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         Geology:     more books (100)
  1. The Field Guide to Geology by David Lambert, Diagram Group, 2006-11-30
  2. Roadside Geology of New Mexico (Roadside Geology Series) by Halka Chronic, 1987-10-01
  3. Roadside Geology of Oregon (Roadside Geology Series) by David D. Alt, 1978-06-01
  4. Structural Geology by Haakon Fossen, 2010-08-23
  5. Roadside Geology of Montana (Roadside Geology Series) by David D. Alt, 1986-10-01
  6. Geology Underfoot in Southern California by Robert P. Sharp, 1993-04-01
  7. Roadside Geology of Wisconsin (Roadside Geology Series) by Robert H.; Jr. Dott, 2004-02-01
  8. Physical Geology by Charles (Carlos) Plummer, Diane Carlson, 2007-10-22
  9. A Field Guide to Geology: Eastern North America by David C. Roberts, David C Roberts, 2001-09-30
  10. Roadside Geology of Washington (Roadside Geology Series) by David D. Alt, 1984-09-01
  11. The Geology Book Study Guide (Wonders of Creation) by John D. Morris, 2006-07-31
  12. Lab Manual for Physical Geology by Norris Jones, Charles Jones, 2007-05-15
  13. Essentials of Geology (Second Edition) by Stephen Marshak, 2006-06-29
  14. The Geology of Ore Deposits by John M. Guilbert, Charles Frederick Park, 2007-02-05

21. KU Geology Department
The Department has close ties with a number of research units that are a part of The University, including the Kansas Geological Survey, the Paleontological
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Employment with KU Geology
KU Geology Mentor Program




KU Home
: KU Geology Department of Geology, University of Kansas, 1475 Jayhawk Blvd. Room 120, Lawrence, KS 66045-7613 Tel: (785) 864-4974; Fax: (785)864-5276 Welcome to the University of Kansas Deparment of Geology home page! The headings at the lower-left link to the research programs in geophysics, geochemistry, hydrogeology, tectonics, paleontology and sedimentary geology. The upper-left links are general information about the department including student advising, employment, the mentor program and who we are.
Tenure Track Faculty Position in Process Carbonate Sedimentology Tenure Track Faculty Position: Assistant Professor of Glaciology Student Opportunity, Summer 2008: Earthquake Recording Station Siting Project Department of Geology University of Kansas 1475 Jayhawk Blvd. Room 120

22. Geology
The Department of geology provides students with an opportunity to experience the methods of science, using geologic examples. In addition, we endeavor to
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  • NEWS: Map of Lake Champlain's underwater landscape unveiled at Middlebury. Read the story The Department of Geology provides students with an opportunity to experience the methods of science, using geologic examples. In addition, we endeavor to provide students who wish to pursue the field of geology with the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge and principles, which will equip them for further professional training. With the Green Mountains to the east and the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain to the west, the environs of Middlebury College afford an excellent setting for study and research in geological, limnological/oceanographic, and environmental science.
    The curriculum takes advantage of this setting by stressing field-oriented and laboratory-supported inquiry into problems in all facets of earth science, especially environmental geology, geomorphology, marine geology, oceanography/limnology, petrology, and tectonics. Students are encouraged to develop skills for obtaining and interpreting observational data. Since Vermont is a classic area for the study of mountain system evolution, one general theme of the program is to relate geological process to the origin and evolution of global tectonic patterns, integrating data from the world's oceans and continental areas. Geology majors have used their Middlebury degree as a stepping-stone to graduate school in the geosciences; to industry; to teaching careers; and to careers in environmental science, business, law, and architecture.
  • 23. // UW - Madison GEOLOGY MUSEUM \\
    Displays rocks, minerals, and fossils. Website lists hours, location, and tour information, and provides educational materials on paleontology and the rocks
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    Explore the Geology Museum and take a peek into Wisconsin's deep history!
    On your visit you can touch rocks from a time when there were volcanoes
    in Wisconsin; see corals, jellyfish and other sea creatures that used to
    live and swim where we now walk; and stand under the tusks of a mastodon
    while imagining yourself in the Ice Age. Also on display at the Geology
    Museum are rocks and minerals that glow, a model of a Wisconsin cave,
    dinosaurs and meteorites.
    Our mineral, rock and fossil collections have the power to educate and
    inspire visitors of all ages. Come see for yourself!
    Museum Storytime - Thursday, March 6th at 10:30 am Daisy the chicken goes on an adventure and learns how to stand up for herself. Find out how she makes it back to her coop when we read "Daisy Comes Home" by Jan Brett. We'll also look at bird fossils and make bird crafts to take home! For more info: 262-1412 For technical questions or assistance

