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         Babbage Charles:     more books (21)
  1. Observations on the temple of Serapis at Pozzuoli near Naples; with an attempt to explain the causes of the frequent elevation and depression of large portions of the earth's surface in remote periods, and to prove that those causes continue in action at the present time. With a supplement. Conjectures on the physical condition of the surface of the moon by Charles, 1791-1871 Babbage, 2009-10-26
  2. Charles Babbage on the Principles and Development of the Calculator and Other Seminal Writings by Charles Babbage, 1984-06
  3. Charles Babbage: And the Engines of Perfection (Oxford Portraits in Science) by Bruce Collier, James MacLachlan, 1999-01-07
  4. Charles Babbage, Father of the Computer by Daniel Stephen Halacy, 1970-04
  5. Charles Babbage and the Story of the First Computer (Uncharted, Unexplored, and Unexplained) by Josepha Sherman, 2005-09-08
  6. Charles Babbage: Pioneer of the Computer by Anthony Hyman, 1982-07
  7. Charles Babbage: Passages from the Life of a Philosopher by Charles Babbage, 1994-05
  8. Shooting the Sun by Max Byrd, 2004-10-26
  9. Computers: From Babbage to Fifth Generation (History of Science) by Ron Schneiderman, 1986-04
  10. Doing Our Babbage by Ira Slobodien, 1992-02
  11. Charles Babbage (Groundbreakers) by Neil Champion, Charles Babbage, 2000-10
  12. Science and Reform: Selected Works of Charles Babbage by Charles Babbage, 1989-06-30
  13. The Mathematical Work of Charles Babbage by J. M. Dubbey, 1978-02-28
  14. Memoir of the Life and Labours of the Late Charles Babbage Esq. F.R.S. (Charles Babbage Institute Reprint) by H. W. Buxton, 1987-12-04

1. BBC - History - Charles Babbage (1791 - 1871)
Babbage was a British mathematician, an original and innovative thinker and a pioneer of computing.
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1 April 2008
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Charles Babbage (1791 - 1871)
Babbage was a British mathematician, an original and innovative thinker and a pioneer of computing. Charles Babbage was born on 26 December 1791, probably in London, the son of a banker. He was often unwell as a child and was educated mainly at home. By the time he went to Cambridge University in 1810 he was very interested in mathematics. After graduation Babbage was hired by the Royal Institution to lecture on calculus. Within two years he had been elected a member of the Royal Society and, with his Cambridge friends, was instrumental in setting up the Astronomical Society in 1820, the first to challenge the dominance of the Royal Society. From 1828 to 1839, Babbage was Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge. The 1820s saw Babbage work on his 'Difference Engine', a machine which could perform mathematical calculations. A six-wheeled model was initially constructed and demonstrated to a number of audiences. He then developed plans for a bigger, better, machine - Difference Engine 2. He also worked on another invention, the more complex Analytical Engine, a revolutionary device on which his fame as a computer pioneer now largely rests. It was intended to be able to perform any arithmetical calculation using punched cards that would deliver the instructions, as well as a memory unit to store numbers and many other fundamental components of today's computers. The remarkable British mathematician Ada Lovelace completed a program for the Analytical Engine but neither it, nor Difference Engine 2, were finished in Babbage's lifetime.

2. Charles Babbage
biographies of computer pioneers in the history of computing.

Charles Babbage
December 26, 1791 Teignmouth, Devonshire, UK
October 18, 1871, London, UK
Charles Babbage
principal papers
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Ada Lovelace, Difference Engine, Analytical engine, Science Museum London Achievement Charles Babbage designs the Difference Engine but the machine will never be realized. He also start plans for the Analytical engine. But it will be his son that realizes the project in part. Biography Charles Babbage was born in London on December 26, 1792 , the son of Benjamin Babbage, a London banker. As a youth Babbage was his own instructor in algebra, of which he was passionately fond, and was well-read in the continental mathematics of his day. Upon entering Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1811, he found himself far in advance of his tutors in mathematics. With Herschel, Peacock, and others, Babbage founded the Analytical Society for promoting continental mathematics and, reforming the mathematics of Newton, then taught at the university.

3. First Ever Computer [Archive] - PC World Forums
This gentleman here http// is widely regarded as having built the first computer.
PC World Forums PDA View Full Version : first ever computer newb. 25-10-2006, 11:46 AM am i correct in saying that the first ever computer was built by IBM and its purpose was to break the enigma?
i just need to clarify this.
thanks. 25-10-2006, 11:55 AM Nope, not even warm. (Although IBM's first computer WAS made by IBM . . .):thumbs: newb. 25-10-2006, 11:59 AM so, who built the very first computer then? Pete O'Neil 25-10-2006, 12:00 PM Depends what you define a computer as? newb. 25-10-2006, 12:06 PM the personal computer. or anything really that uses a computer; computer being something that processes and stores information. Greg 25-10-2006, 12:21 PM Depends what you define a computer as?That's the moot point. There were many 'computing' devices long before electronics came into it. The furthest back I know about is mechanical computers used in WW2 submarines for calculating angles for firing torpedoes. But I'm pretty certain computing machines were made long before then. Chris Randal 25-10-2006, 12:24 PM This gentleman here is widely regarded as having built the first computer.

