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         Baldwin Alec:     more books (56)
  1. A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce by Alec Baldwin, 2008-09-23
  2. Alec Baldwin Doesn't Love Me and Other Trials from My Queer Life by Michael Thomas Ford, 1997-01-01
  3. In the Hamptons Too: Further Encounters With Farmers, Fishermen, Artists, Billionaires, and Celebrities (Excelsior Editions) by Dan Rattiner, 2010-05-18
  6. A Promise to Ourselves by Alec Baldwin, 2008
  7. Cigar Aficionado June 2004 Alec Baldwin
  8. The Alec Baldwin Handbook - Everything you need to know about Alec Baldwin
  9. Gemini Award Winners: Graham Greene, Yo-Yo Ma, Sarah Mclachlan, Adrienne Clarkson, Sam Waterston, Wendy Mesley, Alec Baldwin
  10. Soap Opera Digest Award Winners: Josh Ryan Evans, Robin Wright Penn, Alec Baldwin, Larry Hagman, John Forsythe, Eden Riegel, Susan Lucci
  11. TV Guide March 1 2010 Spring Preview Issue, Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin Host Oscars/Academy Awards, Kathy Griffin on SVU, Parenthood, Lisa Kudrow's Dark Ancestry, Top Model
  12. New Yorker September 8 2008 Alice Munro Fiction, Alec Baldwin Profile, John Updike on William Maxwell, David Petraeus, Poems by Mary Jo Bang & Yusef Komunyakaa
  13. Dress Gray, Alec Baldwin, Hal Holbrook, Lloyd Bridges, Eddie Albert, by Lucian novel (Gore Vidal Adapted screenplay) Truscott IV, 1993
  14. Alec Baldwin, actor, Star of movie, It's Complicated, Parade magazine, November 15, 2009. by actor, star of movie It's Complicated, Parade magazine, November 15, 2009. Alec Baldwin, 2009

1. FeatureFlash : Evelyn Premiere : 5888-Baldwin_Alec-03
Evelyn premiere (5888baldwin_alec-03), Displaying image 7 of 78 Manual Slideshow Mode 5888-baldwin_alec-03.jpg, 33 Kb, 03/18/2004, 10, 0.00 (0 votes)

2. Alec Baldwin - Movies, Alec Baldwin Photos, News, Websites
Info on actor Alec Baldwin including movie news, photos, an interview, and sites featuring Alec Baldwin s biography, filmography, photos, and news.
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Hollywood Movies
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    Actors Actors Alpha List Baldwin Alec
    Baldwin, Alec
    Part of the acting Baldwin family, Alec Baldwin is as passionate about charitable causes as he is about the films he appears in. "Along Came Polly" @ "The Aviator" @ "Elizabethtown" @ "The Cat in the Hat" @ ... "The Last Shot" Photo Gallery Gallery of photos from "The Last Shot," featuring Alec Baldwin, Matthew Broderick, and Calista Flockhart. "The Cat in the Hat" - Alec Baldwin Interview Alec Baldwin briefly talks about working in the world of Dr. Seuss. "The Cooler" Photo Gallery Gallery of photos from "The Cooler," featuring Alec Baldwin, William H. Macy and Maria Bello. Alec Baldwin Explains His Tirade (May 2007) CNN has an in-depth look at the story behind Baldwin's irate phone call to his daughter.
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    5. Fametracker :: The Fame Audit :: Alec Baldwin
    Name, Alexander Rae Baldwin III. Audit Date, April 12, 2002. Age, 44. Occupation, Actor, voiceover provider, political activist
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    Sunday the 6th of April - Fametracker is on hiatus until further notice; thanks for reading!
    Fametracker Fame Audit
    by MFF Name Alexander Rae Baldwin III Audit Date April 12, 2002 Age Occupation Actor, voice-over provider, political activist Experience 35 films, numerous notable Broadway plays, and six voice-over gigs Assessment Way off in a dusty corner of Fametracker, you will find something called The Baldwin Obscurity Clock . Posted on July 12, 1999 the debut date of this site the Clock marks the time that's elapsed since any of the Baldwin brothers had a certifiable hit. The clock currently shows that Alec, the best known of the Baldwins, is also the one who's mired in the longest career drought: currently, the time that's passed since his last bona-fide success The Hunt for Red October is over 4400 days, or about twelve years. (As for the others, Billy's gone roughly 3900 days since Backdraft , Stephen's gone over 2400 days since The Usual Suspects , and Daniel, the anomaly, is still waiting for his hit; alas, his clock remains set at infinity.) When we originally posted the clock, we knew that we might have to go back and reset it for one or other of the brothers, should they strike the box-office jackpot again. But that eventuality has, so far, remained purely theoretical.

