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         Pilgrim Fathers:     more books (100)
  1. Meet the Pilgrim Fathers by Elizabeth Payne, 1966-11-12
  2. Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers of the Colony of Plymouth, 1602-1625 by Alexander Young, 1971-06
  3. John Robinson, Pastor of the Pilgrim Fathers, A Study of His Life and Times by Burgess, Walter H, 2009-08-19
  4. Saints and Strangers, Being the Lives of the Pilgrim Fathers and Their Families by George F. Willison, 1983-09
  5. Defenders of the Faith: Religion and Politics from the Pilgrim Fathers to Ronald Reagan by Wilbur Edel, 1987-03-04
  6. Saints and strangers: Being the lives of the Pilgrim Fathers and their families, with their friends and foes, and an account of their posthumous wanderings ... and the strange pilgrimages of Plymouth Rock by George Findlay Willison, 1964
  7. Saints and Strangers: Being the Lives of the Pilgrim Fathers and Their Families, with Their Friends and Foes, and an Account of the Posthumous Wanderings ... and the Strange Pilgrimages of Plymouth Rock by George F. Willison, 1981
  8. English Separatist Tradition from the Marian Martyrs to the Pilgrim Fathers (Oxford Theological Monographs) by Barrington Raymond White, 1971-07-01
  9. The Story of the Pilgrim Fathers, 1606-1623 A. D.: As Told by Themselves, Their Friends, and Their Enemies, Pages 1-866 by Edward Arber, 2010-03-23
  10. The story of the Pilgrim fathers, 1606-1623 A.D. : as told by themselves, their friends, and their e by Arber, Edward, 2009-05-20
  11. The founding of a nation; the story of the Pilgrim fathers, their voyage on the Mayflower, their early struggles, hardships and dangers, and the beginnings ... the journals of Francis Beaumont, cavalier by Frank Moody Gregg, 2010-08-14
  12. Chronicles Of The Pilgrim Fathers Of The Colony Of Plymouth, From 1602-1625 by Alexander Young, 2010-09-10
  13. The Pilgrim Fathers: Or, the Founders of New England in the Reign of James the First by William Henry Bartlett, 2010-03-08
  14. Homes And Haunts Of The Pilgrim Fathers (1899) by Alexander Mackennal, 2010-09-10

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2. The Crippen - Crippin Connection - The Pilgrim Fathers And The Mayflower 1620
The CRIPPEN CRIPPIN Connection - Contents. The Pilgrim Fathers The Mayflower. The foundation of the first British Empire (ie of the empire as it existed
The CRIPPEN - CRIPPIN Connection Contents The foundation of the first British Empire (i.e. of the empire as it existed before 1783) was closely connected with religious divisions in England and the refusal of toleration to Nonconformists by James 1. Elizabethan efforts to found colonies on the eastern coast of North America had been unsuccessful, but a settlement was made in Virginia in 1609, and it attracted the attention of a body of Puritans, belonging to Scrooby and Gainsborough, who had fled from England to Holland. They entered into negotiations with a London Company to which the Virginia Company had ceded some of its rights, and obtained permission to found a colony near the mouth of the Hudson River. The English Government put no obstacles in the way, and the exiles sailed from Delftshaven in July 1620. They called at Southampton, from which on 5 th August, 120 of their number sailed for America in the Mayflower and the Speedwell . The last-named vessel was compelled to return as unseaworthy, but about 100 left Plymouth on 6th Sept. in the Mayflower. They reached the coast of North America in December, but stress of weather prevented their making for their intended destination at the mouth of the Hudson, and they landed in the region of Cape Cod, where they founded the colony of New Plymouth, as "loyal subjects of our dread sovereign, King James" (21st December 1620). Before landing they had drawn up a written constitution for the new colony, agreeing to form themselves into a "body politic," and promising due obedience to laws which they were to draw up. They suffered many hardships on their arrival, and about half their number died in the first winter.

3. Talk:Pilgrim Fathers - New World Encyclopedia
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Talk:Pilgrim Fathers
From New World Encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Unification Aspects: The men who led the Mayflower Pilgrims held a passion for God and family above all else. They soldiered on through hardships difficult to imagine; landing in terra incognita by accident and at the time seeming misfortune, having been blown off course in mid-crossing. Yet they kept passengers and crew together and in the long run, made all the risk worth it. The need to keep their personal worship of God held their tiny band together and that faith brought them through the winter into a springtime of hope few had realized in course of human history. The Pilgrims of the Massachusetts Bay Colony prayed first upon their arrival in the New World in gratitude for their deliverance and before they left the ship the following spring, they established a charter which they called the Mayflower Compact . This constitution after a fashion became a pillar of governance to which their descendants hearkened as the new civilization developed and grew. The great spiritual strength of these men led them to pay reverence to God for their deliverance first. The foundation was laid as they set foot on Plymouth Rock for the providential role the United States has enjoyed ever since. Thanks to the religious freedom sought by the Pilgrims and the Puritan ethics they upheld, the Northern states, beginning in New England as the Massachusetts Bay Colony developed and spread westward, promoted individual freedom, and human rights. In the Southern states, also developing westward from the eastern shores of Virginia, political freedom and the search for wealth were championed. These conflicting values led to the

