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         Trekking:     more books (100)
  1. Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya (Walking) by Bradley Mayhew, Joe Bindloss, 2009-08-01
  2. Trekking in the Patagonian Andes (Walking) by Carolyn Mccarthy, 2009-11-01
  3. Photo Trekking: A Traveling Photographer's Guide to Capturing Moments Around the World by Nick Onken, 2010-03-16
  4. Everest: A Trekker's Guide: Trekking routes in Nepal and Tibet (Cicerone Guide) by Kev Reynolds, 2010-01-01
  5. Trekking in the Everest Region, 5th: includes Kathmandu City Guide by Jamie McGuinness, 2009-03-17
  6. Trekking in the Annapurna Region, 5th: includes Kathmandu city guide by Bryn Thomas, Jim Manthorpe, 2010-11-23
  7. Kilimanjaro - a trekking guide to Africa's highest mountain, 3rd: (includes Mt Meru and city guides to Nairobi, Dar es Salaam,Arusha, Moshi and Marangu) ... Trekking Guide to Africa's Highest Mountain) by Henry Stedman, 2010-03-16
  8. Trekking in East Africa (Walking) by Matt Fletcher, David Wenk, et all 2003-10-01
  9. Trekking in Nepal: A Traveler's Guide by Stephen Bezruchka, 1997-09-20
  10. Trekking in Ecuador by Robert Kunstaetter, Daisy Kunstaetter, 2002-05
  11. Lonely Planet Trekking in the Indian Himalaya by Garry Weare, 2002-09
  12. Monte Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre : Trekking-Mountaineering and Lago Del Desierto : Trekking - Travel Map by Sergio Zagier, 2006-11-30
  13. Trekking in the Annapurna Region, 4th: Nepal Trekking Guides by Bryn Thomas, 2006-04-01
  14. Lonely Planet Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya, Seventh Edition by Stan Armington, 1997-09

1. What Is Trekking?
Brief and Straightforward Guide What is trekking?
What is Trekking?
ad_unit_target='mainAdUnit'; X Close this window Trekking often refers to multi-day hiking trips through rural, often rugged territory. Many people who are trekkers engage in longer trips through entire regions of the world, using trekking as a way of getting from place to place. It can be incorporated with a number of other outdoor sports, such as rock climbing or backpacking Trekking is different from other sorts of travel for a few different reasons. It tends to be less-structured than other sort of travel, as weather conditions and topography help influence travel plans more than plane flights or hotel availability. As travelers move on foot through often-rural areas, trekking gives travelers an up-close view of incredible scenery. Many trekkers travel through isolated areas, giving them an experience much different than those who travel in organized groups to more-popular destinations. It often allows them to interact with nature, doing anything from climbing a rock wall to navigating across a mountain or entire mountain range. Trekking can be done anywhere in the world. Several areas are particularly popular with travelers, including the mountainous regions such as the Himilayas in Asia and the Andes in South America. However, treks have been organized in other less-touristed areas regions on almost every

The most comprehensive site online dedicated to Living History, Historical trekking and Reenacting within the 1600 to 1840 Time Period.
This site best viewed at 800x600 or greater resolution. Please support Our Advertisers. They make this site possible! W elcome to the most comprehensive site on the internet dedicated to Living History, Historical (or Period) Trekking, Experimental Archeology, and Experiential Anthropology, of the 1600 to 1840 time period. This is a site dedicated to the evolution of our hobby. Please take the time to visit each section of the site and add your own input to it.
Q: What is Historical Trekking?
A: Historical Trekking (also called Period Trekking, Experimental Archeology, or Experiential Anthropology) is a hobby where we as 21st century people attempt a task someone in our chosen time period would have done, using only the tools and equipment they would have used, or the knowledge we have gleaned from research. Whether you are interested in the Longhunter of the 18th Century and you are out on a hunt using only period clothing and flintlock, or if your interest lies in the Mountainman of the 19th Century, and you want to use period traps to try and catch beaver, even if your interest is in cooking, and you limit yourself to the kitchen-ware and foods of your chosen period and a bed of coals for heat, yet you never leave your house, you are involved with the hobby of Historical Trekking. This hobby gives us more insight into the daily lives of the people in our chosen time period, and helps to make us better historians.
Chat Room - A place for our visitor's to gather and have a real time discussion, nightly chats at 9pm EST, but it's always open so feel free to join at any time.

