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         Wiccan:     more books (100)
  1. The Solitary Wiccan's Bible by Gavin Frost, Yvonne Frost, 2004-11
  2. The Green Wiccan Year by Silja, 2008-10-31
  3. Wiccan Magick For Beginners: A Guide to Spells, Rites and Customs by Lady Sabrina, 2001-01-01
  4. Summoning Forth Wiccan Gods And Goddesses: The Magick of Invocation and Evocation (Volume 0) by Maeve Rhea, 2000-06-01
  5. When Someone You Love is Wiccan by Carl McColman, 2008-05-21
  6. The Wiccan Book of Rites and Rituals: A Collection of Spells for Every Magickal Day of the Year (Volume 0) by Sister Moon, 2004-06-01
  7. The Wiccan Path: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Rae Beth, 1995-05
  8. A Wiccan Bardo, Revisited: initiation and self-transformation by Rev. Paul V. Beyerl, 1999-07-16
  9. Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families by Raine Hill, 2009-01-28
  10. Celebrating Wiccan Spirituality: Spells, Sacred Rites, and Folklore for Each Day of the Year by Lady Sabrina, 2002-10
  11. In The Service Of Life: A Wiccan Perspective on Death by Ashleen O'Gaea, 2003-04-01
  12. The Big Little Book of Magick: A Wiccan's Guide to Altars, Candles, Pendulums, and Healing Spells by D.J. Conway, 2010-10-05
  13. The Wiccan Rede: Couplets of the Law, Teaching, and Enchantments by Mark Ventimiglia, 2006-01-01
  14. Ethics and the Craft - The History, Evolution, and Practice of Wiccan Ethics by John J. Coughlin, 2009-10-01

41. Organic Herbs, Essential Oils, Pagan Wiccan Supplies, Natural Herbal Remedies
The place for wiccan pagan supplies, renaissance clothing, organic herbs and essential oils, natural products for home, garden and health.
Library Books Music Organic Herbs ... Natural Cleaning Shopping Natural Child Natural Cosmetics Non-Toxic Cleaning Natural Pet Care ... Natural Remedies Features Articles Herb Database Herb/Drug Interactions Health Disorder Analyzer ... Resource Directory Get Listed! What's New ... Wiccan Workshops Adv ertise on This Site Community Chat Rooms Discussion Forums Site Last Updated: May 22, 2008 (c) The Herbal Muse Press A Better Way Award for noteworthy contribution to the Natural Health Community See all of our Awards Our Sponsors The Magic Moon Pagan Shopping Witch School StormSong ... Heart Health Care Software Herbalpedia: The Ultimate Herbal Encyclopedia New!

42. Crystal Cloud Graphics Free Wiccan Web Art Index
Free wiccan Pagan Index of clip art, coordinated web sets, 3d animations and images.

43. WiccaNet.Com The Home Of Wicca And Wicans On The Web
wiccanet Dedicated To Magick, Paganism And The Occult! Extensive Occult Magick wiccan And Wicca Web 1734 Witchcraft Home Of Wicca And wiccans On The Web.

44. The Pagan And Wiccan Information Center
A large Pagan and wiccan resource center. News, information, daily horoscope, free graphics, humor, curent moon phases, more!
Return to

Where the graphics, games
and variety informatoin are
The Pagan and Wiccan
Information Center
WARNING! You don't have time to see it all right now, so you should bookmark this page.
You will be looking for it later! Daily Horoscope Free Pagan Graphics! Ankhs Banners Caldrons Candles/Flames ... Wizards
Pagan Humor and Thoughts I Am A Witch Coven Rules Desiderata The BE Attitudes ... You May Be a Redneck Pagan
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My Witch Shop
African Masks Altar cloths Altar Kits Amulets Altar Tiles Art Work Athame Baskets Bath and Body Bells Book of Shadows Books Bowls Boxes Broom Besom Bumper Stickers Buttons Calendars Candles Cauldrons CDs Chalice Goblet Children Crafts Clocks Clothing - Fashion Clothing - Ritual Coasters Costumes Crystal Ball Decals Dream Catchers Drums Gags Garden Gemstones Greeting Cards Herbs Incense Jewelry Store Journals Kama Sutra Keepsakes Knic-Knacs License Plate Frames Light Switch Covers Magic Not Magick Magick Wands Magick Wands Magnets Masks Mousepads Mugs and Cups Oils Ornaments Pendulums Postcards Posters Pottery Prints Runes Russian Products Scourging Tools Scrying Shoes Spell Kits Stickers Sun catchers Swords Tapestry Tarot Therapy Balls Throw Pillows T-Shirts Voo Doo Wood Carvings Worry Stones
Pagan News!

