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  1. The Wall Decoration of Three Theban Tombs (CNI Publications) by Lise Manniche, 1988-01
  2. Araby the Blest (CNI Publications)
  3. Studies in Zoroastrian Family Law: A Comparative Analysis (CNI Publications) by Bodil Hjerrild, 2003-07
  4. Aus Der Buchhaltung Des Weinmagazins Im Edfu-tempel: Der Demotische P. Carlsberg 409 (Cni Publications) (German Edition) by Maren Schentuleit, 2006-11-30
  5. The Petese Stories II (Cni Publications 29: the Carlsberg Papyri) (No. 2) by Kim Ryholt, 2006-01
  6. The Carlsberg Papyri 2: Hieratische Papri Aus Tebtunis, I (Cni Publications) (v. 2) by Jurgen Osing, 1998-10
  7. Archive of Wullu Family (CNI Publications) by Katarzyna Grosz, 1988-01
  8. Babylonian Liver Omens: The Chapters Manzazu, Padanu, and Pan Takalti of the Babylonian Extispicy Series Mainly from Assurbanipal's Library (Cni Publications, 25) by Ulla Koch-Westenholz, Ulla Susanne Koch, 2000-09
  9. Miscellanea Hasaitica (CNI Publications) by D. Potts, 1989-01
  10. Supplement Pre Islamic (CNI Publications) by Dan T. Potts, 1994-01
  11. The Story of Petese Son of Petetum and Prophet of Atum at Heliopolis: 35 Other Stories (Cni Publications, 23) by Kim Ryholt, 1999-10
  12. Educating Middle Class Daughters: Private Girls Schools in Copenhagen, 1790-1820 (CNI Publications) by Carol Gold, 1996-01
  13. Grundriss Des Laufes Der Sterne: Das Sogenannte Nutbuch (Cni Publications: Carlsberg Papyri 8) (German Edition) by Alexandra Von Lieven, 2007-12
  14. Natufian Chipped Lithic (CNI Publications) by Charlotte Hoffmann Pedersen, 1995-01

1. F2006 - Download Everything -
CNI_F2006_CHUCK_HENRY.mp3 mp3 http// CNI F2006 CHUCK HENRY.mp3 More details Save to quick list Save to mp3 quick list
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2. File: Dvbsnoop-1.3.77/src/ebu/vps.c
CNI_1_4 = outBit_Sx (v, CNI reserved , b+2, 4, 4);. if (CNI_1_4 0x0F) out_nl (4, = Unenhanced VPS );. else out_nl (4, = Enhanced VPS );
var grownUpBrowser = false; @import "/include/css/markup-base.css"; @import "/include/css/markup-white.css"; black prefs Function Names Function Type Returned Function Arguments Functions Called Structure Names Class Names Macro Names Union Names Package Names Package Descriptions File Names Include Names Comments
Limit results to this file File Information Path: dvbsnoop-1.3.77/src/ebu/ Name: vps.c Lines of Code: Total Lines: File Size: 4.16 kB Package: dvbsnoop-1.3.77
  • $Id: vps.c,v 1.3 2004/03/10 21:05:53 rasc Exp $ DVBSNOOP a dvb sniffer and mpeg2 stream analyzer tool (c) 2001-2004 (rasc) misc routines for EBU Video Programming System EN 300 231 8.2.2 $Log: vps.c,v $ Revision 1.3 2004/03/10 21:05:53 rasc WSS (Wide Screen Signalling) data decoding Revision 1.2 2004/03/09 21:57:58 rasc VPS decoding (fix NPP) Revision 1.1 2004/03/09 20:59:22 rasc #include " dvbsnoop.h " #include " vps.h " #include " strings/dvb_str.h
    $factor %z9 %3 2 $cal %3=0 %3(CNI_NI_+1)=-1 %3(IT_)=%3(IT_)+1 $! %3 - time variable (output) $cal IND_=1 IND_(CNI_)=1-NI_ IND_=%cu(IND_) $!
    <200, 2= 200-219,3=220-259,4=260+ ! BP BLOOD PRESSURE IN MM MERCURY ! 1= < %R < %N , < %A < %Z ! $CA %Z1 = (%R =%N)?(%A =1)?(%A>=%Z)?(%I <=0)$SW %Z1 BERR$! $DEL R_ LR_ P_ NR_ NLR_$CA %G = 1+(%Z-%A)/%I$! $VAR %G R_ LR_ P_ NR_ NLR_$! $CA P_ = %A+%I*(%CU(1)-1) : %P = %R/%N ! : %Z3 = %R*%LOG(%P)+(%N-%R)*%LOG(1-%P)! : LR_ = %R*%LOG(P_)+(%N-%R)*%LOG(1-P_)-%Z3! : R_ = %EXP(LR_)! : NLR_ = -0.5*%N*((P_-%P)**2)/(%P*(1-%P))! : NR_ = %EXP(NLR_)! $PLOT R_ NR_ P_ '+*'$PR 'Relative likelihood (' *i %r ' out of ' *i %n ! ') + is exact, * is normal approx.';;$! $PLOT LR_ NLR_ P_ '+*'$PR 'Log relative likelihood (' *i %r ' out of '! *i %n ') + is exact, * is normal approx.';;$! $LOOK(S=1) P_ R_ NR_ LR_ NLR_$! $DEL P_ R_ NR_ LR_ NLR_$! $ENDM ! $M BERR ! $PR '*** Error in macro BINREL - one of the following restrictions' '*** has been violated: < %R < %N , < %A < %Z < NI_)*%fv)+%cu((%Z3==NI_)*D_*%fv) $! $cal HAZ_(%Z3)=WJ_(%Z3)/%Z4 $! $endmac ! $macro ITRC ! $use CNDJ %1 $! $fit #MODEL $! $cal %Z7=%Z7+1 $! $use CNDI $! $use DEVU %z8 %1 %fv %pw $cal %z8=%z8-2*%1*%log(HAZ_(NI_)) $! $cal %z5=%if(%z5

