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  1. Numerical Simulation in Molecular Dynamics: Numerics, Algorithms, Parallelization, Applications (Texts in Computational Science and Engineering) by Michael Griebel, Stephan Knapek, et all 2010-11-02
  2. Python Scripting for Computational Science (Texts in Computational Science and Engineering) by Hans Petter Langtangen, 2010-11-02
  3. Computational Science and Engineering by Gilbert Strang, 2007-11-01
  4. Introduction to Computational Science: Modeling and Simulation for the Sciences by Angela B. Shiflet, 2006-05-02
  5. A Survey of Computational Physics: Introductory Computational Science by Rubin H. Landau, Jose Paez, et all 2008-07-01
  6. Computational Colour Science using MATLAB by Professor Stephen Westland, Caterina Ripamonti, 2004-04-30
  7. Computational Mathematics in Engineering and Applied Science: ODEs, DAEs, and PDEs (Symbolic & Numeric Computation) by W.E. Schiesser, 1993-10-25
  8. Verification and Validation in Computational Science and Engineering by Patrick J. Roache, 1998-08-07
  9. Nuclear Computational Science: A Century in Review by Yousry Azmy, Enrico Sartori, 2010-05-14
  10. Partial Differential Equations for Computational Science: With Maple and Vector Analysis by David Betounes, 1998-05-15
  11. High Performance Computing: Programming and Applications (Chapman & Hall/CRC Computational Science) by John Levesque, Gene Wagenbreth, 2010-12-22
  12. Handbook of Mathematics and Computational Science by J. Harris, Horst Stocker, et all 1998-07-23
  13. Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology: Abduction, Logic, and Computational Discovery (Studies in Computational Intelligence)
  14. Generative Social Science: Studies in Agent-Based Computational Modeling (Princeton Studies in Complexity) by Joshua M. Epstein, 2007-01-08

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Tag computational_science [6 articles]
Recent papers classified by the tag computational_science.
  • The Sourcebook of Parallel Computing (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Architecture and Design) (11 November 2002) by William Gropp , Ken Kennedy , Linda Torczon , Andy White , Jack Dongarra , Ian Foster , Geoffrey C Fox posted to gfoxpub cglpub book applications by foxsdengcf to the group Grids on 2005-12-26 18:33:26 as along with 1 group CGL Involvement of industry in the national high performance computing and communication enterprise (1994), pp. 32-41. by Geoffrey C Fox posted to gfoxpub bookchapter by foxsdengcf to the group Grids on 2005-12-26 23:53:12 as along with 1 group CGL A Web Services-Based Universal Approach to Heterogeneous Fault Databases Computing in Science and Engg. , Vol. 7, No. 4. (July 2005), pp. 51-57. by Lisa B Grant , Miryha M Gould , Andrea Donnellan , Dennis Mcleod , Anne Y Chen , Sang-Soo Sung , Marlon Pierce , Geoffrey C Fox , Paul Rundle posted to servogrid journalarticle grids cglpub by foxsdengcf to the group Grids on 2005-12-26 18:06:54 as along with 1 group CGL Particle-in-cell simulation codes in High Performance Fortran by Erol Akarsu , Kivanc Dincer , Tomasz Haupt , Geoffrey C Fox posted to hpf gfoxpub conferencepaper compiler by foxsdengcf to the group Grids on 2005-12-26 21:24:51 as along with 1 group CGL E-Science Meets Computational Science and Information Technology Computing in Science and Engg.
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    3. Category:Computational Science - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
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    4. Computational_science « Rss2go
    Telegraph Says Scientists Excited by Future of Gaming Platforms Science. … are finding real world applications for them every day.
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    5. Computational Science Videos - Watch Video About Computational Science On Mefeed
    (What is computational_science? Edit Wiki). Items 1 to 1 of 1 a rel= tag href= http//
    Search across 15,000 video sources.
    Computational Science Videos
    2 videos / computational science video widgets / media rss:
    What is computational_science? - Edit Wiki
    Items 1 to 2 of 2
    Tracking the Origins and History of Digital Information (CITS, 2008)

    from popular posts - (beta) on March 22, 2008
    0 views James Frew is a member of the CITS faculty steering committee and faculty in the Donald Bren School Environmental Science and Management. Professor Frew's talk explore the idea that scientists are increasingly being called upon to publish data as well as conclusions. Computational science, in particular, often involves the creation of data products as a primary goal, rather than simply a means to an end. To have the same confidence in data that we have in peer-reviewed, appropriately-cited conclusions, we need mechanisms for capturing and conveying the origins and processing history the provenance of digital information. In this talk Professor Frew will provide an overview of the data provenance problem and illustrate some emerging solutions. Lecture originally at UC Santa Barbara recorded March 13, 2008. also in: educational cits
    Science Update: Podcast for 28 April 2006

    from Science Update Podcast on April 27, 2006

    6. Universal Digital Library
    L English, Y 1975, S computational_science, 877 pgs L English, Y 1973, S computational_science, 145 pgs. Computer Systems For Human Systems by ADA

