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         Oldman Gary:     more books (33)
  1. Nil by Mouth by Gary Oldman, 1999-09
  2. The Art of Planet 51 by Danny Graydon, 2009-12-22
  4. Acteur de Harry Potter: Gary Oldman, Ralph Fiennes, Alan Rickman, Emma Watson, Helena Bonham Carter, Robert Pattinson, Daniel Radcliffe (French Edition)
  5. Original Authorized Lost in Space Blueprint (Film Remake Starring Gary Oldman) by Official Authorized, 1998
  6. Seduction: Milla Jovovich/Gary Oldman Paris 2000 by Donna Karan, 2000
  7. Scénariste Britannique: Charlie Chaplin, Tom Stoppard, Gary Oldman, Stephen Fry, Laurence Olivier, Tom Ricketts, Hugh Laurie, Eric Idle (French Edition)
  8. People Associated With Rose Bruford College: Alumni of Rose Bruford College, Tom Baker, Gary Oldman, Gillian Kearney, Hugh Allison
  9. Alumni of Rose Bruford College: Tom Baker, Gary Oldman, Gillian Kearney, Pam St. Clement, Kate Ashfield, Ray Fearon, Harriett Gilbert
  10. Producteur Britannique: Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin, Christopher Nolan, Gary Oldman, Ridley Scott, Stephen Fry, Sacha Baron Cohen (French Edition)
  11. Batman Au Cinéma: Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan, Gary Oldman, the Dark Knight : le Chevalier Noir, Batman, George Clooney, Batman Begins (French Edition)
  12. People From Deptford: John Evelyn, Gary Oldman, Danny Baker, Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie, Colin Blythe, George Julian Harney, Heddle Nash
  13. American Film - Magazine of the Film and Television Arts - April 1988 by Chris/Gary Oldman/Ed Pressman/Tony Bill/Sandra Bernhard/ Hodenfield (Editor), 1988-01-01
  14. The Contender, (a Political Thriller) by Joan Allen, Jeff Bridges & Christian Slater Gary Oldman, 2000

1. FeatureFlash : Nil By Mouth : 5102-Oldman_Gary-wife
Top 1997Photos Cannes 97 Nil By Mouth 5102-oldman_gary-wife 5102-oldman_gary-wife.jpg, 36 Kb, 03/23/2004, 19, 0.00 (0 votes)

Biography, filmography, several pictures, awards list and fan comments.

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  • GARY OLDMAN March 21, 1958
    New Cross, London, England
    Gary Oldman was raised by his mother and two sisters, and at the age of 15 he dreamed of becoming a musician after he found an old record in his attic called "Liberaci Plays The Classics". He also fell in love with Chopin and the idea of playing classical piano. However, one day when he was watching a movie starring Malcolm McDowell, he was so inspired by Malcolm's performance that he believed acting would be a good career to pursue.
    Gary Oldman applied to The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and was crushed when he was told he didn't have what it takes to be an actor. But Gary persisted and began training for the stage with the Greenwich Young Peoples Theatre. The director of the theatre, Roger Williams, befriended Gary and helped him get a scholarship to the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama. Soon after, Gary Oldman became a significant presence on the British stage earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1979.
    In 1985, Gary Oldman launched his film career with his brilliant portrayal of the doomed punk rocker Sid Vicious in "Sid and Nancy". Gary physically transformed himself for the part by losing 30 pounds in an effort to resemble the gaunt heroin addicted Sid, for which he received, the Evening Standard Film Award as Best Newcomer.

