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         Transplants:     more books (100)
  1. Medical Care of the Liver Transplant Patient: Total Pre-, Intra- and Post-Operative Management
  2. Legal Transplants: An Approach to Comparative Law by Alan Watson, 1993-07-01
  3. Clinical Management of the Transplant Patient
  4. Transplant by John A. Elefteriades, 2009-04-19
  5. The inside story: A kid's guide to kidney and liver transplants by Karen Crowe, 2001
  6. Every Second Counts: The Race to Transplant the First Human Heart by Donald McRae, 2007-08-07
  7. Kidney Transplantation: A Guide to the Care of Kidney Transplant Recipients
  8. Twice Dead: Organ Transplants and the Reinvention of Death (California Series in Public Anthropology, Vol. 1) by Margaret Lock, 2001-12-03
  9. Dying to Live: From Heart Transplant to Abundant Life by Gaea Shaw, 2005-03-17
  10. I'm Glad You're Not Dead : A Liver Transplant Story, 2nd edition by Elizabeth Parr, 2000-01-20
  11. New Life: Lessons in Faith and Courage from Transplant Recipients by Bob Violino, 2003-01-10
  12. Face to Face: My Quest to Perform the First Full Face Transplant by Maria Siemionow, 2009-06-02
  13. Joseph E. Murray and the Story of the First Human Kidney Transplant (Unlocking the Secrets of Science) by Joanne Mattern, 2002-10
  14. Local Immunosuppression of Organ Transplants (Medical Intelligence Unit)

21. Organ Donation, Tissue Donation, Organ Transplants - The Gift Of A Lifetime
The Gift of a Lifetime is an educational documentary about organ donation, tissue donation and organ transplants in the United States.
The Gift of a Lifetime: Organ Donation in America
A man waits and wonders if a new heart will arrive. A woman walks without pain with a bone transplant, and a child grows up with a new liver. A mother in the midst of a tragedy helps give life to others through organ donation. These are the stories of lives transformed by the miracle of organ donation and organ transplants. These are the stories of Americans who give and receive The Gift of a Lifetime.
Transplant Journey
Waiting for and Giving the Gift
Take the Transplant Journey now
Presenting Sponsors
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Faces of Organ Donation
Experience the real-life stories of donor families and organ and tissue transplant recipients.
Understanding Organ Donation
Explore the Interactive Body, learn about brain death and how organ and tissue donation restores lives.
Educator's Resources
Use The Gift of a Lifetime in the classroom or join a unique professional development opportunity. Site Map Credits Privacy Statement document.write('<'); document.write('! ');

22. Heart Transplants: Statistics
People with longterm heart failure, heart muscle disease, or other irreversible heart injury from coronary artery disease and multiple heart attacks that

23. Welcome | Transplants In Mind
transplants in Mind helps save lives by promoting awareness of organ and tissue donation for transplantation.
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Organ donation saves lives
Transplants in Mind help save lives by promoting awareness of organ and tissue donation for transplantation, as well as funding valuable research in to all aspects of donation and transplantation.
What we do
Through awareness-raising campaigns we encourage people to talk about, and register, their willingness to donate. people in the UK are currently awaiting a life saving organ transplant however, over patients tragically die each year whilst waiting for that transplant.
How you can help
join the NHS Organ Donor Register
3) become a friend of Transplants in Mind. For more information please contact us We need your financial support in order to carry out our valuable work. Please make a financial donation to help us save the lives of critically ill people in the UK Read our Business Plan for 2007-08
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24. Transplants
A free collection of articles about transplants published in The New York Times.

25. Hair Transplants Are Effective With The Right Hair Transplant Surgeon. Hair Tran
Hair transplants are effective and hair transplants work. If considering a hair transplant, our hair transplant site can help provide you with information
Return to Home Page Site Map for Hair Transplant Magazine Contact HTM Contact Surgeons ...
Dr. Victor Hasson, M.D.
1001 West Broadway, Suite 600
Vancouver, British Columbia

Victor Hasson MD graduated with honors from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 1984.
Dr. Hasson has been a specialist in hair restoration surgery for ten years in Vancouver, BC Canada. He is an active member of both the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons,(ISHRS), and the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons,(IAHRS), of which there are less than fifty members worldwide.
The facilities that Dr. Hasson performs surgery in are specially designed for hair restoration. The facilites are fully accredited and modern in design. Dr. Hasson helped to develop and
Thank you for visiting Hair Transplant Magazine!
Hair transplants are effective and hair transplants provide results. Choosing the right hair transplant surgeon is important.
Hair Transplant Magazine provides individuals considering a hair transplant procedure with information and accurate accounts of personal experiences prior to their hair transplant procedure and further, to refer such individuals to reputable hair transplant surgeons within the hair transplant industry.

