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         Vietnam History:     more books (98)
  1. The Vietnam War (Essential Histories: War and Conflict in Modern Times) by Andrew Wiest, 2008-09
  2. Vietnam and America: The Most Comprehensive Documented History of the Vietnam War
  3. The Vietnam War 1956-1975 (Essential Histories) by Andrew Wiest, 2003-07-24
  4. Is Anybody Listening?: A True Story About POW/MIAs In The Vietnam War by Barbara Birchim, 2005-05-25
  5. America's War in Vietnam: A Short Narrative History by Larry H. Addington, 2000-04-01
  6. Very Crazy, G.I.!: Strange but True Stories of the Vietnam War by Kregg P. Jorgenson, 2001-01-30
  7. Vietnam: A Natural History by Eleanor Jane Sterling, Martha Maud Hurley, et all 2007-11-27
  8. Stolen Valor : How the Vietnam Generation Was Robbed of Its Heroes and Its History by B. G. Burkett, Glenna Whitley, 1998-09-01
  9. Understanding Vietnam by Neil L. Jamieson, 1995-03-10
  10. The Last Valley: Dien Bien Phu and the French Defeat in Vietnam by Martin Windrow, 2005-12-27
  11. The Vietnam War: A History in Documents (Pages from History) by Marilyn B. Young, John J. Fitzgerald, et all 2003-04-17
  12. Cyclops in the Jungle: A One-Eyed LRP in Vietnam (Stackpole Military History Series) by David Walker, 2008-11-10
  13. Ancient Vietnam: History and Archaeology by Anne-Valerie Schweyer, 2010-12-16
  14. The Vietnam War: A Concise International History by Mark Atwood Lawrence, 2010-07-23

21. Vietnam Travel Guides: Vietnam History
Vietnam has been successively known as. 257 BC, Van Lang, Hung or Lac dynasty. 257207, Au Lac, Thuc dynasty. 207-11, Nam Viet, Trieu dynasty
Home : Vietnam History Vietnam has been successively known as: 257 BC Van Lang Hung or Lac dynasty Au Lac Thuc dynasty Nam Viet Trieu dynasty 3 BC-203 AD Giao Chi Han dynasty [first part] Giao Chau Han dynasty [second part] Van Xuan Ly dynasty An Nam Duong dynasty Dai Co Viet Dinh dynasty Dai Viet Ly and Tran dynasties Dai Ngu Ho dynasty Dai Viet Le and Nguyen dynasties Viet Nam Gia Long Dai Viet Minh Mang Viet Nam First national government Vietnam's history is a history of war, colonization and rebellion. Occupied by China no less than four times, the Vietnamese managed to beat off the invaders just as often. Vietnam's last emperors were the Nguyen Dynasty, who ruled from their capital at Hue from 1802 to 1945, although France exploited the succession crisis after the fall of Tự Đức to de facto colonize Vietnam after 1884. After a brief Japanese occupation in World War II, the Communist Viet Minh under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh continued the insurgency against the French, with the last Emperor Bao Dai abdicating in 1945 and a proclamation of independence following soon after. The majority of French had left by 1930, but in 1948 they returned to continue the fight until their decisive defeat at Dien Bien Phu in 1954. The Geneva Conference partitioned the country into two at 17th parallel, with a Communist-led North and Ngo Dinh Diem declaring himself President of the Republic of Vietnam in the South. US economic and military aid to South Vietnam grew through the 1960s in an attempt to bolster the Southern Vietnam government, escalating into the dispatch of 500,000 American troops in 1966 and what became known as the Vietnam War — although the Vietnamese refer to it as the American War. What was supposed to be a quick and decisive action soon degenerated into a quagmire, and US armed forces were withdrawn following a cease-fire agreement in 1973. Two years later, on April 30, 1975. a North Vietnamese tank drove into the South's Presidential Palace in Saigon and the war ended, with over 50,000 Americans and an estimated 3 million Vietnamese killed.

22. Easy Riders Vietnam -
Temple of Literature History of Vietnam Use the links below to view information on the history of the areas you can visit on an Easy Riders Tour.
History of Vietnam
Use the links below to view information on the history of the areas you can visit on an Easy Riders Tour. Better still, book a tour and get it first hand...
- The town where you start your trip
Hoi An
- Ancient World Heritage Site
Mui Ne
- Vietnam's Coast Easy Riders Our Policy CodeLiquid

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NOTICE All texts, statements, claims, and pictures are not intended to offend, insult, or humiliate any individual. All History
All texts, statements, claims, and pictures are not intended to offend, insult, or humiliate any individual. All History
Information have been extracted from publicly published books, documents, Internet archived documents by Historians,
Library of Congress of the United States, National Archived Libraries of France, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. It is not
any expressed opinion of any member of the Khuong-Huu grand-family.

