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         Technical Writing:     more books (100)
  1. Handbook of Technical Writing, Ninth Edition by Gerald J. Alred, Charles T. Brusaw, et all 2008-11-25
  2. Kaplan Technical Writing: A Resource for Technical Writers at All Levels (Kaplan Technical Writing: A Comprehensive Resource for) by Carrie Hannigan, Carrie Wells, et all 2008-08-05
  3. The Elements of Technical Writing by Gary Blake, Robert W. Bly, 2000-12-19
  4. The Handbook of Technical Writing, Eighth Edition (Handbook of Technical Writing Practices) by Gerald J. Alred, Charles T. Brusaw, et all 2006-03-07
  5. Technical Writing for Dummies by Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts, 2001-02-15
  6. Strategies for Business and Technical Writing (7th Edition) by Kevin J. Harty, 2010-01-13
  7. Spring Into Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists by Barry J. Rosenberg, 2005-05-27
  8. Pocket Book of Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists by Leo Finkelstein, 2007-04-01
  9. Developing Quality Technical Information: A Handbook for Writers and Editors (2nd Edition) by Gretchen Hargis, Michelle Carey, et all 2004-04-16
  10. Technical Writing: Principles, Strategies, and Readings (8th Edition) by Diana Reep, 2010-11-03
  11. The Mayfield Handbook of Technical and Scientific Writing by Leslie Perelman, Edward Barrett, 1997-01-17
  12. Technical Writing: Process and Product (5th Edition) by Sharon J. Gerson, Steven M. Gerson, 2005-01-13
  13. Technical English: Writing, Reading and Speaking (8th Edition) by Nell Ann Pickett, Ann Appleton Laster, et all 2000-08-18
  14. Handbook For Writing Proposals, Second Edition by Robert Hamper, L. Baugh, 2010-08-05

1. Technical Writing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
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Technical writing
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Jump to: navigation search Technical writing , a form of technical communication , is used in fields as diverse as computer hardware and software chemistry , the aerospace industry robotics finance consumer electronics , and biotechnology Technical writing demystifies technical jargon. Technical writers often work under titles that include phrases like Information Development Technical Documentation , or Technical Publications . For example, in some organizations, Technical Writers may be called Information Developers, Documentation Specialist, Documentation Engineer, or Technical Content Developers. Technical writers explain complex ideas to technical and nontechnical audiences. This could mean telling a programmer how to use a software library, or telling a consumer how to operate a television remote. Technical writers gather information from existing documentation, and from subject matter experts. A subject matter expert (SME) is any expert on the topic the writer is working on. Technical writers usually are not SMEs themselves—unless they're writing about creating good technical documentation. Workers at many levels, and in many different fields, have a role in producing and distributing technical communications. A good technical writer needs strong language skills, and must understand the highly evolved conventions of modern technical communications. For technical documents to be useful, readers must understand and act on them without having to decode wordy and ambiguous prose.

2. Technical Writing
This column focuses on technical writing by providing helpful tips and suggestions for being a successful technical writer.
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Technical Writing
John L. Hoh, Jr.
This forum will aid the prospective writer with a career creating user documentation for products and services used every day.
Articles in this Topic
Discussions in this Topic latest articles Technical Writing Feb 25, 2005 Control the Action of Your Verbs Verbs are the action words in sentencesand are also key and vital in technical documentation. How you treat verbs can be key in translation costs as well as the understanding of your document. This piece details what you should watch for in your verbs and why. Dec 15, 2004 What is a Technical Writer? What exactly is a technical writer? Well, that depends on who is looking to fill the position. This article gives some examples I have found in my job searches of what a company might describe as a "technical writer." Nov 30, 2004

