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         Tax Reform:     more books (100)
  1. Frontiers of Tax Reform (Hoover Institution Press Publication)
  2. Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform by Leslie Carbone, 2009-08-31
  3. Fundamental Tax Reform: Issues, Choices, and Implications
  4. Tax Reform in Open Economies: International and Country Perspectives
  5. Fundamental Issues in Consumption Taxation (AEI Studies on Tax Reform) by David F. Bradford, 1996-01-01
  6. United States Tax Reform in the 21st Century (Volume 0)
  7. Tax Reform in the 21st Century (Series on International Taxation) by John G. Head Richard Krever, 2009-07-13
  8. Toward Fundamental Tax Reform by Kevin Hassett, 2005-05-25
  9. The Challenges of Tax Reform in a Global Economy
  10. Investment, Vol. 3: Lifting the Burden: Tax Reform, the Cost of Capital, and U.S. Economic Growth by Dale W. Jorgenson, Kun-Young Yun, 2002-05-01
  11. Tax Reform: The Rich and the Poor by Joseph A. Pechman, 1989-12
  12. Company Tax Reform in the European Union: Guidance from the United States and Canada on Implementing Formulary Apportionment in the EU by Joann Martens-Weiner, 2010-10-29
  13. Real Tax Reform: Replacing the Income Tax (American Enterprise Institute studies in fiscal policy)
  14. Using Taxes to Reform Health Insurance: Pitfalls and Promises

1. Tax Reform - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
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Tax reform
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Jump to: navigation search Tax reform is the process of changing the way taxes are collected or managed by the government Tax reformers have different goals. Some seek to reduce the level of taxation of all people by the government. Some seek to make the tax system more/less progressive in its effect. Some may be trying to make the tax system more understandable, or more accountable. Many organizations have been set up to reform tax systems worldwide, often with the intent to reform Income taxes or Value Added Taxes into something considered more economically liberal . Other propose tax systems that attempt to deal with externalities Georgism claims that various forms of land tax can both deal with externalities and improve productivity.
edit United States
"'Revenue Reform' Train Stopped by 'Vested Interests,' 'Local Issues,' 'Trusts,' and other poles" — Political cartoon from commenting on tax reform. There have been many movements in the United States to reform the collection and management of taxes. As the United States was still being formed, the

2. Texas Governor Rick Perry - Tax Reform
Skip to main content. Office of the Governor of Texas Rick Perry Governor Rick Perry with Texas capitol in back. Photo by Bob Daemmrich.
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    Tax Reform
    Gov. Perry is a strong advocate for lower taxes and fiscal responsibility in government spending. He has helped eliminate more than a dozen state agencies, boards and commissions to save taxpayers’ dollars, and ordered government agencies to increase efforts to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse. In 2003, Perry insisted that government reduce spending to overcome a record $10 billion budget shortfall instead of raising taxes. Perry signed a budget that year that reduced state spending for the first time since World War II. The Wall Street Journal called Perry's successful efforts "heroic."
    Lower Property Taxes

3. Tax Reform | U.S. Senator Barack Obama
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Tax Reform
Printable Format Our federal tax code has become increasingly complex and unfair. Tax rates should be as low as we can afford them to be; and everyone should pay their fair share. Reform options should focus on creating a system that is simple, progressive, easy to comply with and devoid of abusive shelters. When examining reform options, Senator Obama believes that we should ensure any changes to the tax code reflect the needs and everyday worries facing ordinary Americans, while also promoting America’s competitiveness in the world economy.
Increasing the Child Tax Credit
Senator Obama has co-sponsored the Working Family Child Assitance Act along with Senators Snowe and Lincoln, to adjust the income requirement for the refundable portion of the Child Tax Credit. This will put more money in the pockets of more working families with children, who are struggling to make ends meet.

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University of Pennsylvania

5. Tax_reform
author explains the difference between tax cuts and tax reform.
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Tax Cuts or Tax Reform? 9/4/00
The New Budget Plan

Selling The New Tax-cuts


Tax Cuts or Tax Reform?
By Victor J. Serge
By the inability of our Republican leaders to crunch the numbers, we, the commoners, are necessitated today to consider the topic of efficiency of "our" federal bureaucracy with greater specifics. If the federal bureaucracy is really "our," then, we have to consider why our political bureaucrats prefer burden us with unnecessary taxes while subsidizing our economic corporate bureaucrats.
In folklore, the “necessary” business subsidies, are often cited as the "corporate welfare," however, in bureaucratic jargon it is usually referred as the "financial assistance" to businesses. The political bureaucrats provide financial assistance to the economic corporate bureaucrats in a variety of ways, which derive from a variety of goals. Some of these goals stated openly in a party platform and, then, materialized in the federal budget. So, these goals and re-distributed public funds could be evaluated and, as such, are transparent for the commoners. However, the vast bulk of such corporate subsidies is provided through hidden special "tax cuts, tax expenditures, tax abatements, or tax preferences" for businessmen who engage in activities that the political bureaucrats "pre-approved" surreptitiously.
Table 1 Subsidies to the Corporate Bureaucrats in fiscal year 2000, in billion dollars

6. Tax Reform Center - The SET Tax
Tax Reform Center The SET Tax. The Simple Exact Transparent (SET) Tax is a greatly simplified approach to income tax reform developed by the New York
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Continuing ... Tax Resources Tax Reform Center - The SET Tax Below you will find links to better explain the Society's proposal. Articles on the SET Tax

7. The Forum -
Click here for tax_reform Blog (most recent postings) This is the 2006 Forum. Click here for older tax_reform postings (threads prior to Dec. 2005)

Government Relations Home; Top Issues; Take Action; Find Your Elected Officials; Register Vote; Election Information; NAILBA PAC; NAILBA Home

9. Tax_reform « Rss2go
The Politics of Immigration. Max Boot Antiimmigration sentiment is a fool s gold issue. It looks alluring from a distance but up close it is revealed as
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11. Tax Reform: 2008 Contenders' Views
The Audacity of Hope, by Barack Obama Washington Post, The Fact Checker (click a picture above for excerpts or other books and debates about tax_reform)
Abortion Civil Liberties Crime Drug War ... War on Terror Tax Reform
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PENNSYLVANIA BUSINESS TAX REFORM COMMISSION RELEASES FINAL REPORT (11/30/04) Abstract Recommends Cutting State’s Corporate Net Income Tax to 6.99 Percent.

