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  1. Energy Psychology Interactive Self-help Guide by David Feinstein, Candace Pert, 2004-01-11
  2. Heal Your Self: A Journey to Find You (Volume 1) by Janet Greene, 2008-05-15
  3. The Origins of Unhappiness: A New Understanding of Personal Distress (Psychology/self-help) by Davis Smail, 1999-09
  4. Child Psychology and Development For Dummies (For Dummies (Psychology & Self Help)) by Laura L. Smith PhD, Charles H. Elliott PhD, 2011-03-08
  5. The Man Who Loved a Polar Bear and Other Psychotherapist's Tales (Psychology/self-help) by Robert U. Akeret, 1996-04-29
  6. Alter Egos: Multiple Personalities (Psychology/self-help) by David Cohen, 1996-01
  7. Sports Psychology: A Self-Help Guide by Stephen J. Bull, 1999-05-01
  8. What to Do If Your Child Can't Read (Psychology/self-help) by Lyn Murray, 1999-08-02
  9. The Samaritans: Befriending the Suicidal (New Revised and Expanded Edition) (Psychology/self-help) by Chad Varah, 1988-11-14
  10. Byron (Psychology/self-help) by Andre Maurois, 1984-10-15
  11. The Black Plaque Guide to London (Psychology/self-help) by Felix Barker, Denise Silvester-Carr, 1987-10-26
  12. One Flesh, Separate Persons: Principles of Family and Marital Psychotherapy (Psychology/self-help) by A. C. Robin Skynner, 1976-01
  13. Violence in Society: The Reality Behind Violent Crime (Psychology/self-help) by Elie Godsi, 1999-10
  14. Illusion and Reality: The Meaning of Anxiety (Psychology/self-help) by David Smail, 1997-11

1. Self-Help — Self-Help
Community development deposit accounts for those wishing to help small businesses, nonprofits, women, minorities, rural residents, and lowwealth families.
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Total Financing: $5 billion to 55,000 homeowners, small business owners, and nonprofits
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This SBA 504 loan helped transform an eyesore into a small-town anchor and sparked a retail renaissance.
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Self-Help is a community development lender and real estate developer that works with qualified individuals, organizations and communities traditionally underserved by conventional markets. The funds that support our work come from deposits, grants, and other investments made by individuals and institutions across the U.S.
: Through direct and secondary market lending, we have provided more than $5 billion in financing to more than 55,000 homebuyers and small businesses  nationwide. We believe that owning a home or business enables families to send a child to college, weather a financial crisis or save for future generations.
Community Facilities Lending : We finance charter schools, daycare centers and other nonprofits because a good education and a strong community are fundamental to the success of our economy.

2. Psychology Self-Help Resources On The Internet
These pages http// contain links to sites providing free information and help about specific disorders related to

3. Self Help Magazine
SelfhelpMagazine is an educational publication written by mental health professionals for the discussion of selfhelp and general psychology as applied to

4. Selfhelp Community Services is the oldest largest provider of senior source and quality home care services in NY. For more info, visit us online or call us at
location.replace("") Selfhelp Community Services

5. ABCs Of Self Help - Personality Tests, Mental Health Care Help
selfhelp improvement site featuring psychology tests including daily IQ, love, purity, emotional intelligence and personality. Mental Health Selfhelp.
Caution: Self help psychology is not for everyone; if you are in severe crisis or have a significant mental health diagnosis, please check with your mental health care specialist first. To Paraphrase Lao-Tze
Your 1000-mile self help journey towards joyous well-being and superior mental health must begin with a single step. What's stopping you from taking that step right now? A B C s of Self Help Personal Health Directory (Below) Online Book Quizzes
Please explore the extensive self help resources here at including the wide-ranging personal health and self help directory (below). Please also take the free online personality tests, particularly the E-IQ Test for emotional intelligence, and don't overlook the online self help psychology book titled Be Your Own Therapist (free read).
R = Popular Abuse
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Assertiveness Training

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6. Mental Help Net - Psychological Self-Tools - Online Self-Help Book
Resources. Basic Information. Chapter 1 self-help What is it? Chapter 1 - IndexIntroduction to the Online . Chapter 10 - Your Unique self-help Plan

7. Self-help - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
selfhelp or self-improvement refers to self-guided improvement 1—economically, intellectually, or emotionally—most frequently with a substantial
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Personal development Jump to: navigation search For the sense of a legal doctrine, see Self-help (law) The neutrality of this article is disputed
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, the free dictionary. Self-help or self-improvement refers to self-guided improvement —economically, intellectually, or emotionally—most frequently with a substantial psychological or spiritual basis. The basis for self-help is often self-reliance, publicly available information, or support groups where people with similar problems join together. From early exemplars in self-driven legal practice and home-spun advice, the connotations of the phrase have spread and often apply particularly to education business psychological or psychotherapeutic nostrums, purveyed through the popular genre of

