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  1. A First Course in General Relativity by Bernard Schutz, 2009-06-22
  2. Relativity: The Special and the General Theory (Classic Reprint) by Albert Einstein, 2010-06-04
  3. Relativity: The Special and the General Theory, The Masterpiece Science Edition, by Albert Einstein, 2005-11-22
  4. General Relativity by Robert M. Wald, 1984-06-15
  5. General Relativity: An Introduction for Physicists by M. P. Hobson, G. P. Efstathiou, et all 2006-03-27
  6. General Relativity from A to B by Robert Geroch, 1981-03-15
  7. Introduction to General Relativity by Lewis Ryder, 2009-07-06
  8. Introduction to General Relativity by John Dirk Walecka, 2007-05-16
  9. General Theory of Relativity by P. A.M. Dirac, 1996-01-08
  10. General Relativity: With Applications to Astrophysics (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics) by Norbert Straumann, 2010-11-02
  11. Advanced Mechanics and General Relativity by Joel Franklin, 2010-08-01
  12. Partial Differential Equations in General Relativity (Oxford Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by Alan Rendall, 2008-06-09
  13. The Geometry of Spacetime: An Introduction to Special and General Relativity (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) by James J. Callahan, 2010-11-02
  14. Gravity: An Introduction to Einstein's General Relativity by James B. Hartle, 2003-01-05

1. General Relativity - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation, search. For a generally accessible and less technical introduction to the topic,
General relativity
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search For a generally accessible and less technical introduction to the topic, see Introduction to general relativity A simulated Black Hole of ten solar masses as seen from a distance of 600 km with the Milky Way in the background (horizontal camera opening angle: 90°). General relativity GR ) or General theory of relativity GTR ) is the geometric theory of gravitation published by Albert Einstein in 1915/16. It unifies special relativity Newton's law of universal gravitation , and the insight that gravitational acceleration can be described by the curvature of space and time , this latter being produced by the mass energy and momentum content of the matter in spacetime General relativity is distinguished from other metric theories of gravitation by its use of the Einstein field equations to relate spacetime content and spacetime curvature. The field equations are a system of partial differential equations whose solution gives the metric tensor of spacetime, describing its "shape". In the resulting geometry, an object moving inertially in a gravitational field is viewed as following a geodesic path that may be found using the Christoffel symbols of the metric.

2. CiteULike: Tag General_relativity [34 Articles]
Recent papers classified by the tag general_relativity. posted to special_relativity gr_alternatives general_relativity by kriskrogh on 200712-14
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Tag general_relativity [34 articles]
Recent papers classified by the tag general_relativity.
  • (13 Dec 2007) by S Hacyan posted to by kriskrogh on 2007-12-14 06:08:23 as Electromagnetic Excitation of Rotating Black Holes and Relativistic Jets (2 Oct 2006) by A Burinskii , E Elizalde , SR Hildebrandt , G Magli posted to gravity by kriskrogh on 2006-10-04 07:19:28 as Time paradox in Quantum Gravity (11 Oct 2006) by Alfredo Macias , Hernando Quevedo posted to by kriskrogh on 2006-10-12 05:51:28 as along with 1 person proportional (28 Aug 2006) by Lorenzo Iorio posted to gravity by kriskrogh on 2006-08-29 06:41:03 as A comment on the paper (21 Sep 2006) by Lorenzo Iorio posted to gravity by kriskrogh on 2006-09-25 08:14:37 as Measurement of Gravitomagnetic and Acceleration Fields Around Rotating Superconductors (5 Oct 2006) by M Tajmar , F Plesescu , B Seifert , K Marhold posted to by kriskrogh on 2006-10-06 21:43:11 as along with 1 person Dynamical laws of superenergy in General Relativity (10 Jul 2007) by Alfonso G posted to by kriskrogh on 2007-07-11 06:42:49 as Gyroscope precession in special and general relativity from basic principles (18 Aug 2007) by Rickard Jonsson posted to by kriskrogh on 2007-08-21 05:11:39 as (16 Jun 2004) by AA Logunov , MA Mestvirishvili , VA Petrov posted to physics by kriskrogh on 2006-09-24 20:36:19 as along with 3 people proportional jrw ansobol ... Gravitational and Inertial Mass of Casimir Energy (20 Oct 2007) by Kimball A
  • 3. General Relativity - Uncyclopedia, The Content-free Encyclopedia
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    General Relativity
    From Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia.
    Jump to: navigation search Generally speaking, General Relativity relates some rather general ideas about relatively everything that occurs in the Universe, in general. Despite some rather general similarities, something to do with Physics and making Newton turn in his grave like a DC dynamo, General Relativity should not be confused with General relativity, a rank in the Armed Physics Faction (APF).
    edit Albert Einstein
    Who cannot herald a man such as good old Al E.? By day , he was a clerk in a Swiss patent office. But by night , he was breaking new ground fighting crime in the Universe . Relatively speaking. By , Einstein had been a notoriously apolitical rabble rouser, but this is only in General terms. By , Einstein was generally thinking about things that most people on mainland Europe couldn't fathom, as World War I was hot on the market and everybody was generally too busy eating croissants and being Bohemian. Einstein, on the other hand, was thinking about time as the fourth dimension . Thusly, instead of looking at three dimensions of