13. Tax Reform - The Road To A Better Maine
Lyseth Elementary. The Gray News Gray, ME Tel 207.657.2200. http// rev 2006-07-08.
TOP Sep 06, 2002 Browse Sep 06, 2002 Back Issues ... Maine
Sep 06, 2002 "Building a Better Community Through Communication" Vol 34, Number 35
Tax Reform - the road to a better Maine
Richard F. Barter
The State of Maine now stands at an important crossroad to its fiscal and economic future. We are being bombarded with documented statements that are critical of past practices and predictors of serious economic consequences unless major changes are made in our tax structure. These statements are coming from all levels of political leadership including multiple bipartisan commissions and study groups. The message is emphatic and must be responded to. The Maine Economic Growth Council in their "2002 Report" raises many concerns about the growing local and state tax burden, a low personal income level and limited funding for business research and development. A high quality of life in Maine depends on a vibrant and sustainable economy stimulated by business innovation, a competitive business climate and a highly educated workforce. Although the Maine economy has a good foundation, it is in danger of stagnation. Overall, the level of prosperity enjoyed by Maine people is relatively low and needs improvement. The Legislative Advisory Committee on Tax Reform reports that Maine's tax system is antiquated. For the past 20 years, the general public and the private sector have voiced strong concerns about the impact of state and local tax structures on Maine citizens and businesses. The destabilizing affect of the current tax structure on state government revenues and the Maine economy has become well documented. While the Maine economy has been undergoing substantial change from a natural-resource-based and manufacturing economy to a service-based economy over the last 25 years, Maine's tax structure has not changed significantly.

14. The Forum -
OnTheIssues Speakout Forum tax_reform Topics . tax_reform On The Issues, Speakout tax_reform Forum. Email Privacy Policy

15. Daily Report For 1 2005 corporate tax lower in australia or canada, 30, 0.1
Complete List of Search Phrases for 1 2005
Print this Page Previous Stats Search Phrase Number underground economy "privatize the CBC" reasons diversification resort umbrellas example fraser institute Switzerland medical care privatization poverty in canada canadian foreign aid "james mcveigh" -tim -timothy -murder Report Card on Ontario's Secondary Schools mining "president, geologist" diversification unsystematic risk child poverty in canada percent of police officers against the gun registry

16. Property Tax Reform Financial Impact
Broward County Public Schools the nation s fifth largest school district, we are transforming education one student a time.
Tax Reform Resolution (pdf) The School Board of Broward County, Florida is opposed to the proposed property tax constitutional amendment, based on the anticipated negative financial impact on Broward County Public Schools.
This projected funding reduction will potentially result in the elimination of approximately 1,250 school district positions, along with program reductions.
The funding reduction to the school district resulting from passage of the amendment on a year by year basis over the next five years is depicted in the table below.
Total Portability TPP Total
The amendment would provide an average $240 a year savings for a typical homeowner, but in exchange for this minimal savings will have a major impact on local government agencies that provide vital services to local citizens. These include police, fire, emergency, social and educational services to local communities.
Florida currently allocates an average of $7,300 annual per student, which is more than $1,500 below the national average state expenditure.
While the amendment does provide minimal tax relief for homeowners, it does not constitute real tax reform.

17. The Australian Workers' Union: Speeches & Opinion: Archive By Subject Index
Shorten_Abbott_debate Steel_Industry The AWU vision Unfair Dismissal laws Workers _rights accc climatechange election04 mining submissions tax_reform water
Latest Archive by Date Archive by Subject
... Victoria Select Branch ACT NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC WA Newcastle Port Kembla Whyalla Tobacco Workers

Corporate Campaigning
Corporate Campaigning
Industrial Relations
The AWU vision

18. Am I Missing Something? [Archive] - DFW Area Moms
Tax Commission s Draft Tax Relief Bill (http//www.governor.state.tx. us/priorities/tax_reform/TTRC_report/files/tax_relief_bill.doc) 39KB MSWord
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DFW Area Moms
Family Life All About Families Financial Concerns ...
am I missing something?
juliema 10-21-2006 Saturday, 07:47 PM I really thought that a bill had been passed to lower property taxes this year. I was actually looking forward to getting the bills to see how much lower they would be, but they have both arrived and I think our taxes may actually be higher than they were last year. :( Am I missing something? Do the tax cuts start next year? Or am I losing it? :scratch Jackie 10-21-2006 Saturday, 07:57 PM I dunno... My mom lives in florida and told me tonight that their property taxes went up $4,000 this year :( Marion 10-21-2006 Saturday, 07:58 PM I don't remember any details, but I think I heard that the tax cuts were canceled out because of increases elsewhere. It stinks. Julia 10-21-2006 Saturday, 08:29 PM OMG - 4k?!!! I'll stop *****ing about my 400.00 now :(

19. Http// Http//
http// http//Law.suite101. com/article_email.cfm/tax_reform http//

20. Treasury Portfolio Ministers Portal
File not found Ministers\hlc\Content\publications/2003/tax_reform.asp?pf=1. Biography Portfolio Responsibilities Press Releases Speeches

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