8. Modern History Sourcebook: Samuel Smiles: Self Help, 1882
The spirit of selfhelp is the root of all genuine growth in the individual; and, exhibited in the lives of many, it constitutes the true source of national
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Modern History Sourcebook:
Samuel Smiles: Self Help, 1882
The object of the book briefly is, to re-inculcate these old-fashioned but wholesome lessons-which perhaps cannot be too often urged, that youth must work in order to enjoy,-that nothing creditable can be accomplished without application and diligence,-that the student must not be daunted by difficulties, but conquer them by patience and perseverance,-and that, above all, he must seek elevation of character, without which capacity is worthless and worldly success is naught. If the author has not succeeded in illustrating these lessons, he can only say that he has failed in his object. "Heaven helps those who help themselves" is a well-tried maxim, embodying in a small compass the results of vast human experience. The spirit of self-help is the root of all genuine growth in the individual; and, exhibited in the lives of many, it constitutes the true source of national vigour and strength. Help from without is often enfeebling in its effects, but help from within invariably invigorates. Whatever is donefor men or classes, to a certain extent takes away the stimulus and necessity of doing for themselves; and where men are subjected to over-guidance and over-government, the inevitable tendency is to render them comparatively helpless. The Government of a nation itself is usually found to be but the reflex of the individuals composing it. The Government that is ahead of the people will inevitably be dragged down to their level, as the Government that is behind them will in the long run be dragged up. In the order of nature, the collective character of a nation will as surely find its befitting results in its law and government, as water finds its own level. The noble people will be nobly ruled, and the ignorant and corrupt ignobly. Indeed all experience serves to prove that the worth strength of a State depend far less upon the form of its institut,011S than upon the character of its men. For the nation is only an aggregate of individual conditions, and civilization itself is but a question of the personal improvement of the men, women, and children of whom society is composed.

9. Self-Help
Things you can do now to get control over your selfinjury.
no-frames self-help page no-frames self-help page

10. California Courts: Self-Help Center
A resource for court information provided by the Judicial Council of California, including general resources and information about specific topics.

to the California Courts Online Self-Help Center. This Web site will help you find assistance and information, work better with an attorney, and represent yourself in some legal matters. Bienvenido.
Help From Your Court
Support ... [more] Search for your topic here: Para ver este sitio en About Us Web Site Feedback
Web Policies
Public Access to Records ... Accessibility

11. Nolo: Law Books, Legal Forms And Legal Software
Publisher of selfhelp legal books and software, providing a significant amount of free information, a legal dictionary, and research guide.
Search for Products Search Entire Site Search Glossary LLCs


... How Bankruptcy Can Help With Foreclosure
Learn how bankruptcy can avoid or stall the foreclosure of your home. Family and Medical Leave for Military Family Members
Learn how to comply with new FMLA rules regarding family and medical leave for military family members. Creating an LLC Operating Agreement
Like corporate bylaws, an operating agreement governs the workings of your LLC. How to Form an LLC
Limited liability companies (LLCs) are easier to create than corporations and forming one may be the best thing you can do for your business. Common Law Marriage FAQ
Learn what common law marriage is and in what states it's recognized. Since 1971, Nolo's goal has been simple:
To make America's legal system accessible to everyone. With hundreds of top quality, plain-English legal products, we've helped make that happen. Every year, over 10 million people turn to Nolo to save billions of dollars. Thank you for your support. Ralph Warner, co-founder

Database of over 900 national and international selfhelp support groups for various health problems. Local self-help clearinghouses worldwide.
A keyword-searchable database of over 1,100 national, international, model and online self-help support groups for addictions, bereavement, health, mental health, disabilities, abuse, parenting, caregiver concerns and other stressful life situations. Also lists local self-help clearinghouses worldwide, research studies, information on starting face-to-face and online groups, and a registry for persons interested in starting national or international self-help groups. Website made possible in partnership with Mental Health Net , the world's oldest and largest online mental health guide. Through its toll-free NJ helpline 1-800-367-6274 provides contacts for over 4,500 local self-help groups in New Jersey. Also helps those in NJ interested in joining with others to start new self-help groups. Website currently contains information on 170 local mental health groups, literature, training schedule, and more. Website made possible in partnership with Med Help International , one of the nation's leading online medical websites, providing online access to world renowned medical organizations and experts.

13. Welcome To The National Mental Health Consumers' Self-Help Clearinghouse
The National Mental Health Consumers selfhelp Clearinghouse helps connect individuals to self-help and advocacy resources, and offers expertise to
Quick Links.... Contact Us Conferences CDS Directory Key Update Resources Publications Technical Assistance Job Postings
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Clearinghouse Blog

What's New! Search
Select a topic:
ADA Advance Directives Advocacy Aging AIDS/HIV Alternatives Conferences Anxiety / Panic Disorders Art Therapy / Creativity Asperger's Syndrome Attention Defecit Disorders Autism Bipolar Disorder Blind / Low Vision Board Development Borderline Personality Disorder Case Management Children and Adolescents Chronic Fatique Syndrome Clearinghouse News Clubhouses Codependency Community Based Services Community Integration Community Organizing Complementary/Alternative Treatment Conducting Research Conference Planning / Organizing Confidentiality Consumer / Provider Relationships Consumer Movement, General