    6. CANOE -- JAM! Movies - Artists - Baldwin, Alec: Stars Push For Water Conservatio
    BANFF The politics of pollution was the theme on the slopes at Sunshine Village yesterday. Alec Baldwin, Justin Trudeau and Jason Priestley were just a
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    January 19, 2008



    Actors A-Z
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    Artist: Baldwin, Alec
    Stars push for water conservation

    fctAdTag("bigbox",MyGenericTagVar,1); BANFF The politics of pollution was the theme on the slopes at Sunshine Village yesterday. Alec Baldwin, Justin Trudeau and Jason Priestley were just a few of the celebrities who participated in the Fairmont Banff Springs Celebrity Sports Invitational for the Robert Kennedy Jr. Waterkeeper Alliance this weekend at Sunshine Village. The stars are in Banff to help raise awareness about water conservation in North America and they were eager to share their thoughts on Canada's environmental policies. Baldwin, a long time supporter of Waterkeeper, said Canadians should start thinking about long-term water conservation methods now. "You (Canada) have so much of what people want here ... Don't do what other people have done, don't do what the U.S. did, which is to put off until tomorrow what should be done today protect the resources," said Baldwin, who is known for his active interest in politics. "We are approaching a time when water will be traded as a commodity in this world."

    7. Drama 1996 Baldwin, Alec M Up To 5 GBP : Read Reviews And Compare Prices At Ciao
    Similar pages 2k - Cached - Similar pages alec baldwin alec baldwin movieshttp// Alec Baldwin movies, photos, and http//
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    Drama M Drama ... Baldwin, Alec up to 5 GBP
    Drama DVDs can be found here in price and quality comparison for the selected criteria: 1996, Baldwin, Alec, M, up to 5 GBP.
    • Drama
    Item 1 to 1 out of 1 sort by Popularity Product name Product rating Price ... The Juror (Wide Screen) Production Year: 1996 - Drama - Director: Brian Gibson - Original Language: English - Classification: 18 years and over (On Ciao since: 11/2005) This product has not yet been reviewed. Rate it now 2 Offers (*) Reviews by Ciao members Item 1 to 1 out of 1
    • Reviews of Drama
    still jenny from the block
    Review of Maid In Manhattan (Wide Screen) by xlinzixx Advantages: ralph fiennes!!!
    Disadvantages: none
    maid in manhattan is a love story. i thoroughly enjoyed atching the film the other day with my partner.this story is a loved story about how people are seperated by classes and the struggles a single mother can go through while bringing a child up in the bronx. the plot this is a romantic story about a maid Marisa Ventura who accidently meets a candidate for the senate Chris Marshall. he doesnt realise shes a maid as she was trying on a guest clothes ...
    ...together with her constantly pretedning shes someone else and scared hes going to find out.eventually he finds out and thats when her world is turned upside down. cast Marisa Ventura: Jennifer Lopez Chris Marshall: Ralph fiennes Caroline Lane: Natasha Richardson Jerry Siegel: Stanley Tucci John Bextram :Chris Eigeman This is a definate film for all Jennifer Lopez fans she did an outstounding performance in this film and totally brung her character ...

    8. The FreshSite: Film: Actors: Alec Baldwin
    BIRTH NAME, Alexander Rae Baldwin III. BORN, April 3, 1958, Amityville, New York, USA. ASSOCIATION, Actor. NATIONALITY, American. REVIEWED ENTRIES, 11 (10)
    film actors
    Om filmen facts filmography portrayal awards the critics quotes character quotes
    YEAR TITLE ROLE RATING Beetlejuice Adam Maitland Talk Radio Dan Great Balls of Fire! Jimmy Lee Swaggart The Hunt for Red October Jack Ryan Glengarry Glen Ross Blake Two Bits Narrator Looking for Richard Clarence Ghosts of Mississippi Bobby DeLaugther The Cooler Shelly Kaplow The Aviator Juan Trippe Fun With Dick and Jane Jack McAllister Running With Scissors Norman Burroughs The Departed Ellerby PORTRAIT Handsome, capable lead in character and leading roles since the mid-80's. Baldwin has been gifted at picking roles to avoid typecasting and has built himself a reputation as a versatile performer. The eldest of the Baldwins, his brothers are William, Daniel and Stephen. Formerly married to actress Kim Basinger. AWARDS The Academy Awards (Oscars) Nominated for Best Supporting Actor for The Cooler CHARACTER QUOTES No quotes recorded...