    7. IBM Research | Almaden Research Center | Protein Folding
    IBM Almaden Research Center Computational Science.
    United States change All of IBM Home Products My account IBM Research ... Past Projects
    Contacts: Jed Pitera William Swope
    Protein Folding
    Biomolecular Simulation research at the IBM Almaden Research Center is focused on understanding the underlying mechanisms of protein folding. Our Group is an active member of IBM's Blue Gene project ( ), which is a research project to build a next-generation supercomputer and use it to study protein folding. Proteins are linear polymers made from amino acid monomers put together in an order specified by the corresponding genes. A protein's amino acid sequence specifies its three-dimensional structure, which in turn defines its biological function. This includes its ability to interact with other molecules in the cell, its ability to carry out chemical reactions, and whether or not it can bind to specific drug molecules. Knowledge of a protein's three-dimensional structure, and how that structure can change, is important to fully understand a protein's biochemical role. Currently, we are focusing on the kinetics of folding to understand why some proteins fold up in microseconds while others take seconds or minutes to fold. By using Blue Gene, we can carry out many microsecond length kinetic simulations to study some of these fast folders. At Almaden, we use Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo simulation techniques to study the protein folding process all the way from the completely extended or unfolded state to the final folded structure. We use detailed computer models of the protein and its environment that compute the positions and energies of each atom in the protein. We have successfully used these techniques to simulate the folding of small proteins (12-20 amino acids) from a completely unfolded state to within 1.0 Angstrom (*) of the experimental structure. We are currently applying these simulation techniques to study the folding behavior of larger proteins ranging from 40-100 amino acids, with a particular emphasis on proteins that show anomalous folding thermodynamics or kinetics.

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    9. Chemical Calculator Poll Text - Physics Forums Library
    https// (looks the same, but doesn t generate 404 error word with displayed dots is converted to
    Physics Help and Math Help - Physics Forums Other Sciences Chemistry PDA View Full Version : Chemical calculator poll Borek Some of you are aware of the fact I have already prepared two chemical calculators (see signature). I am planning to extend the line of programs and I have several ideas about what could the next calculator do. However, before starting work I decided to do a quick poll:
    What type of calculations would you like to have automated?
    Which calculations are the most tedious?
    Which calculations are eating most of your time, regardless of the fact that you know how to do them?
    Chemical calculators ( at (
    Solving kinetics equations for second and higher order reactions with more than one reactant.
    Often end up with a mess of differential equations that need mathematica (or something similar) to solve. Borek I hope numerical results will be enough? :wink:
    I was thinking mostly about static equilibrium so far, perhaps because that's the area I feel comfortable with. But kinetic can be interesting too.
    That can be challenging - things like Belousow-Zabothynski (I am not sure about spelling of the names) reaction are driven by kinetics of numerous reactions taking part; result is chaotic and extremely difficult to calculate. Something like wheather :smile:

    10. IST WORLD - Browse Organisations, Projects, Experts, Publications
    ontologies ontoweb balkan_wordnet balkan wordnet web semantics semantics_web multilingual science speech computational_science translation language

    11. 48r
    http// Gallery View s Gallery View Charts .
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    Web results

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    12. California Chemical Almaden - Live Search Local
    Chemical Kinetics Simulation Home 650 Harry Road, San Jose, California 95120 http//, Spas

    13. ACM Awards: SIAM/ACM Prize In Computational Science And Engineering
    Awards. Home ACM Awards Nominations Process Advanced Grades of Membership Guide to Establishing an Award Awards Committees SIG Awards
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    Association for Computing Machinery
    Sections Personal tools You are here: Home Awards SIAM/ACM Prize in Computational Science and Engineering ACM myACM
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    SIAM/ACM Prize in Computational Science and Engineering
    This endowed award will recognize an individual(s) for outstanding research contributions to the field of computational science and engineering. The contribution(s) for which the award is made must be publicly available and may belong to any aspect of computational science in its broadest sense. The award will include a certificate and a cash prize of $5,000.
    Call for Nominations

    Complete Listing: [ Alphabetical
    C S
    Year of Award:
    Chronological Listing
    Shu, Chi-Wang

    14. Universal Digital Library
    L English, Y 1918, S computational_science, 201 pgs. Applied Opticsthe Computation Of Optical L English, Y 1919, S computational_science, 222 pgs

    A guide to undergraduate and graduate PROGRAMMES / PROGRAMS / COURSES in Computational science at universities in Germany.

