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         Pacino Al:     more books (99)
  1. Pacino y de Niro en Frente a Frente ... y arruga frente a arruga.(pelîcula): An article from: Actual by Jesûs Guzmân, 2009-02-01
  2. BOMB Issue 33, Fall 1990 (BOMB Magazine) by Al Pacino, Thulani Davis, et all 1990-09-15
  3. The Godfather - [Souvenir Book] by Albert S. (production); Coppola, Francis Ford (direction); Puzo, Mario (author); Brando, Marlon & Pacino, Al & Caan, James & Duvall, Robert & Keaton, Diane (cast) Ruddy, 1972-01-01
  4. Dog Day Afternoon (Movie Tie-In) by Patrick Mann, 1975
  5. Interview Magazine February 1991 Al Pacino (Single Back Issue) by Interview, 1991
  6. Vanity Fair October 1989 (Single Issue) Al Pacino
  7. PLAYGIRL 1990 HOLIDAY ISSUE: Sleep with Your Boss; Sex with Younger Men; Al Pacino by Playgirl Magazine Inc., 1990
  8. GQ Magazine 50th Anniversary Issue (October 2007, Al Pacino Cover)
  9. Photoplay Magazine, January 1976, Elton John on Cover (Film / movie star magazine: Colorful illustation of Elton John on cover, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Elvis, James Caan, Mike Douglas, Connie Stevens, Jack Lord, Freddie Prinze, Henry Winkler.a 1970's sex symbol, Goldie Hawn is marrying Bill Hudson.) by Various, 1976
  10. Entertainment Weekly December 5, 2003 Al Pacino & Meryl Streep/Angels In America Cover, Michael Jackson, Stephen King, Tracy Morgan, Al Green, The Darkness
  11. Scarface #1 set of cover A & B / IDW Comics, Al Pacino cover by IDW, 2006
  12. GQ Magazine September 1992--The Big Fashion Issue--Al Pacino--(Single Issue)
  13. Vanity Fair Magazine October 1989 Al Pacino (Single Back Issue) by Vanity Fair, 1989

61. Army Archerd:
pacino_al. It s Friday morning at 10 ayem as I reach (by cell phone) executive producer Bob Gazzale en route to the first production meeting after Thursday
Advance Birthday
He'll be 82 next Tuesday (July 3) and celebrating in La Quinta so we toasted him today in the cooler clime of Beverly Hills at The Grill. He's a friend from the halcyon days of Hollywood, Farley Granger. I'd followed his career from Goldwyn to today. It's all well, not "all" in his book, "Include Me Out" written with his partner of 40 years, Robert Calhoun (they are not married) whose career started in Hollywood 41 years ago working with Gordon Davidson in establishing the Mark Taper Forum theater. Farley recalled Sam Goldwyn was unhappy he was dating Shelley Winters. Goldwyn, who had Farley on a long-term, exclusive pact, told Shelley, "I like you and if you and Farley get married I'll give you a very nice present. And if you don't marry him, I'll give you a nicer present." The on-off, hot-cold relationship continued almost to Shelley's dying days when he and Calhoun would visit her in the apartment she'd taken in their same building where she barricaded the windows with mattresses to keep out the light. While Granger writes about his constant battles to break his Goldwyn pact (he had to buy out), he tells me Sam Goldwyn Jr. was very helpful in getting material, photos, etc. for the book. He laughingly asked Farley, "Don't be too hard on the old man." We talked about the (brief) romance with Ava Gardner whom he described to me as "the most beautiful of all."

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63. 155185 : DVD - Microuse Shopping
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Available On Wireless Devices Breaking News Lawmakers debate largest tax hike since 2002 [2 mins] [Canon City, CO] Lawmakers girded for a debate today on Beacon Hill over whether to approve the state's biggest tax hike since 2002. 2 arrested in probe of polygamist ranch (AP) [21 mins] AP - Until the raid on their compound last week, the women and girls of the Yearning for Zion Ranch spent their days caring for its many children, tilling gardens and quilting, dressed in pioneer-style dresses sewn by their own hands.
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64. Al Pacino, Bühnen-, Film- Und TV-Schauspieler
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Home Persönlich Astro-Wissen Astro-Angebote ... populärste Seiten Al Pacino Italo-amerikanischer Bühnen-, Film- und TV-Schauspieler. Bekannt durch seine Rollen in 'Godfather'-Filmen (1972-90). Spielt meist Polizeidetektive oder Außenseiter der Gesellschaft.
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65. Citations De Al Pacino - Ses 3 Citations - Dicocitations ™
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Le pouvoir ne se donne pas, on le prend [ Le Parrain III ] Al Pacino
Ne hais jamais tes ennemis , ça perturbe le jugement [ Le Parrain III ] Al Pacino
Ne me raconte plus de bobards partir de maintenant , c'est une insulte à mon intelligence [ Le Parrain II ] Al Pacino
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66. Al Pacino
Translate this page 1969, Yo, Natalie (Me, Natalie). 1971, Pánico en Needle Park (The Panic in Needle Park). 1972, El Padrino (The Godfather). 1973, Espantapájaros (Scarecrow)
Al Pacino Yo, Natalie (Me, Natalie) (The Panic in Needle Park) El Padrino (The Godfather) (Scarecrow) (Serpico) El Padrino: segunda parte (The Godfather: Part II) Tarde de Perros (Dog Day Afternoon) Un Instante, una Vida (Bobby Deerfield) (...And Justice for All) A la Caza (Cruising) Autor, Autor (Author! Author!) El Preco del Poder (Scarface) (Revolution) (Sea of Love) (The Local Stigmatic) Dick Tracy El Padrino, parte III (The Godfather: Part III) En la Cama con Madonna (Madonna: Truth or Dare) Frankie and Johnny (Glengarry Glen Ross) Esencia de Mujer (Scent of a Woman) Atrapado por su Pasado (Carlito's Way) (Two Bits) Heat (City Hall) Looking for Richard Donnie Brasco Pactar con el Diablo (The Devil's Advocate) El Dilema (The Insider) Un Domingo Cualquiera (Any Given Sunday) (Chinese Coffee) Insomnio (Insomnia) Relaciones confidenciales (People I Know) Simone La prueba (The Recruit) (The Recruit) (Gigli) (Void Moon) (The Merchant of Venice)

