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         Cage John:     more books (102)
  1. Silence: Lectures and Writings by John Cage, 1961-06-15
  2. Begin Again: A Biography of John Cage by Kenneth Silverman, 2010-10-19
  3. A Year from Monday: New Lectures and Writings by John Cage, 1967-05-15
  4. John Cage Visual Art: To Sober and Quiet the Mind by Kathan Brown, 2001-03-30
  5. No Such Thing as Silence: John Cage's 4'33" (Icons of America) by Kyle Gann, 2010-03-23
  6. The Cambridge Companion to John Cage (Cambridge Companions to Music)
  7. John Cage: Zen Ox-Herding Pictures by Stephen Addiss, Ray Kass, 2009-10-07
  8. Silence by John Cage, 1994-12-31
  9. Empty Words: Writings '73-'78 by John Cage, 1979-02-15
  10. Composition In Retrospect by John Cage, 2008-10-01
  11. M WRITINGS '67-'72 by John Cage, 1978
  12. Silence. by John Cage, 1995-05-01
  13. John Cage: Every Day is a Good Day: The Visual Art of John Cage by John Cage, Jeremy Millar, et all 2010-09-30
  14. The Music of John Cage (Music in the Twentieth Century) by James Pritchett, 1996-04-26

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3. Cage, John (1912-1992)
American avantgarde composer perhaps best known for the quietest piece of music ever written. His piano composition 4 33 calls for the player to sit in
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Cage, John (1912-1992)
absolute zero
at which molecular motion stops. 4'33" was inspired by Cage's visit to Harvard University's anechoic chamber about which he wrote: There is no such thing as empty space or empty time. There is always something to hear or something to see. In fact, try as we might to make a silence, we cannot. For certain engineering purposes, it is desirable to have as silent a situation as possible. Such a room is called an anechoic chamber, its walls made of special materials, a room without echoes. I entered one at Harvard University ... and heard two sounds, one a high and one a low. When I described them to the engineer in charge, he informed me that the high one was my nervous system and the low one was my blood circulation. Gardner wrote: "I have not heard 4'33" performed, but friends who have tell me it is Cage's finest composition."
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7. Space Is The Place: Some Old And Some New
Hope that helps! John Cage Meets Sun Ra, Side A http//ubu.wfmu. org/sound/cage_john/cage_sun_ra/CageJohn_and_Ra-Sun_01.mp3 John Cage Meets Sun Ra, Side B
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Space Is the Place
Friday, September 29, 2006
Some Old and Some New
OKHere are some reposts of links that were killed, as well as some new material.
Also, if someone could upload the links that were posted in the comments section that I had requested in previous posts, I'd much appreciate it. Unfortunately I was not near a computer when those links were valid.
Oh, and the request for Sun Ra and John Cage from the person who fulfilled my requestthat album is available from See the sidebar. If it isn't there, go to and search for Sun Ra. There are two mp3s, each a side of the vinyl.
On a personal note, for many months, Atlantis was one of my most frequently listened to albums.

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9. John Cage Meets Sun Ra
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11. John Cage Online
John Cage American Composer and Printmaker, 19121992 Guide to pictures of works by John Cage in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.
John Cage art links
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John Cage
[American Composer and Printmaker, 1912-1992]
American artists
Museums and Public Art Galleries: Museum of Modern Art , New York City
Tate Gallery
, London, UK
Biography and links to information on the Tate website
Smithsonian Institution Art Inventories

List of works nationwide from two sources: the Inventory of American Paintings Executed before 1914 and the Inventory of American Sculpture (only a few percent of listings have an accompanying image)
Professional Tools: Artprice Pictures from Image Archives: California State University WorldImages Database Music Score Articles: Union List of Artist Names (Getty Museum) Reference sheet with basic information about the artist and pointers to other references. Books and Posters Search Amazon for books related to John Cage Search AllPosters for reproductions of works by John Cage Advanced Research Tools NEW! Search Artcyclopedia: Or, browse artists.. by Movement by Medium by Subject by Nationality by Name list all Women Artists We cannot be responsible for the content of external web sites.