3. Alaska Hiking, Backpacking, Trekking, Denali Trekking Company
Denali trekking Company is a Alaska hiking, backpacking, and wilderness tours company dedicated to providing our guests the greatest opportunity for
Alaska's Finest Hiking
Backpacking and Wilderness Adventures

* Extraordinary Wildlife Viewing Opportunities * The most diverse flora and fauna you will see anywhere in Alaska *Exceptional Views of Denali and the entire southern arc of the Alaska Range * Guided By Experienced Professionals * Fascinating Geology and Natural History * Tundra Nesting Migratory Birds
"I have been hiking on 5 continents and Denali Trekking Company sets the standard for quality that I will be using for all future trips" - Suzanne H., Bergen Norway Why Select Denali Trekking for your Alaska Hiking Adventure?
Book your trip today! Phone: (907) 733-2566 Email: Alaska Hiking Photo Album About Us ... Travel Directory
Denali Trekking Company
P.O. Box 93 Talkeetna, Alaska 99676

4. Adventure Travel Vacations-Gunflint Trail Minnesota-Boundary Waters Canoe Area W
Boundary Country trekking adventure travel vacations (Gunflint Trail Minnesota) offers guided canoeing trips (great for family vacations), mountain biking,
Adventure Vacations
Gunflint Trail, Grand Marais, MN
Phone: 800-322-8327 About Us Newsletter Questions Specials ... Weather - Select Adventure - BWCA Canoe Outfittng Canoeing / Biking Combo Lodge to Lodge Biking Lodge to Lodge Hiking Mountain Biking Cross-Country Skiing Dog Sledding Snowshoeing Trail Maintenance Snow Conditions
Adventure Vacations
in Northern Minnesota
BWCA Canoe Outfittng
Canoeing / Biking Combo

Lodge to Lodge Bicycling

Lodge to Lodge Hiking
Trail Maintenance

Welcome to northeast Minnesota's Boundary Country and the "Wild North"- home of the Boundary Waters (BWCA), the Gunflint Trail, Lake Superior's North Shore, and Mesabi Iron Country. Boundary Country Trekking specializes in providing the finest adventure vacations northeast Minnesota has to offer. Over fifty years ago we started guiding canoe-fishing trips. We now offer a complete line of outfitted BWCAW canoe adventures. We began offering dog sled trips in l978 and we are still mushing. We introduced yurt skiing to the Midwest in 1984. We now operate two yurts along the Banadad Ski Trail along with North America's two premier Lodge to Lodge Ski programs. The Superior Hiking Trail's Lodge to Lodge Hiking program was introduced in the 1990's by the Lutsen-Tofte Tourism Association. In 1994, the Association asked us to take over the program's operation. Today, Lodge to Lodge Hiking is one of our most requested adventures. In 2003, we were asked by the organizers of the paved Mesabi Trail to develop a Lodge to Lodge Road Biking program on the Trail. As a result, Lodge to Lodge Bicycling on the Mesabi Trail was launched in 2004.

5. National Geographic Trekking Nepal: Himalayan Travelogue--Photographs Maps
Travelogue of a trek in the Nepalese Himalaya s Annapurna Rangeincludes video; Kathmandu music; maps; travel, cultural, and hiking tips; photographs.
In November 2000 I hiked 60 miles (96 kilometers) with 25 fellow travel enthusiasts on a 16-day National Geographic Expeditions trek. Experience Nepal with me.
Lauri Hafvenstein
Producer Videos, audio clips, and slide shows require RealPlayer
Photographs and text by Lauri Hafvenstein,
unless otherwise noted
Kathmandu children mugging for the camera

6. Patagonia Trekking Chile Trekking In Patagonia South America & Argentina With Ex
Chile Patagonia trekking in Argentina / Chile. Trek from the Andes to the Ocean with Expediciones Chile. Microclimate Surpasses Torres del Paine.
Trekking Overview: Trekking FAQs Futaleufu Valley Tour Futa Valley Slide Show Futa Valley Slide Show ... Trekking Brochure
Why go with Expediciones Chile? Adventure Philosophy Streamlined Transportation True Cultural Immersion
Patagonia Information: Patagonia Guidebooks Patagonia Travel Information Guide to Secrets of Patagonia
Office: Traveling to Chile Skill Evaluator Sign-up Information Packing Lists ... Contact Us

