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  1. Streamline your search for new machine tools: trying to determine what specific new mill, lathe or grinding machine to buy? An online resource with comprehensive ... OFF): An article from: Modern Machine Shop by Derek Korn, 2010-09-01
  2. Thinking machines: the search for artificial intelligence by ALEKSANDER & BURNETT, 1987
  3. Makespan minimization for scheduling unrelated parallel machines: A recovering beam search approach [An article from: European Journal of Operational Research] by M. Ghirardi, C.N. Potts,
  4. Efficient neighborhood search for the one-machine earliness-tardiness scheduling problem [An article from: European Journal of Operational Research] by Y. Hendel, F. Sourd, 2006-08-16
  5. In good company: An account of the 6th Machine Gun Company A.I.F. in search of peace 1915-19 by William Albert Carne, 1937
  6. A recovering beam search algorithm for the single machine Just-in-Time scheduling problem [An article from: European Journal of Operational Research] by B. Esteve, C. Aubijoux, et all 2006-08-01
  7. Finding Out About: A Cognitive Perspective on Search Engine Technology and the WWW by Richard K. Belew, 2008-07-14
  8. Genetic Algorithms in Search Optimization and Machine Learning - 1988 publication. by David Goldbrg, 1988
  9. Search for the Nile (Time Machine, No. 12) by Robert Walker, 1986-04-01
  10. A tabu search algorithm for the multi-stage parallel machine problem with limited buffer capacities [An article from: European Journal of Operational Research] by B. Wardono, Y. Fathi, 2004-06-01
  11. Outlaw Machine Harley-Davidson and the Search for the American Soul - 1999 publication. by Brock WYats, 1999
  12. Parallel machine selection and job scheduling to minimize machine cost and job tardiness [An article from: Computers and Operations Research] by D. Cao, M. Chen, et all
  13. Scheduling unrelated parallel machines with sequence-dependent setups [An article from: Computers and Operations Research] by R. Logendran, B. McDonell, et all 2007-08-01
  14. Ufo Quest: In Search of the Mystery Machines by Alan Watts, 1969-01-01

21. Search Machine
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The Search will find pages on this entire Site. For detailed Search type two words or a phrase. Use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character. BennettGifts

22. Firefly-1.1.1-3mdv2008.1.noarch RPM
/var/www/html/firefly/modules/parcmanager/scripts/search_company_do. php /var/www/html/firefly/modules/parcmanager/scripts/search_machine.php
Index index by Group index by Distribution index by Vendor ...
firefly-1.1.1-3mdv2008.1 RPM for noarch
From Mandriva devel cooker for sparcv9 media contrib release
Name: firefly Distribution: Mandriva Linux Version: 1.1.1 Vendor: Mandriva Release: 3mdv2008.1 Build date: Mon Dec 17 21:36:06 2007 Group: Communications Build host: Size: 1211584 Source RPM: firefly-1.1.1-3mdv2008.1.src.rpm Packager: Url: Summary: Multi-user professional help desk system Firefly is a multi-user professional help desk system with several additional applications including company and contact management, knowledge database management, and contracts management. Firefly is also an application framework providing services such as user authentication, profile management, and database abstraction. It is designed on PHP3, postgreSQL, and Apache. Any new module profits firefly's user authentification and framework services. A library of generic functions and a unified structure of the folders make it possible to develop ew modules easily.
internal MD5: 008155b8b144b6338303fcdcc8ee7cd5 GPG
Generated by Fabrice Bellet , Mon Mar 31 05:27:25 2008

23. Search-machine.phtml - UK Selected Websites
Popular picks on the same topic. Accommodation, Careers And Jobs, Casino And Lottery, Companies. Computers And Office Supply, Education And Training - The Original Meta Search Engine
Home Page
Web site submission User Tips About All4One ... Your Privacy
Popular picks on the same topic Accommodation Careers And Jobs Casino And Lottery Companies ... Your Privacy