    4. Leopard42's Photo Album - BlogNow
    CNI_(20).jpg, New_Image.JPG. P1160010a.jpg, PC080022ab.jpg, Yachties_mexican_night.jpg. sunsets.jpg, Birthday_girl.jpg, Selling_fish.jpg. Water_spout.jpg
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    5. SharkScope - The Largest Online Poker Tournament Results Database
    Online Player Directory. Please click on a username below to view that player s tournament statistics. Home CNI_. CNI_Toledo (FullTilt)

    6. .:|SBCSS - - |:.
    C I Administrators AVID CTAP District Accountability Support Department Division Office/Support Team English Learners/PROMISE Initiative QEIA
    AVID CTAP District Accountability Support Department Division Office/Support Team ... Board of Education
    San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools
    Dr. Herbert R. Fischer For additional information, please contact: by e-mail or by calling Last Updated:20070529 Curriculum and Instruction News...
    Forty-six Projects Win San Bernardino County History Day Titles

    County History Day Competition Scheduled For March 22

    Dona Merced Elementary To Hold Reading Buddies Recognition Ceremony

    Diplomas Count 2007: Ready for What? Preparing Students for College, Careers, and Life After High School

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    7. JSTOR Comparison Between Two Dynamic Perishable Inventory Models
    Fries 1 analyzed the functional equations Cn(x) = min {cy + L(x + y) + 0 JS (xi t)f(t) dt y o (1) + a fo CNI_(s(y, x, t))f(t) dtl OPERATIONS RESEARCH,<168:CBTDPI>2.0.CO;2-S