67. Al Pacino ƒAƒ‹Eƒpƒ`[ƒm‚̃vƒƒtƒB[ƒ‹,o‰‰ì•iˆê——,
Translate this page Al Pacino , , ( ) ( , ), , , , , , , , , ,
T's Theater ‚ÉŒfÚ‚µ‚Ä‚¢‚é‚·‚ׂĂ̕¶Í‚Ì–³’f“]ÚA“]—p‚ð‹ÖŽ~‚µ‚Ü‚·B
ŒfÚ‚µ‚Ä‚¢‚é‰f‰æì•i‚̐»ì”N“xA»ì‘Aã‰fŽžŠÔAƒAƒJƒfƒ~[Ü‚Í IMDb ‚ÉŠî‚‚¢‚Ä‚¢‚Ü‚·B
ŒfÚ‚µ‚Ä‚¢‚é”o—D‚Ì’a¶–¼A’a¶“úA’a¶’nAƒAƒJƒfƒ~[ÜAƒtƒBƒ‹ƒ‚ƒOƒ‰ƒtƒB[‚Í IMDb ‚ÉŠî‚‚¢‚Ä‚¢‚Ü‚·B
A Šy“V ‚ł̏¤•i‚Ì‚²w“ü‚ÍŽ©ŒÈÓ”C‚É‚Ä‚¨Šè‚¢‚¢‚½‚µ‚Ü‚·B Šy“VPR Šy“V‚Å’T‚· Šy“VƒuƒbƒNƒX‚Å’T‚·
T's Theater‚̉摜
Yahoo!Japan PR ‰f‰æˆê——A`M


Al Pacino
o‰‰ì•iˆê——,ƒtƒBƒ‹ƒ‚ƒOƒ‰ƒtƒB[(”o—D,ŠÄ“Â), ƒAƒJƒfƒ~[Ü(ƒIƒXƒJ[)Œ‹‰Ê(ŽóÜ,ƒmƒ~ƒl[ƒg),‰f‰æ,—m‰æ,Žå‰‰,•‰‰, DVD,ƒnƒŠƒEƒbƒh,ƒAƒƒŠƒJ,”o—D,’j—D
Alfredo James Pacino ’a¶“úF ’a¶’n(¶’a’n)F New York City, New York, USA ƒAƒJƒfƒ~[Ü(ƒIƒXƒJ[)F •‰‰’j—DÜƒmƒ~ƒl[ƒgF Žå‰‰’j—DÜƒmƒ~ƒl[ƒgF Žå‰‰’j—DÜƒmƒ~ƒl[ƒgF Žå‰‰’j—DÜƒmƒ~ƒl[ƒgF Žå‰‰’j—DÜƒmƒ~ƒl[ƒgF •‰‰’j—DÜƒmƒ~ƒl[ƒgF •‰‰’j—DÜƒmƒ~ƒl[ƒgF Žå‰‰’j—DÜŽóÜF ƒtƒBƒ‹ƒ‚ƒOƒ‰ƒtƒB[(”o—D)F @EuMe, Nataliev(ƒiƒ^ƒŠ[‚Ì’©) @EuThe Panic in Needle Parkv(ˆ£‚µ‚Ý‚ÌŠX‚©‚Ç) @EuMario Puzo's The Godfatherv(ƒSƒbƒhƒtƒ@[ƒU[) šƒAƒJƒfƒ~[•‰‰’j—DÜƒmƒ~ƒl[ƒg @E @EuSerpicov(ƒZƒ‹ƒsƒR) šƒAƒJƒfƒ~[Žå‰‰’j—DÜƒmƒ~ƒl[ƒg @E šƒAƒJƒfƒ~[Žå‰‰’j—DÜƒmƒ~ƒl[ƒg @EuDog Day Afternoonv(˜T‚½‚¿‚̌ߌã) šƒAƒJƒfƒ~[Žå‰‰’j—DÜƒmƒ~ƒl[ƒg @Eu...And Justice for Allv(ƒWƒƒƒXƒeƒBƒX)