24. - Die Suchmaschine Für Linux Rpm Und Debian Pakete - Firefly-1.1.1-
/var/www/html/firefly/modules/parcmanager/scripts/search_machine. php /var/www/html/firefly/modules/parcmanager/scripts/search_parc.php

25. Aptiva 5133 HD/OS Upgrade - Tech Support Forum
Posts 1479. OS WinXP, Vista, MAC 10.x. Send a message via AIM to Doonz. or start here . http// bandit
Welcome to Tech Support Forum home to more then 136,000 problems solved. Issues have included: Spyware, Malware, Virus Issues, Windows, Microsoft, Linux, Networking, Security, Hardware, and Gaming Getting your problem solved is as easy as:
Registering for a free account

Asking your question

3. Receiving an answer Registered members:
* Get free support
* Communicate privately with other members (PM).
* Removal of this message
* See fewer ads.
* And much more..
Want to know how to post a question? click here Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps Tech Support Forum Microsoft Support Windows 2000 Pro / NT Workstation Support Aptiva 5133 HD/OS Upgrade User Name Remember Me? Password Site Map vbmenu_register("sitemap"); Register Donate Rules Blogs ... Mark Forums Read
Windows 2000 Pro / NT Workstation Support Find support for Windows 2000 Pro / NT Workstation here Thread Tools 08-20-2002, 06:12 AM permalink strezeski Registered User Join Date: Aug 2002 Location: Charlotte, NC

26. PHPÐÂÎÅÐÅÏ¢×Ô¶¯¸üдúÂëʵÀý - ¡ºPHP/Perl±à³ÌרÇ
Translate this page td background=\ 15hrimages/15hr_zpinfo_4.gif\ a href=\ search_machine.php\ onMouseOut=\ MM_swapImgRestore()\ onMouseOver=\ MM_swapImage( Image70 ,

27. Machine - 1 Page - 3GPMusic 3GP Mobile Phone Video-3GP Free Download Movies
Translate this page High-definition 3GPMusic video free downloading. Free 3GP large collection of the latest video download popular music videos.
Search: Morning Musume - Love Machine(CT2003) [PV] Goldfrapp - Strict Machine RIHANNA Umbrella ... Hills

28. 99004
http// The addresses above are free sites for translating from many languages. I ve done a couple of phrases for fun.

Home Page
Archives Appraisers Articles ... Comments Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 22:59:39 -0600 Long ago and far away, I grew up on a farm in northeastern Maryland, not far from the border with Pennsylvania and Lancaster County. On a lot of the really big, older barns there are huge wooden doors that either swing out or slide open so wagons, usually hay wagons, can be pulled into the barn and unloaded. There's often a smaller, 'normal' sized door cut into one of the big doors for everyday use because opening the big doors is a bit of a chore in itself. There are also trap-door arrangements located high in the side of barns near a pulley for hoisting hay bales up and into barns. I've heard these smaller doors called the Hole in the Barn Door. Susan, I use a treadle sewing machine, just for fun. I agree with Capt. Dick, the 27 sounds great and has all the necessities and nice goodies, but a bit overpriced. It would be a steal at $100 or less. But if it keeps calling your name.... Have you joined the TreadleOn list? If/when you buy the 27, you must! Join now, and you'll get a headstart on

29. ½­ËÕʡʳƷҩƷ¼à¶½¹ÜÀí¾Ö
Translate this page . 2008-3-6

30. Strona Zawiera Teksty Piosenek Wykonawców Polskich I Zagranicznych
Strona zawiera teksty piosenek wykonawców polskich i zagranicznych a tak e list przebojów wszechczasów. Cz ste aktualizacje, nowe utwory,

31. 2008-03-31 ¿ÀÈÄ 5:32:20 Ãâ·Â
Translate this page . .