    8. CNI - Consignment Information - UN/CEFACT Revision 1998A Segment List
    Function To identify one consignment. This segment also occurs in the following versions of this standard D93A, D94A, D94B, D95A, D95B, D96A, D96B, D97A,
    Frames No Frames Return to Stylus Studio EDIFACT home page.
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    CNI -
    Consignment information
    UN/CEFACT Revision 1998A Segment List
    Function: To identify one consignment. This segment also occurs in the following versions of this standard:
    Pos Segment M/C Repeat Repr. Notes Consolidation item number C n..4 DOCUMENT/MESSAGE DETAILS C Document/message number C an..35 Document/message status, coded C an..3 Document/message source C an..70 Language, coded C an..3 Consignment load sequence number C n..4
    Pos Position M/C M andatory or C onditional Repr. Representation (Data or Content Type)
    Segment CNI is used in the following messages: COSTCO COSTOR CUSCAR CUSEXP ... plus sign An addition. asterisk Addition/substraction/change to a code entry for a particular data element. hash or pound sign Changes to names. vertical bar Changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions. minus sign A deletion. letter X Marked for deletion.
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    9. Jamsquad -
    Since the start in October 2004, Hyves has grown into Holland s most popular website, with over 5 million members and over 2 billion pageviews per month.
    var hyves_base_url = ''; var hyves_cache_url = ''; var CACHEDCONTENT_URL = ''; var hyves_aurigma_url = ''; var hyves_smiley_path = ''; var personalisedItemsSubdir = 'default'; var member_domainname = ''; suppressSiteErrors = true; //suppress default handler var global_member_id = 0; var global_member_username = ''; var global_member_fullname = ''; var global_member_smileypack = [0]; var global_wsa_key = ''; var global_wsa_member_id = ''; var global_wsa_url = ''; var global_member_nickname = ''; Member details Contact Help About us Username: Password My online status Online Busy Be Right Back Away In a call Out to Lunch Appear Offline Remember You are here: Hyves JAMSQUAD Photos The Iceman! ( onze losbol ) Search Members Artists Music Hyves Tips Hangouts Tags College School Company Club License plate

    10. [Flightgear-cvslogs] CVS: Data/Textures/Terrain Town.rgb, 1.2, 1.3 Pond.rgb, NON
    [Flightgear-cvslogs] CVS: data/Textures/Terrain Town.rgb, 1.2, 1.3 pond.rgb, NONE, 1.1 reservoir.rgb, NONE, 1.1
    Erik Hofman ehofman at
    Sun Oct 23 04:28:14 CDT 2005

    AU Jeong Whan Han and Chang Min Lee PP 332335 $$ LA eng TE Synthesis and physical properties of antiperovskite-type compound In_{0.95}CNI_{3} AU P.

    12. RootsWeb: WEST-L Fw: [WEST-L] Surname WEST...Crwaford
    There may be something missing after CNI_/ unfortunately, I punched a hole in that area, so can t be sure. If this doesn t help you, it may help someone
    writeHeader('760px','Mailing Lists');
    OAS_AD('Top'); WEST-L Archives Archiver WEST
    From: "Roger & Jean" <
    Subject: Fw: [WEST-L] Surname WEST...Crwaford
    Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 15:14:07 -0800
    Bill, I just came across a piece of information I printed out last year. My
    notes say "Located on rgx2417"

    There may be something missing after cni_/ unfortunately, I punched a
    hole in that area, so can't be sure.
    If this doesn't help you, it may help someone else. Jean Edwards Samuel West b abt 1805 Tennessee, wife Nancy Pointer b abt 1811 Missouri Children Polly b abt 1831 Missouri James b abt 1833 Missouri Nancy b abt 1835 Missouri John b abt 1836 Missouri Samuel b abt 1838 Missouri Betsy b abt 1840 Missouri Gideon b abt 1844 Missosuri Winna b Aug 22 1845 Missouri Married William David Pointer Nov 11, 1860 at Osage Cty, Missouri, Died Dec 12, 1884 Charles b abt 1846 Missouri William b abt 1849 Missouri - Original Message - From: "William West" <

