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  1. Presenting Toxicology Results: How to Evaluate Data and Write Reports by G J Nohynek, 1996-12-20
  2. Lu's Basic Toxicology: Fundamentals, Target Organs, and Risk Assessment, Fifth Edition by Frank C. Lu, Sam Kacew, 2009-07-27
  3. Fundamentals of Analytical Toxicology by Robert J. Flanagan, Andrew A. Taylor, et all 2008-03-24
  4. Developmental Toxicology, Third Edition (Target Organ Toxicology Series) by Deborah K. Hansen, Barbara D. Abbott, 2008-10-22
  5. A Small Dose of Toxicology: The Health Effects of Common Chemicals by Steven G. Gilbert, 2004-02-18
  6. Poisoning & Toxicology Handbook by Leikin, Jerrold B. Leikin, 2001-11-15
  7. Introduction to Environmental Toxicology: Molecular Substructures to Ecological Landscapes, Fourth Edition by Wayne G. Landis, Ruth M. Sofield, et all 2010-10-12
  8. Handbook of Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents
  9. Medical Toxicology Review: Pearls of Wisdom, Second Edition by Michael Greenberg, Robert Hendrickson, et all 2005-09-19
  10. Wildlife Toxicology by Tony J. Peterle, 1991-06
  11. Medical Toxicology of Natural Substances: Foods, Fungi, Medicinal Herbs, Plants, and Venomous Animals by Donald G. Barceloux, 2008-11-12
  12. Principles of Biochemical Toxicology, Third Edition by John Timbrell, 1999-10-21
  13. Environmental Toxicology by David A. Wright, Pamela Welbourn, 2001-12-15
  14. Applications of LC-MS in Toxicology

41. American Board Of Toxicology
The mission of the American Board of toxicology is to establish standards for professional competency in the field of toxicology and advance awareness of
User Name: Password: October 10-11, 2008 Raleigh, North Carolina October 10-11, 2008 Sunnyvale, California October 10-11, 2008 Edinburgh, Scotland P.O. Box 30054
Raleigh, NC 27622-0054 Phone: (919) 841-5022
Fax: (919) 841-5042
November 27 Need to know if someone is a Diplomate of ABT?
To be recognized as the premier certifying body for toxicology competency in the world. The mission of the American Board of Toxicology is to establish standards for professional competency in the field of toxicology and advance awareness of its position as the premier certifying body in the field. Home About ABT Candidate/Public News ... Site Map
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42. Martindale's Pharmacy, Pharmacology & Toxicology Center
toxicology Glossaries ~ toxicology Clinical toxicology Courses toxicology Cases, Grand Rounds Seminars ~ toxicology Databases
US/Pacific: Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sydney, Australia: Monday, March 31, 2008

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World Daily Reports (Weather,
Major Medical Journals (BMJ, CMAJ, JAMA, MJA etc.)

Controlled Substances
Clinical Nuclear Pharmacy
Pharmaceutics Laboratory Courses
Anatomy ... Regulatory Updates HUMAN DRUGS: PATENTS, DRUG TRIALS, LITERATURE Clinical Drug Trials Literature Search Arabic Danish ... Medicinal Plants DRUG SPECFIC DATABASES Treatment Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines Medical Pharmacology Drug List for Medical Students AIDS - HIV Anaesthesia ... E-Mail Jim Martindale

43. MD Consult -- Start Session Cookie Error
Clinical toxicology is a carefully formulated text that meets the needs of a wide range of health care providers, teachers, and scientists.
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44. IAOMT International Academy Of Oral Medicine And Toxicology, Mercury Free Dentis
The IAOMT is a network of dental, medical and research professionals who seek to raise the standards of scientific biocompatibility in the dental practice
Press Search Home Sponsors ... Contact Us The Vanguard of Science -
Based Biological Dentistry The IAOMT is a network of dental, medical and research professionals who seek to raise the standards of scientific biocompatibility in the dental practice with information from the latest interdisciplinary research. more
Video Library

IAOMT Annual Meeting
September 5-6, 2008
Charlotte, NC
IAOMT meetings are packed with the latest information from dental and medical research, ranging from basic science to practical techniques.
Quebec City Confirms: No More Fluoridation

Rotten in Denmark: Balking on Amalgam Ban

Another Fluorosilicic Acid Accident
Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas Odorless, colorless and tasteless but it casts a shadow in black light! This dramatic video of mercury vapor outgassing from an amalgam dental filling has outraged the world since it was first demonstrated at an IAOMT meeting in 1995. Watch trailers and buy DVDs of all our favorite videos at our online store Find a Doctor Featured Articles Classifieds Find a dentist / physician.

