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         Transplants:     more books (100)
  1. Organ Transplants: A Survival Guide for the Entire Family (It Happened to Me) by Tina P. Schwartz, 2005-06
  2. Fine Thyme!: Vegetarian Recipes From A Kidney Transplant Recipient by Chekesha, 2002-10-26
  3. Bone Marrow Transplants: A Book of Basics for Patients by Susan K. Stewart, 1995-08-01
  4. Hepatology and Transplant Hepatology: A Case Based Approach by Jawad Ahmad, 2010-10-21
  5. I Call My New Lung Tina: Inspiration from a Transplant Survivor by Shirley Jewett, 2006-07-06
  6. Stories of the Heart: Reflections on the Heart Transplant Journey : Stories of Hope and Inspiration
  7. Through The Fire: The True Story of The Death To Life Experiences of A Preacher Who Received A Heart Transplant by DD, Th.D., John W. Watts, 2004-06-29
  8. Mr. NewHeart (New Heart): Heart Attack to Transplant and Beyond by David Hollar, 2007-06-14
  9. Laura's New Heart: A Healer's Spiritual Journey Through a Heart Transplant by Laura L Fine, 2004-03-05
  10. Alive and Fighting: Coping with a Brain Tumor and a Bone Marrow Transplant by Harry Wolf, 2005-12-02
  11. Bone Marrow Transplants: A Guide for Cancer Patients and Their Families by Marianne Shaffer, 1994-04-25
  12. Dropsy, Dialysis, Transplant: A Short History of Failing Kidneys (Johns Hopkins Biographies of Disease) by Steven J. Peitzman, 2007-11-12
  13. The Hare Krishna Movement: The Postcharismatic Fate of a Religious Transplant
  14. Positional Responses in Lichen Transplant Biomonitoring of Trace Element Air Pollution by A.P. Valerio Marques, 2008-10-15

41. EMedicine - Transplants, Renal : Article By Richard Sinert
transplants, Renal Emergency department (ED) physicians encounter transplant patients at two critical stages. First, they may be the initial physicians to
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Organ Procurement

Posttransplantation Morbidity And Mortality

Important History In Transplantation Complications

Patient Education Diabetes Center
Acute Kidney Failure Overview

Chronic Kidney Failure Overview

Chronic Kidney Failure Causes
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Transplants, Renal
Article Last Updated: Jul 12, 2006
Section 1 of 10 Author: Richard Sinert, DO, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Research Director, State University of New York College of Medicine; Consulting Staff, Department of Emergency Medicine, Kings County Hospital Center Richard Sinert is a member of the following medical societies: American College of Physicians and Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Coauthor(s): Mert Erogul, MD

42. - Face Transplants Inch Toward Reality - May 26, 2004
Doctors in Kentucky have begun preparing a document to be submitted to an ethics panel at the University of Louisville School of Medicine seeking permission
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Face transplants inch toward reality
University of Louisville doctors to seek ethics review of surgery
VIDEO Jacqueline Saburido's life was changed forever in a fiery wreck.

YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS University of Louisville Western Kentucky University Research or Create your own Manage alerts What is this? (CNN) Doctors in Kentucky have begun preparing a document to be submitted to an ethics panel at the University of Louisville School of Medicine seeking permission to perform a face transplant, the lead researcher in the endeavor told CNN. "We are in the process of doing that," Dr. John Barker, director of plastic surgery research at the University of Louisville, said Tuesday. "We have a team of about 16 or 17 people." The radical procedure, intended for patients with severe disfigurement, has not been attempted before, though doctors in the past have successfully reattached faces to patients after accidents. The development was first reported in the May 29 issue of New Scientist magazine.

43. Welcome To Green Mountain Transplants
Orders for multiple variety flats are filled by carefully packing empty 72 or 32cell flats with fully developed transplants pulled, rootball and all,
72-size Vegetables
72-size Herbs
72-size Annuals 72-size Perennials ...
Garden Supplies
Welcome to Green Mountain Transplants, Inc.
We grow and ship 72 and 32 cell single variety and multiple variety flats of greenhouse propagated vegetables, annuals and perennials. Orders for multiple variety flats are filled by carefully packing empty 72 or 32-cell flats with fully developed transplants pulled, rootball and all, from our inventory of single variety flats. Each completed flat is carefully boxed together with an identification diagram designating the color and variety of transplant contained in each cell. Your flat is shipped the same day it is filled. Our plants are considerably more advanced than most plants sold as ‘plugs’. Actual size of transplants will vary from crop to crop. For comparative purposes, tomatoes are typically 10 to 14 inches in height. Flats are lightweight and sturdy with cells containing a bottom hole to provide drainage as well as air flow which prunes the tap root and encourages dense rooting that stays intact when removed for transplanting. 670 Alfred Road - Arundel, Maine 04046

44. Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Restoration, Hair Transplant, Natural Hair Loss Treatm
Get great hair transplant results in our Fort Lauderdale office. Grow your hair back and cure baldness, with the help of specially trained physician in hair
  • Home About the Doctor Latest Techniques Alternatives ... Spertus Medical Cosmetics
  • AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,28,0','width','260','height','267','src','video/naturalhairtransplant_vid1','quality','high','pluginspage','','wmode','transparent','movie','video/naturalhairtransplant_vid1' ); //end AC code
    Now You Can Get Great Hair Transplant Results in our Fort Lauderdale Office
    In the past, you may have seen a few REALLY BAD hair transplants . You know... results that look like "doll Plugs". The reality is, you may have also seen several REALLY GOOD hair transplants too - but you didn't even NOTICE becausethe procedure was done CORRECTLY
    Many people who would otherwise have hair transplantation done are scared away by others who have had very "pluggy looking results" from surgeries done many years ago when that was the only available technique used.
    OK... I've decided to have the surgery.. How do I find a good doctor?

    45. Organ Transplants | Medical Services | UCSF Children's Hospital
    At UCSF Children s Hospital, we are leaders in kidney and liver transplants for children, attracting patients from throughout the West Coast.
    University of California, San Francisco About UCSF UCSF Medical Center Search Welcome Hospitals and Clinics Appointments Billing ... Adult Organ Transplants Organ Transplants Children, who years ago had no hope for survival when their organs failed, now are growing up to be healthy adults with transplanted organs and tissue. At UCSF Children's Hospital, we are leaders in kidney and liver transplants for children, attracting patients from throughout the West Coast. As pediatric specialists, we are experts at dealing with the challenges presented by the small, developing bodies of children, their difficulties communicating how they feel and their varying levels of maturity. As an academic hospital, we offer leading edge therapies and drugs. For example, our doctors pioneered anti-rejection medications and treatments that now benefit children throughout the world. Our goal is to provide your child the best treatment possible. For more information about pediatric organ transplants, please call:
    Pediatric Kidney Transplant
    Pediatric Liver Transplant Intestinal Transplant (877) SM-BOWEL or (877) 762-6935 From outside the San Francisco Bay Area, call 800) 4UCSFTX.

    46. Modern Miracles Organ Transplants
    Mordern Miracles Organ transplants, is an interactive site developed for students by ThinkQuest Team 28000.
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    47. - Experiencing Technical Difficulties
    A controversial treatment, which involves transplants of human waste, can treat C. difficile. But only a handful of doctors in Canada undertake the messy
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    To contact CBC Audience Relations please call: E-mail:

    48. I'm Not From Here > Cities
    This is the website for the transplants group. We re a social group for professionals, ages 20 s early 50 s, married or single, who have moved into a
    Cities Register Login May 29, 2008 Navigation Go Back Twin Cities, Minnesota Richmond, Virginia Milwaukee, Wisconsin ... St. Cloud, Minnesota Welcome Transplanted Professionals! Who we are:
    This is the website for the "Transplants" group. We're a social group for professionals, ages 20's - early 50's, married or single, who have moved into a new city and want to build a circle of friends and a sense of community in their new city. (And you can join even if you're a native of the city where you live.)
    The group began in 1990, in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. We are currently working to add more cities so more transplants can get connected. But we need your help ... PLEASE NOTE IF YOUR CITY ISN'T LISTED:
    How to get involved if your city is listed: Each city that is involved has its own message board (see sidebar to the left) so Transplants in that city can post events, comments, suggestions, etc.
    If you like this idea, please click on your city's message board and post a message: feel free to plan your own event, ask a question, form a book club, etc. And thenget the word out in your city!
    One final note:
    Of course, the key to making these message boards work is WORD OF MOUTH!

    49. Treatment Methods For Kidney Failure: Kidney Transplantation
    Since the 1950s, when the first kidney transplants were performed, .. The NIH Organ/Tissue Transplant Center, located at the NIH Clinical Center in
    Email to a friend Print this page PDF Version (248 KB) Also see:
    Kidney Failure Series
    Home Kidney Failure Series : Treatment Methods for Kidney Failure: Transplantation
    Treatment Methods for Kidney Failure: Transplantation
    On this page: If you have advanced and permanent kidney failure, kidney transplantation may be the treatment option that allows you to live much like you lived before your kidneys failed. Since the 1950s, when the first kidney transplants were performed, much has been learned about how to prevent rejection and minimize the side effects of medicines. A successful transplant takes a coordinated effort from your whole health care team, including your nephrologist, transplant surgeon, transplant coordinator, pharmacist, dietitian, and social worker. But the most important members of your health care team are you and your family. By learning about your treatment, you can work with your health care team to give yourself the best possible results, and you can lead a full, active life. Top
    When Your Kidneys Fail
    Healthy kidneys clean your blood by removing excess fluid, minerals, and wastes. They also make hormones that keep your bones strong and your blood healthy. When your kidneys fail, harmful wastes build up in your body, your blood pressure may rise, and your body may retain excess fluid and not make enough red blood cells. When this happens, you need treatment to replace the work of your failed kidneys.