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    6. No Nos Sprint Race PICTURES - Page 2
    hyperRevue. Haha, yeah try and catch him, Oldman. http//www.filmerlebnis. com/images/oldman_gary.jpg. mikearena. yes, they most certainly do
    No Nos Sprint Race PICTURES
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    7. Christopher Walken: Our Next U.S. President? [Archive] - JoBlo's Movie Club
    Gary Oldman would be the secretary of state. http//www.thespiannet. com/actors/O/oldman_gary/go.jpg Possibly Clint Howard as US ambassador to the UN.
    JoBlo's Movie Club I am Jack's Movie House Celeb Talk/Gossip PDA View Full Version : Christopher Walken: Our next U.S. President? Mr. HokeyPokey 08-16-2005, 11:03 AM Just rest this article
    Is this a scary thought?
    President Christopher Walken.
    Christopher Walken
    According to the "official campaign website," the actor known for psychologically damaged characters in "The Deer Hunter," "The Dead Zone" and dozens of other movies going back to Woody Allen's "Annie Hall," is off and running for the White House.
    According to a press release posted on the website this week, the 62-year-old New Yorker has laid out a few positions, but doesn't plan any active campaigning until he completes some acting obligations.
    "Mr. Walken has greatly admired the celebrities who have entered politics and he wants to be able to give a good name and reputation to the acting community as well as the political community," his agent Toni Howard is quoted as saying. "As for going national with this news, we have not made any plans for the immediate future."
    What will be his platform?

    8. Greatest Actor Of All-Time? [Archive] - Xbox 360 & Xbox Forums
    http// http// Tony Montana. 0101-03, 1003 PM
    document.write(""); document.write(""); Discussions Off-Topic Lounge PDA View Full Version : Greatest Actor of All-Time? Public Enema 01-01-03, 07:18 AM I would say Robert De Niro.
    Who do you think is the greatest actor of all time? Curll 01-01-03, 07:37 AM
    Without a doubt the most gifted actor ever.
    Also getting a vote: Clint Eastwood. isamdude 01-01-03, 08:31 AM Without a doubt..... Rich 01-01-03, 08:34 AM Mr,. Bean VIDEODROME 01-01-03, 08:47 AM Gary Oldman: He can do many accents and has played a range of characters including the disfigured Mason Verger in Hannibal, an unstable rogue cop in The Proffesional, the backstabber Dr. Smith in Lost in Space, the evil business man Zorg in The Fifth Element, the composer Beethoven in Immortal Beloved, and a vampire in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Tony Montana 01-01-03, 09:03 PM

    9. The FreshSite: Film: Actors: Gary Oldman
    BIRTH NAME, Leonard Gary Oldman. BORN, 21 March 1958, New Cross, South London, England. ASSOCIATION, Actor (director). NATIONALITY, British. HEIGHT, 175 cm
    film actors
    Om filmen facts filmography portrayal awards the critics quotes character quotes Gary Oldman BIRTH NAME Leonard Gary Oldman BORN 21 March 1958, New Cross, South London, England ASSOCIATION Actor (director) NATIONALITY British HEIGHT 175 cm REVIEWED ENTRIES MAX. RATING MIN. RATING AVERAGE RATING ACTOR FILMOGRAPHY (ONLY REVIEWED ENTRIES)
    YEAR TITLE ROLE RATING Criminal Law Ben Chase Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Rosencrantz State of Grace Jackie Flannery JFK Lee Harvey Oswald Bram Stoker's Dracula Count Vlad/Dracula True Romance Drexl Spivey Immortal Beloved Ludwig Van Beethoven Romeo Is Bleeding Jack Grimaldi Léon Stansfield Murder in the First Assoc. Warden Glenn The Scarlet Letter Arthur Dimmensdale Basquiat Albert Milo The Fifth Element Zorg Air Force One Ivan Korshunov The Contender Sheldon "Shelly" Runyon

