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         Technical Writing:     more books (100)
  1. A Concise Guide to Technical Communication(3rd Edition) by Laura J. Gurak, John M. Lannon, 2006-07-30
  2. Writing for Design Professionals: A Guide to Writing Successful Proposals, Letters, Brochures, Portfolios, Reports, Presentations, and Job Applications by Stephen A. Kliment, 2006-08-17
  3. Professional and Technical Writing: Problem Solving at Work by George E. Kennedy, Tracy T. Montgomery, 2001-12-28
  4. Handbook for Writing Technical Proposals That Win Contracts by Donald V. Helgeson, 1985-08
  5. Technical Writing for Success by Darlene Smith-Worthington, Sue Jefferson, 2010-02-08
  6. Technical Writing 101 : A Real-World Guide to Planning and Writing Technical Documentation by Sarah S. O'Keefe, Alan S. Pringle, 2000-09-15
  7. Writing for Science and Engineering: Papers, Presentations and Reports by Heather Silyn-Roberts, 2002-12-31
  8. Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications by Microsoft Corporation, 2004-06-02
  9. Guide to Effective Military Writing by William A. McIntosh, 2003-05-01
  10. Ideas into Words: Mastering the Craft of Science Writing by Elise Hancock, 2003-05-07
  11. A Technical Guide For Performing and Writing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments by Thomas Socha, 2001-09-13
  12. Engineering Your Writing Success: How Engineers Can Master Effective On-the-Job Communication Skills by JamesE. Vincler, NancyHorlick Vincler, 1996-01-01
  13. Franklin Covey Style Guide for Business and Technical Communication by Franklin Covey, Frankin Covey Company Staff, 2000-06-01
  14. Effective Writing: Improving Scientific, Technical and Business Communication by John Kirkman, Christopher Turk, 1989-05-24

61. I Came, I Saw, I Learned...: Writing & Grammar
Welcome to IconLogic s WeBLOG. This is the place to share resources, ideas and general information about such products and services as technical writing,
I Came, I Saw, I Learned...
Welcome to IconLogic's WeBLOG. This is the place to share resources, ideas and general information about such products and services as technical writing, e-Learning, QuarkXPress and Adobe's InDesign, RoboHelp and Captivate.
May 15, 2008
Grammar Workshop: Commas with Years and States in Dates and Addresses
by Jennie Ruby A comma can act alone as a separator, and a comma can be part of a pair of commas setting something off. But when one of a pair of commas for setting off loses its partner, that is just wrong. An example I have been hearing of and seeing in business writing is the pair of commas that surround the year in a three part date and the pair of commas that surround the state or country. Here are some examples of this error:
  • The seminar will be held on June 4, 2008 at the conference center. She traveled to Springfield, MA in the spring and to Falls Church, VA in the fall.
In these sentences there should be a comma after 2008 and commas after MA and VA. A three-part date, containing the month, the day, and the year, requires commas before and after the year. Confusion occurs because if you state only the month and year, you do not need commas: This is being written in May 2008. You also do not need commas with military or European style dates, where the day is placed before the month: The class will be given 4 June 2008. There is no excuse for dropping the comma after the state or country. When you mention Avignon, France, or maybe Athens, GA, the country or state is really parenthetical, and really needs that second comma.

Technical Writing. Overview Machinery Manuals Automation Manuals Engineering Specs Military Spec Manuals Provisioning Data
Thursday 29th 2008f May 2008
Live Support

Technical Writing Overview Machinery Manuals Automation Manuals Engineering Specs ... Industrial Signage
Other Options Contact Us EHS Insider HOME
TECHNICAL WRITING Our technical writers use your drawings and schematics to develop a technical manual specific to your equipment. The goal is to complete the manual by the time the equipment is being shipped. In-house composition, editing, and proofreading departments ensure that readability goals are achieved and incorporation of digital photographs and art is complete. Digital photographs, taken by St. Claire, Inc., or supplied by the customer, are typically included to increase the usability of the manuals. Final Files are provided as hard copy, electronic, or web-ready format. Click on any of the topics below for more specific information.

