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         Foxhunting:     more books (101)
  1. The Diary of a Cotswold Foxhunting Lady by Frances Witts, 2008-11-15
  2. Foxhunting with Melvin Poe (The Derrydale Press Foxhunters' Library) by Peter Winants, 2002-09-25
  3. Foxhunting: A Celebration in Photographs
  4. Foxhunting in North America by Alexander Mackay-Smith, 1988
  5. Peculiar privilege: A social history of English foxhunting, 1753-1885 by David C Itzkowitz, 1977
  6. Advice on fox-Hunting by Henry Baron, 2009-09-25
  7. The Rich at Play: Foxhunting, Land Ownership and the Countryside Alliance (RPM) by Mark Metcalf, 2002-06-01
  8. American Foxhunting Stories
  9. Foxes, foxhounds and fox-hunting by Richard Clapham, 2010-08-01
  10. The Noble Science; A Few General Ideas on Fox-Hunting by Frederick Peter Delmé Radcliffe, 2009-12-23
  11. English Foxhunting: A History by Raymond Carr, 1986-10-30
  12. The book of foxhunting by J. N. P Watson, 1978
  13. A century of foxhunting with the Warwickshire hounds: being a sketch history of the hunt from 1791 to 1891 by pseud Castor, 2010-05-13
  14. A Century Of English Fox-Hunting by George Frederick Underhill, 2010-03-30

21. Forum FoxHunting
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22. Fox Hunting - (
The biggest independent support hunting site in the UK. Incorporating issues related to Game Shooting, Fox Hunting and Angling. - The biggest independent support hunting site in the UK. Site last updated: Tuesday, 31 July 2007, 00:10BST Front Page News Centre Background Information Information on Hunting ... Contact Us Welcome to Support Fox Hunting, now incorporating Support Game Shooting.
The latest news on the hunting debate, shooting regulation and country sports in general.
Latest hunting news
In-depth sections The View from the Press News archive General information on the hunting debate - including documents and political views
Hunting-related documents
The Scottish ban League Against Cruel Sports: The truth Information on hunting including facts, figures and a special Kids section
About the hunt
Anti-hunters rubbish What the experts say Web links Information on the Hunting Bill going through Parliament.
Hunting Bill 2003-2004 Homepage
Attempts to ban hunting: timeline The Burns Inquiry Our guide to the Hunting Bill This website is now archived . For the latest news on the Hunting Debate, see the

23. - Foxhunting
AMERICAN foxhunting INTRODUCTION foxhunting is the sport of mounted riders chasing wild quarry with a pack of hounds. It is a union of humans and animals in

24. - The "Sister" Jane Foxhunting Mysteries
It s February, prime foxhunting season for the members of Virginia s Jefferson Hunt Club. The girls at Custis Hall are finishing their last semester before
The "Sister" Jane Foxhunting Mysteries The Tell-Tale Horse (Sept. 27, 2007)
Read an Excerpt Buy the Book It's February, prime foxhunting season for the members of Virginia's Jefferson Hunt Club. The girls at Custis Hall are finishing their last semester before heading off to college, the entrepreneurially shrewd Crawford Howard is still smarting from January's breech in hound etiquette, and the Casanova Hunt Club is hosting their annual ball. New neighbors bring new friendships, and romance is in the air. more The Hounds and the Fury (Sept. 25, 2007 in Paperback)
Read an Excerpt Buy the Book Critics and fans alike are wild about Rita Mae Brown's richly imagined and utterly engaging foxhunting mysteries-and this latest novel promises more thrilling hunts, breathtaking vistas, and an all-new sinister scandal. more The Hunt Ball (2005)
Read an Excerpt Buy the Book more Full Cry (2003)
Read an Excerpt Buy the Book more Hotspur (2002)
Read an Excerpt Buy the Book more Outfoxed (2002)
Read an Excerpt Buy the Book more ... Outfoxed var gDcsId = "dcs3f6xug100008eo6rd7apv9_4q2x";

25. Untitled Page
Stadium Jumping. foxhunting and Eventing Video Links UK and America IceMan foxhunting Superstar Video Cross Country and foxhunting Video Links and Pictures

26. Spiked-liberties | Article | On Foxhunting
Roger Scruton. Describes what hunting is and what a ban would entail, with comparisons to shooting and angling.
Ken Livingstone's accusers: bringing democracy into disrepute
by Josie Appleton
The curious rise of anti-religious hysteria
by Frank Furedi
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On animals

