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  1. Histology: A Text and Atlas: With Correlated Cell andMolecular Biology (Histology (Ross)) by Michael H. Ross, Wojciech Pawlina, 2006-07-18
  2. Wheater's Functional Histology: A Text and Colour Atlas, 5th Edition by Barbara Young BScMed Sci(Hons)PhDMBBChirMRCPFRCPA, James S. Lowe BMedSciBMBSDMFRCPath, et all 2006-03-14
  3. Netter'sEssential Histology: with Student Consult Access (Netter Basic Science) by William K. Ovalle PhD, Patrick C. Nahirney PhD, 2007-09-18
  4. BRS Cell Biology and Histology (Board Review Series) by Leslie P. Gartner, James L. Hiatt, et all 2010-09-03
  5. Anatomy, Histology, & Cell Biology: PreTest Self-Assessment & Review, Fourth Edition (PreTest Basic Science) by Robert Klein, George Enders, 2010-02-18
  6. Color Textbook of Histology: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access by Leslie P. Gartner PhD, James L. Hiatt PhD, 2006-11-17
  7. Usmle Road Map: Histology by Harold Sheedlo, 2005-02-23
  8. Ten Cate's Oral Histology: Development, Structure, and Function by Antonio Nanci PhD, 2007-09-26
  9. Basic Histology: Text & Atlas by Luiz Junqueira, Jose Carneiro, 2005-03-21
  10. Histology for Pathologists
  11. diFiore's Atlas of Histology with Functional Correlations (Point (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins)) by Victor P. Eroschenko, 2007-12-12
  12. Histology: A Text and Atlas by Michael H Ross, Gordon I Kaye, et all 2002-10-15
  13. Color Atlas of Histology by Leslie P. Gartner, James L. Hiatt, 2005-04-21
  14. High-Yield Histology (High-YieldSeries) by Ronald W. Dudek, 2004-01-29

1. Histology - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
histology (from the Greek ) is the study of tissue sectioned as a thin slice, using a microtome. It can be described as microscopic anatomy.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search A thin section of lung tissue stained with hematoxylin and eosin . This individual suffers from emphysema Histology (from the Greek ) is the study of tissue sectioned as a thin slice, using a microtome . It can be described as microscopic anatomy . The photographing of stained cells is called histography. Histology is an essential tool of biology Histopathology the microscopic study of diseased tissue, is an important tool in anatomical pathology , since accurate diagnosis of cancer and other diseases usually requires histopathological examination of samples. The trained scientists who perform the preparation of histological sections are histotechnicians, histology technicians (HT), histology technologists (HTL), medical scientists, medical laboratory technicians , or biomedical scientists . Their field of study is called histotechnology.
  • Technical procedure
    edit Technical procedure
    edit Fixation
    Main article: Fixation (histology)
    Fixatives and Preservatives are used to preserve the tissue, the structures of the cell, and the cell organelles found in the individual cells (e.g., nucleus, rough endoplasmic reticulum,and mitochondria). The tissues are mechanically and biochemically stabilized in a fixative. The most common fixative is neutral buffered formalin (4% formaldehyde in Phosphate buffered saline (PBS)). It is important to consider that a fixative should not be too toxic to its handler, and it should not damage the tissue being preserved.

2. LUMEN Histology Home Page
Lesson plans with slides and practicals for the Loyola University Medical Education Network histology course.
Zoomified Histology
Cell and Molecular Biology Lessons
Part 1: Epithelium and Simple Glands Practical 1A Practical 1B Part 2: Stains, Cells, and Ultrastructure (EM) ... Practical 13B
Host Defense Lessons
Part 11: Bone Marrow and Hemopoiesis Practical 11A Practical 11B Part 12: Lymphoid Tissues and Organs ... Practical 12B
Function of the Human Body Lessons
Part 5: Blood and Capillaries Practical 5A Practical 5B Part 6: Neural Tissue ... SEARCH © 1998 Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Allrights reserved.
Please send questions or comments to: John A. McNulty, Ph.D. Updated: Jan 23, 2005
Created: Aug 1, 1995

3. Histology-World!
A comprehensive, fun and entertaining site devoted exclusively to histology. Learning histology was never so easy! This site includes histology quizzes,
Histology-World! Histology Books at Histology Atlases at Home Histology Shopping ... Histology Hodgepodge Sponsored Links
Wheater's Functional Histology: A Text and Colour Atlas

Histology: A Text and Atlas: With Correlated Cell and Molecular Biology (Histology (Ross))

Color Atlas of Histology

Histology Can be Fun?
You bet! You are about to begin a unique histology experience! My name is Sarah Bellham, and I will be your hostess on this exciting histology adventure. Discover that histology can be beautiful, interesting and fun. Here at Histology-World, you will find histology games, histology entertainment, and histology educational material. Explore this histology site... have some fun, and in the process, learn some histology. Click here to add Histology-World! to your favorites so that you can come back often and explore the wonderful world of histology!
Histology Art
Can I Learn Any Histology Here?
Absolutely! Histology-World is more than just histology fun and games. This histology site is chocked full of genuine educational histology material. And throughout this histology site, I have included my favorite histology hints. Enjoy your stay at Histology-World!