63. Technical/Professional Communication — Rhetoric
Resources about technical, scientific and business writing.
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Sections Personal tools EServer Rhetoric and Composition ... Writings, by Category Technical/Professional Communication
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Technical/Professional Communication
by Geoff Sauer last modified 2004-08-30 10:57 AM Resources about technical, scientific and business writing. The relationship between rhetoric and technical/scientific/professional writing is very complex. Many academic programs in technical communication are affilitated with rhetoric programs, but (by most measures) there are more careers in technical writing than in rhetoric. Because the EServer (the cooperative that hosts this site) also hosts the world's largest technical communication website ( the EServer Technical Communication Library ), this website will avoid the complex borders between rhetoric and technical writing by referring you directly to the TC Library for specifically technical communication-related resources. var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));

64. Technical Writing: A Definition And Comments About Employment Opportunities. Tec
Technical writing definition what is technical writing? Thoughts about technical writing jobs.

Home Page



Technical Writing
Contact Me
Technical Writing
Technical Writing: A Definition by Andrew McQuinn, MPC
Technical Writing is a term that represents an increasingly broad set of activities that are designed to communicate understandable information that can help people be productive. Content created by technical writers has traditionally involved items such as "how-to" manuals, reference guides and corporate reports. The emergence of new technologies, trends and customs prompts us to expand the frame of reference that encompasses a technical writer's activities.
The Value of Technical Writing
Technical Writing and Style
In the past, a printed piece of media (a book, a brochure, a training video) often signified the conclusion of a technical writer's task. Today, technical writers frequently find that they are moderators in a discussion. Managers of call centers, customer support lines and online chat rooms want visitors to feel that they receive personalized attention with their service. The "personal touch" received may actually be anticipated, pre-typed responses that were created by technical writers.
The proliferation of blogs empowers technical writers to create community around their projects and to receive feedback about their creations. Hypertext links on blogs can initiate the creation of community around ideas that are presented by technical writers. Following are two examples:

65. Technical Marketing Communications At Its Best
Whether producing brochures, advertisements, technical articles or product data sheets a good technical writer can save you time and effort.
technical marketing communications at its best home about campaign planning public relations ... links Whether producing brochures, advertisements, technical articles or product data sheets a good technical writer can save you time and effort
How often have you prepared a brief for a writer and what you got back was not what you expected? As a qualified Engineer and Manager I am skilled at asking the right questions to ensure what I deliver is what you want.
So if you want something written, and written well, then contact me today

66. Technical Writer - Tech Writing Services - Technical Editor
Need a technical writer? Have a project that needs tech writing services? We have a nationwide database of technical writers and techncial editors.
Call Writing Assistance for technical writing services. We'll find the perfect technical writer from our nationwide database to join your team.
You can be sure the technical writer you choose will be a:
  • Highly trained, experienced expert in your industry Quick-thinking problem solver and independent pro Valuable team player who is local to your office or skilled at working remotely
The best technical writers in the business
Our technical writers and technical editors are the best in the business, able to take technical complexities and turn them into simple, understandable text. They'll expertly produce the documentation products you need, including:
  • User guides Online help Online documentation Internet documentation Web pages Operator's manuals Programmer's guides Administrator's guides Installation guides Technical reference manuals Sarbanes Oxley Proposals Process documentation Policies/procedures ISO 9000 documentation Standard operating procedures Work flows/work integrations System design documents Assembly manuals Maintenance manuals
Our technical writers are flexible and in top form