45. Howstuffworks "How Witchcraft Works"
Witchcraft and belief in magic have been around since the beginning of time. Learn the history of witchcraft, modern witchcraft, Wicca and wiccan rituals. RSS Make HowStuffWorks your homepage Get Newsletter Search HowStuffWorks and the web:
Subcultures Subcultures are a variety of cultures and sub-groups that become part of society. Learn more about sub-cultures like Geisha, the Amish, Freegans or the Mafia. Related Categories:
REFERENCE LINKS Print Email Cite Please copy/paste the following text to properly cite this How Stuff Works article:
How Witchcraft Works by Lee Ann Obringer
Inside This Article Introduction to How Witchcraft Works Witch Hunts Modern Witchcraft Wicca Practicing Wicca ... articles Halloween Channel Check out other spooky articles about things that go bump in the night, get tips for planning a Halloween party, and learn about your favorite Halloween treats at our special Halloween Channel
­ ­ Maybe you've read all of the Harry Potter books and watched every episode of Charmed or Bewitched , so you think you know what witches are all about. Modern witches don't exactly fit most of the TV and movie characters you've seen, however. Are they good? Are they evil? Do they cast spells to cause bad things to happen?

46. Pagan/Wiccan News - Topix
News on Pagan/wiccan continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
var t_v = "9xZPd2H4sIAAAAAAAA/22NywrCMBBFi02CBApu9C-kvmrdiVJFXHQjuA9JqIMhDWmiv-80a1f3MHNnDmFkvdnuCCHTvMiyjBcO5HsoZfRe28BwJGSA3lKCqKI3dILwCinA0RzDgOJzrw10WCyd6IRdfkFKYccj2ytNKYKTSHzWnPbPw72p6lV9fbTny9hxH1DJEPQQWMWOt/F9GJIlimSJaFmUfzVp7c0P6axbAc0AAAA_"; var addthis_loaded = 0; Join the Topix community today: Sign Up Sign In Become a Topix Editor today! Your town: Dallas, TX City,ST or postal code Woman admits helping pass secrets to China NY state agencies to recognize gay marriages Rachael Ray: Terrorist sympathizer? Home Video Popular Top Stories ... NewsWire addthis_pub = "topix"; addthis_options = "favorites, delicious, google, digg, stumbleupon, facebook, myspace, more"; addthis_url = ""; addthis_title = "Pagan/Wiccan News - Topix";
Pagan/Wiccan News
News on Pagan/Wiccan continually updated from thousands of sources around the net. RevDavcurand Secrets of Happier Families Today s world seems to be inundated with negative imagery. Social ills such as violence, crime, poverty, and injustices of all kinds are commented on so frequently as to appear inextricably intertwined into the ... Comment?

47. Lady Bridget's Wiccan Ways, Dedicated To The Goddess Bridget, Articles On The Sa
Welcome to my wiccan Ways page. Here you will find articles and information about the Goddess Brid, what Wicca is about, why and how we celebrate our
Lady Bridget's
Wiccan Ways
Welcome to my Wiccan Ways page. Here you will find articles and information about the Goddess Brid, what Wicca is about, why and how we celebrate our holidays, (called Sabbats), and also other information about brewing, music, spellcrafting, and more. You will also find the online equivalent of our Basic Wicca classes. The purpose of this page is to inform and to enlighten, so graphics are at a minimum. Blessed Be!
Looking for local classes in Fort Lauderdale? Or just a great place to get anything Wiccan?
Check out Crystal Fantasy
They have ongoing classes, taught by local Wiccan community leaders.
Home Email Esbats Herbs ... Wicca Search our Site:
A Pagan's Ritual Planner
...Version 0.08
Freeware written especially for Pagans/Wiccans to aid and assist in planning all types of rituals. Contains excellent articles on each Sabbat, as well as a Wiccan primer and Spellcraft studies, this is the NEW HTML version!
Wicca Classes Menu

Information on following the Wiccan path. This is our coven's Dedicant Wiccan Course on line, for those of you who want to take classes but can't, for whatever reason. This is not meant to take the place of a one-to-one teacher, but as an aid to whatever other reading and study materials you are using.
Spellcraft Menu

Spellcraft, what it is, why it works, and how to do it. Info on Moon phases, days of the week, colors and candles, spiritual baths, consecration, and much more.