26. About Tissue Transplants FAQ | CDC Infection Control In Healthcare
About Tissue transplants. UpdatedSeptember 1, 2006 ReleasedFebruary 2006. What is a bone or tissue allograft? Where do allograft bones and tissues come
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Protecting Patients
Infection Control Topics
Frequently Asked Questions
About Tissue Transplants Updated:September 1, 2006
Released:February 2006
What is a bone or tissue allograft? The bones or tissues that transplanted from the body of one person to another person are called allografts. Tissue allografts can include: bones, heart valves, blood vessels, skin and tendons. Top Where do allograft bones and tissues come from?

27. Transplants
UT Southwestern Medical Center is a leading transplant center and has received numerous awards as well as recognition for its excellence in research,
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About UT Southwestern Directions ... Support Groups and Resources Our Programs document.write('');
UT Southwestern Medical Center is a leading transplant center and has received numerous awards as well as recognition for its excellence in research, education and patient care. Through state-of-the-art facilities and highly experienced personnel, the UT Southwestern transplant programs have established an exceptional track record. For example:
  • The heart transplant program was rated the best in the nation for achieving the highest survival rate (100 percent) for one-year post-transplant patients.
    The lung transplant program has achieved a 100 percent survival rate compared to an average of 83.6 percent for all other centers in the nation for one-year post-transplant survival of double lung transplant patients.*
    The bone marrow transplant program is actively investigating a new method of transplantation that de-emphasizes the toxic effects of high-dose chemotherapy and radiation therapy while emphasizing the powerful anti-cancer effects of donor immune cells. This treatment has resulted in complete and ongoing remissions in many patients with otherwise incurable malignancies.
    The kidney-pancreas transplant physicians are responsible for a number of innovations that have become nationally accepted practice.

28. Mind Hacks: Head Transplants And Szymborska's Experiment
The experiment was executed by Russian scientists and anticipated later work by neurosurgeon Robert White, who attempted transplant the heads of two monkeys
March 19, 2008
Head transplants and Szymborska's Experiment:
The Nobel prize-winning poet Wisława Szymborska wrote one of her most striking poems about a morbid experiment where a dog's head was cut from its body but kept alive by a blood-pumping machine. The poem serves as a commentary on happiness and anxiety about the purpose of existence, but what many people don't know is that the experiment was genuinely completed, and the black and white film that the poem is based on can be viewed online. The experiment was executed by Russian scientists and anticipated later work by neurosurgeon Robert White, who attempted transplant the heads of two monkeys, as can be seen in footage from the procedure. While White thought of it as a possible precursor to human head transplantation, the scientific community reacted with outrage and these days it's generally thought of as a pretty appalling experiment that achieved virtually nothing of consequence. Neuroscientist Steven Rose gives an interesting video commentary on the experiment, drawing from recent findings in '

29. Learning About Bone Marrow Or Cord Blood Transplants -- Patient Information
Information for patients about bone marrow, peripheral blood cell and cord blood transplants (also called BMT).
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what we do
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30. Heart Transplants Homepage
Heart recipient John Fisher has created this website with information and resources for pre and post heart transplant patients.
To Transplant and Beyond Donate Now Hom e About Us ... Fundraising
Website Last Updated
Sat 24-May-2008 Latest News The New Mayor of Spelthorne Simon Bhadye has decided to support our charity during his term of office. We are looking forward to working closely with him
Wednesday 11th June
Outback Steak House
7pm for 7.30pm
We are putting a team together for the
London Triathlon

August 2008. If you would like to be part of our team follow this link
London Triathlon
We now have some shoe/trainer laces to promote organ donation and transplantation This website is being supported by Aussie Mood Awesome Food You are visitor This website is dedicated to the memory of my donor Steven Tibbey for without his wonderful gift I wouldn't be here today Introduction My name is John Fisher and I am now 46years old, I had my heart transplant on Sunday 30th July 2000 at the age of 38 When I was first told I needed a heart transplant in order to live I was sure I was going to die either before, during or shortly after the operation, well that was over 7 years ago and I am still here.