    9. Alec Baldwin Biography
    Search Biographies. Browse Biographies. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
    Biography Base Home Link To Us Search Biographies: Browse Biographies A B C D ... Z Alec Baldwin Biography Alec Baldwin (born April 3, 1958, in Massapequa, Long Island, New York, USA) is an American actor who is the most famous of the "Baldwin brothers", with brothers Daniel, Stephen and William.
    In 1998, he began narrating the American version of the children's series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. He left the series in 2004.
    Baldwin acted in movies such as The Cooler, The Hunt for Red October, Beetlejuice, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (voice), The Cat in the Hat, Pearl Harbor and Thomas and the Magic Railroad. He is currently doing the voice of Dennis in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
    When Baldwin was young, he had a job as a busboy at famous New York City disco Studio 54. He claims he had to quit the job because seeing all of the sex going on around him "was making me too horny." Alec Baldwin Resources Contact Us Sitemap
    This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License . It uses material from the Wikipedia article Alec Baldwin

    10. Alec Baldwin
    HOME CONTACT. Baldwin, Alec. Alec Baldwin Videos. Biography Alec Baldwin was born in Amityville, NY on 4/3/1958 and is the best known of the four Baldwin
    HOME CONTACT Baldwin, Alec Alec Baldwin Videos Biography: Alec Baldwin was born in Amityville, N.Y. on 4/3/1958 and is the best known of the four Baldwin acting brothers. Baldwin got his big film break in the movie "Hunt for Red October". Since then he has appeared in movies such as "Malice, The Juror, and the TV miniseries Tennessee William's A Streetcar Named Desire". Baldwin has also appeared in such movies as "The Edge and Ghosts of Mississippi" .
    Filmography: The Aviator (2004)
    Providence (2004)
    Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There (2003)
    Captured (2003)
    The Cat in the Hat (2003)
    Playmakers of New Orleans (2003)
    Second Nature (2003)
    Walking with Cavemen (2003)
    The Cooler (2003)
    The Hamptons(2002) Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There (2002)

    11. Interrogation Report: Baldwin, Alec
    Baldwin, Alec. Elizabethtown (2005). 7/10. I found Elizabethtown an enjoyable, pleasant, interesting, and funny study of Drew s developing character.
    interrogation reports
    authors publishers ... studios
    Baldwin, Alec
    • Elizabethtown "I found Elizabethtown an enjoyable, pleasant, interesting, and funny study of Drew's developing character."
    • Notting Hill "Can the boy love the girl and live happily ever after, even though the girl is a movie star? Of course, they have one last chance to reunite and make up and to leave the audience with the requisite warm-fuzzy feeling." Average score: 6.50
    titles authors publishers tags ...
    interrogation reports
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    12. Baldwin, Alec : Actors Ba-Ban : Actors B - Mega Net
    Peruse a list of films this Baldwin has appeared in, or get a look at some of his vital statistics. Find such things as a numerology report, video clips of
    Login Search Mega Net: Home Entertainment Celebrities Actors ... Actors Ba-Ban : Baldwin, Alec Photos
    About Us

    13. Alec Baldwin Photos
    IMDb The biggest, best, most awardwinning movie site on the planet.

    14. Ayashi No Ceres, Bd. 8 - DVD-Preisvergleich
    Translate this page Ayashi No Ceres, Bd. 8 aus der DVD-Kategorie Baldwin, Alec kaufen Sie günstiger über unseren DVD-Preisvergleich.

    15. MontessoriConnections Children Outside Providence
    Outside Providence {SUBCATEGORY_NAME} - Children - MontessoriConnections is a site designed for Montessori administrators, teachers, parents and students.

    16. Fun With Dick And Jane Trailer
    http// http//

    17. Alec Baldwin
    New concept for high quality photos of Men, Models and Celebrities. More than 600 Photos. Beach, Jeans, Fashion, Sport, Underwear, Faces and Bodies.
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    18. WeDreaming - Share Your Dreams, Dream Interpretation, Meaning Of Dreams: DVDs: B
    Baldwin, Alec DVDs - Share Dreams, Interpret Dreams, Meaning of Dreams. WeDreaming is a social dream experiment.

    19. Alec Baldwin Website Search Engine - BollywoodSARGAM
    About Entertainment Hollywood Movies Actors Actors Alpha List Baldwin Alec. Hollywood Movies http// Baldwin&myname=51

    20. Baldwin, Alec - Filmografie - Filmografie, Actori, Actrite, Directori, Genuri, D devil, daniel, webster, baldwin, alec.
    ro.get a movie .org filmele care conteaza Cauta: Filme Actori Actrite Directori Home Filme Actori Actrite ... Contact Sunday, 06 April 2008 Navigheaza dupa filme A B C D ... Z Navigheaza dupa actori A B C D ... Z Navigheaza dupa actrite A B C D ... Z Navigheaza dupa directori A B C D ... Z Navigheaza dupa genuri Drama Biography Documentary Musical ... Film-Noir Reclame Acum pe ecrane Loaded Hot Rod Horror Superhero Movie Orfanato, El ... Crossing the King's Highway
    Baldwin, Alec - Filmografie
    Filme (1):
    Devil And Daniel Webster, The (2007)
    Filme, Actori, Actrite, Directori, Hollywood, Star-uri, Video, Tv, Seriale, Trailers, Download, DVD, Subtitrari, Bilete, Cinematografe, VCD, Avi, Mpeg, Flash, Quicktime, Free, Filmografie, Cumpara, Colectii, CD Reclame de ro ... ro

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