4. Biography Center : Biographies Of Charles Babbage In Mathematicians
Biographies of Babbage Charles and, for more detail Biography of , , http//,
Home Suggest a Biography Forum Contact ... Highest Rated Browse by Letter : A B C D ... Z Babbage Charles -99999 ) Category ( Mathematicians suggest a correction
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5. Charles Babbage Biography
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Biography Base Home Link To Us Search Biographies: Browse Biographies A B C D ... Z Charles Babbage Biography Charles Babbage (December 26, 1791 – October 18, 1871) was an English mathematician, analytical philosopher and (proto-)computer scientist who was the first person to come up with the idea of a programmable computer. Parts of his uncompleted mechanisms are on display in the London Science Museum. In 1991, working from Babbage's original plans, a Difference Engine was completed, and functioned perfectly. They were built to tolerances achievable in the 19th century, indicating that Babbage's machine would have worked.
Early Years
Born in London, he was an alumnus of Trinity College, Cambridge and of Peterhouse, Cambridge. He graduated from Cambridge in 1814. In that same year, he married Georgiana Whitmore. They had eight children, but only three lived to adulthood. Mrs Babbage died in 1827.
Design of Computers
In recognition of the high error rate in the calculation of mathematical tables, Babbage sought to find a method by which they could be calculated by machine, which would not suffer the errors, fatigue and boredom of human calculators. This idea had come to him as early as 1812. Three different factors seem to have influenced him: a dislike of untidiness, his awareness of logarithmic tables, and work on calculating machines carried out by Wilhelm Schickard, Blaise Pascal and Gottfried Leibniz. In 1822, in a letter to Sir Humphrey Davy on the application of machinery to the calculation and printing of mathematical tables, he discussed the principles of a calculating engine.

6. Babbage Charles - The Definition
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7. Sho-Me Dictionary - B
Babbage, Charles. English mathematician, who lived from 1792 to 1871, and inventor, famous for his attempts to develop a mechanical computational aid he
Babbage, Charles English mathematician, who lived from 1792 to 1871, and inventor, famous for his attempts to develop a mechanical computational aid he called the analytical engine . Although it was never constructed and was decimal rather than binary (see Numeration ) in conception, it clearly anticipated the modern digital Computer . A scientist with extremely broad interests, Babbage probed the roles of learned societies and government in advancing science, and wrote on mass production and on what is now called operational research.

8. ACMS - Template
Charles Babbage. The Charles Babbage connection. Charles Babbage (17911871) was a prolific English scientist with a huge range of interests.
Charles Babbage
The Charles Babbage connection
Charles Babbage (1791-1871) was a prolific English scientist with a huge range of interests. Many biographies are available and two are provided as links below. Twice he worked on calculating machines.
  • By 1822 he had completed a design for his Difference Engine - a powerful automatic mechanical calculator with its own formatting printer. By 1870 he had a reasonably consistant set of plans for his very complex Analytical Engine - an automatic, programmable calculator. This would have been easy to distinguish from a modern computer by the steam engine required to run it. Even in a mechanical embodiment the programming concepts were right up to today.
He never completed his "Engines", but he did show that a programmable calculating device was conceivable. Virtually all the early computer builders knew of, and referred to his work. His descendants moved to Australia and NZ, with a demonstration unit of the Difference Engine, which the Powerhouse museum purchased.
Photo by Max Burnet Allan Bromley Professor Bromley was the world authority on Babbage's engines and he was involved in this purchase as well as being advisor to the British Science Museum on the first completed construction of the Difference Engine in 1991. He retired from the University of Sydney in 2001 and he was a president of the ACMS.

9. Babbage, Charles - MSN Encarta
Babbage, Charles (17911871), British mathematician and inventor, who designed and built mechanical computing machines on principles that anticipated
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Babbage, Charles
Encyclopedia Article Find in this article View printer-friendly page E-mail Multimedia 2 items Babbage, Charles (1791-1871), British mathematician and inventor, who designed and built mechanical computing machines on principles that anticipated the modern electronic computer . Babbage was born in Teignmouth, Devon, on December 26, 1791, and educated at the University of Cambridge , where he founded the Analytical Society. He was Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge from 1828 to 1839. He became a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1816, and was active in the founding of both the Royal Astronomical Society (1820) and the Statistical Society (1834).

10. Babbage, Charles : Computer Pioneers : History - Mega Net
Login. mega net. Search Mega Net. Home Computing Computer Science General Resources History Computer Pioneers Babbage, Charles
Login Search Mega Net: Home Computing Computer Science General Resources ... Computer Pioneers : Babbage, Charles Detailed biography of the creator of the first mechanical calculator, who, "abhorred street musicians"! An informative and amusing account. Babbage, Charles - MSN Encarta Encyclopedia article offers related Web links, images, and a biographical paragraph regarding this 19th century inventor. Babbage, Charles - Project Gutenberg Download "Reflections on the Decline of Science in England" written by Charles Babbage. Offered in .txt and .zip format. Babbage, Charles - The Babbage Pages Biography and profile of the life and work of the nineteenth-century pioneer of computing. Notes on his Devonshire background, from Exeter Uni. Babbage, Charles - Find an archive of articles about the designer of the mechanical calculator. See a list of other articles which mention him.