    24. Kansas State University Department Of Geology
    undergraduate and graduate education in geology, geophysics, geochemistry, or paleobiology. research opportunities in the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains,
    KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY 108 THOMPSON HALL MANHATTAN, KS 66506-3201 telephone (785) 532-6724 fax (785) 532-5159 POSITIONS OPEN A professor can never better distinguish himself in his work than by encouraging a clever pupil... Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778) The K-State Geology Department has been preparing its students for careers and advanced studies in the profession for over 60 years, and their successes have made us proud. Our alumni-and alumnae-are all over the world, and show their appreciation for their time here in many important ways. We make the K-State experience more than a program of study, with careful and caring advisement, mentoring, social activities, and a common interest in career advancement. Indeed, much of what our students take away is acquired from their fellow students, the first steps toward the networking so important in our turbulent, and exciting, profession. Our department is getting younger, as some older faculty have retired or moved to higher administrative positions, to be replaced by new hires. This year we are searching for two more faculty, and we will likely be recruiting again the following year. In a very few years we should have one of the most youthful faculty in the region! (Professor Clark reminds us that geologists age slowly, and as long as he can beat most of our students at racquetball, age is immaterial.)

    25. A Geologist S Lifetime Field List
    The following is a list of essential or desirable locations for geologists or travelers to visit. It contains many of the interesting geological wonders of
    A Geologist's Lifetime Field List
    The following is a list of essential or desirable locations for geologists or travelers to visit. It contains many of the interesting geological wonders of the world, with links for most of them. Other interesting natural phenomena are also presented. Much of this website is basically a modified and extended version of a list from an outstanding article written by Lisa A. Rossbacher (President, Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia) in the April, 1990 issue of Geotimes . The credit for any redeeming value in this document goes to her. Additional thanks go to the University of Cincinnati Geology Department for permanently archiving my webpages, and to those people who have sent in the suggestions which have been added to this page. A guest registry application has now been included ( below ) which allows anyone to enter additional suggestions to the geologist's list which are viewable by everyone. Some great additions have been posted here! Thanks!

    26. Directory Of Open Access Journals
    Keywords stratigraphy, tectonics, regional and applied geology Publisher Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Institute of geology and Geography

    27. Geology geologyPublications of the father of modern geology, who first drew a chart of the strata under the surface of the earth. Printable version of Smith s famous

    28. The Online Books Page: Browse Call Numbers: QE
    Elements of geology or, the Ancient Changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants, Guidebook to the geology of Travis County , by University Students

    29. ScienceDirect - Chemical Geology, Volume 249, Issues 1-2, Pages 1-236 (30 March
    Chemical geology shares its Volume numbering system with Chemical geology Isotope Geoscience Incorporating Chemical geology Isotope Geoscience section
    Athens/Institution Login Not Registered? User Name: Password: Remember me on this computer Forgotten password? Home Browse My Settings ... Help Quick Search Title, abstract, keywords Author e.g. j s smith Journal/book title Volume Issue Page Chemical Geology shares its Volume numbering system with Chemical Geology: Isotope Geoscience Section
    Please refer to the latter title for volumes 52, 58, 59, 65, 66, 72, 73, 79, 80, 86, 87, 94 and 101. Chemical Geology
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    Publication History
    Incorporating Chemical Geology: Isotope Geoscience section
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    Sample Issue Online
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    Articles in Press Volumes 241 - 249 (2007 - 2008) Volume 249, Issues 1-2
    pp. 1-236 (30 March 2008) Volume 248, Issues 3-4
    pp. 115-426 (28 February 2008)
    Highly Siderophile Element Geochemistry Volume 248, Issues 1-2

    30. Welcome To The University Of Georgia, Geology Department
    The Department of Geography is located at The University of Georgia and is part of the Franklin College. Contact Us if visiting and need more information
    News Dr. Steven Holland awarded funds from the UGA President's Venture Fund Symposium Organizers: Sheldon Skaggs and Jennifer Wehby chairing technical session - American Chemical Society/ Clay Minerals Society Events March 27, 2008 Presentation of Senior Theses by UGA Geology undergraduate students This friday at 12:20 Find out about the crater that shouldn't exist! The University of Georgia Franklin College Contact Us Department Only ... Search Thursday, April 03, 2008 11:53 PM EDT