12. Aworks :: "new" American Classical Music: Cage, John
why listening to this music is interesting, important, and maybe even fun. /robert gable/
aworks :: "new" american classical music
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Bacchanale (1940). John Cage /drm freedom/
Amazon's new MP3 store is up and I am pleasantly surprised with some of the composers on their featured classical composers list: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Johann Sebastian Bach Ludwig van Beethoven Franz Liszt ... Leonard Bernstein I'd recommend Margaret Leng Tan's Daughters of the Lonesome Isle for $8.99 with no Digital Restrictions Management. The Arditti Quartet playing music of California composers is only $3.96. There are a few oddities on the website e.g. the historical periods classical list ends at 1910. I can think of several people who wouldn't see this as an error. By the way, if you go to a composer's page, click on the preview all button to continuously hear all the music, albeit as 30 second clips. Here's the Philip Glass page . I also used this to preview Lisa Bielawa's album September 25, 2007 in

13. John Cage Biography
Search Biographies. Browse Biographies. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Biography Base Home Link To Us Search Biographies: Browse Biographies A B C D ... Z John Cage Biography John Milton Cage
Cage was born in Los Angeles. His father was a somewhat eccentric inventor of largely useless devices who told him "that if someone says 'can't' that shows you what to do." Cage described his mother as a woman with "a sense of society" who was "never happy." It was not obvious from his early life that he would become a composer; he was born into a Episcopalian family, and his paternal grandfather regarded the violin as the "instrument of the devil". Cage himself planned to become a minister at an early age and later a writer.
Although music was not clearly to be his chosen path, he did say later that he had unfocused desire to create, and his subsequent anti-establishment stance may be seen to have its roots in an incident while he was attending Pomona College. Shocked to find a large number of students in the library reading the same set text, he rebelled and "went into the stacks and read the first book written by an author whose name began with Z. I received the highest grade in the class. That convinced me that the institution was not being run correctly." He dropped out in his second year and sailed to Europe, where he stayed for eighteen months. It was there that he wrote his first pieces of music, but upon hearing them he found he didn't like them, and he left them behind on his return to America.
He returned to California in 1931, his enthusiasm for America revived, he said, by reading Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. There he took lessons in composition from Richard Buhlig, Henry Cowell, Adolf Weiss, and, famously, Arnold Schoenberg whom he "literally worshipped." Schoenberg told Cage he would tutor him for free on the condition he "devoted his life to music." Cage readily agreed, but stopped lessons after two years when it became clear to him that he had "no feeling for harmony."

14. Cage John-Eight Whiskus - Cage John :: Free MP3 Downloads
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15. Dr J Michael Cage Urologist Monroe, LA
Free Doctor report on Dr J Michael Cage, Urologist of 711 Saint John St Urology Clinic, Monroe Louisiana (LA)

16. News - Articles - 1426829 - 19991025
MTV News is your source for the latest Music, Movies and Entertainment News and Information. Find Artist Photos, Exclusive Interviews and Features.
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Sonic Youth Covers John Cage, Yoko Ono For Double LP
Views By David Basham After making its latest stab at crossover (i.e. commercial) success with last year's "A Thousand Leaves," the avant garde noisemakers of Sonic Youth will return to its experimental roots with a new double CD, "SY4: Goodbye 20th Century," due out on November 8. Sonic Youth will issue "Goodbye" on its own SYR label, through which the band has already issued three instrumental recordings, "SY1" in June 1997, "SY2" in September 1997, and "SY3," a collaborative effort between the band and Jim O'Rourke, in February 1998. The 13 tracks for "Goodbye" were recorded between March and August of this year and features one original song, entitled "Six For New Time For Sonic Youth," as well as covers of experimental pieces from the likes of John Cage, Yoko Ono, and James Tenney. The dual LP was co-produced by Mr. Bungle percussionist William Winant, who plays with Sonic Youth on ten "Goodbye" cuts. O'Rourke and violinist Takehisa Kosugi also pitch in for several songs on both discs.

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buffalo Mp3s, 115, Cage Ra 02. Download. buffalo Links
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19. Christine Burgin Gallery: John Cage
Not Wanting to Say Anything About Marcel, 1969. Plexigrams IVIII and Mesostics re Merce Cunnningham, 1971 September 10 - October 4, 1986.
JOHN CAGE Not Wanting to Say Anything About Marcel, 1969 Plexigrams I-VIII
Mesostics re: Merce Cunnningham, 1971
September 10 - October 4, 1986

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