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  1. Forensic Psychology and Law by Ronald Roesch, Patricia A. Zapf, et all 2009-12-21
  2. Clinical Forensic Psychology and Law (The International Library of Psychology) by Ronald Roesch and Kaitlyn McLachlan, 2007-12-17
  3. Psychology, Psychiatry, and the Law: A Clinical and Forensic Handbook
  4. Evaluating Competencies: Forensic Assessments and Instruments (Perspectives in Law & Psychology) by Thomas Grisso, 2002-11
  5. Insanity and the Law (The Historical foundations of forensic psychiatry and psychology) by William A. Hammond, C. Bucknill, 1981-05-31
  6. Crime, Abnormal Minds, and the Law (The Historical Foundations of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology) by Ernest Bryant Hoag, Edward H. Williams, 1980-06
  7. Psychological Injuries: Forensic Assessment, Treatment, and Law (American Psychology-Law Society Series) by William J. Koch, Kevin S. Douglas, et all 2005-10-13
  8. Courtroom Modifications for Child Witnesses: Law and Science in Forensic Evaluations (Law and Public Policy: Psychology and the Social Sciences) by Susan R. Hall, Bruce D. Sales, 2008-06-15
  9. Intersections 3 Psychology/Psychiatry/Law (Readings in Forensic Science, Volume 2)
  10. American Journal of Forensic Psychology: Interfacing Issues of Psychology and Law - Volume One 1 I, Issue One 1 I - 1983 by Debra Flamm (Editor) Miller, 1983-01-01
  11. Factors of the Unsound Mind with Special Reference to the Plea of Insanity in Criminal Cases and the Amendment of the Law. The Historic Foundations of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology by William A[ugustus] Guy, 1983-01-01
  12. Intersections of Psychology, Psychiatry and Law: Readings in Forensic Science
  13. Beyond the noise and smoke: some challenges for mental health professionals entering the forensic arena.: An article from: Psychiatry, Psychology and Law by Peter C. Gaughwin, 2004-04-01

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Swiss Society of Psychology and Law

- Forensic psychology activities and training in Switzerland.
Sage Graduate School Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology

- Provides information about a Master of Arts postgraduate degree in forensic psychology at the Sage Graduate School. PsycLaw: A Product of APA - Provides the latest news in psychology and law as well as links to American Psychological Association Amicus Briefs. How to Detect Lies - Techniques to telling if someone is lying. Psychiatry and the Law - Forensic psychiatry resources. Department of Mental Health and Policy - Involved in research, policy analysis, training, and practice, relating to mental health. Part of the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute.

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Center for an Informed America: Would You Mind If We Fingerprint Your Brain?
- Editorial suggesting that "brain fingerprinting" technology would be used to the detriment of the people by Dave McGowan.
Farwell Brain Fingerprinting
- Technology for crime investigation using to detect P300 brain wave responses to familiar sights by a suspect, by developer Dr. Larry Farwell. "Brain Fingerprinting" - Is It a Reliable Tool?
- Reaction to brief summary of the technology by Lawrence Farwell. Brain Fingerprinting Fails First Court Test in Iowa
- Evidence is admitted, but fails to convince.
Identifying Terrorists Before They Strike
- Paper by Steve Kirsch proposing the compilation of a "brain fingerprinting" database to identify terrorists before they strike.
InFairfield: The Truth Detector
- The day after Fairfield resident Larry Farwell gave a public lecture on his new "Brain Fingerprinting" technology, he found out he was wanted by the CIA. By Sally Peden.

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Top Science Social_Sciences Psychology forensics_and_law. Forensics and Law. Categories. Brain Fingerprinting; Expert Witnesses@; Polygraphy

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Science Social_Sciences Psychology forensics_and_law . Szukaj w ODP. w ca ym katalogu, tylko w Psychology/forensics_and_law
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Science Psychology
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13. - Science/Social_Sciences/Psychology/Forensics_and_Law, Toronto Business Directory. Reference resource of online businesses in Toronto, Mississauga, GTA and Southern Ontario.

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Updated Blogs Increase User Logon Tracking Windows 2003 Server Grilled Corn ( Sika Bhutta) Malayalee Blogs Few beauty/ General tips: ... Usenet Groups Forensics and Law Directory Science Social Sciences Psychology > Forensics and Law Categories Brain Fingerprinting Polygraphy Web Sites i Criminal Psychology
Annotated text, with references by Hans Gross.
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Eyewitness Identification Lab

Information for students, researchers, and lawyers on the science of eyewitness identification,
including information about composing fair lineups.
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Police Psychology Online

Psychological information specific to police, probation and corrections officers as well as those in federal law enforcement and fire services. Reviews Rating : Not yet Rated Whois Check Psychiatry and the Law Forensic psychiatry resources. Reviews Rating : Not yet Rated Whois Check Journal of Credibility Assessment and Witness Psychology Sometime free-access electronic journal. Articles on lie detection, suggestibility of child witnesses, and false confessions.

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Top Science Social_Sciences Psychology forensics_and_law Submit Site. Brain_Fingerprinting; Polygraphy. American PsychologyLaw Society - Organization
Directory Submit Site Free Advertising Sign In ... Sponsor This Category Free for 60 Days - Customize your message and appear alongside search results. Start your Free Trial today! Top: Science: Psychology: Submit Site ... American Psychology-Law Society - Organization includes basic and applied research, promotes education, and informs current research, and services to the general public. APA - Law and Psychology - Presents psychologists and criminal profiling, journals, news and resources. Dark World of Park Dietz - Information Dietz's investigation on the behavior of serial killers. David Willshire's Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry Links - Contains links to forensic issues, resources, criminal psychology information, forensic services, and law. Department of Mental Health Law and Policy - Provides research, consultation, training, and special expertise on mental health and substance abuse, and analyzes policy issues on behavioral health services. Eyewitness Identification Laboratory - Focuses on research in aspects of face recognition, eyewitness memory and identification. Eyewitness Laboratory in the Psychology - Focuses on research in eyewitness memory, eyewitness identification, expert testimony and many aspects of face recognition.

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