45. Archive Of "Particle And Fibre Toxicology".
Particle and Fibre toxicology Vols. 1 to 4; 2004 to 2007. 2004 to 2007 Articles from Particle and Fibre toxicology are provided here courtesy of

46. Tocixology Information Response Center
TIRC is an information center offering direct access to virtually all of the world s scientific and technical databases and operates on a cost recovery
T oxicology
I nformation
R esponse
C enter
TIRC Homepage
Search Request
Databases and Search Fees
Welcome to the Toxicology Information Response Center (TIRC).  TIRC is an information center offering direct access to virtually all of the world's scientific and technical databases and operates on a cost recovery basis.  TIRC was organized in 1971 under the sponsorship of the National Library of Medicine to serve as an international center for toxicology and related information.  Today TIRC is operated by staff of the Toxicology and Risk Assessement (TARA) section.  TARA is the data analysis and computation research section of the Life Sciences Division (LSD) of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).  TIRC provides customer search services to both scientific and public communitites as a convenient and efficient way to obtain comprehensive scientific infomation on any subject of interest. For additional information contact the TIRC administrator: Kim Slusher
1060 Commerce Park MS 6480
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

47. Behavioral Toxicology Society Homepage
Stimulate growth in behavioral toxicology in scientists engaged in behavioral, neuroscience, toxicology, pharmacology, genetics and risk assessment
Behavioral Toxicology Society Home History Membership Officers Meeting ... Jobs Promote research on the effects of toxic agents on behavior and the nervous system Provide a forum for the presentation, discussion, and dissemination of relevant research Stimulate growth in behavioral toxicology in scientists engaged in behavioral, neuroscience, toxicology, pharmacology, genetics and risk assessment Behavioral Toxicology Society Google Group Subscribe to Behavioral Toxicology Society Email: Visit this group Please send questions, comments, and suggestions regarding this website to Webmaster

48. Water Testing - Environmental Toxicology Laboratory, LLC
Environmental toxicology Laboratory (ETL) is a research, development and testing laboratory; concentrating its efforts on new approaches to toxicity testing
About The Test
Testing Costs
Licensing Info
Review Patent
Data / Current Studies For a Better Environment...
Environmental Toxicology Laboratory (ETL) is a research, development and testing laboratory; concentrating its efforts on new approaches to toxicity testing. ETL has developed and recently patented a simple, rapid and cost-effective cytotoxicity screen, the Tetramitus Assay. This exciting new test, which measures growth inhibition in the flagellate Tetramitus as an indicator of cytotoxicity, can detect the presence of toxic agents in a variety of biological samples. The Tetramitus Assay has numerous advantages over its competitors and has a wide range of applications. Please continue with your visit to find out more about ETL and our exciting new product.
ETL submits second Testimony to the EPA Expert Panel on WTC Contaminant Monitoring
Click Here

ETL conducts Tetramitus Particle Toxicity Tests on Reference Toxicants used
in the EPA Mouse WTC Inhalation Studies.

49. Environmental Toxicology
Information about alumni, events, and the history of the department Information on staff and faculty, Fields of Interest and research carried out by
2008 NIEHS
Undergraduate Training Grant
2008 NIEHS
Undergraduate Training Grant

50. Anil Aggrawal's Forensic Toxicology Page!
Anil Aggrawal s page on Forensic toxicology giving a lot of useful information on poisons and their various medicolegal aspects.
home (you are here) Navigation ribbon
Welcome to Anil Aggrawal's Forensic Toxicology Page
This page last updated on
A b o u t M y s e l f
H i, I am Professor Anil Aggrawal from India. I am working as a Professor of Forensic Medicine at the Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi-110002, India. I love to exchange ideas on Forensic Medicine, Forensic Pathology and Forensic Toxicology. I love writing books on science, and have published nine books so far. I love reading and writing science fiction, especially that related to forensic medicine. Anyone wishing to exchange ideas with me on forensic medicine, science, and science fiction is welcome. My E-mail is . My address for correspondence is:-
S-299 Greater Kailash-1,
New Delhi-110048,