    13. Wywyyzzzz{z{{ { ~}}}~~ ~ }~ ~~ ~~~~~~~} }~~~~~}~} G0p ~
    zm^`aCNI_^epzx {wqvx{yzsc^L8 47) ix }yz{sb^aljXRF33)+5=W^Z`aZPEN\ o r?_\cjq~ ynZcic\bflt } {qa\PE69$(
    <@6B9#/$. -Wp‡ˆ‰Š‰ˆ‰‰‡‰‰‰ˆ‡‰ˆˆˆ‡ˆ‡ˆˆˆ‡ˆ‡‚‚ƒƒƒƒ„…„„…‚„„„„……„……„†…†††††…‡†††ˆ†‡‡†‡‡ˆ‡ˆ‡‡ˆ‡‡‰ˆˆ‰ˆˆ‡Š‰ˆ‰‰‰‰‰‰‰ŠŠˆŠˆŠŠŠŠŠ‰Š‰‰‰ŠŠŠˆŽƒlD*@9' 03SskjllrwywgXE/3//14;1/9= <8IA9C5)0H!!)$*6B†‰‡ˆˆ‰ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ‰‡ˆ‰ˆ‡‡†††‡‰‡ˆˆ‡‚‚‚ƒƒ„ƒ„ƒƒ„…ƒ„„…„…†………†††‡†††…††‡††‡†‡†‡‡‡ˆ‡‡ˆˆ‡ˆ‡ˆ‡ˆˆˆˆ‰‰‰ˆ‰Š‰Šˆ‰ˆŠ‰ˆ‰‰ˆ‹ŠˆˆŠŠŠˆˆ‹Š‰Šb2; <=1#"5Yimghmknorwp^VM(!00.075,5=75 <@=GVGPW8'0,dfdf`d`fZRQQY0]„……†‡‡†‡ˆ‡‡ˆ‡‡†‡†…†††‡‡††‡‡††††††††…†……†„„ƒ‚ƒƒ†„ƒ„„„„…„…ƒ…†…‡‚zhRdjfkdSb[^njaYakkdgqvf`eihfenpdam€YHWXXU INRZ`ebabZVRG; DIIGFIPWX^^Z[ZX)

    14. J).P,Q2V M ;LJ @R L@NX?6.D0YROB0C$A! 9 -CJ1 ]0;H*(KJU YB S+RZT
    SO\` WY= M)9O2B,U$/L@1VE)CNI_\)Q _P \?LTWDO+$0U DJ_P P =\ CXO?\/V MM = I)?*AWX _XGN/W YWCQ_N?H ?J7HA=E4/UK_V W_LN ^ W^^O ^G U M? ?

    15. HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Length 574035 Content-Type Text/plain
    }81 8 K O X ` CNI_ } F G +! stories/mumbles train/coverc
    <åœw <™_SnÍf¡ÄRtý «Ïº ˆþL <ð[…ãFŸÏ¹lϺfÝνç5qž¦ëb2É < ÷áµe2YŒ²i>ÄRXwæxŸå•Öu›ý¨r' úˆ óôuÝAw` €0À` €0òŸ?ü>øàâ ÇK¶nÝJ 4 ÚõQ»¡‹¨oÙê <ÁœÁû¯ÔkÒZ­âs‚r½oˆ¹îFχá <–Z6è@íۖ§ÉóÌ~øaºæškèÑG­°olo#è:` €0ÀÙa@ÏKé³ðp¥Ž÷Ӎ¯ð: Žð <‡×ñ¾+O ÏøäÜ·.úŒþl.î_ZôKjT÷º¾aÁ¹ xͧe~'î™×ñ>-w <¼—Ê+OÝ£b% upKlŒ¨]ëjß°ßl>¹³Ÿ§ÞªU+êÒ§?ÍY½:vì¨ÎŸéÛr <г3½üäÝUOy98›ç‹ÁÙǗ.›Ec†ô¡ºujS½`¯½ÓÔQƒ¨IQCzö¾#Y—“÷xá¼%qš§î¹–5¨O÷ß¿s,W¶DžhCª‚nCƏ¯b /¿ü2ñʼÇ*¯…áµ1§ÿåtêo_¥nýÒú·d%¾ÁçÕ®U'tÿ‘gžy†Ægð„ÅFÒyr§u´`f5¿æ‰×Þ¤¦Í[ѦA·«³‹JKKiæ̙Jü?ÞÏ»*l ñõ4”Ž= û[ö³ þþI? ]@` €0À( <—íGû£ºž‡+嘳JŽ8ârœÏ <¤¢,ÄFæL1 <¾ÿ ihhå4µÝ”¥ êÒÛzó`Ú]–RŽg§ KÓEÑØ/“»É­öÑa <žS$sMòt~™œ´âwÕЧ]¸­Rr¸YN6¢Ÿ^•ƒðþú¨’½1~½:ٍ͓øˆfŒÚÅË, bý†‘ÅâÅGäâú»cbM <ôUÆRAMe嚴“×¼K°Í@…§x×Ö`ËâZ /ó š‚K¥‘ R!¾¿ò‹êUÈPòÐ×ØË÷W=Qˆu¡ù(éøUJÞç'Úc«PYúíד <û gj”ÅxO-,%¯ˆÖÑvt-šåbC›¡ úwÎgyÝho_½ÎÛ^ãýԙÅ.K12SNÿ¹Y]® <"C ¾äëg!þàãcޞæèoA. †³„›;ˬôô²¥èüÞq÷²w NŽîŒõÓa <ÊЖ -,*ÇwƒÆf‚Düc¡:6§õ)Fš'ñqñea»ç(wEږ®Ï™‰–Ó¶Å^Äaø‹Öë_B3Ï ‘–®²É ûêÑ*d_ʶ±hÕJù8 íø™Úörrbª·° <áÞaä«D S¡Èí‹·î †³HCv <9 œ@§qx <Ö‚by <μÝЀ,²•KèìY¯ñ@§â…Å7Ý z’ÕhCVzà=Š`Ê»e]¬G,' H(:”àPúa!ž>+-’ßBáèEÂX6Œ