68. ÉúÈÕ¿ìÀÖ~~~Al Pacino£¡£¨4.25£©[Ìùͼ](Ò³ 1) - Ó°ÒôÓ
Translate this page IMGhttp// jpg/IMG IMGhttp//
ÉúÈÕ¿ìÀÖ~~~Al Pacino£¡£¨4.25£©[Ìùͼ] °¬¶ûÅÁÎ÷ŵ Al Pacino
£¨2002£©Simone ¡¶Î÷ÉÄÝ¡·
£¨2000£©Chinese Coffee¡¾Öйú¿§·È¡¿
£¨1999£©Any Given Sunday¡¾ÌôÕ½ÐÇÆÚÌì¡¿£¨ÔÙÕ½ÐÇÆÚÈÕ£©
£¨1999£©Insider, The¡¾¾ª±¬ÄÚÄ»¡¿£¨ÖÂüÑÌÎí£©
£¨1997£©Devil's Advocate, The¡¾Ä§¹í´úÑÔÈË¡¿
£¨1997£©Donnie Brasco¡¾¾ªÌ챬¡¿£¨ÖÒ¼éÈË£©
£¨1996£©Looking for Richard¡¾Ñ°ÕÒÀí²é¡¿
£¨1996£©City Hall¡¾Á¢Ìå»ÑÑÔ¡¿£¨ÊÐÕþÌü£©
£¨1995£©Heat¡¾µÁ»ðÏß¡¿£¨Áһ𺷽«£© £¨1995£©Two Bits £¨1994£©Jonas in the Desert £¨1993£©Carlito's Way¡¾ÇéèɵÄÀè÷¡¿£¨½ÇÍ··çÔÆ£© £¨1992£©Glengarry Glen Ross¡¾°Ý½ðÒ»×å¡¿ £¨1991£©Scent of a woman¡¾ÎÅÏãʶŮÈË¡¿ £¨1991£©Frankie and Johnny¡¾ÏÖ´ú°®Çé¹ÊÊ¡¿£¨ÐÔ¡¢°®Çé¡¢ºº±¤°ü£© £¨1991£©Godfather Family: A Look Inside, The £¨1990£©Godfather: Part III, The¡¾½Ì¸¸µÚÈý¼¯¡¿£¨½Ì¸¸¢ó£© £¨1990£©Dick Tracy¡¾ÖÁ×ðÉñ̽¡¿£¨µÏ¿Ë´ÞÎ÷£© £¨1989£©Local Stigmatic, The £¨1989£©Sea of Love¡¾ÎçÒ¹¾ªÇé¡¿£¨¼¤Çé¹ô×ÓÊÖ£© £¨1985£©Revolution¡¾Å­»ðɽºÓ¡¿£¨¸ïü£© £¨1983£©Scarface¡¾°ÌæÉ·ÐÇ¡¿ £¨1982£©Author! Author!

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73. Title
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74. Al Pacino Joins Ocean's 13 - Cinephiliacs Movie Forum
(IMGhttp// Al Pacino has joined the cast of Oceans 13 and will play a casino owner named Willie

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77. Foros De - Clásicos Del Cine
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Foros de General El rincón del forista PDA View Full Version : Clásicos del cine roroto 23-07-2004, 02:18 PM Hay películas que se han constituido en "clásicas". Muchas de ellas, con el correr del tiempo son una especie de "joyas de colección".
Hoy me referiré a la trilogía de la Guerra de las galaxias:
La primera de la serie (Episodio IV: Una nueva esperanza), fue toda una revolución en la industria del cine, sobre todo por sus efectos especiales jamás vistos para la época (1977). Esta fue toda una aventura, aún para George Lucas, quien estaba experimentando un nuevo fenómeno cinematográfico. De ahí que no se aprecia muy bien la continuidad respecto a las otras dos de la serie.
Fue en esta película que surge la figura del "villano más malo" del cine: Lord Darth Vader. Un personaje siniestro y misterioso. En contraste, Luke Skywalker se perfila como el "muchacho bueno", la "promesa" de la restitución de la República en contraposición con el oprobioso imperio galáctico.
Se anexan los personajes que le dan más realce y contenido: Han Solo, la princesa Leia y Obi Wan Kenobi.

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79. Kiceou, Le Guide Web International Al Pacino
Translate this page Jason s Al Pacino Page Biographie, filmographie, presse, photos

80. بازیگر مورد علاقت کیه؟
http// http// saliqat harf nadare _jan dir=rtl

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