3. Technical Writing - Wikiversity
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Technical writing
From Wikiversity
Jump to: navigation search Leading the Systems Development Lifecycle
Our latest offering
  • Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Requirements Analysis Check Lists and Template Links Style Guide Exercises
Users, Functions, Structures
Meeting User Goals
This workshop has been prepared for:
  • managers analysts architects
Technical Writing Courses
Technical Writing
We offer you Level 1 and Level 2 courses in technical writing, plus a workshop on writing system requirement specifications. We're constantly updating and restructuring our content.We also welcome your active participation in building and improving this learning community. All technical writing and analysis course work is free for you to use, copy, modify, and adapt as you see fit. This is open source learning. Technical writing training is well suited for:
  • Teachers Journalists IT Professionals Project Managers
Technical Writing Level 1
An Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Technical Communications Overview Audience Analysis Researching Information Structuring Information ...
  • Technical Writing Level 2
    Topics in Technical Writing
  • Presenting Information Documentation Project Management Documentation and Translation Tools Types of User Documentation ... Internationalization, Localization and Globalization
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    5. - Technical - 28 - Male - HOUSTON, Texas -
    http// Technical s Details. Status Single. Zodiac Sign Aries. Technical is in your extended network
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    "Technical Writing expert looking for others who understand"
    28 years old
    HOUSTON, Texas
    United States
    Last Login: 1/14/2008
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    Contacting Technical
    MySpace URL:
    Technical's Details Status: Single Zodiac Sign: Aries Technical is in your extended network Technical's Latest Blog Entry Subscribe to this Blog View All Blog Entries Technical's Blurbs About me: I want documentation to make users more powerful. I want it to make products easier to understand in depth. It is not difficult to make a product easier to understand, but to give users real power is to have them understand how to work it in depth. I want to do that. This is my professional profile (I don't want my private life on the web, mainly because it's very boring). I am a technical writing instructor with Dionysius Studios . My goal is to be a better user advocate , technical writer, project manager, occasional coder, technology user and friend.

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    University of Pennsylvania

    8. Technical_writing - ESnips Search
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    9. CiteULike: Tag Technical_writing [2 Articles]
    Recent papers classified by the tag technical_writing. posted to technical_writing paper guidelines by WHordijk on 200711-14 190457 as
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    10. Discover The Best Technical_writing, Technical_writing
    list of the best technical_writing, technical_writing. sites on the web blinked by Klas.
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    11. Technical_writing
    Softwares,Online Tools, PDF, Directx,Vista,XP, Podcating and Video Tutorials.

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    13. Arts, Writers Resources, Non-Fiction, Technical Writing - delivers comprehensive Arts, Writers Resources, NonFiction, Technical Writing content to satisfy your Arts, Writers Resources, Non-Fiction,




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    15. Technical_writing Tagged Bookmarks By Clipland At Clipland
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    16. Wists, Top Web Picks From Docrivs For Technical_writing. Wists, Social Shopping
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    17. Technical_writing - Yud On Faves
    technical_writing yud on Faves. yud Shared With Everyone - Sep 17 2006 training, technical_writing, writing, workshops,

    18. Literature/Technical_Writing Category Blog Directory
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    19. Cms, Technical_writing - Jasonbentley On Diigo
    Killer features for finding, managing and sharing online information. A powerful personal tool and a rich social platform. technical_writing
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    jasonbentley 's Bookmarks tagged cms+technical_writing View Popular
    You are here: Diigo Home jasonbentley 's Bookmarks Expand All of Expand Document Modeling with Bricolage
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    20. - The Portal For Writers And Authors: Non-Fiction/Technical_Writing
    A portal, directory and resource center for writers and authors.

    Non-Fiction : Technical Writing - The portal for writers and authors: Non-Fiction : Technical Writing
    Technical Writers Anonymous
    A web-based resource for entry- and mid-level technical writers to a variety of other technical resources.
    (Hits: 308 Rating: Votes: 0) Rate It Details

    Online courses for the professional development of technical writers.
    (Hits: 146 Rating: Votes: 0) Rate It Details
    Man, Machine and Technical Communication

    A study the needs that companies have in organizing their technical communication, what type of equipment is needed and how this equipment can be developed to optimize human-computer interaction
    (Hits: 125 Rating: Votes: 0) Rate It Details
    Tech Writing Marketplace
    Sells e-books about technical writing, and offers a free email newsletter with jobs, advice, and resources for aspiring to advanced technical writers. (Hits: 136 Rating: Votes: 0) Rate It Details Quotations for Technical Writers Quotes for writers of software manuals and articles. (Hits: 115 Rating: Votes: 0) Rate It Details Technical Writers - Plans, Applications, Proposals

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