    16. - M.e.f.a.r.h.a.n.a. - 21 - Female -
    ko pn dah xde jew kat CNI_ xde org jew nk teman aku shopping_ =( skang ssh jew nk contact ngn ko_ wei pic aku lam laptop hang camne_

    17. Gleaner, The (Newspaper) - September 24, 1974, Kingston, Kingston
    Corp Doug 10 sued report to How 124 Merck Co CNI_ 34.000 108.000 49.000 RH 28 Sales and Miscellaneous the Denunciation Interest Set Profit before Taxes
    THE DAILY 1974 N STOCK EXCHANGE was fair volume was only Ten resulting in three four holding firm and declines were up lOc to STOCK CLOSING MONDAY 1914 Air Reduc 11 ppb Alcan Alum 27 Man Allied Che 83.4 Allied Stor Jones 233 Chalm Alcoa 26.4 Am -20 Am M 25.4 fcw T j up to and Jamaica Telephone up Ic to Can holding firm were Group Jamaica Flour Am Cyan Alrc Royal Batik and Jamaica Livestock Am Share it declining were Kc low of Goodyear down and jAm T T Oil i Ami Co Ine Composite Itf Field i Mar Utilities 30.04 Rich Matsu El The Directors Cement have Corp Doug 10 sued report to How 124- Merck Co cni_ 34.000 108.000 49.000 RH 28 Sales and Miscellaneous the Denunciation Interest Set Profit before Taxes Provision for Taxes Net Profit after Taxes Amount of Issued Ordinar Stock Profits per stock IBen Corp 329 000 I Beth Steel 11.000 Boise Cas 447.000 200.000 Borg War Bristol My Brunswick Lynch Miles Lav I Oil 35 Monogram 1 Monsanto 52 22 38'siMorgan 9 1 Nabisco BANK tnf Ind Distil cents 3.08 Corp Camp Soup Indust Can Pac North Air 23 FRANKFURT Sept 23 C Pet A group of European and South American banks today an- Cater Trac Corp formation American Bank in London with equally held by the GBS Celan Corp 23 two groups to extend credit for financing Corp Pacific ipr M and to strengthen relations between Man WA SO Cen j The wrs issued bv West Germany's second Sys 40 j Pepsi Cola Corp Pfizer Chas projects in Latin Amer Continents Bank of Jamaica Rales Genii DEMAND ITEMS AND TELEGRAPHIC Can EC TT Bar Guy BUYING 80.7500 209.9375 92.2500 43.7798 40.3237 91.2500 211.9375 43.9993 43.9993 43.9993 40.5259 Ptr Per Per Per Per Per Per Per Per Sterling Can EC TT S S Franc 1.00 It Lira 100.00 12 Deu Marks 1.00 Swiss Fr 1.00 currency Per Per F Sterling JSUn Per Can rates are applicable in all banki today Sept THE Stock Market was mixed at the close of trading today Preliminary index figures down to 1 Golds up 4.85 to 333.07 Base Metals up 28 to 67.08 and Oils up 69 to 141.88 Final volume was 1.58 shares Compared with 1.93 millian Friday World Food Authority A world food authority to monitor food production and channel funds into the tural of developing tries will be proposed at the November meeting of the United Nations World Food Con- ference in Rome The already ted to participating No IUT BOOST in Prr metric ot currently reach reach tons by 1978 Ex- per lnT tbl pf the mine figures least two morel ties closures The Frankfurter E a very small private of which had told by Credit to close no output of OPEC States Crude oil production to ber states the Petroleum Countries in the state of is Ithe biggest private sector project in Mexico and in Latin and its completion is expected to require 36 months and perhaps longer He noted crucial factor which will future increased by i iper cent in another small Annual Review and Be- the increase than has been closed rate of be the because of financial rate tent to the so-called works Mexican pesos is which 6 per cent will be by Comission de Fomento 38 per cent by Nacional and 56 per cent by an tional consortium of private of demands in Services Company been policy of i social forms from the present Labour Government If this contract does not it is likely that inflation will worsen Unlike many economists have suggested graf increase could have been the report if Austrian Finance member countries had not Hannes said that the i curtailed their output during the banks insolvency had nothing to quarter of 197.3 CO With tno with the general situation banks in Austria deflationary appropriate CLOSER WATCH would include an agricultural i banks loan having measures as tne appropriate development fund 50 per cent of to the private means of combatting resources would be con- Mexicans de Cobre Healy is committed to an A t by oil producing the guarantee of Nacional expansionary programme