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  1. British Museum, set 81; Engravings by Albrecht Durer. 15 pictorial postcards by Albrecht (1471-1528). British Museum. Campbell Dodgson Durer, 1960
  2. Albrecht Durer: 1471-1528 (Masters of German Art)
  3. Das Druckgraphische Bild Nach Vorlagen Albrecht Dürers (1471-1528) Zum Phänomen Der Graphischen Kopie (Reproduktion) Zu Lebzeiten Dürers Nördlich Der Alpenaachener Bibliothek by Christiane Vogt, 2008
  4. Du¨rer : the complete engravings, etchings and woodcuts / [text by] Karl-Adolf Knappe by Albrecht (1471-1528). Karl-Adolf Knappe Durer, 2222
  5. Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) - Opere Grafiche. Mostra Realizzata in Collaborazione con la Deutsche Bibliothek Rom - Goethe Institut [Exhibition Catalog - Roma, Gennaio - Febbraio, 1971] by Hans [Curator]. Durer, Albrecht (1471-1528) Mielke, 1971-01-01
  6. Die kleine Passion / etchings by engarver A. Durer by Albrecht (1471-1528) Durer, 1930-01-01
  7. Albrecht Durer 1471-1528: Woodcuts and Engravings
  8. Albrecht Durer: The Feast of Rose Garlands by Albrecht (1471-1528) Durer, 1961
  9. Albrecht Durer 1471-1528. Graphik. Katalog by Albrecht Durer Museum Fur Kulturgeschichte, 1971-01-01
  10. Albrecht Durer 1471-1528 by Richard Ford HEATH, 1925-01-01
  11. Albrecht Durer 1471-1528 by London The Studio, 1928-01-01
  12. Albrecht Durer 1471-1528; A Study Exhibition of Print Connoisseurship by Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1970
  13. Engravings and Etchings By Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) by M. Knoedler & Company, 1929-01-01
  14. Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) Opere grafiche: Mostra realizzata in collaborazione con la Deutsche Bibliothek Rom - Goethe-Institut e a cura di Hans Mielke, Berlino Roma, gennaio-febbraio 1971 Museo di Roma - Palazzo Braschi by Multiple Authors, 1971

1. Albrecht Durer Online
Albrecht Durer German Northern Renaissance Painter and Engraver, 14711528 Guide to pictures of works by Albrecht Durer in art museum sites and image
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[German Northern Renaissance Painter and Engraver, 1471-1528]
Albrecht Duerer
Studied under Michael Wolgemut
Durer's students included Hans Baldung Grien Hans Suss von Kulmbach Georg Pencz Hans Leonhard Schaufelein and Jan van Scorel German artists engravers
Four Horsemen
of his Apocalypse series (1498), and his Knight, Death and Devil
Feast of the Rose Garlands
(1506), removed any doubt that, as well as a master of prints, he was an accomplished painter.
Self Portrait, 1500
T.L. Ponich (for the Artcyclopedia) Commercial Galleries: Galleries: We invite you to register and list your site (no charge for this service) Museums and Public Art Galleries: Albrecht Durer's House , Nuremberg, Germany Alte Pinakothek , Munich, Germany Art Institute of Chicago Collection Database NEW! Adam and Eve The Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand Dallas Museum of Art , Texas NEW! The Sea Monster , engraving, ca.1498 Albrecht Durer at the Detroit Institute of Arts , Michigan Drawings from the Biblioteca Ambrosiana , Milan Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Large collection of engravings Fitzwilliam Museum at the University of Cambridge , UK A river landscape , drawing, 1515-20 Fitzwilliam Museum PHAROS Website , Cambridge, UK Guggenheim Berlin Folio with The Rape of Europa , ca.1494/95

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GROUP TOURS Prints and Drawings, 14th-21st centuries Albrecht D¼rer Albrecht D¼rer, German Christ's Descent Into Limbo (from the Large Passion) Woodcut Albrecht D¼rer, German Flaggellation UVa home UVAM home Exhibitions Blogs ... Links Last Modified: Monday, March 31, 2008 19:12 EDT

3. Albrecht Durer Biography - Oil Painting Art Reproductions - Art Sender
Albrecht Durer Biography. Fine quality handpainted oil paintings, art reproductions for home and office decoration or interior art design.
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Albrecht Durer (1471-1528), German
The Apocalypse (1498), the Large Woodcut Passion cycle (ca. 1497–1500), and the Life of the Virgin (begun 1500). He went on to produce independent prints, such as the engraving Adam and Eve, and small, self-contained groups of images, such as the so-called Master Engravings featuring Knight, Death, and the Devil, Saint Jerome in His Study (1514), and Melancholia I, which were intended more for connoisseurs and collectors than for popular devotion. Their technical virtuosity, intellectual scope, and psychological depth were unmatched by earlier printed work.
More than any other Northern European artist, Dürer was engaged by the artistic practices and theoretical interests of Italy. He visited the country twice, from 1494 to 1495 and again from 1505 to 1507, absorbing firsthand some of the great works of the Italian Renaissance, as well as the classical heritage and theoretical writings of the region. The influence of Venetian color and design can be seen in the Feast of the Rose Garlands altarpiece (1506; Prague, Národní Galerie), commissioned from Dürer by a German colony of merchants living in Venice. Dürer developed a new interest in the human form, as demonstrated by his nude and antique studies. Italian theoretical pursuits also resonated deeply with the artist. He wrote

