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         Glaciology:     more books (105)
  1. Field Techniques in Glaciology and Glacial Geomorphology by Bryn Hubbard, Neil F. Glasser, 2005-06-13
  2. Glacier Fluctuations and Climatic Change (Glaciology and Quaternary Geology) by Johannes Oerlemans, 2010-11-02
  3. The Thermophysics of Glaciers (Glaciology and Quaternary Geology) by I.A. Zotikov, 1986-06-30
  4. Dynamics of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (Glaciology and Quaternary Geology)
  5. The Antarctic Subglacial Lake Vostok: Glaciology, Biology and Planetology (Springer Praxis Books / Geophysical Sciences) by Igor A. Zotikov, 2006-07-26
  6. Radioglaciology (Glaciology and Quaternary Geology) by V.V. Bogorodsky, C.R. Bentley, et all 1985-09-30
  7. Very Slow Flows of Solids: Basics of Modelling in Geodynamics and Glaciology (Mechanics of Fluids and Transport Processes) (Vol 7)
  8. Glaciology: Webster's Facts and Phrases by Icon Group, 2008-11-26
  9. Engineering Aspects of Geomechanics, Glaciology & Geocryology by Fethi Azizi, 2007-01
  10. Elsevier's Dictionary of Glaciology: In English, Russian, French and German (with definitions in English and Russian) by V.M. Kotlyakov, N.A. Smolyarova, 1990-12-20
  11. Glaciology of the British Isles Ice Sheet during the last glacial cycle: form, flow, streams and lobes [An article from: Quaternary Science Reviews] by G. Boulton, M. Hagdorn, 2006-12-01
  12. Glaciotectonic Landforms and Structures (Glaciology and Quaternary Geology) by J. S. Aber, David G. Croot, et all 1989-04-30
  13. Theoretical Glaciology: Material Science of Ice and the Mechanics of Glaciers and Ice Sheets (Mathematical Approaches to Geophysics) by K. Hutter, 1983-08-31
  14. Environmental Change in Iceland: Past and Present (Glaciology and Quaternary Geology)

1. Glaciology - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
glaciology is the study of glaciers, or more generally ice and natural phenomena that involve ice. The word glacier is derived from the Latin glaciees,
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Lateral moraine on a glacier joining the Gorner Glacier, Zermatt, Switzerland. The moraine is the high bank of debris in the top left hand quarter of the picture. For more explanation, click on the picture. Glaciology (from Middle French dialect (Franco-Proven§al): glace , "ice"; or Latin: glacies , "frost, ice"; and Greek: λόγος, logos , "speech" lit. "to talk about ice") is the study of glaciers , or more generally ice and natural phenomena that involve ice. Glaciology is an interdisciplinary earth science that integrates geophysics geology physical geography geomorphology ... biology , and ecology . The impact of glaciers on humans adds the fields of human geography and anthropology . The presence of ice on Mars and Europa brings in an extraterrestrial component to the field.
edit Overview
Areas of study within glaciology include glacial history and the reconstruction of past glaciation. A glaciologist is a person who studies glaciers. Glaciology is one of the key areas of polar research.
edit Types
There are two general categories of glaciation which glaciologists distinguish: alpine glaciation , accumulations or "rivers of ice" confined to valleys; and

Interested in the study of ice in all of its manifestations and the study of all natural phenomena where ice is involved.
Glaciology is the study of ice in all of its manifestations and the study of all natural phenomena where ice is involved, including processes at or near the base of glaciers and ice sheets on Earth and other planets.
Barclay Kamb and Hermann Engelhardt are the principal investigators of the Caltech Glaciology Group supported primarily by the National Science Foundation. We also cooperate with scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA. Our work connects us with the glaciology community world-wide.
ICE in all of its forms is our field of study and of great interest to us.
Results from our most recent field season 2000-2001 that led us to
, West Antarctica.
Results from SIPLE DOME , Antarctica.
Results from BINDSCHADLER ICE STREAM , Antarctica.
The Integrated CRYOBOT Experimental Probe.
Famous and to be famous GLACIOLOGISTS
LINKS to to the World Wide Web of Glaciology and Glaciology-Related Sites.
California Institute of Technology
Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences
Pasadena, CA 91125