    4. Remarks On General Relativity
    Einstein’s Parable. In Einstein’s little book Relativity the Special and the General Theory, he introduces general relativity with a parable.
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    Remarks on General Relativity
    Michael Fowler
    University of Virginia
    Relativity: the Special and the General Theory
    , he introduces general relativity with a parable. He imagines going into deep space, far away from gravitational fields, where any body moving at steady speed in a straight line will continue in that state for a very long time. Einstein points out that there will be no gravity, the observer will tend to float around inside the room. How does all this look to the man in the room? If he releases anything, it accelerates towards the floor, and in fact all bodies accelerate at the same rate. Just then he would discover the hook and rope, and conclude that the room was suspended by the rope. Einstein asks: should we just smile at this misguided soul? In other words, being inside the (from an outside perspective) uniformly accelerating room is physically equivalent to being in a uniform gravitational field This is the basic postulate of general relativity. Special relativity said that all inertial frames were equivalent. General relativity extends this to accelerating frames, and states their equivalence to frames in which there is a gravitational field.

    5. General Relativity Or Newtonian Tidal Effects?

    In this paper, theoretical tidal effects are derived, (similar to the earth-moon system), and then orbital precession comparisons are made with GR for twenty-two celestial bodies. TOP OF PAGE INTRODUCTION Six prior papers investigated the orbital precessions of the planet Mercury, the moon, the major satellites of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and four binary stars. Special attention was given to the possibility that Newtonian tidal effects may account for excess precession, rather than resorting to general relativity for explanations. In this paper, theoretical tidal effects are derived, (similar to the earth-moon system), and then orbital precession comparisons are made with general relativity for twenty-two celestial bodies. TOP OF PAGE SUMMARY 1) Quite surprisingly, the derived nominal tidal effects model duplicates general relativity precessions for all celestial bodies in the solar system. However, for two binary stars, (DI Herculis and AS Camelopardalis), GR predicts double the measured orbital precessions, while the NTE model duplicates the measured values. The results of this investigation indicate that NTE provides better correlation with measured orbital precessions than does GR. 2) For the binary pulsar, (PSR1913+16), GR duplicates the measured orbital precession of 422 degrees per century, with a solar mass combination of 1.4/1.4 and assuming both bodies are neutron stars. With neutron stars the extreme density excludes NTE, which calculates to be only 189 degrees per century. However, a solar mass combination of 4.17/2.5 also duplicates the orbit of PSR1913+16, with NTE producing the measured 422 degrees per century. The 4.17 solar mass might be a neutron star, but the hidden component (2.5 solar mass) could be capable of producing the NTE precession. For this latter mass combination NTE excludes GR, which now calculates to be 727 degrees per century.