My telephone number is (+91-11-29235460) [country code, India: 91; City code, Delhi: 11]. I have been writing popular articles on Forensic Medicine, Forensic Pathology and Forensic Toxicology in some of the most popular magazines and periodicals in India. To read some of my stories on Forensic Toxicology, please allow the page to load completely and then click on the "Next" Link.
I love talking to young intelligent students on matters of forensic science. One of my most memorable experiences was when I talked on "Forensic Engineering" to a group of highly intelligent students at IIT, Bombay in February 2002. The students were fantastic; I thoroughly enjoyed being with them and talking to them on this confluence of the two specialties. The students appeared to enjoy my slides and animations too.

51. National Food Safety & Toxicology Center At Michigan State University
National Food Safety and toxicology Center, National Food Safety toxicology Center, NFSTC, Food Safety, food safety, Michigan State University, MSU,

Research Education Outreach ... Search
Welcome to the (NFSTC) at Michigan State University . As a research facility within a pioneer land-grant institution, the NFSTC takes great pride in the diversity and quality of research conducted by our faculty and students in the areas of food safety and toxicology. 
The NFSTC is comprised of faculty from 19 departments across Michigan State University from the: Our team includes toxicologists, microbiologists, epidemiologists, and social scientists working on basic and applied dimensions of food safety and toxicology, sharing their knowledge in collaborations across a full spectrum of disciplines within and beyond the university environment, including partnerships with government, industry, consumer representatives, and other key stakeholders working to increase the understanding of chemical and microbial hazards in foods. Thematic Research Highlights
  • Microbiology Research Unit (MRU) is part of the NIAID Food and Waterborne Diseases Integrated Research Network (FWD IRN) and facilitates the integration of research programs to develop products to rapidly identify, prevent, treat, and diagnose food and waterborne diseases that threaten public health.

52. EXTOXNET: The Extension Toxicology Network
To assist in providing information on the toxicology and behavior of pesticides to county agents, pesticide applicators, and the general public,
PMEP Home Page Pesticide Active Ingredient Information EXTOXNET: The Extension Toxicology Network E X T O X N E T
Extension Toxicology Network
A Pesticide Information Project of Cooperative Extension Offices of Cornell University, Michigan State University, Oregon State University, and University of California at Davis. Major support and funding was provided by the USDA/Extension Service/National Agricultural Pesticide Impact Assessment Program. Contents County agents, homeowners, office workers, consumers, pesticide applicators, and others are often asked questions about the potential effects of the pesticides they use or that are used where they work. Questions like is it toxic? does it cause birth defects? cancer? other problems? how long does it last? will any effects or difficulties develop a long time from now? will it harm birds or other wildlife? and so on. Although there is an extensive amount of information on these subjects for most pesticides, it is not readily available. The published material that is accessible, such as product labeling or technical data sheets, is often incomplete and may rely on numbers where thorough explanations are needed.

53. Journal Of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology And Oncology - Journals - Begell
The Journal of Environmental Pathology, toxicology and Oncology publishes original research and reviews of factors and conditions that affect human and
if(location.href != getCookie('back')) setCookie('back', location.href, null, '/'); ITEMS modern scholarly publishers in the finest tradition Journals Login Register Home Books Journals References A-Z Index Author Index For Our Authors User Area Shopping Cart Contact Electronic Data Center Search
Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology
Editor-in-Chief Qian Peng, PhD
Pathology Clinic, Rikshospitalet-Radiumhospitalet HF Medical Center, Faculty Division Radiumhospitalet, University of Oslo, Montebello, N-0310 Oslo, Norway
Emeritus Editor
Edgar M. Moran, MD
University of California, Irvine, Department of Veterans Administration Medical Center, 5901 East 7th Street, Long Beach, California 90822, USA
Editorial Board
click on link to see the list
Instructions for authors Download PDF version)
The Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology publishes original research and reviews of factors and conditions that affect human and animal carcinogensis. Scientists in various fields of biological research, such as toxicologists, chemists, immunologists, pharmacologists, oncologists, pneumologists, and industrial technologists, will find this journal useful in their research on the interface between the environment, humans, and animals.
ISSN 0731-8898
Institutional price:
Issues per year:
For Online Access
Issue 1
76 pages
Issue 2
98 pages
Issue 3
82 pages
Issue 4
89 pages
Issue 1-2
546 pages
Issue 3
82 pages
Issue 4
94 pages
Issue 1
83 pages
DOI: 10.1615/JEnvPathToxOncol.v24.i1