Other irx tries and the balance by other ciera countries like the United UN members on the basis of West Germany and Franci contributions The -air CUrtail The funds would be spent directly by the food authority or channelled multilateral tions mated that the construction stage BANK WORKERS Surveillance of International 1973 production ol Jamaica about 31 million barrels o day ja total of million tons I represents about 55.8 per cent ot the global crude oil output last which reached some 55.5 trillion barrels day or tons through existing of the project provide financial jobs and that when operations the mine will employ about Survey j people The of are close to 700 the project the extraction of ican De Colombia Y Mexico Banco De 211 8 commercial Bank ra Banque Londor Vienna The Latin American Banco De i Mexico ue Cop Banco Do Brasil Banco til De Sao Paulo S.A Sao plus one major batik each from Cont Met IT Argentina and from Venezuela Inter- Corn Glass H OJI Intre Dutch 26 Alaska CAS A joint venture lo mill three exploratory in the Crown zel bue area has by Standard Oil pnd the Northwest Area Native Inc Standard is under contract to carry oat oil and gas explora SUGAR LONDON 23 Futures closed steady Purina 348.50 317.25 05.50 Hay 294.50 Aug 269.65 61.80 New Price for Cocoa The International Cocoa Council ended a five-day meeting in London with a ion to the range by a effective to a ot a pound The current world market price of per is substantially above the but the Council foresaw varied widely among member output other in order to attain finance ministers and central cPnt and 3.6 their objective bankers of France Germany while I Bank of Jamaica the United the 60.000 trns a equivalent toj tons of concentrate tight and strengthened in with c Government an agreement reached in Paris and Libya 8.5 Ecuador the highest rate with and the States a 28.4 per cent gain in output France Stavs Out agreed that Stays UUt tral banks would help rko and foreign banks range Ji 01 tne rv liquidity problems and that growth The French Finance authorities would werfe P61 cent for M Jean-Pierre Fourcade has up their surveillance of 24.4 per cent for Abu GOLD PRICES Sept 23 Gold prices in o IMF Survey j announced that France does not operations and foreign exchange Dhabi 25.9 per cent for Saudi intend to return to the European transactions Arabia and 26 2 per cent for currency in the The meeting also in Iraq future A return would to co-ordinate the be conceivable if conditions were line ol the oil deficit The OPEC noted of iho versifying and strengthening the that although the Middle East S recycling oil most of the crude oil A position of the The finance ministers in the main consuming on international monetary adopt these recycling Its total refining capacity T Aft t j s per ounce London I lems was considered by the which remain secret for was only million barrels Frankfurt ister as an indispensable pre- the time being first in day in 1973 or 4.5 per cent more i cott Paper 11 River Roe is to carry oat on and gas OJ K tion for the Native groin the in its 5 under of the Alaska Claims inent Act of Air Inc airlifted an entire drill rig more than one pounds from the Kotzebue 11 is the first such rig to be transported area also company to announce for k ploratory Throe other oil companies have con- tracts with native out exploration t al Tire T R Sun Oil Brinkerhoff Inc do 23 camp will oe airlifted from Fairbanks to Kotzebue to Ym 5 Oct 44.00 the possibility of a in prices for tnG if m Daily Sugar price per ion development should occur 148 any move in this own then on a thar 1972 pound Survey of Survey Rwy Oil Ca 23 Strt In Sttl Oil Ohio 43 i Drug Worth 24 KorS Elec In Month 3 6 Months 32 LONDON CLOSING SEPTEMBER 23 195.4 U.S Eurodollars For Amounts Of Or Over Or Over 11 1 11 IS II 10 11 nr 10 lv Gen Genesco Inc Cent Georgia Pac Ltd y I lv 9 I Oil Un ley 12 S 10 KINGSTON STOCK EXCHANGE CLOSING MONDAY 23RD SEPTEMBER 1574 Comp Indus INDICES BASE Low t t Vol OOs 90 42 49 50 05 65 83 70 20 22 50 15 00 70 3 40 58 28 54 47 30 75 2.07 30 1.04 50 45 1.63 55 42 43 BNS Group Cement XD C Sleel SOe Car Gr XB CCJ CMP Courts DAG Gleaner ar -Ja Ins Co Ja XB Bank 1C Inn Hoar 4 PS Ji Tel Lait 3.30 40 Bid SI SI SOe Group Lai Carp L XD Lift of XiV