67. Writing.Com: Technical Writing, Technical Writer, Technical Writers, Technically
Writing.Com is the online community for creative writing, fiction writing, story writing, poetry writing, writing contests, writing portfolios, writing help
Getting Started Reading Writing Reviewing ... Tell a Friend Sponsored Item: WORD SPLINTERS Any Genre Action/Adve Activity Adult Animal Arts Biographica Business Career Children's Comedy Community Computers Contest Contest Ent Crime/Gangs Cultural Dark Death Detective Drama Educational Emotional Entertainme Environment Erotica Experience Family Fanfiction Fantasy Fashion Finance Folklore Food/Cookin Foreign Friendship Gay/Lesbian Genealogy Ghost Gothic Health History Hobby/Craft Holiday Home/Garden Horror/Scar How-To/Advi Inspiration Internet/We Legal Medical Melodrama Men's Military Music Mystery Mythology Nature News Nonsense Occult Opinion Parenting Personal Pets Philosophy Political Psychology Reference Regional Relationshi Religious Research Reviewing Romance/Lov Satire Sci-fi Scientific Self Help Spiritual Sports Writing.Com Supernatura Technology Teen Thriller/Su Tragedy Transportat Travel Tribute War Western Women's Writing Young Adult Any Type Audio Books CNotes Campfires Crosswords Documents Folders Forums Groups Images Interactives Madlibs Photo Albums Polls Quizzes Searches Statics Surveys Web Pages My Account My Blog My Portfolio My Gift Points ... My Feedback Welcome To bookmark this page

68. Algonquin College - Learning Resource Centre
Quick Links, Blackboard Login, Catalogue LRC, Online Learning Centre, Professor Resources Site, Student Support Lab
Learning Resource Centre My Account Catalogues Databases Research Quick Links Blackboard Login Catalogue - LRC Online Learning Centre Professor Resources Site Student Support Lab LRC Home About Us Research Find Websites by subject Services How Do I? Contact Us ... Site Map Research - Technical Writing Online Technical Writing
An online "textbook" including chapters on a variety of technical writing topic areas which you can download.
This page is maintained by Learning and Teaching Services. Should you find any errors or omissions, let us know at
Page last updated on: August 8, 2007

69. The Civil Engineering Portal - General - Technical Writing
civil engineering structural construction geotechnical transportation water hydraulic.

About Us

Engineering News

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... General Technical Writing
Web Sites
A Guide for Writing Research Reports

Based on Styles Recommended by The American Psychological Association.
EFL Tech - France

A site for teachers of English for Engineering, containing useful resources related to engineering.
Engineering Writing Center
The site contains numerous online handbooks of engineering writing. Writing and Research: Online Resources Aimed primarily at masters students starting their research writing, but should be useful to other students who are involved in a research project. Technical Articles Design Guidelines for Written Assignments An article written by Marilyn A. Dyrud. Developing Effective Assignments for Lengthy Technical Documents An article written by Barbara M. Olds. Selecting and Presenting Writing Assignments in Engineering Classes:Tips for New Professors An article written by Julie E. Sharp, Vanderbilt University. May 29 Civil Engineers: Search Jobs Post Your Resume Career Advice Career Fairs ... Help

70. IT Technical Writer & Writing Jobs - IT Copywriter & Copywriting Jobs By Industry directory lists all jobs in Singapore according to industry and job specializations. Jobs such as Accounting Jobs,
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... Gifts ! Tel : +65 64791033 Positions : Show All Executive Senior Managers ... Proofreader / Editor Posted 21 May 08 Salary Negotiable, Experience 1 year

71. CherWare Technical Writing
Doesn t anyone care about grammar, spelling, and clarity anymore? CherWare does! Your web site, document, report, or other printed media will be clear and
Technical Writing is a fairly recent profession. Until the mid-80s, most technical writing was done by the same people who designed the software or conducted research. Often the role fell by default to the team member who had some writing skills, and the documentation was frequently difficult for the layperson to understand. Today, most technical documentation is distributed to a public who may have little or no desire to know underlying theory, but who simply want to read and understand the documentation.
Your documentation reflects your business.
Organizations will spend thousands of dollars for a new logo design and a lot more for an ad campaign. Often, though, the documentation that accompanies new products and reports is put together by people whose chief skill is something other than writing. A logo or ad campaign may last for a few years or for a season; documentation lasts as long as someone, somewhere, uses the information.
The cover's nice, but what do these words mean?

72. Canada Technical Writing College Programs And Courses
Technical Writing Programs, Courses available in Canada sorted by province.