54. Vanderbilt University - Center In Molecular Toxicology
The Vanderbilt University Center in Molecular toxicology is a multidisciplinary program that provides a cohesive infrastructure for enhancing the research
The Vanderbilt University Center in Molecular Toxicology is a multidisciplinary program that provides a cohesive infrastructure for enhancing the research efforts of affiliated faculty members and their laboratories. The Center receives support from various granting agencies, as well as institutional support from the School of Medicine. The Center exists to provide support for research, training, and core activities and is made up of individuals representing a number of different departments, divisions, and programs within the university. The Center in Molecular Toxicology has recently expanded into a more comprehensive organization that administers several units under a common “umbrella.” Historically, the Center consisted of two major programs: a Core Center grant (NIH P30 ES000267) and a training program in environmental toxicology (NIH T32 ES007028). Today the Core Center and training programs continue to provide much of the research and training infrastructure for the Center in Molecular Toxicology, but several other programs and initiatives are now included under the Center’s administrative umbrella:

55. Welcome To ISRTP Home Page
The International Society of Regulatory toxicology and Pharmacology.
ISRTP The International Society of
about us members' room achievement award the journal ... sponsors
Who w e are . . . The purpose of the Society is to provide an open public forum for policy makers and scientists promoting sound toxicologic and pharmacologic science as a basis for regulation affecting human safety and health, and the environment. n about us n members' room n u pdate your ISRTP membership n a chievement award n the journal n sponsors n contact ISRTP Join our mailing list. Register for email updates here.
(enter your email address and click Sign Up button)
Get meeting updates and useful industry insights Become A Member Today
Register online to become
an ISRTP Member today and
Pay with PayPal.
Contact Us
I SRTP Workshop:
Conducting and Assessing the Results of Endocrine Screening
Lister Hill Center Auditorium (NIH Building 38A) Bethesda, MD Call for Papers and Posters “DOSE-RESPONSE 2008” The 7th Annual International Conference: Dose-Response 2008: Implications for Toxicology, Medicine, and Risk Assessment

56. ToxForum Home
The toxicology Forum is an international, nonprofit organization that is The toxicology Forum aims to provide a scrupulously balanced approach to the
Flash Movie var fo = new SWFObject("/ToxForumContent/images/flash/home.swf","flashMovie","400","141","","#1E77D3"); fo.write("flashcontent"); fo.addParam("movie", "/ToxForumContent/images/flash/home.swf");fo.addParam("wmode", "transparent"); Home About ToxForum Members Portal Membership Next Meeting Recent Meetings Archived Meetings Resources Site Map Contact Us Search in All Quick Links... Individual Membership Winter Meetings Recent Meetings Next Meeting The Toxicology Forum is an international, nonprofit organization that is devoted to conducting open dialogues among various segments of society  concerned with problems in toxicology.  At our meetings, views are exchanged among experts from domestic and international government regulatory and health agencies, industry, academia,  political policymakers, and public interest groups. The Toxicology Forum aims to provide a scrupulously balanced approach to the topics and issues presented at The Forum, with alternative positions presented for each issue. The unique, non-adversarial atmosphere of Toxicology Forum meetings promotes uninhibited, productive discussions that are unencumbered by a need to arrive at consensus. Upcoming Meeting:
The 34th Annual Summer Meeting
To learn more about the 34th Annual Summer Meeting click here.