Moat Ice MOM Nat SOe 51 Oc Sl 115 -0 oO 1.07 45 1.01 50 45 2.00 60 42 1.00 35 15 24 50 1 3 ffl 3.20 35 60 35 65 25 BO 1.05 1.06 47 2.00 62 40 1.00 34 i Co B Ot All i P Indus US Steel Gulf Oil Tobacco i War Lam 22 j He Fargo Union Honeywell Eject 10 30.04 Inter Bus Inter Hare Che IntI Nickel Paper 40 Xerox Corp T Zenith Ri j LONDON STOCK CLOSING PRICES M Clou 58 40 40 84 1.07 Babcock Bowater i Bats 37 128 1 Bice Ox BP Cable Consols 90 Low Exch 1976 84 28 IAAC 63 Barlow 41 j j 81 38 242 26 JJ Courts SUSPENDED 27 I Bracken Un 85 Botswana 45 1.25 EMI Glaxo SUSPENDED K I Casts ul Cons Gold 213 205 680 5S j 169 -18 Debeers Def 50 3 3D j Guard 56 35 -.04 70 97 1.10 83 96 i on 03 3 in 1.55 17 18 JO Jam XD Me R Rov C nk WI Glass SV HIP V We Grp XD SI SI HiL Ja XD XD err XD XD 20 3.26 SO 65 Go SO 83 1.05 SO 3.29 50 20 so Grin i-j j jy A 1 95 Thorn I Tubes Unilever 90 Vickers FS Ged Gen Gold SA JCI Leslie i R p Brands 40 P Steyn 545 Sel Trust -34 ISt VS Tanks 155 Un Corp Welkom Dollars W Drie 168 iW Deep W Hold 33 900 IS 15 550 IE 130 150 270 250 325 300 31 52 MOM BONDS Askl j t vnv tnv ISM tnV Unset Cnv linice f Cnv Si 4 tne O last Adjusted jew issues splits etc j Kz Dividend XK Ix BUbU XB Fi S 50 LONDON STOCKS WINDS I Sept 23 Share prices dropped a broad front in low volume NEW At 1500 hrs the Index Next January the ban on ownership by 7.4 to 190.6 after touching a i Americans will end i IS vear low of 190.4 at Expectations rush to make Vs Wholesale in precious metals are getting ready to Industrials recorded falls up gold ingots in all sizes froni as small as half an ounce IOP amid and Money managers as disclosed in this column head of thH that the price may spurt sharply they add the upsurge won't more last long i uncertainty election and ber firms Stems about stock market The most powerful argument against buying gold bullion is doesn't do anything It just sits there and looks pretty It doe haying liquidity pn doesn't 1 earn interest on the money costs store and Government Bonds eased up to is a dust collector j S 3 in thin haying already i But there those who love the glitter of ownership recounted reduction now mostly in gold shares They will want he Bank of England's gold outright Thus gold shares will lose the favour of lending dealers said tors i were barely steady and gold shares easier on Insurances were Money managers say events recent months reveal out- unsettled by the Honduras for the economy and its financial markets and institution as and j treacherous Dollar stocks hardened while Australians retreated and were among sectors to lost ground Construction shares weakened several pence adverse Press comment on the of inflation Taylor Khed and J closed JP lower at of its results Booker McConnell and Parsons eased IP and JP but was little changed after its ing figures It is believed the highs in short-term and long-term interest rates may not come until near the year-end or later Belief is that any gains for the remainder of this year will be unsustainable because of the inflation reducing the power of Thus 1975 appears to be as one of continued mild recession That's what the stock market's price behaviour has been through August Without the nation's giant are going through a The action is moves from lowest level to of the top In one at this as many as five have been along with a dozen department i Dow Jones Averages NEW Sept 23 DOW Jones Stock r Open High Low Cloie Stocks Indus 657.78 663.72 Dn -7.041 Tran 133.54 UP 0.31 j 65.02 63.04 63.62 ITP 0.10 j i 205.95 208.54 202.27 204.13 Dn Mai i i BARCLAYS ACCOUNT Ws an extra special current account that created just for you It makes things a lot andless expensive too A Barclays V account gives free the special Barclays Guarantee Card which guarantees your cheques up to at any Barclays branch or in any of the hundreds of participating business establishments when you make a purchase Barclays Traveller's Cheques free of commission Barclays Manager's Cheques free ot commission Sounds top good to be true But it's really there Just for you if you're 21 or over and have a good credit rating Whether you bank with us or you can be a Barclays Come in and see us The Barclays it's Just fpr You ledger fee or service charges provided your account is in credit

