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         Roosevelt Theodore:     more books (100)
  1. African game trails by Theodore (1858-1919) Roosevelt, 1910
  2. Biography - Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2003-01-01
  3. Address of President Roosevelt at the Lincoln dinner of the Republican club of the city of New York by Theodore Roosevelt 1858-1919, 1905-12-31
  4. Address of the President at the unveiling of the monument to General Sheridan Wednesday, November 25, 1908 by Theodore Roosevelt 1858-1919, 1908-12-31
  5. America and the world war by Theodore Roosevelt 1858-1919, 1919-12-31
  6. African game trails, an account of the African wanderings of an American hunter-naturalist, by Theodore Roosevelt; with illus. from photographs by Kermit Roosevelt and other members of the expedition, and from drawings by Philip R. Goodwin by Theodore (1858-1919) Roosevelt, 1910-01-01
  7. Through the Brazilian wilderness. by Theodore Roosevelt. by Roosevelt. Theodore. 1858-1919., 1919
  8. From White House to log cabin : Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson, at the birth place of Abraham Lincoln by Louis Austin Warren -1885 Roosevelt Theodore 1858-1919 Taft William H. (William Howard) 1857-1930 Wilson Woodrow 1856-1924, 1921-12-31
  9. Theodore Roosevelt, 1858-1919: Chronology, Documents, Bibliographical AIDS
  10. Theodore Roosevelt, 1858-1919 by Rex M Potterf, 1958
  11. Theodore Roosevelt 1858-1919 Chronology-Documents-
  12. The Winning of the West. A Modern Abridgment with introd. by Christopher Lasch by Theodore (1858-1919) Roosevelt, 1963-01-01
  13. Lassoing wild animals in Africa by Guy Hamilton Scull Roosevelt Theodore 1858-1919, 1911-12-31
  14. The naval war of 1812; or. The history of the United States navy by Roosevelt. Theodore. 1858-1919., 1882

1. BBC - History - Theodore Roosevelt (1858 - 1919)
Roosevelt was 26th president of the United States, a strong and vigorous leader who greatly expanded US involvement in foreign affairs.
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1 April 2008
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Theodore Roosevelt (1858 - 1919)
Roosevelt was 26th president of the United States, a strong and vigorous leader who greatly expanded US involvement in foreign affairs. Theodore Roosevelt was born on 27 October 1858 in New York, son of a wealthy businessman. In 1876 he went to Harvard and then on to Columbia Law School, leaving in 1881 to run for a seat in the New York State assembly. He was elected as a Republican and re-elected twice more, leading the Republicans. In 1884, he spent two years as a cattle rancher in Dakota Territory and then became a writer, including a four-volume history of America's westward expansion (published 1889 - 1896). In 1889 Republican President Harrison appointed him as a member of the US Civil Service Commission. In 1895 Roosevelt became president of the New York City Police Board. The following year, he was appointed assistant secretary to the Navy by Republican President McKinley. Roosevelt strongly supported expanding US naval power as a means of increasing America's presence in world affairs. During the Spanish-American War, Roosevelt saw active service as lieutenant colonel of the Rough Rider Regiment.

2. MCT Preview
Roosevelt_Theodore DOWNLOAD JPG B W caricature of Theodore Roosevelt, by Ron Coddington, Document Name, Roosevelt_Theodore. Document Date, Dec/4/2000

3. / The Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt
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August 1957
Biographical Facts Birth: New York, New York, October 27, 1858 Ancestry: Dutch, Scotch, English and Huguenot Father: Birth: New York, New York, September 22, 1831 Death: New York, New York, February 9, 1878 Occupations: Glass Importer; Merchant; Banker Mother: Birth: Roswell, Georgia, July 8, 1834 Death: New York, New York, February 14, 1884 Brother: Sisters: Marriage (first): Brookline, Massachusetts, October 27, 1880 Wife: Birth: Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, July 19, 1861 Death: New York, New York, February 14, 1884 Child: Marriage (second): London, England, December 2, 1886 Wife: Birth: Norwich, Connecticut, August 6, 1861 Death: Oyster Bay, New York, September 30, 1948 Children: Religious Affiliation: Dutch Reformed Church Education: Private Tutoring; Harvard (B.A., 1880); attended Columbia Law School Occupations Before Presidency: Writer; Historian

4. Australia's Prime Ministers - Who's Who
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5. Theodore Roosevelt, The New Nationalism—August 31, 1910
HISTORIC SPEECHES. THEODORE ROOSEVELT The New Nationalism August 31, 1910. We come here today to commemorate one of the epochmaking events of the long
The New Nationalism
August 31, 1910
Of that generation of men to whom we owe so much, the man to whom we owe most is, of course, Lincoln. Part of our debt to him is because he forecast our present struggle and saw the way out. He said: "I hold that while man exists it is his duty to improve not only his own condition, but to assist in ameliorating mankind." And again: "Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration." If that remark was original with me, I should be even more strongly denounced as a Communist agitator than I shall be anyhow. It is Lincoln's. I am only quoting it; and that is one side; that is the side the capitalist should hear. Now, let the working man hear his side. "Capital has its rights, which are as worthy of protection as any other rights.... Nor should this lead to a war upon the owners of property. Property is the fruit of labor; . . . property is desirable; is a positive good in the world."