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5. Pilgrim Fathers - Pasthound
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Pilgrim Fathers
The Dutch Connection of the Pilgrim Fathers (No. 264)
The historical fact is that many shiploads of settlers came for reasons far removed from any religious consideration. The city's permission states that Leiden "refuses no honest people free entry to come live in the city". The archives of Southwark, England give more information. (9830 words)
The pilgrim fathers passenger list and geneology
You'll also find some genealogy details and links so you can find out if you were related to them. You'll find out about the people who were the Pilgrim Fathers and their families. A surprising number of people can follow their family history back to a Pilgrim Father and the Mayflower (254 words)
Pilgrim Fathers   Encyclop¦dia Britannica
Transcript of the speech delivered by this 4th-century Christian teacher during his funeral.

6. The Stuarts - Pilgrim Fathers
Background. When James I came to the throne, he adopted a moderate Protestant religious policy. Both Catholics and Puritans were forbidden to practice their
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The Stuarts
The Pilgrim Fathers
When James I came to the throne, he adopted a moderate Protestant religious policy. Both Catholics and Puritans were forbidden to practice their religions. Many extreme Puritans left England for Holland where Puritanism was accepted. In 1607 Walter Raleigh had founded the English colony of Virginia in America and companies had begun trading between the colony and England.
Who were they? Thirty-five members of the radical, Puritan, English Separatist Church, who had fled to Holland to avoid persecution, were recruited by an English stock company to go to Virginia to protect their business interests. The stock company financed the venture which, when it left England, included 102 men, women and children.
The Journey
The Pilgrim Fathers set sail from Plymouth on 16th September 1620 in the 'Mayflower' captained by Myles Standish and steered a course for Virginia. The ship was a double-decked, three-masted vessel. However, a storm blew them off course and they reached land at Cape Cod which they subsequently renamed Plymouth Rock. Anchor was dropped on November 21st 1620.

7. Pilgrim Fathers
Bassetlaw, Home of the Pilgrim Fathers. Where does the name Bassetlaw originate? The origins of the name Bassetlaw are believed to come from the old
Search: text only accessibility site map how to find us ... Tourism and Travel Pilgrim Fathers
Bassetlaw, Home of the Pilgrim Fathers
Where does the name 'Bassetlaw' originate?
The origins of the name 'Bassetlaw' are believed to come from the old English boernet (burnt place), soete (dwellers), and hlaw (hill), literally 'hill of the dwellers at the burnt place'. Bassetlaw is mentioned in the Domesday Book as 'Bernedslaue' but even older are its historic sites where evidence of Roman, Bronze Age and Stone Age artefacts have been discovered. It is therefore not surprising to discover that the district has a wealth of heritage and history. Bassetlaw prides itself on being the birthplace of the United States of America as it was here that the beginnings of religious Separatism are to be found.3 of the first 4 signatories to the Mayflower Compact came from Bassetlaw and the neighbouring county of South Yorkshire. This document is considered the earliest example of democracy in the United States and the forerunner of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution
The Pilgrim Fathers UK Origins Association
The Association celebrates and brings together the heritage of the original Separatists in England and the Pilgrim Fathers who settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Visit the

8. BBC - Devon - Features - A New Life In The New World
The founding fathers set sail from Plymouth to the USA on board the Mayflower in 1620.
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You are in: Devon Features Feature Articles The replica Mayflower in Plymouth, USA
A new life in the New World
The founding fathers set sail from Plymouth to the USA on board the Mayflower in 1620. The building of Mayflower II - archive video If you drive into the city of Plymouth, you can't help but notice the huge signs, exclaiming "Plymouth...Spirit of Discovery." It's a reference to the Pilgrim Fathers, who left England on board the Mayflower, to settle in America early in the 17th century. Two boats were purchased by a group who were looking to leave England as a result of religious persecution. One was called The Speedwell; the other was the Mayflower. In 1620, the boats set off from Southampton for the New World.

9. THE PILGRIM FATHERS SEPARATISTS AND NON CONFORMISTS Hisotry of explorers exploration and recording the unknown oceans and land masses to make the world trade routes, civilisation,
SITE INDEX CATAMARAN HULL SOLAR PANELS ELECTRIC MOTORS ... GOODIES SEPARATISTS PURITAN EXODUS TO AMERICA THE PILGRIM FATHERS The Separatists But the Pilgrims felt that Holland was not their home; they could not endure the thought of giving up their language and customs for those of the Dutch, nor were they willing to return to their native England, where religious persecution had not abated. They had heard of the colony of Virginia , and their thoughts were directed to the wilderness of the New World. THE 'SPEEDWELL' AND 'MAYFLOWER' SHIPS Through the friendship and aid of Sir Edwin Sandys, and others, they secured a little money and purchased a little vessel, the Speedwell , hired another, the Mayflower , and determined to cross the wide waters to America, where they might worship God in their own way and still be Englishmen. Having secured a grant from the Virginia Company to settle in the Hudson Valley, and a promise from the king that he would not interfere with them, and having mortgaged themselves to a company of London merchants, they set forth with brave hearts to encounter the unknown perils of the sea and of the wilderness.