4. Durer, Albrecht Oil Painting Artworks List , Biography Of Durer, Albrecht
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Biography of Durer, Albrecht Durer, Albrecht
Text list of Durer, Albrecht oil paintings Adam 1507 Adam and Eve 1507 Adoration of the Magi 1504 Adoration of the Magi (detail) 1504 ... Oil Paintings Gallery Home 2006 . All right reserved . d.write("");

5. Albrecht Durer 
Albrecht Durer was born in Nuremberg, Germany on May 21, 1471, the second of eighteen children in the family of a master goldsmith of some repute.
Albrecht Durer (1471 - 1528) Albrecht Durer was born in Nuremberg, Germany on May 21, 1471, the second of eighteen children in the family of a master goldsmith of some repute. Fifteen of the children of this family died at an early age and Durer's mother was often sickly, especially in the last years of her life. Although his father was not pleased with his artistic ambitions, at the age of fifteen, Durer was apprenticed to a painter.
Durer started traveling in 1490; he was not quite nineteen. He had spent four years apprenticed to a master painter and engraver, Michael Wolgemut; he now set off to Colmar, to work under Martin Schongauer. But he took two years reaching Colmar, and when he did, Schongauer was dead. His restless wanderings across Europe included two trips to Venice and were capped by a year-long sojourn in The Netherlands, where he was a celebrity among celebrities, moving in a nimbus of fame through a circle that included Erasmus himself. In moving from Nuremberg to Venice, Durer reversed a whole direction of cultural priorities. The center to which German artists had previously looked were Bruges and Ghent in Flanders and the northern Gothic style shaped there by artists like the Van Eycks and Hugo van der Goes. What fascinated Durer was Italian humanism and all that flowed from the discovery of classical antiquity. But in fact, the trips to Venice did not radically change his style. They did give him confidence when Giovanni Bellini, the Venetian artist he most admired, became his friend. He said, "Here I am a gentleman, at home I am a parasite.", from which it appears that Durer knew more about the business of being a successful expatriate than most travelers ever discover.

6. Renaissance - Exploration - Themepark
http// Albrecht Durer http// Get to know Albrecht Durer.


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Renaissance Places To Go People To See Things To Do Teacher Resources Places To Go Great Buildings Online: Renaissance Architecture Visit the Ducal Palace in Urbino , Italy , the Pazzi Palace in Florence , and the Sforza Chapel in Rome . Visit the Library of Congress and browse through its primary sources and exhibits relating to the Italian Renaissance. Sistine Chapel Travel to the Sistine Chapel. It was built in 1473 under the direction of Pope Sixtus IV and contains the famous ceiling and side panels by Michelangelo. The ceiling contains nine Old Testament and 12 New Testament scenes and was completed between 1508 and 1511. St. Peters

7. Durer, Albrecht : Printmakers : Artists - Mega Net
Login. mega net. Search Mega Net. Home Entertainment Celebrities Artists Printmakers Durer, Albrecht. Durer, Albrecht Artchive
Login Search Mega Net: Home Entertainment Celebrities Artists ... Printmakers : Durer, Albrecht Durer, Albrecht - Artchive View an assemblage of paintings by this German artist. Includes links to other famous artists. Durer, Albrecht - Culture and History of Venice Read a brief biography of the Renaissance painter and printmaker, best known for his detailed woodcuts and copper engravings. Durer, Albrecht - Getty Museum View several works by the German draftsman, painter and printmaker. Includes biographical details and commentary on each piece. Durer, Albrecht - MSN Encarta Durer, Albrecht - Prints ...
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8. Dürer, Albrecht (1471-1528) , Art Links Gallery
Albrecht Durer, Albrecht, graphic artist, designer, albers josef, art, arts, artist, artists, fine art, painting, paintings, art gallery, realism,
Art Links Gallery
the most famous artist of Reformation Germany, widely known for his paintings, drawings, prints, and theoretical writings on art, all of which had a profound influence on 16th-century artists in his own country and in the Lowlands.
These include his woodcut series the Apocalypse (1498) and the engravings Large Fortune (1501-1502) and Adam and Eve (1504). Collectively these works and others of the period show his increasing technical mastery of the woodcut and engraving media, his understanding of human proportions based on passages by the ancient Roman writer Vitruvius, and his brilliant ability to incorporate the details of nature into believable pictures of reality. His Self-Portrait of 1500 (Alte Pinakothek, Munich), in which he portrayed himself as a Christ-like figure, summarizes in visual form his lifelong concern for the elevation of the artist's status above that of a mere artisan.
Leonardo Da Vinci

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Vincent Van gogh
... Toulouse-Lautrec,

9. Albrecht Durer
Portrait of Erasmus, 1520. Albrecht Durer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City http//

Albrecht Durer
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Learn about albrecht durer Looking for albrecht durer albrecht durer Find local business listings for albrecht durer near You! Albrecht Durer Online Albrecht Durer [German Northern Renaissance Painter and Engraver, 1471-1528] Guide to pictures of works by Albrecht Durer in art museum sites and image archives worldwide. ... Albrecht Durer art links. last verified Sept ... Portrait of Erasmus, 1520.