Course syllabus and class resources, including microscopic images, ultrastructural images, 3D models, and labelled diagrams.
Mammalian Histology-B408
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Delaware Mammalian Histology (B408) is taught in the fall semester annually and is one of the courses required for the Medical Scholars Program with the Jefferson Medical College. Consequently, it is taught at a comprehensive level and concentrates heavily on human tissues and organ systems. A strong component of this course is tissue structure at the ultrastructural level and how it relates to structure-functional relationships at the light microscopic level. A sizeable collection of color light microscopic images as well as black and white electron microscopic images have been archived and can be accessed by links with this home page. These images files have been produced by: Dr. Roger C. Wagner Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences University of Delaware Dr. Fred E. Hossler Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology East Tennessee State University College of Medicine In addition, labeled illustrations used in lecture have been digitized and may be used for study purposes. Three dimensional models are often useful for understanding the volume structure represented by two dimensional images and several of these are also linked to this page Click here for COURSE SYLLABUS and LABORATORY GUIDE Links to other Histology Websites: HISTOLOGY WORLD (a fun, educational Histology site)

5. SIU SOM Histology
These online histology specimens at the University of Iowa Department of Pathology, may be examined with full range of magnification and movement.
How to use this resource. INTRO CRR SSB ... RESOURCE CENTER
Welcome to Histology at SIU SOM
This site provides histology resources serving the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Year One Curriculum Accessibility: Because the content of this website is essentially image-based (i.e., images are the content), "alternative text" is not used for most images. Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Web Privacy Notice From any page, you may e-mail questions to Dr. King by scrolling to the bottom of the page (or by pressing the "Ctrl-End" keys), and then clicking on the "comments or questions" link. Contents

6. JayDoc HistoWeb
A comprehensive histology atlas. Highres images, complete descriptions, and easy navigation. Perfect for med students.
This web page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

7. Blue Histology
histology pages, School of Anatomy and Human Biology, UWA, Australia, by Lutz Slomianka.

8. Internet Atlas Of Histology, College Of Medicine, University Of Illinois At Urba
More than 1000 labeled images, with descriptions, practice labs, and quizzes. Created by the UIUC College of Medicine.
College of Medicine
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Internet Atlas of Histology, COM-UIUC
Welcome! The COM-UIUC Histology web site contains an extensive set of histological specimens, featuring the excellent COM-UIUC collection of plastic sections prepared by Aulikki Kokko-Cunningham, M.D. The web interface permits you to quickly change magnification to examine areas of interest in great detail. There are over 1000 labeled histological features with accompanying functional descriptions. All of this material can be accessed efficiently using an object index or a search page. If you haven't visited this site before, a good place to start is the "Atlas Demo". Guided tours through many Atlas specimens and self-assessment quizzes are also available. Atlas Demo
Brief tutorial introducing the Atlas web interface... Slides
List of links to all of the specimens, brief specimen discriptions... Objects
List of links to all labeled histological features, brief functional descriptions... Search
Search engine for slides, histological features, and associated descriptions...

9. Medical Histology Index
Medical histology Index.

10. UF College Of Medicine Histology Tutorial
histology Tutorial. by Thomas George, MD / Wojciech Pawlina, MD /
Histology Tutorial
by Thomas George, MD /
Wojciech Pawlina, MD / University of Florida College of Medicine Medical Informatics Home Page
Histology Topics
Quiz Mode Review Mode Cellular Structure
Cellular Structure


Epithelium I
... Female Repro II
If this is your first time using this program, please take a look at how we recommend you proceed
This program was produced with the assistance of Gene Cornwall and Charles Poulton with the Office of Medical Informatics under the direction of Richard Rathe, MD. Thanks also goes to Kyle Rarey, Ph.D.
Contact: Thomas J. George, Jr., MD /
Location: Updated: February 22, 2000