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    7. Re: As General_Relativity Posits...
    Previous by Thread As general_relativity posits , Jeff_Relf. Next by Thread The constant acceleration in the expansion of Space_Time., Jeff_Relf
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    Re: As General_Relativity posits...
    from [ Eric Gisse Subject Re: As General_Relativity posits... From "Eric Gisse" < Date 5 Nov 2005 22:28:21 -0800 Newsgroups sci.math sci.physics Jeff_Relf wrote: IDIOT still doesn't use a compliant client nor does he know where to send on-topic messages! "alt.accounting,sci.econ" - what the fuck? > Hi T_D_P, John_Baez, and Virgil, I said: Theories, like Evolution, and General_Relativity's Cosmological_Constant, are not just postulates... they're The_Most_Fruitful_Postulates. But comparisions that make us look like ants... or monkeys, ...are often censured... because the Zoomed_Out view is too scary for kids. And, giving his usual reply, Tom wrote: The GTR gang, like astrologers and priests of old, try to con folks into thinking that they possess powerful esoteric knowledge. GTR is a black hole. Time, money and minds go in, and nothing comes out. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    8. Photos For Resource General_relativity
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    Photos for resource General_relativity
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    9. GENERAL RELATIVITY - Scientific - Http://
    Home Mysteries of the Milky Way Europa Beyond Hubble A look inside the universe Apollo Apollo 11 Apollo 12 Apollo 13 Apollo 14 Apollo 15 Apollo 16 Apollo 17
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    Mysteries of the Milky Way
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    Astronomy Black Holes Dark Matter Astronomy Updates Astrophysics Quantum Gravity Quantum Mechanics General Relativity Black Hole Thermodynamics Comments Advertise With The StarGate Faster than light Worm Holes wormholes Traveling To Other Stars Satellites Phobos Deimos Moon Triton ... Callisto Space Crafts Mars Global Surveyor Galileo Mars Polar Space Probe Pioneer 10 ... Ulysses The systems of our world Venus Mercury Earth Mars ... The Missions to Mars GENERAL RELATIVITY NEW! Poetry and Doll Maker with Galleries! [Learn About Our Ecommerce] Graphics Gallery! Graphics Gallery and Search Animated GIFs Photos Icons Clip Art General Relativity General relativity is Einstein's monumental theory of gravity. It is based on two fundamental principles: The principle of relativity which states that all basic laws of physics should take a form which is independent of any reference frame, and The principle of equivalence which states that it is impossible to distinguish the effects of gravity from the effects of being in an accelerated frame of reference.

    10. General_relativity
    = einstein's action. It is diffeomorphism invariant. G is gravity and R is the curvature scalar. first order formalism= treated as independent second order formalism= treated as christoffel symbols. Equation of motion: for matter, use: define . Then
    psfile index

    11. E-Tutor - Dictionary - 'general_relativity'
    Definition of general relativity . Noun. a generalization of special relativity to include gravity (based on the principle of equivalence)
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    Definition of 'general relativity'
  • a generalization of special relativity to include gravity (based on the principle of equivalence) Synonyms: general theory of relativity general relativity theory Einstein's general theory of relativity Search: Dictionary Google Get this dictionary without ads as part of the e-Tutor Virtual Learning Program
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    13. General Relativity Videos - Watch Video About General Relativity On Mefeedia
    3 videos / general relativity video widgets / media rss Video feed for general relativity. (What is general_relativity? Edit Wiki). Items 1 to 3 of 3
    Search across 15,000 video sources.
    General Relativity Videos
    3 videos / general relativity video widgets / media rss:
    What is general_relativity? - Edit Wiki
    Items 1 to 3 of 3
    Science Talk: December 5, 2007

    from Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American on December 05, 2007
    63 views Three Whiz Kids, Two Winning Projects And A Nobel Laureate also in: technology
    Three Whiz Kids, Two Winning Projects And A Nobel Laureate

    from Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American on December 05, 2007
    99 views Three Whiz Kids, Two Winning Projects And A Nobel Laureate also in: technology
    Einstein's God (December 5, 2005)

    from APM: Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett on January 05, 2006 240 views Part one of the series on "Einstein and the Mind of God" takes Einstein's science as a starting point for exploring the great physicist's perspective on ideas such as mystery, eternity, and the mind of God. also in: religion gates israel god ... generalrelativity shows using general relativity 3 on this page APM: Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett 1 subscribers + subscribe Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American 4 subscribers + subscribe Log in or sign up to leave comments.

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    15. General Relativity
    Search Form Societies, honours, etc. JOC/EFR May 1996. The URL of this page is http//
    General relativity
    Mathematical Physics index History Topics Index
    Version for printing
    General relativity is a theory of gravitation and to understand the background to the theory we have to look at how theories of gravitation developed. Aristotle 's notion of the motion of bodies impeded understanding of gravitation for a long time. He believed that force could only be applied by contact; force at a distance being impossible, and a constant force was required to maintain a body in uniform motion. Copernicus 's view of the solar system was important as it allowed sensible consideration of gravitation. Kepler 's laws of planetary motion and Galileo 's understanding of the motion and falling bodies set the scene for Newton 's theory of gravity which was presented in the Principia in 1687. Newton 's law of gravitation is expressed by F G M M d where F is the force between the bodies of masses M M and d is the distance between them. G is the universal gravitational constant. After receiving their definitive analytic form from Euler Newton 's axioms of motion were reworked by Lagrange Hamilton , and Jacobi into very powerful and general methods, which employed new analytic quantities, such as potential, related to force but remote from everyday experience.