48. Wicca: Intoxicated By Christian Blood!
How to spot a wiccan from the book by Pastor Deacon Fred entitled, Wicca Intoxicated by Christian Blood.
Intoxicated By Christian Blood! Update: MP3 Audio Advice for Hunting Wiccans! Click Here
Freehold, Iowa -
In an act that can only be described as pure evil, a rabid young Wiccan girl wearing a black cape burst into the Landover Baptist 11 a.m. Sunday morning church service and flung the bloody carcass of a headless black cat across 297 pews. Pastor Deacon Fred ducked just in time as the abomination splashed into the baptismal pool, spattering chunks of animal flesh and water over the white robes of a horrified Christian Seniors Choir visiting from Des Moines. Pushing a frenzied crowd of screaming parishioners aside, Church ushers acted quickly and detained the Devil's harlot for questioning in the sanctuary basement before taking her to the furnace room. The following Tuesday, at a meeting of concerned Deacons, Pastor Deacon Fred explained, “Wicca, is just a fancy word that insecure unsaved teenagers who hate their parents use to describe their little club.” Landover Baptist has thousands of Christian moles placed in covens, chat rooms, and schools all across America. “They feed us some pretty gruesome stuff about Wiccans,”said Pastor Deacon Fred. "From what we can gather, like Jewish people, Wiccans kidnap Christian children and drink their blood to seal their commitment to Satan." Deacon Fred continued, "My guess is that the little Devil worshipper who slipped into our Sunday Morning service last week, did so because she got some inside information about what we were going to release on our website this month. She was nervous and very upset that the rest of the world would soon learn the truth about her silly cult.”

Louisiana community offering handfastings, sabbat rituals and degreed classes. Site has upcoming events and general information about wicca.
Menu Home Events
Updated Apr 1 Photographs:
Board of Directors

Church Celebrations


In Memoriam

Our Theology: History
Common Beliefs

Holy Days
Initiate Classes
Updated Feb 9th Member Chat Links
Site Data Last updated 1 Apr 2008. Welcome to Covenant of the Pentacle! Covenant of the Pentacle Wiccan Church (Aquarian Tabernacle Church) is an intertraditional, eclectic Wiccan circle founded in 1994, located in New Orleans, Louisiana. We aim to bring people of many different backgrounds together for worship, celebration, and learning. Our circles are open and public for all Sabbbats, and we hold classes and seminars, with training for all degree levels. Our initiate courses are college level and include history and anthropology, as well as ritual and magical subject matters. We welcome solitaries as well as members of other covens under the umbrella of our church. Our clergy can perform legal marriages and all rites of passage. We are involved in many interfaith actions and founded the Pagan/Wiccan prison ministries in Louisiana over ten years ago. We are area chaplains (in hospitals and universities) and work in various social causes. We are trusted and respected by area media and are frequently in the public eye, even assisting law enforcement when a crime appears to have "occult" overtones. Most importantly, we take care of one another and honor the God/dess and Elements and all of their wonderful manifestations in our lives. The menu to the left will help you navigate through this site and learn more about our church and our religion. If you have any questions not answered on this website or just want to drop us a line, please feel free to

50. My Wiccan Spells
Spellcraft including romance, wealth, beauty, love, candle spells, and incense and herbs.
My Wiccan Spells Home Days for Magic Candle Magic Incense and Herbs ... Links Merry Meet! I was looking for spells on the internet, but there aren't that many (free ones!!) out there! So I decided to make my own homepage with just spells. Please do not copy my spells and publish them on your website! Of course you may use them and put them in your own private BOS, but I've worked hard on these spells, so I'd appreciate it if you won't copy them for the use on your website. There are NO LOVESPELLS to be found on this site which will make someone fall in love with you!!! You can not and should not interfere with people's free will! The right person will come to you, at the right time in your life. Remind the Threefold Law, you should. If you are looking for information about Wicca I must disappoint you, all this site contains are spells. Lately I get more and more questions about wicca or specific spells. If you want to contact me, please do. I'll try to answer your questions and will help you the best I can. Blessed be.

Merry Meet! Welcome to wiccan Redes, a site dedicated to bringing together Pagans, wiccans, Heathens and those Who are open minded and curious!
Merry Meet!
Welcome to Wiccan Redes!
Every day you'll find new materials to help guide you on the path which is best for you! Whether you choose to purchase a tarot reading from our Master readers, purchase your own deck or get a free numerology or astrology reading on my favorite links page, the tools are here for you utilize. Get comfortable, pour yourself some hot tea, do a little reading and learn. Get information on a featured herb, rune, tarot card and even Deity of the day!
We have a chat room and a forum built into the site where you can hang out and discuss your personal journey thus far, your spiritual experiences or even share your favorite Sabbat recipes. I encourage you to post and be a part of our community! We want to hear all about your life, your spirituality, daily anecdotes, favorite authors, children, pets, whatever you'd like! Perhaps even go on a journey through another's eyes! No subjects are taboo! Just remember in your discussions to be tolerant of one another's views. Name calling, belittling nor spamming will not be tolerated...
All are welcome! As are questions and comments!