Chile Trekking:
Chile Argentina
Torres del Paine, Futaleufu Valley, Cerro FitzRoy
Chile Trekking: Futaleufu Valley Single-day and Multi-day Chile trekking vacations from our elite lodge in the world famous Futaleufu river valley: scenic volcanoes, spectacular glaciers, snow covered peaks, turquoise rivers, hot springs, alpine lakes, exotic wildlife, temperate rainforests, friendly Chilean culture, and a unique microclimate that surpasses Torres del Paine. For Patagonia Trekking this is the place!!! Trekking in Chile's Futaleufu River valley allows you to immerse yourself in the spectacular physical beauty of the best kept secret of Patagonia, whose climate is often sunnier and kinder than Torres del Paine National Park. Most of our treks follow along the ‘Ruta de Los Arrieros’. These trails wind around lakes, through river valleys, and if you choose, over high spectacular mountain passes. They are more than just a wilderness experience. The trails are still the routes used by the locals to travel to their isolated ranches or settlements. It can be a wonderful cultural experience of traveling "back in time". Trekking in Patagonia at its best!

7. Sun Valley Trekking, Idaho, Backcountry Ski, Huts Yurts, Yellowstone
Sun Valley trekking backcountry adventure, Sun Valley Idaho and Yellowstone.
Who We Are Guide Bios Huts Yurts Availability ...
email us
Welcome to Sun Valley Trekking LLC
Backcountry Adventure Sports Specialists!

Join Sun Valley Trekking for an incredible vacation. We are licensed outfitters and guides with six backcountry huts and yurts in the mountains near Sun Valley, Idaho. During winter, we specialize in guided backcountry telemark and randonnee skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe and cross-country ski tours, and mountaineering in Sun Valley, ID, Yellowstone, and Alaska. For example, check out our catered backcountry dinner tour! In summer we offer guided hikes, peak ascents, natural history interpretation, and wilderness exploration in the Sun Valley area and Yellowstone National Park. Also new this year, check out our new AVAILABILITY PAGE!

8. River Trekking - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
River trekking or river tracing is a form of hiking or outdoor adventure activity, particularly popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and, in some ways,
River trekking
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search This article does not cite any references or sources (July 2007)
Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources Unverifiable material may be challenged and removed. River trekking or river tracing is a form of hiking or outdoor adventure activity, particularly popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan , and, in some ways, similar to canyoning or canyoneering . River trekking is a combination of trekking and climbing and sometimes swimming along the river. It involves particular techniques like rock climbing , climbing on wet surfaces, understanding the geographical features of river and valleys, knotting , dealing with sudden bad weather and find out possible exits from the river.
  • River Trekking in Different Countries
    • Hong Kong
      edit River Trekking in Different Countries
      edit Hong Kong
      River trekking has developed in Hong Kong since mid-20th century. Currently, there are numerous hiking groups organize regular trekking activities in Hong Kong. However, river trekking is a bit underground. There are no formal schools, formal coaches, formal sites, official recognition or qualifications on river trekking, even though it involves particular skills and certain level of risks. In Hong Kong, any natural rivers can be found in the country side, there would be the possible sites for river trekking.
      edit Attractions and Popularity
      River trekking is especially popular in Hong Kong because it is totally a surprise that in this highly developed region are preserved a number of excellent geographical features in its rivers in the countryside. Through river trekking, it is possible to access numerous

9. Alaska Glacier Trekking : Alaska Glaciers : Helicopter Tours : Glacier Landings
Alaska Glacier trekking is the best way to see Alask Glaciers. Helicopter tours and glacier landings are what NorthStar Adventures does best. Juneau Tours.

10. Southwest Trekking -> Home
Southwest trekking features outdoor recreation activities, attractions, gear and active travel opportunities in the south west!
Home Group Events Services News ... Contact Us
Professional Guide Services Hiking/Trekking Mountain Biking Camping Trail Running ... Rock Climbing , Primitive Skills and more in Southern Arizona and Mexico.