10. The Pantheist Index: Durer, Albrecht (1471 - 1528)
Durer, Albrecht (1471 1528) German artist whose lifelong interest in Nature provided the theme for some of his finest work. Up to Art
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11. Fine Art Presentations
e.Gallery Fine Art Presentations Durer, Albrecht pages An electronic Art Gallery (e.Gallery) and Archive site for the presentation of the fine artworks

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Art books and other products for artists to buy online Artist Names Durer, Albrecht Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) was a German Renaissance painter, engraver, draughtsman and woodcut designer. Dürer’s first visit to Italy led to a series of watercolours of the Alps and he was influenced by Italian artists, particularly Mantegna and Antonio Pollaiuolo. Dürer’s paintings include ‘Self-Portrait’ as Christ, ‘Adoration of the Magi,’ ‘The Feast of the Rose Garlands.’ He worked for Emperor Maximilian I from 1512 to 1519, during which time Dürer completed some of his most famous engravings including ‘Knight, Death, and the Devil.’ His last important work was ‘The Four Apostles.’ Durer (Colour Library) Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) was an artist of the Northern Renaissance, remarkable for the range and versatility of his work. His woodcuts and engravings made him famous throughout Europe and he is still one of the most brilliant printmakers of all time. As an oil painter , Durer was equally successful at religious and secular subjects, producing magnificent altarpieces and powerful portraits.

13. Albrecht Dürer. German, 1471 – 1528
Albrecht Dürer. German, 1471 – 1528 Dürer was a painter and mathematician. He is known as the greatest creator of old master prints.

14. Renaissance Artists
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16. Durer Albrecht: Art And Artist Resources For D Links In The Art History Database
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17. The Seven Sorrows Of The Virgin, Mother Of Sorrows C. 1496 Durer, Albrecht Oil P
The Seven Sorrows of the Virgin, Mother of Sorrows c. 1496 Durer, Albrecht museum quality reproduction , hand painted by talented oil painting artists
View cart My account Wish list Track my orders ... Contact us All artists index A B C D ... Z Selected Artists Alma-Tadema Botero, Fernando Botticelli,Sandro Bouguereau, William ... Durer, Albrecht The Seven Sorrows of th..
The Seven Sorrows of the Virgin, Mother of Sorrows c. 1496
Title: The Seven Sorrows
of the Virgin,
Mother of Sorrows
c. 1496 Artist: Durer, Albrecht Location: Alte Pinakothek, Munich Type: Oil painting reproduction Size: 24 by 36 inches
(different size available) Packing: Unframed painting rolled in protected tube. Delivery: Normally within 15-20 days, worldwide FREE shipping . Remark: 109,2 x 43,3 cm
Please select your desired size 12x16 inches 16x20 inches 20x24 inches 24x24 inches 24x36 inches 30x30 inches 36x30 inches 30x40 inches 24x48 inches 36x48 inches 36x72 inches 60x60 inches 48x72 inches Size in Cm Note: If there is no size you want ,please

18. Art Theft - World's Most Wanted Art
http// Museum / Expert URL Catalogue Raisonné http// Forgery Files
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German (1471-1528)
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Forgery Files: Stolen Art Files: Notes: x Record Price: $ Artcyclopedia Museum / Expert URL: Forgery Information: Stolen Art Files: Yes St. Jerome Seated Near a Pollard Window (1512; Drypoint) Mary in Glory (Print) Last Judgment Also see Lost Art Internet Database

19. Student Resource Hypercontent
http// El Greco Olga’s Gallery. Extensive list of images and biography link.

20. Speed Painting Gallery [Archive] - Threedy Forums
My fevorite Artist Albrecht Durer will post some of his greatest works http//
Threedy Forums THE THREEDY CHALLENGES Speed Painting Challenges Speed Painting Galleries ... PDA View Full Version : Speed Painting Gallery Michael 11-08-2004, 01:28 AM Here we post the works that we find good and moving somehow. Of course logical is that these will be the winners, but I also want YOU to post here the works that YOU find worthy. Lets make this our personal gallery.
Here I attach the winners of two Speed Painting Challenges.
Insect with his Lightwave angler: Michael 11-08-2004, 02:29 AM Ogrim - the wraith... Michael 11-08-2004, 02:36 AM Fusion - Demon Michael 11-08-2004, 02:39 AM Androgs's Yeti creature... Michael 11-08-2004, 02:41 AM Self portrait challenge - Aedilhum Michael 11-08-2004, 02:44 AM Wampyr Androgs 13-08-2004, 03:13 PM post the works that we find worthy? you meant also the piece that are not related to the challenge?:?: Michael 13-08-2004, 10:39 PM Indeed. That's what I meant... Androgs 14-08-2004, 12:46 PM Ok, then I'll go first, hope this one is worthy enough to have it place here.:) Androgs 14-08-2004, 12:53 PM

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