3. Glaciology Group At The University Of Washington, Seattle
glaciology at University of Washington. These pages describe the research being conducted, the people involved, courses, and upcoming events,
Glaciology is the study of ice in the environment. Important components are seasonal snow, sea ice, glaciers, ice sheets and frozen ground. Glaciology at the University of Washington includes course curriculum and research related to all of these components of ice in the environment. Glaciological research at the University of Washington is carried out by faculty and graduate students in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences Atmospheric Sciences Quaternary Research Center and Applied Physics Laboratory . More on What is Glaciology? News and Links Recent dissertations by UW glaciologists can be found here See what we learned in our IPCC and Ice reading seminar this past spring. Check out the UW Climate Calendar and keep up on climate-related events at the UW. Check out our Antarctic Meteorology reading seminar this past winter. Interested in learning more about Glaciers and Global Change? Take ESS 203 Ben Smith and Jessica Drees went down the new Inland WAIS ice-coring site to do some borehole optical stratigraphy measurements. Check out their project page and blog For K-12 girls: Girls on Ice 2007 The Blue Glacier webpage has been updated with historic photos and more.

4. World Data Centre For Glaciology, Cambridge
ICSU World Data Centre for glaciology, Cambridge (WDCGC) is funded by the Royal Society and is located in the Library of the Scott Polar Research Institute
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World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge
The World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge
Located in the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, UK ICSU World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge (WDCGC) is funded by the Royal Society and is located in the Library of the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI). Until July 1999 the Centre was called WDC-C for Glaciology. The Centre supports the work of SPRI's Glaciology and Climate Change Research Group. The World Data Center for Glaciology, Boulder (WDCGB) is at the National Snow and Ice Data Center [Colorado, USA]. The WDC for Glaciology and Geocryology, Lanzhou, is in China. All three centres form part of the ICSU World Data Center System. The abstracts created by the Bibliographer and others are included in the SPRILIB database (which you can search when you visit the Institute Library) and published in Polar and Glaciological Abstracts from Cambridge University Press . The glaciological literature has been catalogued by SPRI since 1920. A large proportion of recently catalogued items are included in the web-based The Directory of European Glaciology , maintained by the Centre, includes 13 countries.

5. Glaciology Home
The glaciology group, within the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at UBC, has a long history of research activity. Since 1969, we have been conducting

6. National Snow And Ice Data Center (NSIDC)
A new study coauthored by NSIDC Research Scientist Ted Scambos and published in Volume 54 of the Journal of glaciology sheds light on the 2002 collapse of = "mainPage" Education Center Photo Gallery

7. Aslak Grinsted (grinsted)
Grinsted (2006) Advanced methods of glaciological modelling and time series analysis, Doctoral dissertation, Arctic Centre Reports 47. pdf Supervised by
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Aslak Grinsted
I am Dr. Aslak Grinsted.  The photo shows me in a crevasse doing some rope work. Photo taken by J.Moore. Current employment Arctic Centre , University of Lapland.  (Post-doc). My boss is Prof. John C. Moore Main research interrests:
  • Statistical modelling of climate. Glaciers and Ice sheets. Sea level rise, Sea ice exent, tropical-polar interactions, ice core interpretation, ice flow modelling, hurricanes, extreme events, ...
Contact information: Aslak Grinsted, PhD
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland

the World Data Center for glaciology, Boulder at the National Snow and Ice Data WDC for glaciology, Boulder receives support through a cooperative = "mainPage" Education Center Photo Gallery

9. Benchmark Glaciers
Maintainer Rod March Last update Monday, November 05, 2007 0153 PM URL http//
3-Glacier Data
Mass Balance



