore the Message behind the scriptures.
    Chishtiyya discussion group

    5. The Golden Sufi Center® Home Page
    Events and Publications of The Golden sufi Center.
    The Golden Sufi Center
    Give me freedom to fly without a shadow,
    Give me freedom to sing without an echo,
    and to love without leaving traces.
    Welcome and Enter
    (German Language Version: auf deutsch
    (Spanish Language Version:
    P.O. Box 428
    Inverness, CA 94937-0428, USA
    tel (415) 663-8773, fax (415) 663-9128

    6. Sufi Order International - North America
    Information on the group, and Hazrat Inayat Khan; includes a reference library, biographies, and addresses of local centres.
    Who We Are The Universal Vision of
    Hazrat Inayat Khan. Our activities, Prayers, History,
    and Traditions. Frequently Asked Questions. Current Teachings and Features New: Commentaries on the Copper Rules and Iron Rules
    by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan
    by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan
    Reference Library Ten Sufi Thoughts. A Meditation Theme for Each Day. Links to Related Sites. About Us Mission Statement Biographies. Contact Information Local Centers Events Calendar and
    The 2008 Summer Gathering
    Webcasts by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan
    and the
    Webcast Archive
    New: Issue 5 of Elixir Magazine
    Suluk Academy

    The whole world's treasure
    is too small a price for a word that kindles the soul. - Hazrat Inayat Khan The Sufi Order is a tax-exempt 501c(3) organization. Sufi Order International, PO Box 480, New Lebanon, NY 12125 tel. 518-794-7834.

    7. What Is Sufism?
    The practice of sufism is the intention to go towards the Truth, by means of love and devotion. This is called the tariqat, the spiritual path or way
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    What is Sufism?
    "When I come to Love, I am ashamed of all
    that I have ever said about Love."

    The substance and meaning of Sufism
    The substance of Sufism is the Truth and the meaning of Sufism is the selfless experiencing and actualization of the Truth. The practice of Sufism
    The practice of Sufism is the intention to go towards the Truth, by means of love and devotion. This is called the tariqat , the spiritual path or way towards God. The definition of the Sufi
    The sufi is one who is a lover of Truth, who by means of love and devotion moves towards the Truth, towards the perfection which all are truly seeking. As necessitated by love's jealousy, the sufi is taken away from all except the Truth.
    Introduction Sufism
    Realizing Perfection
    ... Persian

    8. SUFIS.ORG
    What is sufism? Idries Shah The Complete Works of Idries Shah Reviews and Opinions Last modified January 12, 2007 +slb (

    9. Sufi Poetry
    Sa d aldin Mahmud Shabistari(1250 - 1320) is one of the most celebrated authors of Persian sufism. Because of his gift for expressing the sufi mystical
    Homepage THE BOWL OF SAKI Daily Bowl of Saki via Email SPIRITUAL MESSAGE OF
    • The Music Page

    10. Sufi Mystica
    The following is a brief summary or basic overview of sufism as i understand it, through study, practice and experience. It is presented in outline form to
    Gnostic Studies on the Web
    GNOSTIC SOCIETY LIBRARY The following selection was posted by:
    Date: Fri, 22 Apr 1994 14:24:25 -0500 (EST)
    Subject: Sufi Mystica
    by Zos Imos
    The following is a brief summary or basic overview of Sufism as i understand it, through study, practice and experience. It is presented in outline form to facillitate easy reading and review. Written by request, i try to address only the most basic and fundamental issues. Like all summaries, it is inadequate and only introductory. Real learning comes through direct experience and reading is not a substitute for real knowledge of the heart. May this document be a source of good for others and may no injury or harm be wrought by it's insufficiency or lack. Questions may be addressed to Zos at ( GNOSIS ARCHIVE HOMEPAGE Last Updated: March 30, 1996

    11. The Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order Of America: Sufism And Spirituality
    Islamic sufi perspectives from the Naqshbandi way, and way of practice. Copyright © 2007 NaqshbandiHaqqani sufi Order of America All rights reserved.
    [Home] The Tariqa Activities Golden Chain Practices ... Donation In the Name of God, the All Merciful, the Most Merciful, SPOTLIGHT LIVE BROADCAST STATUS W elcome to the official site of the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order of America. This site is your gateway to the teachings, practices and events of the Most Distinguished Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order which is led by Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al Haqqani, Grand Shaykh of the Tariqa. The Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order of America is led by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, official Representative of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al Haqqani. Use the top navigation menu to:
    • Follow the activities of the Sufi Order of America Read the biographies of the 40 Grand Shaykhs of the Tariqa Learn about the spiritual practices of the Order (prayer, awrad) Discover the teachings of the Masters (sohba, spiritual articles) Access the multimedia database (live broadcast and sufi radio) Buy Islamic products from our store
    A poem about anhilation The SufiLive Radio Player: Non-stop chanting and Salawat Brought to you by