31. A Science Odyssey: People And Discoveries: First Successful Kidney Transplant Pe
Skin and eyes were among the first successful transplants. Between 1954 and 1973, about 10000 kideny transplants were performed.
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Photo: The identical Herrick twins were the first participants in a successful kidney transplant. The idea of transplanting organs is not new. It can be found in myths of the ancient Greeks and was referred to by even older civilizations. But until the middle of the twentieth century it remained largely impossible, a piece of myth, or fantasy, or science fiction. Skin and eyes were among the first successful transplants. But the larger, more complex, and imbedded organs posed countless problems. The kidney was the first such organ to be successfully transplanted. Since humans naturally have two kidneys, but can live with just one, the kidney lent itself well to the process. (Of the major organs, the kidney is still the one most often transplanted.) The first attempts in the early 1950s, as in all transplant cases, were made when the only other alternative for the patient was death. These early patients briefly raised hopes by starting a good recovery, but then succumbed. The future of transplant surgery began to look very bleak. Meanwhile, Peter Medawar in Great Britain had been researching the topic of rejection, which he had observed in skin grafts as a wartime surgeon. He found that graft recipients would form antibodies against the graft, unless they had been exposed to similar foreign tissue early in life. (He used chickens for his research subjects.) Medawar's work showed that the body's rejection of foreign tissue was indeed an immune response. He and another researcher received the 1960 Nobel Prize for this discovery.

32. Lung Transplants - American Lung Association Site
Lung transplants are given to people as a last resort treatment for irreversible lung failure. Lung failure happens when the lungs are damaged and unable to

33. Keratoconus And Cornea Transplants
http// is all about an eye disease called keratoconus, and cornea transplant surgery. It includes diaries of cornea transplant recipients
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Febo Home Ham Documents by N8UR Packet Radio Pages Linux AX.25 ... Send Email
Keratoconus and Cornea Transplants
Sorry, but these pages haven't been updated in some time...
It's hard to believe, but it's now (January, 2007) more than 10 years since my first corneal transplant. With the exception of developing a significant case of glaucoma, which may or may not have anything to do with keratoconus or the transplants, I am doing fine and have corrected vision close to 20/20. The transplants seem to be in great shape. I haven't been actively involved in the KC mailing list for several years now, and haven't spent much time updating these pages; I suspect that many of the links below are now broken. Still, I hope that this site provides useful information for anyone with KC or contemplating a corneal transplant. I have not had a single day (or minute!) of regret that I had my transplants; they made an unbelievable improvement in my life.
I have an eye condition called keratoconus. It's a disease in which the cornea (the outer surface of the eye in front of the pupil) becomes cone-shaped rather than spherical, and this results in extreme astigmatism. Glasses can't correct this vision problem, but hard contact lenses often can. Unfortunately, the distortion of the cornea makes it very difficult to fit contacts comfortably for a keratoconic my eye doctor described it as "trying to balance a saucer on the end of a football."

34. Ethics Of Organ Transplants
Ethics of Organ transplants how do we get organs? Who should pay? Who should be allowed to have them, and why? There are more ethical dilemmas than you
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Agnosticism / Atheism
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      On the face of it, there seems to be little reason to question the ethics behind transplanting organs. Apparently one of the greatest achievements of modern surgery, tens of thousands of people are given a new lease on life through the selfless altruism of others who choose to find hope in the midst of tragedy, literally giving of their own bodies in the effort to save others. But this really is more appearance than fact, because right under the surface lurks a morass of ethical dilemmas and controversies which have threatened to undermine the entire practice of transplanting organs. These problems have only grown in scope as new medical advances have been made in recent years, with little prospect of an easy resolution any time soon.
  • 35. Organ Transplants Without Lifelong Immunosuppressants - Health - 21 February 200
    Feb 21, 2008 A blood test could soon help to determine which organtransplant recipients are ready to come off their immunosuppressant drugs.
    New Scientist Space Technology Environment ... Full Access Full Access As a magazine subscriber you will benefit from instant access to:
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    Organ transplants without lifelong immunosuppressants
    • 21 February 2008 Linda Geddes Magazine issue 2644
    A KIDNEY transplant may save your life, but it comes at a cost: the immunosuppressant drugs taken to stop your body rejecting the organ can leave you more vulnerable to infections and boost your risk of cancer. But there may soon be a way to identify patients whose bodies have accepted their transplants , meaning they could reduce their drug intake, or stop altogether. "At the moment immunosuppressants are very much drugs for life," says Robert Lechler of Kings College London. He estimates that the immune systems of up to one-fifth of kidney-transplant recipients may eventually learn to tolerate their new organ. However, as such tolerance has been almost impossible to identify, the vast majority stay on drugs as a precaution. "Coming off the drugs is very risky because as soon as rejection starts, you damage the kidney," says Lechler. To find a better way of identifying organ-tolerant patients, Lechler ...