    50. STLtoday - News - Science Medicine
    Mar 6, 2008 About 5 percent of all lung transplants performed at BarnesJewish are At St. Louis Children s Hospital, 10 of the 311 lung transplants

    51. Asparagus Seed From California Asparagus Seed And Transplants, Inc.
    California Asparagus Seed and transplants, Inc. Picture of Asparagus. Leading Producer of UC 157 F1 Sole Developer and Producer of
    California Asparagus Seed and Transplants, Inc.
    Leading Producer of UC 157 F1
    Sole Developer and Producer of
    Atlas F1 Apollo F1 Grande F1 , and Purple Passion
    Updated as of Novemeber 20, 2005. Over 1/4 of the world's asparagus production areas are planted with our seed. You are visitor number:

    52. NEXUS Organ Transplants Cellular Memories
    Hence, patients receiving peripheral organ transplants should not experience personality changes that parallel the personalities of donors they have never

    53. Dr. B.L. Limmer & Dr. Bradly Limmer - Hair Transplant Clinic In Texas
    2002 - All Rights Reserved He is recognized as one of the premier hair transplant surgeons world wide. His son, Dr. Bradley Limmer
    Dr. B.L. Limmer
    Dr. Bradley Limmer Micro-Transplants
    Follicular Hair Transplantation
    Click For Spanish Version Of Site


    In 1996 Dr. B.L. Limmer became the first, American recipient of the Platinum Follicle Award from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, a recognition given annually to one individual for the most outstanding research work world wide in the anatomy and physiology of hair.
    You Are Not Alone
    If you are losing your hair, you are not alone. By age 50, about half of all men and nearly 30 percent of women experience the condition referred to as "androgenetic alopecia," or "male pattern balding." This occurs as a result of genetic and hormone influences upon certain hair follicles, typically those on top of the scalp. Persons who undergo this type of hair loss have four options:
  • Accept baldness.
  • 54. Pancreatic Islet Transplantation
    Patients often require two transplants to achieve insulin independence. Some transplants have used fewer islet equivalents taken from a single donated
    Email to a friend Print this page PDF Version (155 KB) Also see:
    Type 1 Diabetes (Thirty Years of Progress) (PDF, 60 KB)
    Home Diabetes A-Z List of Topics and Titles : Pancreatic Islet Transplantation
    Pancreatic Islet Transplantation
    On this page:
    What are pancreatic islets?
    The pancreas, an organ about the size of a hand, is located behind the lower part of the stomach. It makes insulin and enzymes that help the body digest and use food. Throughout the pancreas are clusters of cells called the islets of Langerhans. Islets are made up of several types of cells, including beta cells that make insulin.
    The pancreas is located in the abdomen behind the stomach. Islets within the pancreas contain beta cells, which produce insulin. Top
    What is pancreatic islet transplantation?
    In an experimental procedure called islet transplantation, islets are taken from the pancreas of a deceased organ donor. The islets are purified, processed, and transferred into another person. Once implanted, the beta cells in these islets begin to make and release insulin. Researchers hope that islet transplantation will help people with type 1 diabetes live without daily injections of insulin.
    Research Developments
    Scientists have made many advances in islet transplantation in recent years. Since reporting their findings in the June 2000 issue of the

    55. National
    The sudden death of a man in rural British Columbia last Thursday gave the B.C. Transplant Society mere hours to harvest the donor s healthy organs and get
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    • Home National aPs="lug"; var lugAC = fnTdo('a'+'ai',330,60,ai,'j',nc); Posted on 26/02/08
      How the Oscars impeded organ transplants
      UNNATI GANDHI As a fleet of jets carrying Hollywood North types flocked to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards, a true race-against-time thriller was unfolding off-screen.The sudden death of a man in rural British Columbia last Thursday gave the B.C. Transplant Society mere hours to harvest the donor's healthy organs and get them to operating rooms in Vancouver. The full text of this article has 625 words To continue reading this article, you will need to purchase this article Already have a member account? Login now
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    56. Addenbrooke's Hospital Transplant Unit Home Page
    Addenbrooke s Hospital Cambridge UK Transplant Unit Organ donation Kidney Liver Bowel Pancreas transplants.
    Welcome to Transplant Unit Home page How to contact us Let us know what you think Links to related web pages How to find us Job opportunities at the Transplant Unit
    Donor and Recipient Perspectives Transplant Unit overview Our organ transplant program Research at the Transplant Unit Search the Transplant Unit web pages Get news about this website by e-mail The transplant ward Latest changes to this website  hits since 17/11/99 Credits Maintained by Updated 24/10/05
    © 2005 Addenbrookes Hospital