11. Ed's Basic Histology Gallery
KCUMB Students who complete this exercise can expect to be successful on the first histology signoff. (We are considering this as a requirement for
Ed's Basic Histology Gallery This site was placed originally for the medical students at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in Kansas City. Since then, I have been delighted that many other learners at all levels have found it helpful. This site introduces basic concepts of histology actively, without having to schedule classroom time. Especially if you plan a career in medicine or bioscience, you will need basic histology competency in the years ahead.
  • If you become a doctor, you will need it to make sense of what's happening at the tissue level in "Pathology", in reading professional journals, and when you are caring for sick people. If you attend KCUMB, you will need it to complete your three "Pathology" signoffs and hundred-or-so lab cases successfully. As a doctor, you will be expected to review at least some of your own biopsies with the pathologist, regardless of your speciality.
  • As a lay person, this exercise will help you understand popular articles about medical science, especially when there are schematic drawings of tissues.
KCUMB Students who complete this exercise can expect to be successful on the first histology signoff. (We are considering this as a requirement for completing the first unit of the new curriculum.)

12. UW Histology Homepage
Unit 1. Unit 2. Unit 3. Unit 4. Connective tissue Digestive. Skip HA 120. Endocrine Bone Epithelium Liver Lymphatic Respiratory II
Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Connective tissue Digestive Skip HA 1-20 Endocrine Bone Epithelium Liver ... Respiratory II HA 1-11 Only Skin Urinary Digestive II HA 1-20 Only Muscle Female Nervous tissue HA 28-39 Only Nervous tissue Male Respiratory Skip HA 1-11 Learn @ UW Cardiovascular

13. Anatomy-Histology Tutorials
Anatomyhistology Tutorials. Return to the WebPath main menu. Normal Anatomy A set of Visible Human Project images demonstrates sectional anatomy of the
Anatomy-Histology Tutorials
Return to the WebPath main menu.
Normal Anatomy: A set of Visible Human Project images demonstrates sectional anatomy of the human body Neuroanatomy: This tutorial demonstrates neuroanatomical features of the CNS with labelled images and comparison with MRI scans Histotechniques: This tutorial describes and illustrates the processes involved in making a microscopic glass slide from tissues examined in the pathology laboratory Special Stains: This tutorial describes the nature and usages of a variety of histopathological staining techniques to assist in tissue diagnosis, along with representative images of selected stains Procedure Manuals: Manuals for preparation and performance of routine and special stains, and manuals for laboratory safety, are available in Acrobat pdf format Electron Microscopy: A set of electron micrographs demonstrates normal, benign, and malignant pathologic findings as seen by use of electron microscopy
Return to the WebPath main menu.

14. Histology Techniques (Microscopy & Imaging, Cellular Imaging Core, SWEHSC)
Contains links to sites with images, protocols and techniques, and general histology resources.

Facility Cores Cellular Imaging
See also:
Fluorescence Techniques Light Microscopy
This page: Histo-technique Immuno/Histo/Cyto-chemistry Internet Resources On-line Images ... Menu General Histo-technique
Histotechnology Tutorials
If you are unfamiliar with the practice of histotechnology, this is an excellent place to start. This series of pages includes a tutorial on general Histotechnique (fixation, tissue processing, sectioning, general staining and slide making information) Special Stains (listed by what types of molecules/tissues that they stain) and examples from their Procedure manuals (note: you will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view the procedure manuals). (WebPath, University of Utah, College of Medicine)
Histopathology Laboratory Protocols
This site has a wealth of technical information about histologic technique. (The University of Nottingham and the Queens Medical Centre, United Kingdom).
Histologic Special Stains Using a Microwave
This page written by Joyce Moore, of the Jefferson Regional Medical Center Histo-Path Laboratories, outlines the use of Microwaves in histologic staining Other interesting pages at this site (WWW site courtesy of EBSciences) Microwave Antigen Retrieval Technique Working Procedures in Microwave Histology and
Laboratory Protocols
An excellent resource with information about: cryostat sectioning histologic fixatives histologic stains peroxidase techniques ... treating slides for "stickiness"