    12. The Threshold Society & The Mevlevi Order
    A nonprofit educational foundation based in California, US, affiliated to the Mevlevi Order. Includes resources on Mevlevi belief and practice,
    May: Be an objective witness: see Hu everywhere
    June: Respect the Word, internally and externally Themes for the whole year The Drink Sent Down , Words by Kabir Helminski, Music by Seckin. Site Index Sufism Events Book Shop ... The Threshold Society , rooted within the traditions of Sufism and inspired by the life and work of Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi , is a non-profit educational foundation with the purpose of facilitating the experience of Divine Unity, Love, and Truth in the world. We welcome people of all faiths and cultural backgrounds as we seek to apply the essential principles of spiritual development. In Sufism we inevitably move to transcend much of the conditioning of our culture and religion, but we use certain traditional forms as a way of practice. The Society is affiliated with the Mevlevi Order , and offers training programs, seminars and retreats around the world. These are intended to provide a structure for practice and study within Sufism and spiritual psychology. Our programs and activities are open to all people, and you are welcome to join us for the next Saturday open meeting (March 15, 2008). For these events contact the Dergah Secretary

    13. Sufism --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
    Britannica online encyclopedia article on sufism mystical Islamic belief and practice in which Muslims seek to find the truth of divine love and knowledge
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    Already a member? LOGIN Encyclopædia Britannica - the Online Encyclopedia Home Blog Advocacy Board ... Free Trial Britannica Online Content Related to
    this Topic This Article's
    Table of Contents
    Introduction History Classical mysticism Rise of fraternal orders Sufi literature Sufi thought and practice Important aspects The path Symbolism in Sufism Theosophical Sufism Sufi orders Organization Discipline and ritual Function and role in Islamic society Geographical extent of Sufi orders ... Significance Additional Reading Introductory works History Sufi literature Sufi thought and practice ... Print this Table of Contents Linked Articles Qur'nic Shopping
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    Page 1 of 19 also spelled Sufiism mystical Islamic belief and practice in which Muslims seek to find the truth of divine love and knowledge through direct personal experience of God. It consists of a variety of mystical paths that are designed to ascertain the nature of man and God and to facilitate the experience of the presence of divine love and wisdom in the world. Islamic mysticism is called Sufism...

    14. Sufi Foundation Of America And Adnan Sarhan
    International sufi teacher; includes his profile, and details of his workshops, classes, and book.
    Contact Sufi Foundation

    Sufi Work Events Schedule
    May 30, 31 and June 1 Santa Monica, CA June 6, 7, 8 Santa Monica, CA June 13, Roanoke, VA Drum Concert June 14, 15: Roanoke, VA Workshop ... Silk Veils
    We will have the summer camp in New Mexico as planned. If you can come to the camp early and help, please let us know. Or if you can make a donation to help with the repairs to some of the camp buildings caused by a recent forest fire, please contact Steve at:
    Adnan's Sufi Work
    Adnan Sarhan g St. Jam es' Church in London; World Congress of Psychology in Switzerland; the Earth Summit in Brazil; Church of St. John the Divine, New York and many others. What others say about Adnan's workshops: "Adnan can take the students to extraordinary perceptions in a brief time." — InnerSelf Magazine "I started to doubt if I would ever meet a real Sufi master who pays so much attention to music, poetry and dancing in life, in spiritual path as you, as Sufis of the past. Thank you very much.” — Yana Petrova, Radio Russia, Moscow

    15. Sufi Islam
    The term sufi derives from three Arabic letters sa, wa and fa. There have been many opinions on the reason for its origin from sa wa fa.
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    • Sunni
      • Hanafi
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        Sufi Islam
        The term "Sufi" derives from three Arabic letters sa, wa and fa. There have been many opinions on the reason for its origin from sa wa fa. The most frequently cited in Western dictionnaries suggests the Arabic word "suf" meaning "wool" in the sense of "cloak", referring to the simple cloaks the original Sufis wore. Some initiates are given a specially designed, colored wool vest which is symbolic of the woolen robes of poverty worn by ancient dervishes, and signifies the loving commitment of the dervish to serve humanity. The Sufis use letters of words to express hidden meanings, and so the word could also be understood as "enlightenment". According to some the word is derived from safa which means purity. According to another view it is derived from the Arabic verb safwe which means "those who are selected" - a meaning quoted frequently in Sufi literature. The problem with understanding Sufism, is thus illustrated by the diversity of possible derivations of the word itself. There are many different Sufi movements, and many dimensions of Sufism. Although frequently characterized as the mystical component of Islam, there are also "Folklorist" Sufis, and the "Traditional" Sufis.