A professional guide service where the difference is Experience. Southwest Trekking has experience in taking individuals into the remote areas of Southern Arizona and Mexico, serving more clients than any and all guide services in Southwest. More miles, more smiles, more ascents, more descents. The Guides Southwest Trekking offers
Safety Because we have been there done that, our experience allows you the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy your chosen activity without the worry. We know what it takes to do what you want to do and are able to accomplish. We promise to get you there and back, safely. Regional Knowledge Our guides have extensive experience and training understanding the issues confronting this region, from fauna and flora and the issues confronting the environment from urban encroachment to political pressures put on these lands.

11. BIG PANT TREKKING! By Joel Veitch forum shop Subscribe to receive updates from and our band, 7 Seconds Of Love. Name Email
forum shop
Subscribe to receive updates from and our band, 7 Seconds Of Love Name: E-mail:

12. Trekking In Nepal trekking adventures for all fitness levels.

13. Trekking And Hiking Poles
trekking and Hiking Poles. Redfeather 2 section trekking Pole pad Regular price $53.95 Trail Lite Compact Titanal trekking Pole (Pair)
leftSrc = ''; rightSrc = ''; var maxmenu; maxmenu=35 Advanced Base Camp (ABC) Alpine Aire Foods Atlas Atomic ... Waterproof Containers Phone 740-587-1490 Granville, Ohio 9.30am-7pm Mon-Sat Free Shipping on orders over $49 (Only Forty Nine Dollars!) to ALL 50 states and APO's. Sale items included!

14. Alaska Flightseeing Tours: Guided Alaskan Air Treks & Iditarod Sled Dog Race Sig
Flightseeing tours in Alaska! Sky trekking Alaska offers guided Alaskan air treks, sightseeing adventures, and tour packages of The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog
An aircraft and guide are reserved just for your private party. Explore the far reaches of this magnificent State on a deluxe itinerary tailored exclusively for you. Meals and lodging are arranged in advance. Learn More Iditarod Trail Treks:
Three exciting itineraries available Learn More Home About Us Alaska Guided Air Tours Iditarod Trail Guided Treks Affiliates Contact Us
Privacy Statement
Alaska On The Fly

15. Project Himalaya | Our 2008-2009 Ladakh India Trekking, Nepal Everest Base Camp
Our 2008 Nepal trek plans, India trekking Ladakh and Zanskar, trekking peaks, mountaineering expeditions. Everest base camp and Gokyo trek, Kangchenjunga,
Our treks 8000m peaks Tibet tours Contact us ... Everest dispatches Nepal essentials Our Nepal treks Previous treks Nepal with us Gear discussions ... Visa info India essentials Our India treks India with us Visa info Gear discussions ... Your security
Our treks
Small - Friendly - Adventurous Hello from the three of us! Himalayan journeys are truly our passion and lifestyle. Joel and Kim run the best Zanskar and Ladakh treks there are, and in our unique style. Naturally we know and love Nepal, our second home, and Kim also specializes in everything Tibetan. Jamie guides Everest (yep, to the summit) and runs the the best exploratory treks on the planet. Real treks in the best seasons with small groups and top crews - join us!
2008 Indian Summer
Our Zanskar and Ladakh summer treks are some of the best there are! See the bottom of the page for explanations of the dates, services, leaders and other details.
Trip status: normally every trip runs, we only put a status if the trip is nearly full or full or something else unusual applies. Want some alternative companies? Opens a list of appropriate search results

16. Ground Truth Trekking - Journey On The Wild Coast
We ve trekked over three thousand miles in the Alaskan wilderness over the past seven years. Find out more about who we are on the About Us page.
Sister Site: Alaska Trekking Journey Mission Route Schedule Sponsors ... In the Media
Ground Truth Trekking: Expeditions to explore environmental issues.
Journey on the Wild Coast Donate to our trip! From the Puget Sound to the Bering Sea: Four thousand miles along the edge of the Pacific, by foot, packraft , and skis. An expedition to explore and communicate the broad environmental issues facing this region.
Check out our trip podcast from our friends over at Backpacking Light. Trip Blog!
Latest post May 26, 2008
We are currently on day setInterval("updateTimer('June 9, 2007 12:00:00 GMT-7')", 1000); of our trek.
Ever Changing
#%*! the Snow "The weather outside is frightful... That fire was so delightful... But we've got places to go... #%@! the snow! #%@! the snow! #%@! the snow!" Halfway up a thousand-foot pass above Windy Bay, thigh-deep in postholes, H... [More]
Overview Route Map
What are we doing?
packraft , and skis. No one has done this before.