    10. Fametracker :: The Fame Audit :: Gary Oldman
    Name, Gary Oldman. Audit Date, February 26, 2001. Age, 42. Occupation, Actor. Experience, 35 movie and TV roles since 1981
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    Tuesday the 8th of April - Fametracker is on hiatus until further notice; thanks for reading!
    Fametracker Fame Audit
    by WC Name Gary Oldman Audit Date February 26, 2001 Age Occupation Actor Experience 35 movie and TV roles since 1981 Assessment Is it possible to be too good at your job? It is if you're a character actor. Sure, you get the respect of your peers and the adulation of a small group of slavishly devoted fans, but you don't get the magazine covers or hugely inflated salaries of your generally less talented non-character-actor colleagues and, for some actors, that's probably a bitter pill to swallow. It was bitter enough for Kevin Spacey to engineer a complete career makeover, vaulting him from interesting but small supporting roles in movies like The Usual Suspects to the leading-man slot in American Beauty . But is his career path typical? Is it the path that other character actors really, in their heart of hearts, want to take? Consider the case of Gary Oldman, who seems to have moved effortlessly between leading and supporting roles throughout the fifteen years that span the meat of his career. Hard-core Oldman fans still point to his title role in Sid and Nancy as his greatest performance yet, and in many ways, it remains emblematic of the choices he continues to make playing a compelling character who either leads or drives the plot, in edgy films destined to become cult classics. In fact, his CV reads like the shelf of a particularly snooty video store:

    11. Oldman, Gary (Ãàðè Îëäìýí) | Àêò¸ðû | STAR MEDIA (êèíîàêò
    Tarantino, Quentin · Travolta, John · Tucker, Chris · Van Damme, JeanClaude · Walken, Christopher · Willis, Bruce · Woods, James · .
    Banderas, Antonio

    Belushi, James

    Brosnan, Pierce
    ðóïïà Scooter

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    Alba, Jessica

    Anderson, Gillian

    Anderson, Pamela

    12. CANOE -- JAM! Movies - Artists - Oldman, Gary: Lost No More
    Oldman finally admitted he was an alcoholic and checked into a rehabilitation clinic in Los Angeles. The year before, he had filmed The Scarlet Letter in
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    April 1, 1998



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    Artist: Oldman, Gary
    Lost no more
    Gary Oldman finally wins his long battle with the bottle
    fctAdTag("bigbox",MyGenericTagVar,1); , Oldman finally admitted he was an alcoholic and checked into a rehabilitation clinic in Los Angeles. The year before, he had filmed The Scarlet Letter in Nova Scotia, an event he sadly doesn't remember. "I know I was in the film because I've seen it, but I don't really have any memory of making it," he admits. "I'm a slum kid from London, England, who was raised in a dysfunctional, alcoholic family. I'm ashamed and saddened that I didn't cope better." Oldman, 50, says he realized 20 years ago he was an alcoholic. "I knew I was in trouble, but the curse for me was I could do this acting thing better drunk than some people do it sober. "I was also a private drunk. I didn't do my falling-down routines in pubs. I drank myself into oblivion in the privacy of my hotel rooms or my home." Demi Moore observed Oldman's tragic behavior on their set of The Scarlet Letter. Having triumphed over her own drug and alcohol addictions, she urged Oldman to confront his demons.

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    14. Oldman, Gary : Actors O : Actors & Directors - Mega Net
    Peruse Mr. Oldman s cast biographies from films such as The Fifth Element, and Air Force One. Explore what these fans offer on their tribute pages
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    15. Gary Oldman
    HOME CONTACT. Oldman, Gary. Please Visit Our Sponsors. Biography Gary Oldman was born on 3/21/58 in New Cross, London, England. He began his film career in
    HOME CONTACT Oldman, Gary Please Visit Our Sponsors Biography: Gary Oldman was born on 3/21/58 in New Cross, London, England. He began his film career in 85 in the film "Sid And Nancy". He has also had roles in "JFK" & ""Immortal Beloved. In 97 he played a terrorist in blockbuster "Air Force One". LINKS Signifies a fansite award given by Entertainment Zone

    16. Oldman, Gary
    Hanks, Tom (1). Portman, Natalie (2). Winslet, Kate (2). Norton, Edward (2). Williams, Robbin (2). Wood, Elijah (2). Pacino, Al (2). Hopkins, Anthony (2)