52. Some Christian Observations On Paganism And Wicca
A Christian examination of some key issues relevant to Pagans and wiccans.
Some Christian Observations on
Paganism and Wicca
Gerald Gardener. Conisdered by many to be
the Father of the modern Wiccan movement
The following article has been written from a variety of different sources. These include: My own former experience with Witchcraft and occultism in general prior to my conversion to Christ, reading various Pagan and Wiccan literature, having Pagan and Wiccan friends, and having numerous email, message board, and chat room dialogues with those in the Pagan communities. This article will seek to identify, and assess, issues relevant to both Pagans and Christians alike, in a fair and balanced manner. Ecology
Pagans of all persuasions revere nature. In fact, many individuals are attracted to Paganism as a direct result of a connection that they feel with the world around them and the beauty of the world they see. This reverence for nature leads many Pagans to the conclusion that the world itself must be divine. ""Our religion is about the sacredness of this life on this Earth, here and now. We are "Nature worshipers" so Nature is a sacred study for us. To paraphrase, we want to see Her more clearly, love Her more dearly, and follow her more nearly. Any ecological study, any bird watching, or other such activities, help us to understand Mother Gaia." ( Chas S. Clifton (ed.), Modern Rites of Passage: Witchcraft Today, Book Two, 1994, p. 99

53. Index
The Church of the wiccan Interfaith Council is an international organization of wiccan, Pagan, Witch, and Heathen practitioners, who seek to cooperatively
Welcome to the homepage of the Wiccan Interfaith Council INTERNATIONAL ENTER P.O. Box 24 ~ Schererville, Indiana ~ 46375-9998 ~ A non-profit religious, educational, and charitable organization ~
We hold a 501 (c)(3) Public Charities status ~ (170)(b)(1)(A)(i) ~
with the federal government, effective November 1, 2007,
as a "church or conventions or association of churches".
Incorporated on November 1, 2007 * in the State of Indiana, as a non-profit religious, educational, and charitable organization.
About WICI Our Vision Our Goals ... Beginning

54. Love Spells Free Love Voodoo Easy Powerful Wiccan Spells Black Magic Psychic
Love Spells Love Psychic Lovespells . Easy Free spells money spells voodoo black spiritualists medium.
Best Psychics
Divine Love Spells Worlds best white magic spell caster? She can stop a divorce in 7-14 days! 100% Guaranteed! Has a BIG range of spells. All from love spells to beauty spells and money spells. Make your love life wonderful with her Divine Love Spells Real Voodoo Spells Universe most powerful voodoo and black magick practitioner will help you with love, revenge, protection, win in court and much more. Fast results only! Go to Voodoo Spells Venus Love Spells 8 powerful wicca witch craft casters summoned for your casting. Led by the powerful High-Priestess Samantha. Combines the energy from the morning star, Venus, and the spells from ancient times. Love Spells Welcome to

55. Something Wiccan This Way Comes
On May 11, the Austin AmericanStatesman published religion reporter Kim Sue Lia Perkes’s take-out on the three-year-old practice of Wicca at Fort Hood,
Summer 1999, Vol. 2, No. 2 Contents Page,
Vol. 2, No. 2
Quick Links
to other articles
in this issue:
A Different Spiritual Politics
Preaching the Word in Littleton Kosovo: A Confusion of Tongues The Diallo Killings: Sharpton ... Correspondence: Was the Church Arson Story Legit? Something Wiccan This Way Comes
by Mark Silk It was one of those slow-motion stories that begin with an enterprising reporter in the provinces. On May 11, the Austin American-Statesman published religion reporter Kim Sue Lia Perkes’s take-out on the three-year-old practice of Wicca at Fort Hood, the huge Army base in Killeen, Texas. The main story took readers to the celebration of this year’s vernal equinox by 40 female and male witches (mostly active-duty soldiers); explained the nature of Wicca ("a reconstruction of nature worship from tribal Europe and other parts of the world"); and traced its growth in America and its acceptance as a religion by the U.S. military. Perkes reported that Army brass were touchy about discussing their accommodation of neo-paganism, and that at Fort Hood it had elicited an ongoing protest from members of a local conservative Baptist church. There were also sidebars on Wiccan beliefs and on how the stereotype of witches arose in early modern Europe.