    16. Details For MacTutor History Of Mathematics: General Relativity
    %T MacTutor History of Mathematics General Relativity %D May 1, 1996 %U http//

    17. General Relativity - Wikibooks, Collection Of Open-content Textbooks
    General Theory of Relativity. Princeton University Press. ISBN 0691-01146-X. Retrieved from http//
    General relativity
    From Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection
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    edit Index

    18. Gravitation Field In General Relativity
    http// http//
    Science Oxygen Home Science Projects Study Reference Notes ...
  • Interactive Experiments in Gravity...
  • A Science Odyssey: People and Discoveries: Einstein announces the general theory...
  • Please title this page. (Page 8)...
  • Journal of Theoretics Vol.4-5 ...
  • General Relativity...
  • General Relativity...
  • Introduction to General Relativity...
  • General Relativity, Gravitation and Cosmology WWW sites...
  • General Relativistic Frame Dragging...
  • General Relativity - Rigidly Rotating Disk of Dust...
  • Re: Quantum Field Theory and General Relativity....
  • 19. General Relativity - Indopedia, The Indological Knowledgebase
    JJ O Connor and EF Robertson, History of General Relativity (http//wwwgap.dcs. at the MacTutor
    Indopedia Main Page FORUM Help ... Log in The Indology CMS In other languages: Deutsch
    General relativity
    Printable version
    ... Wikipedia Article
    General relativity
    ज्ञानकोश: - The Indological Knowledgebase General relativity (GR) or general relativity theory (GRT) is the theory of gravitation published by Albert Einstein in . The conceptual core of general relativity, from which its other consequences largely follow, is the Principle of Equivalence , which describes gravitation and acceleration as different perspectives of the same thing, and which was originally stated by Einstein in as:
    We shall therefore assume the complete physical equivalence of a gravitational field and the corresponding acceleration of the reference frame . This assumption extends the principle of relativity to the case of uniformly accelerated motion of the reference frame.
    In other words, he postulated that no experiment can locally distinguish between a uniform gravitational field and a uniform acceleration. Contents showTocToggle("show","hide")

    20. General Relativity Http//
    General Relativity http// General relativity is the theory of spacetime structure and gravitation
    END***************************************************************************General Relativity General relativity is the theory of spacetime structure and gravitation formulated by Einstein in 1915. Present day research in general relativity focuses mainly on three major areas: (1) mathematical aspects of the classical theory of general relativity, (2) implications of the theory for astrophysics and cosmology and (3) the quantum theory of gravitation. Research in all of these areas is actively pursued at Chicago. Although the classical theory of general relativity is a complete, well-formulated theory, the equations of the theory are sufficiently difficult to solve in general situations that we still do not know precisely what the theory predicts in a wide variety of circumstances. Thus, a great deal of effort has gone into proving general theorems about aspects such as the inevitability of gravitational collapse to singularities under a wide variety of initial conditions. In addition, because of the basic framework of the theory abandons the pre-assigned, rigid spacetime structure of special relativity, the definition of such an elementary property as the angular momentum of an isolated system becomes highly nontrivial and a number of other simple issues regarding properties of isolated systems have not been resolved. Research in these and other mathematical aspects of classical general relativity is actively pursued at Chicago, primarily by Robert Geroch. One of the most striking consequences of general relativity is its prediction of the existence of black holesthe "regions of no escape" formed by the complete gravitational collapse of a body. It has been proven that black holes are uniquely determined by their mass, angular momentum, and electric charge, and many remarkable predictionssuch as the possibility of the extraction of energy from a rotating black holehave been made. In addition, the equations describing the propagation of small electromagnetic and gravitational disturbances near a black hole possess many remarkable properties. Research in this area has been actively pursued at Chicago. Although general relativity is believed to be the correct classical description of gravitation, at present their exists no satisfactory quantum theory of gravitation, i.e. a theory which successfully incorporates the basic principles of both relativity and quantum theory. However, semiclassical calculation of quantum effects occurring in strong gravitational fields can be done. These quantum effects are expected to be of importance in the very early universe and near black holes. In the case of black holes, important progress was made in the mid-1970s by Hawking, who did a semiclassical calculation of the particle creation occurring in the strong gravitational field near a black hole, and obtained the remarkable result that particle are "emitted" by this process with an exactly thermal, black body spectrum. This tied together a relationship which had previously been discovered between the laws of black hole physics and those of ordinary thermodynamics and has provided a number of clues as to the nature of quantum gravity. Research on this and other issues related to quantum gravity is being actively pursued by Robert Wald.

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