Universities Colleges Programs ... News Web
Technical Writing College Programs and Courses in Canada
Paralegal Education and Jobs
Writing and Communciations Programs and Courses
Community College Programs in Canada Canadian Community Colleges
Everest College Canada can give you the knowledge and training you need to get hired and succeed in the real world. Choose from morning, afternoon and evening classes at community based locations across Canada. Everest College Canada offers a variety of training programs in the fields of Accounting, Business, Legal, Information Technology, Medical, Dental, and more.
Canadian Provinces with Technical Writing Diploma, Certificate and Degree College Programs
Universities Colleges ... News Web

73. Technical Writing In Agriculture
English Geography Geology History Nutrition Philosophy Physics Political Science Religious Studies TechnicalWriting






Physics Political Science Religious Studies TechnicalWriting
Technical Writing
Unsustainable agriculture harms the environment by sucking rivers, lakes, and underground water resources dry, increasing soil salinity and thereby destroying its quality, and by washing pollutants and pesticides into rivers destroying downstream ecosystems as far as corals and breeding grounds for fish in coastal areas. Water is a vital resource need to sustain life, both in agriculture and in our personal lives as well. Everyone uses water everyday, whether it is for bathing, drinking, or cooking. In agriculture, farmers used water everyday to feed their livestock, irrigate crops, or raise agricultural products such as catfish. What forms of technical communication are available for individuals (agricultural professionals, consumers, and producers) utilizing land and water resources to communicate information and solutions to agriculturally-related problems?

74. Technical Writing Services - The Write Design (Online Help, Adobe PDF Docs, Trai
Our professional technical writers specialize in writing clear, concise documentation that your readers will understand. We can handle any phase of your
O ur professional technical writers specialize in writing clear, concise documentation that your readers will understand. We can handle any phase of your documentation from concept through completed printed or online formats. Did your programmers begin to document the software but are not able to finish it? We can work with your programming staff to take those notes and incorporate them into professional looking documentation. Some of our technical writing projects include:
  • Online help systems Training Guides Software/Hardware Manuals Technical Procedures Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Manuals Document Conversion
We can also convert your existing manual from printed to electronic format. Do you have a document in Word that you want converted to a professional layout program like QuarkXpress or FrameMaker? We can make that process easy for you. Call us today to discuss your technical documentation needs, or click

75. Spring Into Technical Writing For Engineers And Scientists
Editor(s)/Author(s), Barry J. Rosenberg. Copyright, 2005. Publisher, Addison Wesley Professional. Book URL, click here. ISBN, 0131498630
Spring Into Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists Editor(s)/Author(s) Barry J. Rosenberg Publisher Addison Wesley Professional Book URL click here ISBN Reviewer Vinay Igure Review Date Feb. 16, 2006 Writing is an art. And like all other arts, it is a difficult art that requires dedicated effort and hard work to master. One can therefore imagine that writing a book about writing is a tough task. Barry Rosenberg s attempt at this difficult mission falls short of meeting the goal of writing a useful book for engineers and scientists. Although this book has a few good things, the average engineer and scientist can nevertheless safely discard it. The Spring Into books are intended to provide a brief, but useful introduction to a subject. The publishers evidently want to compete with the popular For Dummies series. I hope that their other books on technical subjects are better than this book. If not, the Spring Into series does not pose any threat to the For Dummies market share. The book has four sections. The first section provides a general introduction to writing. The second section is probably the most useful part of the book. It covers many of the General Writing Principles. The good thing about this part is that it provides all the good information without being as boring as a regular English grammar text book.

76. Academic, Education And Business Books - Blackwell Online
Choose from over 3 million books, draw on over 126 years of bookselling excellence, and receive Free US Postage on all orders of $15 or more.;jse
Home Advanced search Sign in by Title Author Keyword ISBN Refine results Top 6 Authors Rigby, David Leo Finkelstein John Kirkman Lannon, John M ... Surma, Anne Media Type Paperback Hardback Spiral / Comb Bound Multimedia Item ... Audio Cassette Publication Date Last 3 months Coming soon Top 6 Publishers Prentice Hall PRENTI... Lawrence Erlbaum Ass... Pearson Education (U... Longman Publishing G... ... Pearson Education (U... Academic level General Professional / Schol... Postgraduate Undergraduate ... Technical/vocational Catalogue Out of Print catalogue Include UK catalogue Home Books ... Technology Technical Writing
Found 429 items - Category : Technical Writing Sort by: Title (A-Z) Title (Z-A) Date (new-old) Date (old-new) Price (low-high) Price (high-low) Publisher (A-Z) Publisher (Z-A) Author (A-Z) Author (Z-A) Rating Showing items to
from page Gallery View Classic View
A Research Primer for Technical Communication
The Pearson Technical Communication Handbook By Michael A Hughes, George F Hayhoe
ISBN: 0805863354 ISBN13: 9780805863352
Paperback By Dobrin, Sidney I
ISBN: 0132365219 ISBN13: 9780132365215
Paperback Provides an introduction to conducting and reading research in technical communication, complete with exemplars of research articles for study...