11. Babbage Charles, Biographies, College Term
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Babbage, Charles
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13. Babbage Charles
8644206 © BSIP/PHOTO RESEARCHERS. BABBAGE CHARLES. Collection Photo researchers. Charles Babbage (17921871), British mathematician and professor at
# 8644206 © BSIP/PHOTO RESEARCHERS BABBAGE CHARLES Collection Photo researchers.
Charles Babbage (1792-1871), British mathematician and professor at Cambridge, colored artwork. He is a founding father of computer science. He worked on the theory of functions and algebra, and invented an ophthalmoscope. In 1833 he produced a difference engine, a mechanical device to compile logarithms. He began designing an analytical engine that would be capable of executing any sequence of arithmetic instructions. It was to use punched cards and possess a memory for holding results. Lady Ada Lovelace (Lord Byron's daughter) helped in the design. However, funds ran out and the machine was not completed. Babbage's work used many principles now used in modern computing. Babbage Charles Babbage Personnalité BSIP 34, rue Villiers-de-l'Isle-Adam 75020 Paris Tel 33-(0)

14. Economy Of Machinery And Manufactures By Babbage, Charles
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From the PREFACE: "The present volume may be considered as one of the consequences that have resulted from the calculating engine, the construction of which I have been so long superintending. Having been induced, during the last ten years, to visit a considerable number of workshops and factories, both in England and on the Continent, for the purpose of endeavouring to make myself acquainted with the various resources of mechanical art, I was insensibly led to apply to them those principles of
generalization to which my other pursuits had naturally given

15. Definition Of "babbage Charles" At Dictionary And Thesaurus
1 definition found From The Free Online Dictionary of Computing (27 SEP 03) foldoc Babbage, Charles {Charles Babbage}. Definitions retrieved on February
definition found
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (27 SEP 03) [foldoc]:
Charles Charles Babbage Definitions retrieved from local copies of the freely distributed DICT client/server software and databases

16. Timeline 1871-1874
( 1871 Oct 24, Anti Chinese rioting took place in Los Angeles. A mob in Los Angeles hanged 16 Chinese men and
Timeline 1871-1874
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1871 Jan 3, Henry W. Bradley patented oleomargarine in Binghamton, NY.
(440 Int'l. 1/3/99)
1871 Jan 8, Prussian troops began to bombard Paris during the Franco-Prussian War.
(HN, 1/8/99)
1871 Jan 17, The 1st cable car patented by Andrew S. Hallidie. It began service in 1873.
(MC, 1/17/02)
1871 Jan 18, William I of Prussia was proclaimed "German Emperor" (which was not the same thing as "Emperor of Germany") in Versailles, France.
(AP, 1/18/07)
1871 Jan 26, A US income tax, established during the Civil War, was repealed.
(MC, 1/26/02)(WSJ, 9/25/02, p.D8) 1871 Jan 28, France, under a provisional republican government, continued the war against Germany, but was forced to surrender in the Franco-Prussian War. Surrounded by Prussian troops and suffering from famine, the French army in Paris surrendered. During the siege, balloons were used to keep contact with the outside world. (V.D.-H.K.p.260)(AP, 1/28/98)(HN, 1/28/99) 1871 Jan, The bombardment of Paris began.

17. Calculating Machines – Web Listings
http// The Birth of the Machine Raymundus Lullus and His Invention The idea of programming a calculating
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calculating machines . Most of them were the work of one man, Calculating machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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19. Charles Babbage - - Hakukone Joka
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20. Babbage, Charles - Further Reading - Ninemsn Encarta
ninemsn HomeHotmailMy ninemsnSign in. Go to ninemsn Home encarta®. HomeEncyclopediaDictionariesMultimediaStudy CentreQuizzesMore. Additional Reference
var s_account="msnportalencartaau"; ninemsn Home Hotmail My ninemsn Sign in ... More Additional Reference Thesaurus Bilingual Dictionaries Sidebar Primary Resources Homework Resources Foreign Language Help Times Archive Literature Guides ... Project Starters Support Encarta Products Encarta Answers Encarta Worldwide Help ... Go to article Further Reading from Encarta Further Reading offers additional information about your topics. Babbage, Charles Test your knowledge Babbage, Charles Champion, Neil. Charles Babbage. Heinemann Library, 2000. Collier, Bruce, and MachLachlan, James. Charles Babbage and the Engines of Perfection. Oxford Portraits in Science, Hyman, Anthony. Charles Babbage: Pioneer of the Computer. Lindgren, Michael. Glory and Failure: The Difference Engines of John M¼ller, Charles Babbage, and Georg and Edvard Scheutz. Swade, D. Charles Babbage and his Calculating Engines. Science Museum, 1991. back to top © 2007 Microsoft

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