    31. Victorian Geology
    A common historical myth is that Victorian geology was torn between religious traditionalists and secular geologists. In fact long before the Victorian
    Victorian Geology
    John van Wyhe
    Victorian Web Home Science Technology A common historical myth is that Victorian geology was torn between religious traditionalists and secular geologists. In fact long before the Victorian period all accredited geologists (with very few exceptions) agreed that the earth was millions of years old, that strata were layers from different times and the Book of Genesis was either not incompatible with the findings of modern geology or irrelevant to them. For many Victorians geology was the hottest science going. It was new (the Geological Society of London was founded in 1807), its sometime controversial findings were well-attested and respected, and it had a wide amateur following. Geology made obvious the vast age of the earth and the apparent succession of living forms that had inhabited it. Much of Victorian science centred on stratigraphy, mineralogy and palaeontology. The Geological Survey of Great Britain (1835) was the largest professional scientific organization maintained by Victorian governments.

    32. Department Of Geology - UIUC
    A source of information about the department plus online resources.
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Geology (Member of SESE, the School of Earth Society and the Environment)
    Website Navigation
    The Department of Geology at the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign has championed pioneering research and excellent teaching for over a century. We maintain strong programs in many geoscience disciplines, and offer B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees. Full introduction
    As one of three departments in the School of Earth, Society, and Environment , we also provide diverse opportunities for interdisciplinary studies.
    Research directions range from ultra-high pressure/temperatures related to the Earth's core to ambient surface conditions to life in extreme conditions. Browse our research to see our current interests. Close connections with related campus programs highlight our interdisciplinary work.
    Research Areas
    Related campus programs
    Alumni and Friends
    • Attention Alumni
      We want to hear from you-and your classmates do too! Please send your personal and professional updates to

    33. Schoolyard Geology
    Your own schoolyard is filled with great geologic features! This website is filled with activities and examples of what to look for to turn your schoolyard
    USGS Home
    Contact USGS

    Search USGS
    Schoolyard Geology About Schoolyard Geology Wish you could take more field trips? You can! Your own schoolyard is filled with great geologic features! This website is filled with activities and examples of what to look for to turn your schoolyard into a rich geologic experience. How to use this Website
    (Teaching Sequence, State Science Standards, and Suggestions)
    Download this website

    Acrobat PDF files suitable for printing.
    Lesson 1
    Mapping Your Schoolyard
    Map your schoolyard from above (Activity)
    Using the National Map (Download free maps of your school)
    Navigate your Schoolyard (Activity)
    Find the rocks (Activity)
    Lesson 2
    Rock Stories: Describing Sedimentary Rocks
    The Making of Sedimentary Rocks (Background)
    Rock Stories: Describing Sedimentary Rocks (Background)
    Preformatted Student Instructions
    Examples of Rock Descriptions and their Geologic Interpretation
    Lesson 3
    GeoSleuth Schoolyard: Teaching Geologic Concepts with Schoolyard examples
    GeoSleuth Murder Mystery
    Example Schoolyard Geology Features
    Ages of Rocks
    Dinosaur Tracks
    Glacial Striations ... U.S. Department of the Interior

    34. Geology
    Undertaking an undergraduate honors thesis project was what made geology come alive for me. It set the stage for graduate school and allowed me to mature
    @import url( ); return to SLU Majors, Minors and Programs St. Lawrence University
    Geology Department News
    • Chris Stevens '04 was awarded the Geological Association of Canada's geophysics division student award for the best student paper at the 2007 GAC conference! SLUGAC 6 (St. Lawrence University Geology Alumni Conference) was held September 13, 14, 15, 2007. click here for more information The Geological Society of America 2007 conference is in Denver from October 28-31 more... The Geological Society of America Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania October 22-25, 2006 more... Students of 2006.... Kevin Emblidge and Stephanie Peek presented at NEGSA in Harrisburg, PA! more...
    Student Research Opportunities
    "Undertaking an undergraduate honors thesis project was what made geology come alive for me. It set the stage for graduate school and allowed me to mature as a student and researcher. I directly attribute the chance to participate in undergraduate research with my desire to learn more about the Earth and its history." Jeff Chiaranzelli, 1981 Site last updated March 26, 2008

    35. SSU Department Of Geology - Homw
    geology is the study of the materials, structures, processes and history of the earth. Philosophically, it allows us to realize our place in the physical
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    • SciTech Home About Us Biology ... Engineering Science Geology SSU Geology
      Geology at Sonoma State
      Geology is the study of the materials, structures, processes and history of the earth. Philosophically, it allows us to realize our place in the physical universe within the enormity of geologic time. Practically, it leads us to understanding of earth processes, the formation of rocks and minerals, the energy supplies that support our civilization. The evolution of modern geologic thought was based on field studies; thus geology is primarily a field science. The basis for field analysis is a firm background in the principles of geology. Our Department is committed to undergraduate training that includes a well-balanced treatment of geologic principles with an emphasis on field studies. Students take a fundamental curriculum that concentrates on the analysis of rocks and minerals, geologic map interpretation and report writing. The BS and BA curriculum includes 15 required courses with a strong field orientation, totalling 39 units. Core courses include Advanced Principles of Geology, Mineralogy, Optical Mineralogy, Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary petrology, Structural Geology, Paleontology, and Six field-mapping classes. Required courses in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics support understanding of geologic principles. More specific information is available in the University Catalog or through the Department Secretary.