How does one illustrate the descriptions and ideas of histology? The solution chosen here is to develop links to freely accessible (but copyrighted)
William A Beresford MA, D Phil
Professor of Anatomy
Anatomy Department, West Virginia University, Morgantown, USA With a home modem, this online book may take up to five minutes to be fully on-screen, but it arrives without registration or fee. It weighs in at only 605 Kilobytes, so that you can copy it onto a floppy disc, or HD, in about half a minute.
Introduction and Preface Chapter
The first listing of chapters keeps you within the one large file. The second listing of chapters (see below) links you to individual chapters, so that if you wish to print, you print just that one chapter , not the whole book.
  • Histology: Method and Microscopy
  • Cytology I
  • Cytology II
  • Epithelia ...
  • 'Preface' Individual Chapters
    The following list of chapters links you to individual chapters, so that if you wish to print, you print just that one chapter , not the whole book.
  • Histology: Method and Microscopy
  • Cytology I
  • Cytology II
  • Epithelia ... More detailed contents
    How this book comes to be on the Web, and the thinking behind it are in the 'Preface', at the end.
    . Here, it should be said that this is a potential aid to thought and confidence in what matters - working with the microscope, or its reproduced images: looking, thinking, looking again, relating the detail and its implications to the patient. (If it makes some things clear, it might also help with exams.)
  • 16. Visual Histology Text Book
    Dave Moran and Carter Rowley s histology Course and Review Video Series and histology Program now available on DVD and PowerPoint.
    AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,28,0','width','748','height','104','align','left','title','visual histology header','src','../VHheader','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','../VHheader' ); //end AC code
    To Order On-line
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    order form
    Visual Histology Text-Atlas
    Contents Introduction Cells Epithelia ...
    Visual Histology Text-Atlas Review
    CHAPTER 1. Cells
    Plate 1-1. The Pancreatic Acinar Cell: A Protein Factory
    Plate 1-2 . The Paneth Cell: A Glycoprotein Factory
    Plate 1-3. The Goblet Cell: A Mucus Factory
    Plate 1-4. The Ovarian Endocrine Cell: A Steroid Factory
    Plate 1-5. The Osteocyte: A Quiescent Cell
    Plate 1-6. The Cytoplasm As Cell Product: Blood And Muscle Cells
    Plate 1-7. Stages In The Life Of A Cell: The Lymphocyte And The Plasma Cell Plate 1-8. The Ciliated Cell: Specializations Of The Cell Surface
    CHAPTER 2.

    17. 136 Histology, Full Year Course 2004-2005 - OpenCourseWare - Tufts University
    histology is the study of microscopic anatomy dealing with the structures of cells, tissue and organs in relation to their functions.
    Search HOME SCHOOLS COURSES ABOUT OCW ... OCW Home 136 Histology, Full Year Course 2004-2005 Endocardium of a sheep heart. (Image courtesy of Paul Kwan, Ph.D.) Highlights of this Course Although a great deal of emphasis of the course is on the structures of the organs and tissues, this is not a course based solely on pure microscopic descriptions. Lectures and laboratory sessions will focus on the integration of structures with functions, drawing from many disciplines (light/electron microscopy, cell biology, biochemistry, physiology etc.). Highlights of the course are its magnificently detailed collections of tissues as represented in the Circulatory Lecture Course Description Histology is the study of microscopic anatomy dealing with the structures of cells, tissue and organs in relation to their functions. The first part of the course deals with basic tissues (a collection of similar cells and the extracellular matrices surrounding them): epithelium; connective tissues, including blood, bone and cartilage; muscles; and nerves. The second part of the course deals with organs, systemic arrangement of tissues performing a specific function, as of respiration, digestion, etc.

    18. Histology Web Labs
    histology Web Labs Adopted from histology Laboratory Assistant CDROM by Lamperti, Marino, and Sodicoff. Blood and Bone Marrow Cartilage and Bone
    Histology Web Labs
    Adopted from Histology Laboratory Assistant CD-ROM by Lamperti, Marino, and Sodicoff.

    19. Definition: Histology From Online Medical Dictionary
    histology. study The study of cells and tissue on the microscopic level. (27 Sep 1997). Previous histoincompatibility, histologic, histologic

    20. Histology And Histopathology
    histology AND HISTOPATHOLOGY is an international journal, the purpose of which is to publish original works in English in histology, histopathology and cell
    HISTOLOGY AND HISTOPATHOLOGY Cellular and Molecular Biology
    Professor of Cell Biology, University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain Juan.F. Madrid , Editor, P rofessor of Histology, University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain Murcia, Spain HISTOLOGY AND HISTOPATHOLOGY is an international journal, the purpose of which is to publish original works in English in histology, histopathology and cell biology; high quality is the overall consideration. Its format is the standard international size of 21 x 27.7 cm. One volume is published every year ( more than 1,300 pages , approximately 100 original works and 50 reviews ). Each volume consists of 12 numbers published monthly online. The printed version of the journal includes 4 books every year; each of them compiles 3 numbers previously published online. It is indexed in PubMed, ISI WoK, Biosis, CABLE, Center for Clinical Computing, Chemical Abstracts Service, Current Awareness in Biological Sciences, Current Contents, Euroscience, Excerpta Medica, Medline, Research Information Systems, Science Citation Index, etc. The price per volume, including postage by surface mail, is 550 euros (or US $725). Impact factor: 2.182

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