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    Oldman - The Apathetic Theatrical Performer
    Added on 12/07/2007 to Articles Directory / Entertainment / Favorite Actors / Oldman, Gary
    The Great America Star Gary Oldman

    Added on 12/07/2007 to Articles Directory / Entertainment / Favorite Actors / Oldman, Gary One of the greatest American movie stars I know would have to be Gary Oldman. This is a man that was born in March of 1958 and is a Saturn Award Winning Actor. Gary Oldman has also been nominated for an Emmy, and this is good because he has played in many big named movies. Not only does Gary Oldman play in a lot of movies, he also has given his voice to a lot of video games as well; he is not just an actor. Gary Oldman is also a great father, and I hope he will go on to make a lot more movies over the course of his career.
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    17. Interrogation Report: Oldman, Gary
    interrogation reports titles authors publishers tags strength latest actors/directors studios. Oldman, Gary. Air Force One (1997)
    interrogation reports
    authors publishers ... studios
    Oldman, Gary
    • Air Force One Air Force One provides good action and some suspenseful moments, but after multiple viewings, you find yourself saying, 'Oh, sure. Like the president would really have . . .'"
    • Lost in Space "If you like science fiction films at all, then you should see Lost in Space in a theater so you can get the full effect of the special effects. But don't waste your time if you want a serious or even semi-plausible plot." Average score: 5.00
    titles authors publishers tags ...
    interrogation reports
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    18. Oldman, Gary - Ninemsn Encarta
    Oldman, Gary (1958 ), British actor born in London. His acting career began when he joined Greenwich Young People’s Theatre. He made his screen
    var s_account="msnportalencartaau"; ninemsn Home Hotmail My ninemsn Sign in ... More Additional Reference Thesaurus Bilingual Dictionaries Sidebar Primary Resources Homework Resources Foreign Language Help Times Archive Literature Guides ... Project Starters Support Encarta Products Encarta Answers Encarta Worldwide Help Related Items more... Encarta Search Search Encarta about Oldman, Gary
    Oldman, Gary
    Encyclopedia Article Find in this article View printer-friendly page E-mail Multimedia 1 item Oldman, Gary (1958- ), British actor born in London. His acting career began when he joined Greenwich Young People’s Theatre. He made his screen debut in the Channel 4 film Remembrance (Colin Gregg, 1982), teaming up with British director Mike Leigh one year later to make Meantime. In 1985 he made Honest, Decent, and True, before catapulting his career with his performance as Sex Pistol Sid Vicious in the Alex Cox 1986 film biography, Sid and Nancy. He then played Joe Orton in Prick Up Your Ears (1987) by Stephen Frears , which brought him to the attention of Hollywood All this critical attention, however, could not keep Oldman from marginal roles in less successful productions in the mid- to late 1980s, among them

    19. Drama C Oldman, Gary : Read Reviews And Compare Prices At
    C, Oldman, Gary Drama price comparison. Read reviews and compare prices of C Drama.
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    Drama C Drama Oldman, Gary
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    • Drama
    Item 1 to 11 out of 11 sort by Popularity Product name Product rating Price Date ... Sean Penn Collection - 21 Grams/T.A.P.S./Dead Man Walking/Colors/State Of Grace (Box Set) Drama - Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Harold Becker, Tim Robbins, Dennis Hopper, Phil Joanou - Original Language: English - Classification: 18 years and over (On Ciao since: 03/2007) This product has not yet been reviewed. Rate it now 3 Offers JFK DVD Production Year: 1991 - Drama - Director: Oliver Stone - Original Language: English - Classification: 15 years and over (On Ciao since: 03/2005) This product has not yet been reviewed.

    20. MontessoriConnections: Children: Oldman, Gary
    Oldman, Gary Children - MontessoriConnections is a site designed for Montessori administrators, teachers, parents and students. It has links to Montessori

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