    36. TDEC: Geology Main Page
    Online geologic maps of the state, general information on the state s geology and mineral resources, information about the division, and publications
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    Contact Division of Geology
    Ron Zurawski, Director
    401 Church Street
    Nashville, TN 37243-0445
    E-mail your questions/comments to the Division of Geology
    Helpful Links
    New Publication Notice - RI 52
    Generalized Geologic Map of Tennessee (small)

    Generalized Geologic Map of Tennessee (large)

    TN Division of Geology Newsletter
    Teacher Friendly Guide
    Mission Statement
    The Division of Geology is the lineal descendent of the first Tennessee Geological Survey that was established in 1831. It is thus one of the oldest geologic service and research organizations in the country. The Division advises other state agencies and federal and local organizations on matters relating to Tennessee geology. Home Search A to Z Directory Policies ... Contact

    37. Department Of Geology : University Of Vermont
    Includes links, information for students, GSA field forum and course information.
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    Departmental Stories:
    UVM professors' continued research on what makes and moves mountains takes them to Fiordland and to Geological Society of America Today journal. more research matters The Vermont Landscape Change Program offers a digital resource on state's evolving landscape, and gets the attention of other U.S. scientists. more research matters Supervised undergraduate students are working to restore a triceratops skull on display in the Perkins Museum. more research matters
    Geology at the University of Vermont
    Perkins Digital Archive View Vermont Before
    and After
    The undergraduate experience...
    If you have ever questioned why landscapes differ, why earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur, why the mountains and oceans exist, or why the dinosaurs became extinct, then you have already been introduced to geology. The study of geology is an expression of our curiosity of the world around us. Geologists attempt to answer the questions of "why...?", "how...?", "under what conditions...?", as well as questions concerning time ("when?") and place ("where?"). The process of finding the answers to these questions is complex and fascinating; it is what geology is all about!
    The graduate experience...

    38. Geology Link Page
    Geologic Societies Geologic Surveys United States International Specific Fields of Study Seismology Volcanology Paleontology Hydrology and Environment
    Geologic Societies
    Geologic Surveys

    United States

    Geology Link Page
    If anyone has a site they would desire to see here, please feel free to send an e-mail to me. The same goes for requests on what should be seen here, what should not, and any other pertinent comments or questions. Mail all inquiries to Thanks to everyone who has sent in links. I'll be doing a large update soon. The General resources will be reorganized and an Education and Software section will be added. Links verified with Xenu's Link Sleuth on March 12, 2002.
    Government (Geologic Surveys)
    United States

    39. Portland State University Geology Department
    Welcome to PSU geology. Please use the menu on the left to navigate our site Department of geology Portland State University PO Box 751
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    40. Whitman Geology
    John D. Winter, Ph.D.; This link will take you to the webpage of retired Whitman geology professor John Winter. The page includes information about Winter s
    [Research] [Academics] [Keck] Photo Album] ... [Newsletter]
    Click here to access the Whitman Geology Newsletter!
    Faculty and Staff
    Retired Faculty
    • Robert J. Carson , Ph.D.; Professor, Quaternary and Environmental Geology; (509) 527-5224 Kirsten P. Nicolaysen , Ph.D.; Assistant Professor, Igneous Petrology and Volcanology; (509) 527-4934 Kevin R. Pogue , Ph.D.; Professor, Structural Geology; (509) 527-5955 Patrick K. Spencer , Ph.D.; Professor, Sedimentation and Paleontology; (509) 527-5222 Nick Bader , Ph.D.; Visiting Assistant Professor, Paleontology and GIS; (509) 527-5113 Sara Gasparich ; Geology Technician; (509) 527-5696 Patti Moss ; Science Division Assistant; (509) 527-5225
      John D. Winter
      , Ph.D.; This link will take you to the webpage of retired Whitman geology professor John Winter. The page includes information about Winter's textbook, An Introduction to Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, and a lot more.

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