    18. Page 3; Investigative Case Files Of The Bureau Of Investigation 1908-1922
    ft 1 * lnc cjf 1 * . trtatjoiu (i Marga s d , kaingcu , The CNI_ r_ _l_ Jlaiot co s1ar i , dlslo l ir T dteived himPnrtUlO_ to bif , od la ,
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    Page 3; Investigative Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation 1908-1922
    You are here: All Titles FBI Case Files Old German Files J B Daniels Page Source: The National Archives These case files cover important investigations by an agency of the US government later known as the FBI called the Bureau of Investigation They include tales of espionage during World War I case files for German aliens who were politically suspect records pertaining to Mexican neutrality and reports dealing with alleged violations of Federal laws Serious as well as far fetched accounts will give you a fresh insider s perspective to the history of this time period Information about this document:
    Publication Number: Publication Title:
    Investigative Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation
    Old German Files
    Case Number: Case Title:
    Suspect Name:
    J B Daniels
    Page: Collection Title:
    Investigative Reports of the Bureau of Investigation
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    19. Optimal Production Policies For Multistage Systems With Setup
    (1) and Cn(xn+l) = min Eyn{hn+l((n+ min{un,Yn}) + Kn(un) +Wnmin{un, Yn} +CNI_(min{un,Yn})}, n=1, ,N (2) 1 if Un 0 where 6(n) = otherwise.
    Optimal Production Policies for Multistage Systems with Setup Costs and Uncertain Capacities Juhwen Hwang Medini R. Singh Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering The University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2117 Technical Report 94-4 March 1994 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 3 9015 04735 3621

    20. Article 3 -- No Title; MOVEMENTS IN NEW-YORK. MOVEMENTS IN PENNSYLVANI... - Arti
    Irrfujn 1Kt t m the (l. wit be giver. to oll who are d uro acag is CNI_ . Fl. 13 DUIt1 3W, tian. , r C .curz., Div. Iuy), Utlircrs atu!

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