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         Hamerik Asger:     more books (26)
  1. People From Frederiksberg: Regine Olsen, Asger Hamerik, Per Stig Møller, Marie Triepcke Krøyer Alfvén, Søren Colding, Ivan Nielsen
  2. The Musician's Theory Book by Asger Hamerik, 1983-01-01
  3. Theory of Music. by Asger. HAMERIK, 1895
  4. The Musicians Theory Book: Reference to Fundamentals, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue and Form by Asger Hamerik, 1983-06
  5. Theory of music,: By Asger Hamerik by Asger Hamerik, 1895
  6. The Musicians Theory Book : Reference to Fundamentals, by Asger Hamerik, 1983-06-06
  7. Oper ohne Worte ... Op. 30. Ausg. für Orch. [Score.] by Asger Hamerik, 1880
  8. Christliche Trilogie. Trilogie chrétienne. Christian Trilogy. Für Bariton-Solo, Chor und Orchester ... Op. 31. Partitur.Lat by Asger Hamerik, 1883
  9. May Dance. A Quartet for female voices, the words translated from the German of F. Fincke by ... J. Troutbeck (Novello's Collection of Trios, No. 121. [1879,etc.]) by Asger Hamerik, 1884
  10. La Vendetta. Dramma lirico in cinque scene. Edizione Danese - Italiana per Canto e Pianoforte. Op. 20 by Asger Hamerik, 1870
  11. Nordische Suite für Orchester. Op. 22. Partitur by Asger Hamerik, 1873
  12. Theory of Music. Prepared by Eliz. E. Starr. by Asger HAMERIK, 1895
  13. Maientanz, May Dance, für Frauen-Chor und kleines Orchester. Deutscher Text ... von F. Fincke, English words ... by W. G. Day. Clavier-Auszug by Asger Hamerik, 1881
  14. Jüdische Trilogie für Orchester. Op. 19. Partitur by Asger Hamerik, 1879

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