6. Dr Theodore Roosevelt Endocrinologist Boise, ID
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7. Famous Quotes By Theodore Roosevelt
Visit this site for famous quotes look for a well known Theodore Roosevelt quote from this celebrity! Read this Famous Quote by Theodore Roosevelt.
When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer 'Present' or 'Not guilty.'
Theodore Roosevelt
Famous Quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
The famous and celebrated quotes detailed in this section are well known as examples of the famed verbal and spoken communication, citation or quotations used by Theodore Roosevelt. The famous Theodore Roosevelt quotes can be in the form of extracts, passages or lines from famous speeches and quotes providing an illustration of or allusion citing the famous events of the day. Some of these quotes by Theodore Roosevelt will be familiar and some even deemed to be legendary or notorious Theodore Roosevelt quotes! This Famous Online Quotations site, with examples of Theodore Roosevelt famous quotes, provide a vast selection of topics and examples of categories which might include examples of funny quotes, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, cute quotes, sad or even love quotes!
Famous Theodore Roosevelt quotes are often mis-spelt / mistyped as qoutes (qoutes) and quotations (qoutations)
Name mis-quotes : Presedent - Franklin D. Rosevelt - Franklin D Roosvelt

8. A.P.E. - Theodore Roosevelt
A brief overview of President Theodore Roosevelt , and a detailed analysis of his contributions to the United States of America.
Theodore Roosevelt
Term of Office: Admin. Policy: Square Deal Famous Quote: "I did not usurp power, but I did greatly broaden the use of executive power." Political Affiliation: Republican Achievement: Aggressive use of Sherman's Anti-Trust Act
Who was Theodore Roosevelt ?
Theodore Roosevelt was born to a wealthy family in New York City. He and his father shared the same name. In 1880, he graduated from Harvard College after which he practiced law, wrote a bit, and was a public official. During the Spanish-American War, Roosevelt headed the Rough Rider Regiment, which fought the famous battle of San Juan. In 1898, Roosevelt was elected as Governor of New York. Shortly thereafter, Roosevelt served as Vice President under President McKinley's second term. When McKinley was shot and killed, Roosevelt stepped up to the Presidency, the youngest President so far at age 42. As President, Roosevelt earned the nickname "trust buster." Using the Sherman Anti-Trust Act with great effectiveness, President Roosevelt attacked illegal business practices with fervor.
Administration Domestic Foreign ... Theodore Roosevelt

9. MOH Citation For Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.
Full text Medal of Honor Citation for Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.
The President of the United States
in the name of The Congress
takes pleasure in presenting the Medal of Honor to *ROOSEVELT, THEODORE, JR. Rank and organization : brigadier general, U.S. Army. Place and date : Normandy invasion, 6 June 1944. Entered service at : Oyster Bay, N.Y. Birth : Oyster Bay, N.Y. G.O. No. : 77, 28 September 1944. Citation
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10. AMERICAN PRESIDENTS - 100+ Stock Images On CD-ROM By Turbo Photo
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11. Theodore Roosevelt Quotes
A collection of quotes attributed to US President Theodore Roosevelt.
Browse quotes by subject Browse quotes by author
THEODORE ROOSEVELT QUOTES It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things. THEODORE ROOSEVELT, as quoted in Wendy Toliver's Little Giant Encyclopedia of Inspirational Quotes Freedom from effort in the present merely means that there has been effort stored up in the past. THEODORE ROOSEVELT, "The Strenuous Life," The Works of Theodore Roosevelt I am delighted to have you play football. I believe in rough, manly sports. But I do not believe in them if they degenerate into the sole end of any one's existence. I don't want you to sacrifice standing well in your studies to any over-athleticism; and I need not tell you that character counts for a great deal more than either intellect or body in winning success in life. Athletic proficiency is a mighty good servant, and like so many other good servants, a mighty bad master. THEODORE ROOSEVELT, Theodore Roosevelt's Letters to His Children
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12. Closeup Royalty-Free Image Of 1928,ClipArt,History,J
Theodore,Roosevelt_Theodore,States,Theodore,United,United States,United_States,Z,body,circa,desk,glasses,human,individual,man,person,persons,photograph