32. Αγγελίες για Σκαφτ
Translate this page - , , , , - .
Abg Ahlmann Ammann Artison Asea Astra Atlas Bar Baumann Bellaz Benford Bitteli Bobcat Bocker Bomag Bt Case Cat Caterpillar Clark Combilift Daewoo Dautel Demag Deutz Dynapac Eder Fassi Faun Fiat Fiori Ford Fuchs Furukawa Gehl Gehlmax Grader Gunite Hamm Hanix Hanomag Hiab Hinowa Hitachi Hydrema Hyster Hyundai Indeco Ingersol-Rand International Irion Jcb Jungheinrich Kalmar Karcher Kobelco Kockums Komatsu Komko Kramer Kubota Ladog Lansing Libra Liebherr Linde Lokomo Manitou Marini Meiller Merlo Michigan Mitsubishi Multicar Neuson Nissan Orthaus Palfinger Paus Pel-job Perkins Poclain Rammax Renault Rexroth Sambron Scania Schaeff Shatal Steinbock Still Takeuchi Tcm Terberg Terex Teupen Thwaites Toyota Unimog Upright Veniery Volvo Vongele Wabco Wacker Weber Weller Wirtgen Yale Yamaguchi Yanmar Zeppelin Zettelmeyer hp hp cc cc Finisher Wagon Drill Ντάμπερ - Dumper ABS ZSA BSS SRS ZSA Κλιματισμός(A/C) var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));

33. [Access] Suchfunktion - Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) - - V
Translate this page Im ersten wählt man die Maschine(search_machine), im zweiten die Baugruppe der Maschine(search_category), im driten das Bauteil(search_part) und im vierten
Montag, 31. M¤rz 2008, 10:36 UTC+2 Sie sind nicht angemeldet.
  • Anmelden Dauerhaft angemeldet bleiben? Registrieren Ungelesene Beitr¤ge Unbeantwortete Themen Themen der letzten 24 Stunden Erweiterte Suche ... - Visual Basic Forum
    • Forum Mitglieder Hilfe Impressum - Visual Basic Forum Programmieren Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
    [Access] Suchfunktion
    subara Anf¤nger Dabei seit: 21. August 2007 Beitr¤ge: 8 Mittwoch, 29. August 2007, 08:27
    Ich habe 4 Dropdown-Felder. Im ersten w¤hlt man die Maschine(search_machine), im zweiten die Baugruppe der Maschine(search_category), im driten das Bauteil(search_part) und im vierten die Sprache(search_languages). Der User kann aber auch nur nach den einzelnen Dropdown-Feldern suchen (z.B nur Maschine).
    Durch das Klicken auf den Button "Hinzuf¼gen"(search_add) wird das Kriterium in eine tempor¤re Tabelle "temp_search" abgespeichert. Der Inhalt dieser tempor¤ren Tabelle wird im Formular als Suchkriterium angezeigt. Der User kann auch mehrere Kriterien hinzuf¼gen. Durch neue Suche werden die Kriterien gel¶scht und es k¶nnen neue Kriterien hinzugef¼gt werden.
    Bis hier hin habe ich alles programmiert.

34. 6ï ÃõìíÜóéï Óåññþí - Åöçìåñßäá - Üñèñï INTERNET
Translate this page - Indexers http//