    57. Organs For Transplants: A Report From The Organ Donation Taskforce : Department Publications/PublicationsPolicyAndGuidance/DH_082122 Similar pages The Friday Projectby The Amateur transplants. ‘A cult hit’ Sunday Times The Amateur transplants are Adam Kay and Suman Biswas, two junior doctors who practice medicine
    Website of the Department of Health
    Please note that this website has a UK government access keys system.
    Publications policy and guidance
    Main menu
    Page menu
    You are here:
    Organs for transplants: a report from the Organ Donation Taskforce
    • Author: Department of Health Published date: 16 January 2008 Publication format: Product number: Gateway reference: Crown
    A report from the Organ Donation Taskforce, making recommendations on action to take to increase the number of organs available for transplantation. The supplement report seeks to:

    58. Internet Public Library: Donors And Transplants
    Donors and transplants. Information about donating blood, organs, tissue, and organ transplants in general. SEE ALSO Magazines • Associations on the Net
    Search the IPL

    Most vegetable transplants except the cucurbit family (cucumbers, cantaloupes, squash, and watermelons) need about 6 weeks from seeding until plants are
    Starting Vegetable Transplants
    Contact: Diane Relf, Extension Specialist, Environmental Horticulture
    Posted April 1997 Home gardeners attempting to start their own vegetable transplants for their garden need to keep in mind 4 points:
  • the time the plants are needed (or seeding dates) potting soil or soil mix considerations light temperature
  • T iming of seeding dates: S oil mix: Quite often gardeners or commercial growers try to sterilize their topsoil to produce vegetable transplants. It's fun to be a do-it-yourselfer, using only homegrown resources including garden soil, but the commercially prepared "artificial soils" consisting of peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, and pine bark are lightweight, free from plant pests and soil-borne diseases, and drain very well. The result is far superior in performance compared to garden soil when placed in cell packs or other small transplant-growing containers. L ight intensity: T emperature: Fluorescent tubes emit a lot of warmth. To compensate for this warmth, keep plants growing on the cool side to promote stocky versus succulent growth. The best results may be accomplished by turning off or turning down to 55 degrees F all other heat in the room where your plants are started. A cool basement is an excellent area for starting plants under lights. If a warm room is used with its own heat source keeping normal air temperatures in the 70s, the addition of fluorescent growing lights over seedling trays will provide too warm an environment. The only exception to this rule is for the germination process. Temperature requirements for germination are quite different from "growing on" temperatures. After good 80 degrees F germination, 60 degrees is preferable for growing out most vegetable transplants to keep them stocky and healthy.

    60. Face-off Over Facial Transplants - Breaking Bioethics -
    A team of doctors at the University of Louisville in Kentucky is moving forward with a plan to attempt the world’s first face transplant.
    Skip navigation Web MSNBC Health Diet and nutrition Women's health Men's health ... Health library Categories U.S. news World news Politics Business ... Local news Browse Video Photos Community Today Show ... Meet the Press
    Face-off over facial transplants
    Doctors prepare for surgery, but key questions remain
    Ho/epa/sipa / Sipa Press
    An illustration shows the stages of a face transplant. Surgeons from the University of Louisville in Kentucky are in the process of requesting formal permission to perform the controversial procedure.
    By By Arthur Caplan COMMENTARY MSNBC A team of doctors at the University of Louisville in Kentucky is moving forward with a plan to attempt the world’s first face transplant. They have applied for permission from the University’s research ethics committee to remove a face from a cadaver and transfer it to a live volunteer willing to go through with the surgery. If approved, the operation could take place before the end of this year. For those who have suffered terrible physical trauma, such as burns or the ravages of oral cancer, and who have been unable to adjust to their disfigurement, this radical new form of surgery offers tremendous hope. However, the ethical question is whether these surgeons are really ready to offer this hope. The reason the team at Louisville believes they are prepared to try this incredible operation is that they have already been successful in transplanting hands taken from cadavers. To date, one of the most difficult tissues to transplant is skin. The body’s first line of defense is especially sensitive to foreign tissue and, as a result, skin transplants have limited what could be done with limbs, hands or other external organs. The Louisville group has developed a powerful combination of drugs that helps prevent the body from rejecting transplanted skin, allowing for their success with hand transplantation. The team believes they can apply this technique to face transplants as well.

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