    16. Sufism In Sindh
    Website of Jhoke Sharif dargah of sufi Shah Inayat.

    Haq Maujood-Sada Maujood

    Pictures From Urs 2008
    Pictures From Fatehpur Urs 2008 New Audio and Video ... Thar Dhareen Badhshah Shah Shaheed transcended all human barriers. He reached heights of spirituality and fanaiyat in his life time. It is in recognition of his mysticism that thousands throng his shrine-Muslims or non Muslims, rich or poor. Together they sit on straw mats on the floor and eat and drink from the same vessels in true sufi tradition. Every 17th of lunar month there is a samaa (a form of meditation among the sufis of major tradition) at the dargah, and every year followers come from all over the world to attend the ' urs ' held from the 16th to the 19th of Safar For comments or questions fill out the mail form

    17. Sufi Music: National Geographic World Music
    Explore sufi Music at National Geographic World Music. Discover key sufi Music artists and albums at the online home of world music.
    Sufi Music
    Sufi Music Artists
    Al-Kindi Ensemble Bauls du Bengale Baul Bishwa Mercan Dede ... Niyaz Sufi Music Overview: "Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened," noted the great Sufi mystic Jalaluddin Rumi in the 13th century. "Don't open the door to the study and begin reading," he writes. Instead, "Take down a musical instrument. Let the beauty we love be what we do." Sufism is the mystical and ancient branch of Islam that emphasizes the seeker's path toward ecstatic unity with God. This path is opulently embroidered with many means to "remembering God," or dhikr (also transliterated as zhikr ), including chanting the names of God, prayer, meditation, poetry, Qur'anic recitation, praise and music. While "orthodox" Islam looks down on music, many Sufi traditions seek to utilize its emotive and communal power towards the goal of dhikr. Frequently, a spiritual leader or sheikh (called a pir in certain languages) will lead disciples in these practices in communal rites of remembrance. One central form of group dhikr is called sama' . While sama' literally means "listening," it has the connotation of a spiritual concert of sacred music, often with dance.

    18. Sufism Journal Online
    community for reserach in sufism and spirituality.
    Recently Featured History:
    Saints and Miracles

    by AnneMarie Schimmel
    from Vol. 1, No. 3 Practice:
    Inner Jihad

    by Dr. Shahid Athar

    from Vol. 10, No. 3
    Editor's Note:

    Can We Step Beyond our


    by Shah Nezar Seyed Ali Kianfar from Vol. 9, No. 4 History: Abu Ishaq Ibrahim Adham by Seyedeh Sahar Kianfar from Vol. 2, No. 4 Click here to subscribe! Click to view bookstore Advertise in the Journal In Print and On Line for One Great Price! Have an Article you'd like to submit? Click Below: Submission Guidelines Or Contact Us: Sufism Journal 14 Commercial Blvd. Suite 101 Novato, California 94949 USA Tel: +1 415 382 SUFI Tel: +1 415 382 7834 eMail: The Sufism Journal is a publication of the International Association of Sufism , a non-profit organization affiliated with the United Nations.

    19. The Sufi Conference
    An annual conference in the US, open to sufis of all lineages. Includes program, and reporting of previous conferences..
    A Celebration of
    2008: October 16-19, Pacific Grove, California
    About the Sufi Conference

    Threads of Love: an Online Sufi Network

    NEW: 2006 Conference Talks Online
    Past Sufi Conferences
    P.O. Box 246
    Inverness, CA 94937-0246, U.S.A.
    Tel: 415-663-8773
    Fax CO-SPONSORED BY: Sufi Order International California Institute of Integral Studies The Awakening of the Heart A Sufi Conference October 16-19, 2008 at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, California A nightingale falls in love with the Rose. The whole love affair begins with just one look from God. - Yunus Emre Sufism is a celebration of the love affair between the soul and God. The path of the Sufi is a journey that draws us into longing and ecstasy, into the passion and power that is within the heart. This love that is awakened in the heart also belongs to the core of creation, and is our greatest gift to life. The heart contains the deepest secret of creation and the mystery of our love. When we sing the song of the heart we bring together the inner and outer worlds, and infuse our love for God into every moment of the day, into every atom and every thought. We help the world come alive with love.

    20. Shadhiliyya Sufi Center -Pope Valley
    Information about a center in California, US, offering teaching, healing and retreat programs, workstudy opportunities, and materials to support spiritual
    HOME Tariqa The Guide Events ... New Land Parcels
    Love is One
    The Station of Love and the Attributes of Allah's Love for the Slave
    As-salāmu alaykum wa ra matu-llāh wa bārakatuhu. I greet you out of the bottom of my heart and I ask Allāh, glory be to Him. I thank Allāh that He brought me again to you so that I may continue to give as I am ordered to give by Allāh. I ask Allah that you may open your hearts , your hearing, and your spirits to the divine words that will emerge from Allāh through my tongue,
    because these instructions and commands are not from me, but they are from Allah. I ask that He provide you with all you need. I ask Allah to achieve peace, security, mercy, justice, freedom,
    and peace for the entire world. I ask that He may provide every good for humanity. Even these poor birds are not secure from the evil of humanity. They are chased away or killed. Even fish in the sea and animals in the forest are not safe from human beings. What makes me cry day and night is seeing children cry in the streets and watching people suffer. It makes me cry to see people whose houses have been destroyed, whose properties have been taken from them, and whose children have been killed without right. I cry when I see daughters and girls who are deprived of love and have been betrayed by their husbands. This is what we do not want. We seek to bring our message to people and distribute it among them, so that we may achieve mercy and justice, and so that they may carry the message of truth. Allāh says:

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