Gulkana Glacier
Main Page


Ice Thickness
Mass Balance Meteorology Motion Runoff Surface Altitude Terminus Position Maps Photos Reports South Cascade Gl. Main Page Data Mass Balance Photos Reports Wolverine Glacier Main Page Data Mass Balance Meteorology Runoff Maps ... Reports OTHER GLACIERS Hubbard Glacier Main Page Maps Photos Reports Denali Fault Earthquake Main Page Photo Gallery Black Rapids Glacier Main Page Tlikakila River Glaciers Main Page LEARN ABOUT GLACIERS Univ. of Alaska Glacier Power USGS Glaciers in the News Ask a glaciologist World Data Center-A All About Glaciers RELATED SITES USGS Main home page Water, National Water, Alaska Search ... Top of this page
Benchmark Glaciers
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) operates a long-term "benchmark" glacier program to monitor climate, glacier geometry, glacier mass balance, glacier motion, and stream runoff. The data collected are used to understand glacier-related hydrologic processes and improve the quantitative prediction of water resources, glacier-related hazards, and the consequences of climate change ( Fountain and others, 1997

10. INSTAAR Glaciology Group
The glaciology Group is a focus area within the INSTAAR Geophysics Research Group. The glaciology group is composed of faculty, postdoctoral researchers,

11. Glaciology --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on glaciology scientific discipline concerned with all aspects of ice on landmasses. It deals with the structure and
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12. - Climatology And Glaciology - Session Programme
Climatology and glaciology SolarTerrestrial Sciences Planetary and Solar System Sciences Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics

13. - Funding - Antarctic Glaciology Program - US National
The glaciology program is concerned with the study of the history and dynamics of all naturally occurring forms of snow and ice, including floating ice

14. College Search, College Resources, Career Information :: Schools In The USA
Glaciologists are ice experts involved in the scientific study of glaciers and . There are not many schools that offer graduate degrees in glaciology.

15. Bristol Glaciology Centre
The Bristol glaciology Centre (BGC) leads worldclass research in the following For details of Fully-funded PhD studentships in glaciology click here
Home Staff Research School of Geographical Sciences Search You are here: Glaciology Home Friday, 04 April 2008 Home Introduction Staff Visitors ... Cakes
Welcome to Bristol Glaciology Centre
The Bristol Glaciology Centre (BGC) leads world-class research in the following two areas: Ice sheet processes; dealing with the measurement and modelling of large ice sheets, such as in Antarctica, and assessing how they interact with, and change, global climate both now and in the past. Subglacial environments; concerning the exploration of the underside of ice sheets and glaciers, such as Antarctic subglacial lakes, investigating the biogeochemical processes which occur there, and assessing the records of past climate change that accumulate in these environments. For details of Fully-funded PhD studentships in Glaciology click here Interactive group photo: click on member of staff/postgraduate for further details Bristol Glaciology Centre,
School of Geographical Sciences, University Road

16. Guide To World Data Centers For Glaciology, Lanzhou
The World Data Center D for glaciology and Geocryology maintains a variety of data from variation of glaciers to engineering parameters for prevention of
Prof. CHENG Guodong, Director Tel: +86 931 882 2818 WDC for Glaciology and Geocryology Fax: +86 931 827 5241 Lanzhou Institute of Glaciology and Geocryology E-mail: Chinese Academy of Sciences Home Page: Lanzhou, 730000 CHINA Maintained by Lanzhou Institute of Glaciology and Geocryology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Summary of Data Held Variation of glaciers, snow cover, frozen ground and meltwater runoff; general observation data of hydrology, climatology, glaciers and periglacial in Tianshan Glaciological Station, and the Qinghai-Xizang plateau comprehensive observation station, data of snow drifts and avalanches, engineering parameters for prevention of frost damage in high cold region, etc. Glacier inventories of Qilian Shan, Altay Mountains, and Tianshan Mountains. User Services Open to visitors during normal working hours. Data Products, Publications Glacier Inventory of China on diskette, part of World Glacier Inventory.
NESDIS NGDC WDC Home questions about this site:

17. Glaciology
The glaciological research in the Department is aimed at understanding local and smallscale processes related to snow and ice and predicting their role in
Fields of Study and Research Atmospheric Chemistry Atmospheric Dynamics Boundary Layer Research Climate Change ... Synoptic Meteorology Glaciology Faculty: Cecilia Bitz Stephen Warren Thomas Grenfell , Gary Maykut Left: Lake Blanca and its glacier, Casade Mountains, Washington. Photo by William Roberts. Students in the Department are part of the large and active glaciological community at the University, which includes members in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences (glacier dynamics), the Quaternary Research Center (glacial geology, permafrost, isotope chemistry of polar ice cores), and the Oceanography Department (polar oceanography). The Polar Science Center, a branch of the Applied Physics Laboratory, is dedicated to research in high-latitude oceanography, sea ice processes, air-sea-ice interaction, and remote sensing of ice and snow, and climate change.