24. Vietnam Highlights, Elegant Hotels, Elegant Restaurants, High Class Hotels, High
Vietnam Highlights, elegant hotels, elegant restaurants, high class hotels, high class restaurants,luxury restaurants, vietnam package tours,vietnam tourism
Vietnam Travel Vietnam Classic Tours Halong Bay Cruises Mekong River Cruises ... Vietnam Travel News Vietnam Travel Information Part Home Vietnam Travel Information Vietnam history Vietnam is a nation with thousand years of a glorious history. Archaeological artefacts of the Phung Nguyen, Dong Dau, Go Mun, and Dong Son cultures, especially the Ngoc Lu bronze drums have proved the Vietnam sheltered a developed civilisation even before Christ (Dong Son culture). Besides, the vestiges of the historic period of the Hung Kings have revealed that Vietnam was one of the first countries to be formed.
History of Vietnam can be divided into three main periods:
  • Northern Kingdom's domination (208 BC - 939 AD): The period was lasting 1,000 years and was on of the fiercest period of hardship experienced by the different tribal people in Vietnam's history. National construction and defense for independence (939 - 1945): The period was brilliant era of national revival and development. It was marked by the glorious victory of the Vietnamese people against the aggressors.
    National independence and socialism (1945 until present): The revolution succeeded in August 1945 with the leadership of the President Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese Communist Party. The country proclaimed its independence on September 2, a date that later became Vietnam's National Day. During the following 30 years, the Vietnamese people continued to resist and protect their independence. Vietnam has been unified since the great victory over the Americans in spring 1975. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam was proclaimed, with Hanoi as its capital.

25. Vietnam Travel, Vietnam Hotel, Vietnam Tour, Travel To Vietnam
Searchiong for Tour Operator in Vietnam, Vietnam hotel, Vietnam Travel,Tour Operator in Vietnam, Vietnam Best Tours,Luxury Package to Vietnam,luxury Vietnam

26. History Of NV [Archive] - The Patriot Files Forums
1832 Dai Viet Minh Mang 04/1945 Viet Nam First national government http// Thought this was cool.

27. Vietnamese Trade Jonathan Porter Vietnam, A Coastal Country Of http// . Vietnam History.
Vietnamese Trade Jonathan Porter
The communist leadership in the newly unified Vietnam confiscated all privately owned land and worked towards a collective agriculture ("The History of Vietnam"). All leaders of the South Vietnamese government and anti-communists were sent to camps to learn about socialism. Also, with Vietnam's aggression towards Cambodia and Laos, many countries such as China and the U.S. created trade embargos, all but killing Vietnam's economy. To make matters worse, Vietnamese people began fleeing the country out of fear of the communist leaders. Communist Vietnam's economy continued to worsen. In 1986, inflation hit a record 774.7% ("Vietnam History" - Vietnamese Embassy). The communist leadership realized that changes had to be made to keep the country together. In 1986, the Vietnamese government passed a package called "Doi Moi," which completely reformed their economic policies ("Vietnam Economy"). The top priority of Doi Moi was to create a multi-sector market, a completely new idea to the communist leaders at the time. Vietnam attempted to become less dependant on imports, and tried to balance their budget ("Vietnam History" - Vietnamese Embassy). The new form of economic liberalization did not turn the country around immediately, but within a few years Vietnam had greatly improved their financial situation. Part of Doi Moi was to increase exports, and since 1989, Vietnam has exported more than one ton of rice each year, and is currently the second largest exporter of rice in the world ("Vietnam Economy). These new economic policies lead to a better quality of life in the late 1980s and beyond.