14. The National Self-Help Clearinghouse
The National Self Help Clearinghouse site features articles on the theory and practice of forming selfhelp groups; self-help 2000 is the recent newsletter
The National Self-Help Clearinghouse is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1976 to facilitate access to self-help groups and increase the awareness of the importance of mutual support. The clearinghouse provides a number of services: Assists human service agencies to integrate self-help principles and practices into their service delivery Conducts training activities for self-help group leaders and for professional facilitators of support groups Provides consultation to public agencies to promote their capabilities to encourage and sustain mutual support groups Carries out research activities, including research about the effectiveness of self-help, the character of the self-help process, and relationships with the formal caregiving systems Provides information about and referral to self-help support groups and regional self-help clearinghouses Conducts media outreach, provides speakers, and publishes manuals, training materials, mongraphs and policy papers.
In Memoriam Frank Riessman (1924-2004)

15. Self Help Material Listing: Counseling Services, University At Buffalo
A listing of topics for Self Help Materials. selfhelp Materials. Adjusting to University Life Trauma, Terrorism, and War Stress Anxiety
Search: Counseling Services Suicide Prevention Training (QPR)
Self-Help Materials
Permission is granted to reproduce documents found here for not-for-profit purposes.
Counseling Services
120 Richmond Quad
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14261-0053
Tel: (716) 645-2720
Fax: (716) 645-2175
Director: Sharon Mitchell

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  • 16. Hawai`i State Judiciary - Self-Help - Self-Help
    Home selfhelp Forms Divorce Small Claims Landlord-tenant Claims Regular Claims Traffic Cases Protective Orders Juvenile Proceedings
    Jobs Forms Search Court Records Opinions ... Ex Parte Contact Helpful Information and Resources If you are representing yourself in a legal action, the information and resources in this section may be helpful. This information is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, consult an attorney . Legal organizations may also help persons unable to afford an attorney.
    The Honolulu District Court Civil Service Center provides assistance for those representing themselves in civil cases.
    Search Court Records
    Contact Info

    17. Self Help
    selfhelp. Court Door (New London) The Judicial Branch is committed to providing citizens with the information they need to navigate the Connecticut court
    Alternative content for navigation
    The Judicial Branch is committed to providing citizens with the information they need to navigate the Connecticut court system. This section of the website contains publications, answers to frequently asked questions, forms and other information. Please note that this material is not a substitute for legal advice. About Attorneys Child Support Civil Procedures Forms ... Website Policies

    selfhelp/Self-Improvement/Personal Growth. 1 source for self-help, Self-Improvement and Personal Growth. Large variety of tapes, tests,

    Play Therapy Tools

    Therapeutic Games

    Sandtray Sand/Moon Sand

    Early Childhood Development

    Stress Reduction/Relaxation
    Fears and Phobias



    ... Therapist Gift Ideas Gift Certificates Report any problems with the site to the Webmaster Self Help Warehouse, Inc. -Trademarks- Welcome to Shopping at SELFHELPWAREHOUSE.COM is 100% secure! Guaranteed Welcome to the leading on-line self help source for adults and children. We offer you the most extensive variety of self help and educational tools available anywhere! The Self Help Warehouse is committed to providing you with quality, service and the lowest prices possible. The discounts on most of our books and tapes match or beat those of the leading major booksellers. You can be confident when choosing any of our products. We have chosen only the best books and tapes all of which are highly regarded in their respective field. Service is of the upmost importance to us. If you need any help selecting a product to meet your individual needs, you may consult our

    19. Self-Help Enterprises - Building Houses, Building Homes, Building Communities
    Dedicated to selfhelp housing, sewer and water development, housing rehabilitation, multifamily housing and homebuyer programs in the San Joaquin Valley of
    About Us Overview
    Self-Help Enterprises
    8445 W. Elowin Court
    P.O. Box 6520
    Visalia, CA 93290
    Phone: (559) 651-1000
    Fax: (559) 651-3634 North Valley Office
    2413 W. Cleveland, Suite 101
    Madera, CA 93637
    Phone: (559) 675-1100
    Fax: (559) 673-0137 NEW! Be Prepared for Homeownership: 2008 Schedule of Homeownership Counseling and Education Classes Proud to be the HOME Team! 43 years of service in the San Joaquin Valley Self-Help Enterprises is dedicated to self-help housing, sewer and water development, housing rehabilitation, multifamily housing and homebuyer programs in the San Joaquin Valley of California. The goal of Self-Help Enterprises is to help farm laborers and other low-income families to help themselves. These are families and communities effectively hidden from mainstream America and untouched by it's rising prosperity. Yet they are families with dreams and determination and the willingness to work hard. All they need is someone to bridge the gulf between dreams and reality. "This is one of the greatest feelings - that you go to bed and you know you're gonna wake up and it's your house."

    20. Self Improvement And Self-Help Tips
    Self improvement advice, personal growth programs and selfhelp tips. Find inspiration, motivation and solutions thru self empowerment.
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