Áðï ôï âéâëßï "Internet Ïäçãüò ãéá üëïõò" ôïõ ÂáããÝëç êéìðåñßôç Åêäüóåéò ÔÆÉÏËÁ.
Åßíáé áäýíáôï íá öáíôáóèþ ôï Internet ÷ùñßò ôçí ýðáñîç ôùí ìç÷áíþí áíáæÞôçóçò. Ïé ðëçñïöïñßåò èá Þôáí Ü÷ñçóôåò ãéáôß óôçí ïõóßá äåí èá õðÞñ÷å äõíáôüôçôáò ðñüóâáóçò. Óêåöôåßôå ðùò èá Þôáí Ýíá âéâëßï ìå åêáôïììýñéá óåëßäåò ÷ùñßò ðåñéå÷üìåíá.
Ïé ìç÷áíÝò áíáæÞôçóçò äéáèÝôïõí âÜóåéò äåäïìÝíùí ìå ôéò äéåõèýíóåéò ôùí site ðïõ Ý÷ïõí äçëùèåß. Ïôáí äßíïõìå áíáæÞôçóç ãéá åýñåóç, ôüôå ç áíáæÞôçóç ãßíåôáé ìÝóá óôç âÜóç äåäïìÝíùí êáé ôá áðïôåëÝóìáôá åßíáé ôá÷ýôáôá. Ïé ìç÷áíÝò áíáæÞôçóçò, ðáëáéüôåñá ëåéôïõñãïýóáí ìüíï óáí èåìáôéêïß êáôÜëïãïé, äçëáäÞ ãéá íá áíáæçôÞóïõìå êÜðïéï óôïé÷åßï, Ýðñåðå íá åðéëÝîïõìå ôïí ó÷åôéêü êáôÜëïãï êáé íá óõíå÷ßóïõìå ôçí áíáæÞôçóç.
ÓÞìåñá Ý÷ïõí áëëÜîåé ó÷åäüí üëåò ôç ëïãéêÞ êáé ôå÷íéêÞ áíáæÞôçóçò. Å÷ïõí êñáôÞóåé ôïõò èåìáôéêïýò êáôáëüãïõò áëëÜ ôáõôü÷ñïíá ìáò äßíïõí ôç äõíáôüôçôá íá ðëçêôñïëïãÞóïõìå ôï æçôïýìåíï óå Ýíá åéäéêü ðëáßóéï êåéìÝíïõ êáé óôç óõíÝ÷åéá áíáëáìâÜíïõí ôçí áíáæÞôçóç áõôüìáôá. ÌåñéêÝò ìç÷áíÝò áíáæÞôçóçò ÷ñçóéìïðïéïýí êáé ôïõò äõï ôñüðïõò, Üëëåò ìüíï ôïí Ýíáí Þ ôï Üëëï. Ð.÷ ç GoGREECE äåí åßíáé Ýíáò Indexer áëëÜ ìéá âÜóç äåäïìÝíùí ôùí site ðïõ äçëþèçêáí êáé ëåéôïõñãåß óáí èåìáôéêüò êáôÜëïãïò. Ç ìç÷áíÞ áíáæÞôçóçò INFOSEEK ÷ñçóéìïðïéåß êáé ôéò äõï ôå÷íéêÝò.
Ïóï áöïñÜ ôçí ïñïëïãßá ôùí ìç÷áíþí áíáæÞôçóçò, óÞìåñá ÷ñçóéìïðïéïýíôáé áñêåôÝò ïíïìáóßåò. Èá ôéò âñïýìå óáí Indexers, Search Engine, Ìç÷áíÝò áíáæÞôçóçò êëð.

35. SFR Fresh: Firefly-1.1.01.tar.gz (Download & Source Code Browsing)
rwxrwxrwx 389 2001-12-27 114350 firefly-1.1. 01/modules/parcmanager/scripts/search_machine.php -rwxrwxrwx 1475 2001-12-27 114350
SfR Fresh " - the SfR Freeware/Shareware Archive
Contents of firefly-1.1.01.tar.gz (16 Jan 2002, 342334 Bytes)
About: A multi-user professional help desk system with several additional applications including company and contact management, knowledge database management, and contracts management Fresh path: unix privat firefly-1.1.01.tar.gz
Alternative downloads: tar.Z tar.bz2 tar zip
Member sort order: docs related original date pathname filename size (top100) top-path files -rwxr-xr-x f irefly-1.1.01/README-FR -rwxr-xr-x f irefly-1.1.01/README -rwxrwxrwx f irefly-1.1.01/config.php -rwxrwxrwx f irefly-1.1.01/modules/support/scripts/main.php -rwxrwxrwx f irefly-1.1.01/include/postgresql.php -rwxrwxrwx f irefly-1.1.01/include/sqlext.php -rwxr-xr-x f irefly-1.1.01/CREDITS -rwxr-xr-x f irefly-1.1.01/INSTALL-FR -rwxr-xr-x f irefly-1.1.01/INSTALL -rwxrwxrwx f irefly-1.1.01/dumps/firefly_initdatas.sql -rwxrwxrwx f irefly-1.1.01/dumps/firefly_schema.sql -rwxr-xr-x f irefly-1.1.01/LICENSE -rwxr-xr-x f irefly-1.1.01/GPL-FR -rwxr-xr-x f irefly-1.1.01/GPL -rwxr-xr-x f irefly-1.1.01/DocUser.txt