28. Battlefield Nam Viet
http// excerpts. Viet Nam Security Police Association K9 Memorial. Viet Nam, sentry dogs, patrol dogs, K-9,

29. Monava Search Machine Tutelage
like a smaller dragon, under the tutelage of the great empire to the north it continued to have http//

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31. World
TravelerPhoto will take you to the beautiful Vietnam destinations, travel destinations, places to visit, destinations to visit in Vietnam.
World Vietnam
History of Vietnam Vietnam is probably best known for its war with America, but the country has far more than war memorials or the remnants of the battlefields to offer. Now that the current government is opening the country to tourism with great enthusiasm, there is an opportunity to discover the myriad facets of this diverse country. Vietnam comprises 331,689 square kilometers of land mass with a coastline of more than three thousand miles facing the South China Sea. Vietnam is home to nearly 77 million people with Vietnamese as the majority – the rest made up of Chinese and other ethnic groups such as Mon-Khmer, Tai, Meo, Muong, Man and Cham.
Short facts on Vietnam
Location: South East Asia
Full country name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam,
Area: 329,566 sq. km (128, 527 square miles).
Population: More than 80 million (Growth Rate 1.2%).
Capital city: Hanoi (population 4 million).
People: 85% ethnic Vietnamese, 3% ethnic Chinese, also Khmer, Cham (a remnant of the once great Indianised Champa Kingdom) and members of some 55 ethno-linguistic groups.
Languages: Vietnamese, French, Chinese, English and a variety of Mon-Khmer and Malayo-Polynesian local dialects.

32. Vietnam
http//; Vietnam Service Medal Return to Service Medal Index Return to Naval Historical Center homepage.
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    Information about holdings of and use of the Research Rooms of the United States National Archives ... Research in Military Records: Vietnam War. Vietnam Conflict Casualty and POW/MIA Records ...
    Photographs -Vietnam War Meetings

    "Vietnam War Meetings. A3779-7. President Ford meets in the Oval Office with Brent Scowcroft, Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs; " CIA - The World Factbook - Vietnam The conquest of Vietnam by France began in 1858 and was completed by 1884. It became part of French Indochina in 1887. Vietnam declared independence after ...
  • 33. History Of Vietnam - MavicaNET
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    34. Kingdom Of Funan : History : Vietnam - Mega Net
    Also details its position as a trading power and its dissolution in the 6th century. http// About Us
    Login Search Mega Net: Home Library Society Countries ... History : Kingdom of Funan Early Cambodia - Funan Early Indianized Kingdom of Funan Describes the impact of Indian political thought, religion, and artistic motifs on the first Khmer capital of Vyadhapura. Kingdom of Funan Describes the trading power of the Funan kingdom during the first century. Kingdom of Funan Describes the kingdom and its Indian foundations. Also details its position as a trading power and its dissolution in the 6th century.
    About Us

    35. Paradox Interactive Forums - Dai Viet Events, Leaders, Etc.
    http// Viet Nam has been successively known as… 257 BC Van Lang (Hung or Lac dynasty)

    36. 2879-258BC Hung Vuong - Asia Finest Discussion Forum
    http// a lot of stuff is still very dubious about the 18 hung dynasty, but in Vietnam s official history written

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    39. Lượm Lặt : Vài Tài Liệu Lịch Sử VN [Archive] -
    VIET NAM HISTORY (http// VIET NAM HISTORY 2 (http// Văn Ho¡ - Khoa học - X£ Hội Địa L½, Lịch Sá»­ Việt Nam PDA View Full Version : Lượm lặt : V i t i liệu lịch sá»­ VN Chongngoaixam 07-19-2005, 03:38 PM Lượm lặt : V i t i liệu lịch sá»­ VN
    TRƯỚC 1900 :
    - Đ ạ i V i ệ t S á»­ K ½ B ả n K á»· T ụ c B i ª n // Ho ng Lª nhất thống ch­ // Đại Việt Sá»­ K½ To n ThÆ° // Kh¢m Định Việt Sá»­ Th´ng Gi¡m CÆ°Æ¡ng Mục // Việt Nam Sá»­ Lược // .... - vc (
    - Việt sử Văn Lang : từ thượng cổ đến hiện đại (
    - Triều Nguyễn Ho ng Tộc VN (
    - Việt Nam Sử Lược ~ Lệ Thần Trần Trọng Kim (
    - photo_famille_royale_1_vn (
    - ”ng Trần Gia Phụng, T¡c giả Việt Sá»­ Đại CÆ°Æ¡ng (
    - Việt sá»­ to n thÆ° : từ thượng cổ đến hiện đại (

    40. Bookfinder.US Vietnam History
    Colonel Mack (US Army retired) recalls his service in frontline combat infantry units in Korea......Memoir of a Cold War Soldier 0873386752 ·. Book

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