18. Glaciology
Longterm collaborations with Swedish and Russian glacial geologists, geomorphologists, and glaciologists, including student exchanges.
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Crater through glacier produced during the 12 August
1970 volcanic eruption on Deception Island, Antarctica.
Photo by Henry Brecker
Ice stream and mountains, Antarctica
Photo by Paul Mayewski We investigate the mass balance and dynamic of present-day glaciers, with emphasis on the large ice sheets covering Antarctica and Greenland, and we model advance and retreat of former ice sheets during glaciation cycles of the Quaternary Ice Age. Institute glaciologists seek answers to glaciological questions that impact on the larger global environment. Examples are:
  • How do glaciers, especially the large ice sheets, contribute to changes in global sea level? Can rapid changes in the size and shape of ice sheets trigger rapid changes in climate? Are rapid changes in glaciers, especially in ice sheets, inherent in their dynamics or must be triggered by external changes? What can glacier landforms tell us about the climate changes that initiated and terminated the last glaciation, and that will initiate the next one?

19. Glaciology In Antarctica - Antarctic Connection
glaciology in Antarctica, Discover what research is happening at the South Pole and other Antarctic research stations. The Antarctic Connection.
Headline News Weather Wildlife/Penguins Science History Shackleton Stations Treaty Expeditions SCIENCE TOPICS Science - Home



Greenhouse Effect

Marine Life

Medical Research

NSF NOAA RPSC SITE INFORMATION Headline News Weather Info Antarctic History Endurance Exhibit ... Research Stations Guess our Trivia Photo Gallery Message Board COMPANY INFO Company Info Shipping Policies FAQ's ... Contact us AFFILIATE PROGRAM Earn 10-15% of our sales starting today! Sign up online now! Science Board: Use this board to discuss science in Antarctica. Ask questions about Antarctic science or read others' postings. OTHER SCIENCE TOPICS Int. Geophysical Year Antarctic Treaty Antarctic Station Life Scientists love Antarctica ... Future Antarctic Science Snow and ice are pervasive elements of high latitude environmental systems and have an active role in the global environment. Glaciologists in Antarctica are concerned with the study of the history and dynamics of all naturally occurring forms of snow and ice, including floating ice, seasonal snow, glaciers, and continental and marine ice sheets. The Essence of Antarctica
  • Antarctic ice has accumulated over millions of years.
  • 20. Kilimanjaro Geology And Glaciology
    Kilimanjaro Geology and glaciology. Kilimanjaro Geology and glaciology. Kilimanjaro lies on a tectonic line intersection 80km. east of the tectonically
    Kilimanjaro routes and general info glacial recession flora and fauna weather ... tours
    Kilimanjaro Geology and Glaciology
    Kilimanjaro lies on a tectonic line intersection 80km. east of the tectonically active Rift Valley. The activity which created this stratovolcano dates back less than a million years and the central ash pit on Kibo, the highest volcanic centre, may be only several hundred years old. Steam and sulphur fumaroles here are indicative of residual activity.
    Volcanology of Kilimanjaro
    Shira and Mawenzi were two other areas of volcanic activity. Both became inactive before Kibo. The Shira volcanic cone collapsed leaving the Shira Ridge as part of its Caldera Rim. Mawenzi has been heavily eroded to leave a mass of steep-sided ridges and summits, particularly dramatic on the infrequently-seen eastern side. Kibo is the best preserved centre; it has three concentric craters and the outer crater rim rises to Uhuru Point – the chief summit. The middle, Reusch crater contains the main fumaroles and in its centre the 130m. deep and 400m. wide Ash Pit. The outer crater has been breached by lava flows in several places, the most dramatic of these being the Western Breach. The ash and lava covered slopes of Kibo are mainly gentle-angled from the steep, glaciated precipices which defend its southern and south-western flanks. The impressive rock walls on Kilimanjaro and Mawenzi are generally composed of lavas and ashes.

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