56. The Wiccan Calendar
I ve found several conflicting sources on wiccan traditions, but the one area they all agree upon is the following of the moon. Although some find ways to
I've found several conflicting sources on Wiccan traditions, but the one area they all agree upon is the following of the moon. Although some find ways to align with the solar year, all are essentially lunar in nature. During one solar year, the lunar cycle has 13 full moons, each given a name. I've also provided the Gaelic names for each moon, but these are not translations Full moons:
  • Blood (Samonios) Snow (Dumannios) Oak (Riuros) Wolf (Anagantios) Storm (Ogronios) Chaste (Cutios) Seed (Giamonios) Hare (Simivisonios) Dyad (Equos) Mead (Elembiuos) Wyrt (Edrinios) Barly (Cantlos) Blue (Ruis)
  • Within some of these moons are Sabbat rituals:
    • Samhain - New Year's Day Alban Arthan (Yule) - Winter Solstice Imbolc - Alban Eiler - Vernal Equinox Beltane - Alban Heffyn - Summer Solstice Lugnassad - Alban Elved - Autumnal Equinox
    [Return To Main Calendar Page]

    57. 13 Moons, Supplies For Wiccan, Pagan, Witch And Shaman
    Spells, magick, fantasies, earth religions and dreams with a personal touch. Witchcraft supplies, Wicca information, herbs, candles, Voodoo, Goth and more!
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    Mitaku Oyasin! "We are all related" Lakota Sioux Indians Declare Sovereign Nation Status. 13 Moons fully supports the Lakota in their quest for freedom. Read more here "Our scientific power has out run our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men" - Martin Luther King Jr.
    "My heritage is the heritage of all humanity. The country of my ancestors is the planet Earth. I ain't no minority. I'm part of the human race." - Jim VanDenAkker
    "As a woman I have no country. As a woman my country is the whole world." - Virginia Woolf
    "Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress." - Frederick Douglass "Thomas Jefferson said the book of revelations was the ravings of a lunatic. George Bush organizes his foreign policy around it," -

    58. Isis Books & Gifts - Tools For Your Soul's Journey: A Spiritual, Mystical, Metap
    wiccan Store, Isis Books. 100000 metaphysical, new age, magickal wiccan supplies, books, Tarot decks. A complete Wicca store for herbs, altar supplies,

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    More contact info, hours, directions, etc.
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    59. CRESCENT MOONGODDESS Pagan Wiccan Magical Store : Home Page
    CRESCENT MOONGODDESS Magical Supply Store provides you with a complete source for Pagan, wiccan, Occult, and New Age with the best variety of quality
    Home Page
    CRESCENT MOONGODDESS Magical Supply Store.
    We provides you with a complete source for Pagan, Wiccan,
    Occult, and New Age with the best variety of quality
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    prices. Featuring articles, full color catalog of products
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    essential oils, herbs, greeting cards, spells, herbal healing, creation visualization kits, Pagan / Wiccan contacts, links, and much more...... CATALOG STORE CONTENTS NEW ARRIVALS ALTAR PENTACLES AUDIO CD-ROMS, DVD's, and VHS-TAPES ATHAMES BATH SALTS by CRESCENT MOONGODDESS ... WITCHY Tie-Dyed T-Shirts We accept all major credit cards Crescent Moongoddess Located in Hicksville, NY. Store Hours are: Monday through Friday 3pm to 6pm Saturday 10am to 3pm Please call for Apointment. Special Events for the Long Island Pagan Community We specialize in sponsoring family orientated events that are suitable for everyone young or old, and offer these events to the community with love in our hearts in honor of the Goddess. Crescent MoonGoddess is owned and operated by a Third Degree (BTW) British Traditional Alexandrian initiate of Salem MA, and is run in honor of the Old Ways based off of proper morals and family values. Our courteous, very pleasant and helpful professional staff specializes in giving you the quality of hospitality you come to expect from crescentmoongoddess. Take advantage of our highly recommend Events and enjoyable atmosphere. Letting us make you feel as one of our family is our primary goal.

    60. Family Wiccan Tradition
    Helping you craft a legacy of magic through practice, community education.
    F amily W iccan T raditions I nternational
    and Family Wiccan Communities™ are trademarks of author Lydia M. Crabtree which are licensed to Family Wiccan Tradition International ™ (FWTI™)

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