57. NTP: Center For The Evaluation Of Risks To Human Reproduction (CERHR)
Resource for the latest information about potentially hazardous effects of chemicals on human reproduction and development.
The NTP-CERHR Brief (Draft) on Hydroxyurea and request for public comments; Federal Register Final Expert Panel Report for Bisphenol A evaluation now available and request for public comments FR notice Draft Meeting Summary of the Expert Panel Evaluation of Bisphenol A (August 6-8, 2007) now available Announcement of Second Bisphenol A Expert Panel Meeting August 6-8, 2007 and request for comments on Interim Draft Expert Panel Report ; on Bisphenol A; Federal Register Announcement of second Expert Panel Meeting on Bisphenol A and availability of Interim Draft Expert Panel Report Federal Register Meeting Summary of the Expert Panel on Bisphenol A The NTP-CERHR Expert Panel Report on Hydroxyurea and request for public comments; Federal Register Meeting Summary of the Expert Panel on Hydroxyurea Announcement of Expert Panel meeting on Bisphenol A and request for comments on the Draft Panel Report Federal Register The NTP-CERHR Briefs on Genistein and Soy Formula (Drafts) and request for public comments; Federal Register Guidelines for CERHR Expert Panel Members Media Advisory: Independent Panel Evaluates Potential Health Risks of Bisphenol A (July 30, 2007)

58. Toxicology Abstracts
Every day, in all branches of toxicology, research uncovers new risks associated with the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and by products of our age.
Natural Miracles: What Functional Foods Can Do for You? Quick Links Field Codes
Serials Source List

Toxicology Abstracts
Subject Coverage
    Major areas of coverage include:
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Food, Additives, and Contaminants
    • Agro-chemicals
    • Cosmetics, Toiletries, and Household Products
    • Industrial Chemicals
    • Metals
    • Toxins and Other Natural Substances
    • Social Poisons and Drug Abuse
    • Polycyclic Hydrocarbons
    • Nitrosamines and Related Compounds
    • Radiation and Radioactive Materials
    • Methodology
    • Legislation and Recommended Standards
    Dates of Coverage
      1981 - current
    Update Frequency
      Monthly, with approximately 1,030 new records added
      Over 230,548 records as of March 2008
    Print Equivalent
      Toxicology Abstracts
      7200 Wisconsin Avenue
      Bethesda, MD 20814 USA
      800-843-7751 (in N. America)
      Voice: +1 301-961-6700 (worldwide)
      Fax: +1 301-961-6720
    Sample Record
      TI: Title
      Immune Modulation by Cadmium and Lead in the Acute Reporter Antigen-Popliteal Lymph Node Assay AU: Author Carey, John B; Allshire, Ashley; van Pelt, Frank N

59. National Pesticide Information Center - West Nile Virus Pesticides And Toxicolog
The links on this page provide information on pesticides and toxicology from various resources, including NPIC, Extension toxicology Network (EXTOXNET),
W est N ile V irus P esticides and T oxicology Are you wondering if pesticides are being used for mosquito control in your state? Please check our state information page for more information. For more information about pesticides, please use the resources available at the following links or contact us at 1-800-858-7378 to speak with a Pesticide Specialist.

60. Center For Research On Occupational And Environmental Toxicology (CROET)
Scientists, educators, information specialists at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) conducting occupational safety and health research in the
Your browser does not support script Workplace performance factors
  • Cellular mechanisms that control sleep:wake cycles Job performance in shift workers Computer-based training methods to enhance worker safety training (e.g., ergonomics, respirator use)
Damage and Repair (e.g., post injury)
  • Assessing nerve cell protein dynamics Using nanotechnology to enhance nerve growth Factors that govern the accuracy of nerve synapse formation Pharmacological interventions to enhance nerve regeneration Genetic models of neural degeneration
exposures and fatalities
  • Investigation of occupational fatalities in Oregon Effects of pesticide exposures assessed using exposure biomarkers and neurobehavioral testing Toxicant exposures in Gulf War veterans Toxicants that disrupt protein transport in neurons
DNA damage, genetic alterations
and disease
  • Role of DNA repair in protecting the nervous system from genotoxin effects Gene silencing and cancer Mutations induced by ionizing irradiation, oxidative stress, and other genotoxins Ion channel mutations that underlie diseases
Neurotoxicogenomics and Child Health Representing a fundamental change in our approach to toxicology, toxicogenomics is a revolutionary new scientific discipline that studies the role of gene-environment interactions in disease and dysfunction.

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