13. Read North Dakota
Theodore Roosevelt. Biography Theodore Roosevelt is best known, of course, for being president of the US – and everyone in North Dakota knows he lived in
Theodore Roosevelt Biography
He was also a naturalist, historian, and soldier. TR was born in New York City on October 27, 1858, into a distinguished family. An endlessly inquisitive young man, he was especially interested in natural history, which became the focus of his first published works. He was elected to the New York State Assembly on the Republican ticket and soon made a name for himself as a historian with The Naval War of 1812 Following the death of his wife, Alice, in childbirth in 1884, Roosevelt sought change and headed west to ranch lands he had acquired in the Dakota Territory. After failing to win the New York City mayoral election in 1886 as a self-styled 'Cowboy Candidate,' Roosevelt married childhood sweetheart Edith Kermit Carow and retired for a time to Sagamore Hill, his estate at Oyster Bay, Long Island. Roosevelt returned to public life in 1889 and was assistant secretary of the navy under President William McKinley. Resigning this office in May 1898 at the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, Roosevelt helped organize and train the 'Rough Riders,' a regiment of the First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry. A popular hero upon returning from Cuba, Roosevelt was elected governor of New York in November 1898, and two years later he became vice president of the United States in the second administration of William McKinley. The assassination of President McKinley in September 1901 placed Roosevelt in the White House, and he was elected president in 1904. In 1906 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for resolving the Russo-Japanese War.

14. Theodore Roosevelt
200603-20—WJSA Conference Jewish stories from the world over (Story by Donald H. Harrison) 2005-01-29 Lieberman backs bill increasing payments for combat
Theodore Roosevelt Washington DC White House WJSA Conference: Jewish stories from the world over (Story by Donald H. Harrison)
Lieberman backs bill increasing payments for combat deaths
Locks and Bagels: No people have been more caught up in the romances and tragedies of the Panama Canal than the Jews We Encourage
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15. Roosevelt, Theodore - MSN Encarta
Roosevelt, Theodore (18581919), 26th President of the United States (1901-1909), the first president to exploit the public dimensions of his office
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Roosevelt, Theodore
Encyclopedia Article Find in this article View printer-friendly page E-mail Multimedia 4 items Article Outline Introduction Early Political Career War Hero and Vice-President Domestic Policy ... World War I I
Printer-friendly version of section Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919), 26th President of the United States (1901-1909), the first president to exploit the public dimensions of his office in an age of mass communications, a reform leader at home and a skilled diplomat abroad. In his lifetime Roosevelt became a personal model, particularly for the country's youth, in a way that no public figure has matched. He was one of the most popular presidents in American history. II
Early Political Career
Printer-friendly version of section After graduation from college, Roosevelt entered politics and abandoned the study of law when, as a Republican, he was elected to the New York State Assembly in 1881. He attracted immediate attention in the press with his upper-class background, colourful personality, and bold independence. In 1884, after serving three years in the Assembly, he left politics briefly, both from grief at the death of his wife and because he had alienated the reform wing of his party that year by supporting

16. Roosevelt, Franklin Delano - Related Items - MSN Encarta
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17. New York City Guide: Roosevelt, Theodore
Roosevelt, Theodore. 1858–1919. Theodore Roosevelt was born at 28 East 20th Street in 1858 to a prominent family; he graduated from Columbia Law School and
Roosevelt, Theodore
Theodore Roosevelt was born at 28 East 20th Street in 1858 to a prominent family; he graduated from Columbia Law School and took up a career in politics. He was the Civil Service Commissioner and then Police Commissioner for New York City from 1889 to 1897, and he gained fame and popular approval for his energetic efforts to reduce corruption in the government and to reduce crime on the streets. He is most famous for building the Panama Canal, fighting with the Rough Riders up the San Juan Hill in the Spanish–American War, winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905, trust–busting in the United States, and hunting big game in Africa. What is rarely realized is that he is the only native New Yorker to become President of the United States.
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18. Theodore Roosevelt - Preparing For Eternity
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Psalm 102:1-10 Psalm 101 Psalm 100 The 'On This Day' Department is under reconstruction! Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 and died on January 6, 1919. He was elected president on September 14, 1809. He served as governor of New York from 1898 to 1900. He quoted the Bible often, putting verses in his letters and speeches. One biographical archivist examined just his published works and found that he had so integrated Scripture into his thought processed that there were actually more than 4,200 biblical images, references, inferences, and complete quotations contained therein. And his unpublished letters, articles, and speeches contained hundreds-perhaps even thousands more.
P. L. Tan

19. Roosevelt, Theodore : Spanish-American War : Puerto Rico - Mega Net
Find a collection of articles, thoughts, and reviews on the life and works of Theodore Roosevelt. Gather information about the political and military career
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20. Rent Paperback Books By Theodore Roosevelt
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