77. Technical Writing ,Training, And Translation
The Technical Writing includes all aspects of the technical writing project production • technical writing • translation • graphics • proofreading printing Website/web/technical_writing.shtml
Technical Writing
Price List The Technical Writing includes all aspects of the technical writing project:
Featured Resource On-line study seminar with a nationally-recognized agricultural scholar:
Publish Publish your new article
on our website

. . . . . Bulletin Board . . . . . . EduSelf Looking For World Wide Distributers
Profssional Opportunities
We are looking for professional agricultural lecturers
Members' Entrance E-mail
Portuguese Technical Writing Technical Training Technical Writing specializes in the preparation and publication of technical manuals, technical documentation and translation for high-tech, commercial and industrial clients. EduSelf uses ISO 9002 as its working standard. Originally founded to develop, produce, and market interactive technical training and agricultural science courseware for high schools, colleges, and universities

78. Freelance Technical Copywriter - IT, Medical, Science
Professional copywriting service. Clear, effective copy that makes an impact. Websites, Brochures, Advertising, Direct Mail all other Marketing.
Ashley Hastings : Copywriter
Technical writing Bring your data alive
articles brochures , guides, leaflets case studies , instructions, press releases newsletters website content Website redesign by SPOT ON Designs var sc_project=2237141; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_partition=20; var sc_security="92394d4b";

79. WritePoint Ltd. - We Write To The Point
WritePoint, a leading technical writing company in Israel, offers topquality technical writing services and help conversions.
@import "/style.css"; var NDRoot = "/netdoc/"; About Us
Technical Writing Services
Meeting your documentation needs since 1996
At WritePoint: we help your users read your developers' minds.
At WritePoint, we know that the right point to assessing your documentation project is early in the development process. This enables us to assess how much work there is, when we should begin, and how best to proceed in order to balance the need to meet your deadlines with the danger of having to re-document. We understand that your project is likely to change. That's why we offer our comments and our suggestions - so that you can see what a new user may think, how they may get confused, where they may need additional explanations or examples. We have the expertise to document on any technical level. Our projects have included user's guides intended for novice computer users, up to API and CLI reference manuals for expert programmers. We are programmers, scientists, and expert users ourselves, so we know how to talk with your developers and explain difficult concepts to your users.

80. Technical Writing Services - Young Copy
Technical writing services by leading technical writing firm Young Copy.
Technical Writing Services
Young Copy offers an extensive range of professional technical writing services to fit your growing company's needs.
Technical Writing
What is full service technical writing?
Dave Young, professional writer and founder of Young Copy, has nine years of technical, programming, and writing experience and over five years as a contract technical writer. Your company can hire Dave and his team of technical writing consultants on an ongoing basis for complete, thorough, and up-to-date technical documentation. What technical writing services does Young Copy offer?
Dave and his team can create online help, installation guides, quick start guides, user documentation, and other technical documentation for your software company. Your documentation will be developed to communicate effectively to multiple audiences. Software users typically range from beginner to advanced so your technical documentation must be written to communicate to a wide range of skills and experience.
  • User Documentation Installation Guides Online Help Quick Start Guides Other Technical Documents

Young Copy can create help documentation in the following formats:
  • Online html documentation Windows Help File (CHM) Print PDF Word Docs

Young Copy uses the following software programs:
  • RoboHelp for HTML and Word SnagIt (for taking screenshots and image manipulation). Other programs may be used if specified.

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