10. Pilgrim_Fathers
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11. The Pilgrim Fathers
The story of the Mayflower and the small band of religious dissidents who boarded her in the hope of finding freedom in the New World must be one of the

12. Pilgrim Fathers Cartoons
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13. PROJECT GUTENBERG - Catalog By Author - Pilgrim Fathers
The Mayflower Compact (1620) LANGUAGE English SUBJECT Massachusetts History PG ENTRY 7 POSTING DATE Dec 1977
Etexts by Author

14. Pilgrim Fathers
Find out more about Pilgrim Fathers from The History Channel s free online encyclopedia.

15. Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Original text Felicia Dorothea Hemans, The League of the Alps, The Siege of Valencia, The Vespers of Palermo, and other Poems (1826).
Felicia Dorothea Hemans (1793-1835)
The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers in New England
Original text : Felicia Dorothea Hemans, The League of the Alps, The Siege of Valencia, The Vespers of Palermo, and other Poems
"Look now abroadanother race has fill'd Those populous borderswide the wood recedes, And town shoots up, and fertile realms are till'd; The land is full of harvests and green meads."
The breaking waves dash'd high On a stern and rock-bound coast, And the woods against a stormy sky Their giant branches toss'd;
And the heavy night hung dark, The hills and waters o'er, When a band of exiles moor'd their bark On the wild New England shore.
Not as the conqueror comes, They, the true-hearted, came; Not with the roll of the stirring drums, And the trumpet that sings of fame; Not as the flying come, In silence and in fear; They shook the depths of the desert gloom With their hymns of lofty cheer. Amidst the storm they sang, And the stars heard and the sea: And the sounding aisles of the dim woods rang To the anthem of the free!

16. Pilgrim Fathers Quotes & Quotations
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Pilgrim Fathers quotes
At least the Pilgrim Fathers used to shoot Indians: the Pilgrim Children merely punch time clocks. E. E. Cummings quotes ... American poet Similar Quotes Add to Chapter... Is it not strange that the descendants of those Pilgrim Fathers who crossed the Atlantic to preserve their own freedom of opinion have always proved themselves intolerant of the spiritual liberty of others? Robert E About: Freedom quotes Add to Chapter... It is a pity that instead of the Pilgrim Fathers landing on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock had not landed on the Pilgrim Fathers ... Industrialist and Politician Add to Chapter... The Pilgrim Fathers landed on the shores of America and fell upon their knees. Then they fell upon the aborigines. Add to Chapter... Submit a New Quote with Pilgrim Fathers pilgrim quotes pilgrimage quotes
Related Quotations by keyword: Pilgrim Fathers
PILGRIM , n. A traveler that is taken seriously. A Pilgrim Father was one who, leaving Europe in 1620 because not permitted to sing psalms through his nose, followed it to Massachusetts, where he could personate God according to the dictates of his conscience. ... Journalist and Editor
Book: Devil's Dictionary quotes Add to Chapter...

17. Hidden London By Jan Collie
Shakespeare s London. Dickens London. The American Connection. Museums Historic Houses. Churches with Character. Wandering Wheels
Shakespeare's London Dickens' London The American Connection Churches with Character ... Wandering Wheels
The Pilgrim Fathers
The story of the Mayflower and the small band of religious dissidents who boarded her in the hope of finding freedom in the New World must be one of the best-known tales in history.
Determined to win the right to worship according to their own consciences, 101 men, women and children set out from Plymouth, England on a perilous journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Their intended destination was the British colony of Virginia but the Mayflower was blown around 500 miles off course and they finally took shelter in a natural harbour at what later became Provincetown, Massachusetts.
After exploring the area, the travellers disembarked near the head of Cape Cod on December 21, 1620 but arguments had broken out between them over how the colony they intended to found should be governed. This led to the formulation of a binding agreement known as the Mayflower Compact which was effectively the first constitution to be written in America.
Now a unified group, the passengers of the

18. Pilgrim Fathers
The first English colony which settled in Massachusetts. The company of 100 men, women, and children, set sail from Plymouth in the Mayflower on 6th
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Pilgrim Fathers
The first English colony which settled in Massachusetts. The company of 100 men, women, and children, set sail from Plymouth in the Mayflower on 6th September 1620, bound for the banks of the Hudson; but after a long and stormy voyage they landed (21st December) on the bleak shores of Cape Code, and founded the settlement of Plymouth.
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19. Pilgrim Fathers
All articles related to Pilgrim Fathers written by Suite101 experts enter curious.
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Articles related to "Pilgrim Fathers"
Day Trips from Boston, Mass.
Massachusetts offers visitors varied attractions. Beaches, outlet malls, museums and historical sites like Plymouth, Quincy and Lexington are an hour's drive from Boston.

pilgrim fathers
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