17. Himalayan Trekkings Offers Trekking, Rafting, Tour Packages And Safari In Nepal,
Himalayan Treasures Travels is a Northern California based travel agency that specializes in tours and treks in the Himalayan countries of Nepal, Tibet,
Nepal India Indo-China Tibet ... FAQs Welcome: Himalayan Trekking offers full service travel packages with over 28 years of experience. We specialize travel to the most exotic parts of the world, which includes Nepal, Bhutan, India, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and other southeastern region of Asia. We are very well know for providing every customers with travel packages tailored to individual need. Featured Flights Featured Tours in Nepal Nepal Adventure
Nepal Sampler

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Himalayan Panorama
Nepal Spectacular
Summer Adventure Balloon Flight
Traditionally the Spring, Fall and Autumn seasons are regarded as the best time to visit the Himalayas, but a visit in the Summer...
read more
Home About Us Site Map ... Contact Us

18. Alaska Trekking
Read more at our new website Ground Truth trekking. Ground Truth trekking is an organization that seeks to increase awareness of environmental issues by
Ground Truth Trekking There is no road beneath my feet
No hearth at journey's end
And while I travel I may meet
Some beasts but rarely men
I scramble over rocky pass
To float the rising stream
From glacier's snout to ocean bay
And all that lies between
Past glacier, wood, and river's bend
My weary feet plod on
From mountains I've left far behind To those yet far beyond And when I pitch my tarp at night And tuck myself within I dream of all the walks I've done And those yet to begin -Erin McKittrick, 2005 The author and husband on their Alaska Peninsula trek Lightweight, long-distance, off-trail hiking and packrafting in Alaska. We've traveled over 3000 miles in the Alaska wilderness - from Southwest to Southeast , the Brooks Range , and many spots in South Central and the Kenai Peninsula . You can find stories, journal entries, maps and pictures of our adventures in the Alaska treks section. Route Map Current Expedition! Journey on the Wild Coast is an unprecedented four-thousand-mile expedition along the northern edge of the Pacific, through some of the most rugged terrain in the world. Our most ambitious trip yet. From Seattle to the Aleutian Islands. From the Puget Sound to the Bering Sea. Nine months along the edge of the Pacific, by foot, raft, and skis. An expedition to explore and communicate the broad

19. EDSITEment - Lesson Plan
trekking to Timbuktu—Teacher Version. Curriculum Unit Overview—Teacher Version. Click Here for Student Version—. Salt comes from the north, gold from the

20. Vegetarian Journal Sep/Oct Trekking In Nepal -- The Vegetarian Resource Group
Arriving in Katmandu, Nepal, prior to the autumn trekking and climbing season, was like being the first to arrive at a party.

VRG Home
About VRG Vegetarian Journal Books ... Links
Vegetarian Journal
September/October 1996
Volume XV, Number 5
Trekking in Nepal
By Cheyne Keith
Cheyne Keith is a freelance writer from Boulder, CO.
Check out the Nepalese recipes!

My desire to continue working as a Head Chef on Wall Street in New York City grew progressively weaker as the urge to travel gained irresistible strength. I needed new taste sensations and wanted to find the roots of my vegetarianism. Something had to give and that something would be my apartment leasethat most holy of covenants in Manhattan. It was time to leave the city and ship out for a trek around Mt. Annapurna in the Himalayas of Nepal. Arriving in Katmandu, Nepal, prior to the autumn trekking and climbing season, was like being the first to arrive at a party. Frenzied innkeepers and merchants scurried around the empty streets preparing for the imminent onslaught of thousands of trekkers and a lesser number of climbers. My wife and I settled into an entirely deserted hotel and then set out to relieve our building appetites. Green Village (vegetarian) Restaurant's quiet and restful courtyard is a lovely refuge from the bustle of Katmandu, and we were lucky to find it. We ordered the meal that would sustain us during our upcoming trek: daal bhaat. Composed of basmati rice, soupy daal lentils, and a small taste of green vegetables, it is a simple and nutritious all-you-can-eat affair. It took an hour to reach the table, but was well worth the wait.

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