    European Directory On-Line
    Engineering MBA Science Search: EuroEducation ... Student Holidays
    Education Directory
    GERMANY Science
    Computational science Technical University of Braunschweig To add detailed information on your school/university contact
    City Business Promotion Centre Ltd

    16. CategoryComputational Science - ArticleWorld
    There are 0 articles in this category. Return to Main Page. Retrieved from http//

    17. Duke TIP - Institute Of Computational Science
    Duke University TIP montage. Talent Searches Talent Searches Overview Regions Grades 4 – 5 Grade 7 International FAQs Recognition Ceremonies
    • Talent Searches Student and Parent Guide
      Program Details
      • Open to students currently enrolled in Grades 9-12 June 14-28, 2008 0, lab fee included Airfare and books not included) Airport: Raleigh-Durham International (RDU)
      The Site
      Students in the Institute of Computational Science will live on the main quad of beautiful East Campus and will travel each day to the Shodor Education Foundation's facilities in nearby downtown Durham. Shodor is a non-profit education and research corporation dedicated to the reform and improvement of mathematics and science education, so Durham is a logical home for the foundation. Durham, North Carolina, is home to Duke University, North Carolina Central University , and the Research Triangle Park . Along with the town of Chapel Hill and the state capital of Raleigh, Durham also serves as one point of the Research Triangle - frequently recognized for its academically and intellectually charged environment, its centers of higher learning, its medical, technological, and educational research, and of course, its basketball.
      The Course
      This Institute will introduce students to the world of computational science and the application of computer programming, communication technologies, and mathematical analysis to the study of complex scientific problems. Approximately twenty-five students will learn a wide variety of computer programming and mathematical methods to create simulations of events in chemistry, physics, biology, and the environmental sciences. Students will use advanced computational science technologies, techniques, and tools to study scientific events of significance. Students will study computer model validation and verification, modify existing models, and build new models from scratch. The program culminates in a research project in which students will choose an area of scientific interest, identify an interesting program, and develop and communicate a computational solution to that problem. While this program combines hands-on and computer explorations prior programming experience is not required.

    18. Computational Sciences Graduate Programs In The U.K.
    Loan needed. Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec. 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. Graduation. Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug
    Grad School Loans Select: Stafford Loan amount: Loan needed: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Graduation: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Email:
    Computational Sciences Graduate Programs in the U.K.
    There are matching records for Computational Science . Displaying matches through Sort this page A-Z or Z-A Newcastle University
    Program: Computing Science
    Location: Newcastle upon Tyne,
    Click here for more program info
    Click here to visit this program's website Click to send E-mail to:
    Apply for Student Loans: Search over 100 student loans from 45 competing lenders. Get the best rates for you.
    Newcastle University
    Program: Computing Science
    Location: Newcastle upon Tyne,
    The aim of the programme is to give those without a formal qualification in computing science a solid foundation in the subject. If taken full time, your first nine months are ... Click here for more program info Click here to visit this program's website Click to send E-mail to:

    19. Computational Science - Indopedia, The Indological Knowledgebase
    Retrieved from http// . This page has been accessed 17 times. This page was last modified 1655, 18 Nov 2004 by
    Indopedia Main Page FORUM Help ... Log in The Indology CMS
    Computation Computing
    Printable version
    ... Wikipedia Article
    Computational science
    ज्ञानकोश: - The Indological Knowledgebase Not to be confused with Computer Science which is the study of topics related to computers and information processing , Computational Science is the use of computers to perform research in other fields. It is the application of computer simulation and other forms of computation to problems in various scientific disciplines. Computational Science is a new third mode of science , complimenting and adding to experimentation observation and theory Scientists and engineers develop computer programs application software , that model systems being studied and run these programs with various sets of input parameters. Typically, these models require massive amounts of calculations (usually floating-point ) and usually run on supercomputers Computational science application programs often model real-world changing conditions, such as weather, air flow around a plane, automobile body distortions in a crash, the motion of stars in a galaxy, an explosive device, etc. Such programs create a 'logical mesh' in computer memory where each item corresponds to an area in space and contains information about that space relevant to the model. For example in weather models, each item might be a square kilometer; with land elevation, current wind direction, humidity, temperature, pressure, etc. The program would calcuate the likely next state based on the current state, in simulated time steps, solving equations that describe how the system operates; and then repeats the process to calculate the next state.

    20. The Book Of THoTH (Leaves Of Wisdom) - CategoryComputational Science
    Scientific computing. Retrieved from http// php/Categorycomputational_science



    Leaves of Wisdom

    Daily News
    Welcome to "The Leaves Of Wisdom"
    Category:Computational science
    From The Book of THoTH (Leaves of Wisdom)
    Articles in category "Computational science"
    There are 4 articles in this category.
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