36. Sophie: Firefly-1.1.1-3mdv2008.1.noarch.rpm
rwxr-xr-x root root 389 /var/www/html/firefly/modules/parcmanager/scripts/ search_machine.php. md5 85d877ef4d8c8c222f3542d97c28d9bf Color 0,x86_64/firefly
Sophie - Rpm Giraffe
version Main page Advanced search Find files Distrib ... about sophie show results per page
Basic informations History of firefly Query and analyze description ... changelogs
Main information:
  • Name: firefly Summary: Multi-user professional help desk system Version: 1.1.1 Release: 3mdv2008.1 Epoch: (none) Arch: noarch Group: Communications Distribution: Mandriva Linux Vendor: Mandriva License: GPL Size: 1211584 bytes Url: Maintainers: aginies at mandriva dot com (Mandriva)
Additional informations:
  • Build date: Mon Dec 17 21:36:06 2007 Build host: Source RPM: firefly-1.1.1-3mdv2008.1.src.rpm Rpm version:
  • OptFlags: -O2 -g -pipe -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fstack-protector param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -fexceptions
  • Cookie: 1197923753 PkgId: 008155b8b144b6338303fcdcc8ee7cd5 SourcePkgid: (none)
Firefly is a multi-user professional help desk system with several additional
applications including company and contact management, knowledge database

37. VBA FORUM - Beitrag Ansehen
Translate this page Schleife um Name jeder Maschine ins DD zu schreiben Do While Not rstMachine.EOF strTemp = rstMachine!Name search_machine.AddItem strTemp rstMachine. VBA Such

38. Trasportare Inserimento Modulo In Altra Pagina Web - AlterVista Forum
Translate this page Quindi rinomina il modulo di ricerca, e anzichè inserirlo con un iframe includilo in una tabella con lt;?php include search_machine.php ; ?
Ricordami Dimenticato Password? In Altervista Nelle categorie Nel Web
  • CREA IL TUO SITO COSA OFFRIAMO RISORSE CLASSIFICA ... Basi per siti web Trasportare inserimento modulo in altra pagina web FAQ Lista utenti Calendario Cerca ... WebSmasher vbmenu_register("postmenu_91601", true); Utente attivo Data registrazione: 01-04-2003 Residenza: Bus PCI 1, periferica 0, funzione Messaggi: 355 Ciao ragazzi, ancora una volta mi appello alla vostra bravura...
    Ho inserito da poco una search machine sul sito, volevo che anche nella home ci fosse un modulo per consentirne l'utilizzo. Solo che, per la particolare conformazione della search machine, ho dovuto per forza di cose metterla in un'altra pagina (chiamata search.htm) all'interno di un frame ancorato.
    Ora, come posso fare in modo che, scrivendo sul campo del modulo in home page (per esempio ciao) e cliccando su invia, il browser mi apra in una nuova finestra la pagina search.htm con il modulo all'interno già compilato? (ovvero con già scritto "ciao", in modo da dover solo cliccare su "cerca"...)
    per avere un'idea più precisa vi rimando alla home

39. CAPACYT: Biblioteca Virtual Del Campus
Translate this page http// KNOWBOTS http// Software http//
Biblioteca Virtual


Biblioteca del Congreso de USA

Biblioteca Nacional de Peru Biblioteca del WEB Hemeroteca Virtual Ciencias Universidad de Buenos Aires (U.B.A.) de Argentina U. del Valle U. Nacional de Colombia Conocimiento Global Diarios Extranjeros: Asia Europa Knight Rider Forum ISISnet Software Winsis WAIS-ISIS

40. Taháky A Iné Potrebnosti
ahák. Biológia (33). Chémia (10). Ekonómia (314). Filozofia a etika (115). Fyzika (11). Geografia (28). História (43). Informatika (51)

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