    36. Hair Transplants In Los Angeles And San Jose, California - New Hair Institute -
    NHI is a medical group of specially trained physicians, a world leader in hair transplant / hair restoration technology and hair loss research.
    New Hair Institute founder Dr. William Rassman answers your hair loss questions daily at Balding Blog
    Sitemap ... Contact Us
    A Medical Group of Physicians Specializing in
    Hair Loss Treatment and Surgical Hair Restoration
    Hair Loss Resources
    Welcome to the New Hair Institute.
    NHI is a medical group of specially trained physicians dedicated solely to hair restoration. We are a world leader in hair transplant technology, clinical research and teaching.
    If you have concerns about hair loss, baldness, thinning hair, or other hair problems, NHI can help. Our physicians are recognized worldwide for their pioneering work in developing Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction . We are committed to providing the best possible care for our patients.
    We encourage you to to learn about hair loss causes , discover available options for the treatment of hair loss , watch videos , and see before and after photos of hundreds of real patients.
    You are also invited to visit Dr. William Rassman

    37. Transplants For Children
    7550 IH 10 West San Antonio, Texas 78229 210949-1212 210-9491217 Fax © 2005, transplants for Children. All Rights Reserved.

    38. Stem Cell And Bone Marrow Transplants : Cancerbackup
    Information about bone marrow and stem cell transplants, including what they are, how it is done, particular types of transplant such as allogeneic and
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    Cancerbackup: General information
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    39. Partial Face Transplants Planned In Boston - The Boston Globe
    Mar 5, 2008 The New England Organ Bank has authorized a surgical team at Brigham and Women s Hospital to perform partial face transplants on eligible patients whose
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    Partial face transplants planned in Boston
    Brigham program seen as limited
    Dr. Jean-Michel Dubernard discussed facial transplants yesterday at Brigham and Women's Hospital. (Mark Wilson/Globe Staff) Email Print Text size By David Abel Globe Staff March 5, 2008 The New England Organ Bank has authorized a surgical team at Brigham and Women's Hospital to perform partial face transplants on eligible patients whose faces have been disfigured. The team could perform an operation as early as the next few weeks, officials said, but it is unlikely a donor and recipient would be found for months, if not years. To be eligible, recipients will have to be kidney transplant patients who have experienced facial burns, trauma, or skin cancer that has left them with "severe facial disfigurement," according to Sean Fitzpatrick, a New England Organ Bank spokesman. Fitzpatrick said kidney transplant recipients are already taking immunosuppressive medication, which helps stop rejection.

    40. About Transplants - Intestine And Multivisceral Transplant Program - Clinical Se
    Intestine/Liver Transplant an operation done that replaces a diseased small intestine and diseased liver with healthy organs from another person.
    advanced search or find by letter: A-F G-L M-R S-Z
    Intestine and Multivisceral Transplant Program
    Intestine and Multivisceral Transplant Program About Transplants Before Transplant (Evaluation) Time of Transplant (Surgery) After Transplant Transplant Unit ... Find Us Return to Surgery Pediatric Transplant Center Home Clinical Services ... Intestine and Multivisceral Transplant Program About Transplants About Intestine and Multivisceral Transplants What are intestinal, intestine/liver and multivisceral transplants? Intestinal Transplant: an operation done that replaces a diseased small intestine with a healthy one from another person. Intestine/Liver Transplant: an operation done that replaces a diseased small intestine and diseased liver with healthy organs from another person. Multivisceral Transplant: an operation in which multiple organs are transplanted, such as the stomach, pancreas, liver and small intestine. Why is a small intestine transplant recommended? A small intestine transplant is usually performed on children that have short bowel syndrome . Some children with the following conditions may need a small intestine transplant:

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