Go to: spiked-central spiked-liberties
8 March 2001 Printer-friendly version Email a friend On foxhunting by Roger Scruton
New Labour has prepared a bill on hunting consisting of three options, ranging from a ban to self-regulation. The hand of the government can be discerned in the option that prescribes a ban - which will create a totalitarian regime of policing, with powers to enter and search without a warrant, to confiscate animals and equipment, and to place the onus of proof on the accused. It will ensure that hundreds of thousands of law-abiding people will be turned overnight into criminals. This novel departure in English legal history can be explained - but it cannot be justified. The explanation is simple: bigotry. This bigotry has been fuelled by class prejudice, by historical resentments, by the fanaticism of the 'animal rights' movement, and by a wilful refusal to study the facts. And although the government commissioned its own inquiry into hunting with dogs (1), it seems to have taken no interest in the result. In fact, the commission of inquiry, under Lord Burns, produces no evidence that could conceivably support a ban on hunting, and a great amount of evidence to show that a ban would be oppressive and unjust: a gross act of contempt towards a rooted and traditional way of life on which many people depend not only for their recreation but for the social web which sustains them. The fact is explicitly recognised by the Burns report, which also supports the conclusion that up to 8000 jobs depend directly on hunting.

27. Flickr: FoxHunting
Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and
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About FoxHunting
An Old pass time that is not lost. The generation that is still riding and FoxHunting.
Please Post Photos of you Hunting with your hunt.
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28. Fox Hunting Gifts, Decals & Apparel
Unique Fox Hunting gifts, decals apparel featuring original graphic designs. NOT CLIP ART! Great gifts! Also learn Fox Hunting history and find links to
Breeds Andalusian Appaloosa Arabian Donkey ... Welsh Pony Disciplines Barrel Racing Endurance Eventing Fox Hunting ... Reining Horse Fox Hunting
There is an old adage that says some people ride to hunt, others hunt to ride. It is certainly true that galloping over the countryside on a fine horse who meets his fences well is a thrill for anyone. Click Here to See:
Fox Hunting History

Fox Hunting Links
Foxhunter Gifts
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Fox Hunting gift products
You will be redirected to our CafePress site forFox Hunting gift products. Fox Hunting stickers are sold separately on this site only. Fox Hunting
Fox Hunting Stickers
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Fox Hunting Decals
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29. Rose Tree Foxhunting Club
Rose Tree Fox Hunting Club, Oldest subscription pack since 1859.

30. Fox-hunting - Life - 08 October 2005 - New Scientist
Kerri Smith, winner of the 2005 New Scientist/Wellcome Trust Science Essay Competition, chases after the genetics behind speech and language.
New Scientist Space Technology Environment ... Full Access Full Access As a subscriber you will benefit from instant access to:
  • The full text of this article All paid for content on 15 years of past issues of New Scientist via the online Archive
Article Preview
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  • 08 October 2005 Kerri Smith Magazine issue 2520
EVOLUTION has come up with some pretty nifty inventions. When it's human evolution you're talking about though, there's one attribute that really screams importance - language. You might think that the best place to look for people studying the origins of language is under piles of dusty manuscripts in the vaults of libraries. And the last place you'd look would be a genetics laboratory, among the lab-coat-toting scientists surrounded by test tubes, right? Wrong. It turns out that, in a manner of speaking, geneticists have their fingers in all the pies, and their work on genes with roles in language is producing some exciting results. If I were to strike up a conversation with a stranger you might think I was over-friendly, but if I did the same with a chimpanzee you'd probably decide I was downright odd. Chimps share almost 99 per cent of their genes with us, so ...

31. Fox Hunting Scenes Paintings & Prints - Page 2
Fox Hunt Scenes, Fox Hunting, Fox Hunts, foxhunting, Foxhunts, Equestrian Fox Hunting Paintings and Prints, Fox Hunting Painting Reproductions,
Telephone: (215) 862-9059   Fax: (215) 862-9821
AJM - Setting Off Huntsmen and Foxhounds Foxhunting Watercolor 1914

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FOXHE-AJM - Setting Off Huntsmen and Foxhounds Foxhunting Watercolor 1914
AJM - The Spinney in the Hollow Foxhunting 1912 - 18 x 20 original size in inches

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FOXHE-AJM - The Spinney in the Hollow Foxhunting 1912 - 18 x 20 original size in inches
Arthur Alfred Davis - Foxhounds at Fault - Foxhunting 1886

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FOXH-Arthur Alfred Davis - Foxhounds at Fault - Foxhunting 1886
Arthur Alfred Davis - Foxhounds Entering Cover Foxhunting 1886

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FOXH-Arthur Alfred Davis - Foxhounds Entering Cover Foxhunting 1886 Arthur Alfred Davis - Foxhounds The Chase Foxhunting 1886 On Sale! FOXH-Arthur Alfred Davis - Foxhounds The Chase Foxhunting 1886 Arthur Alfred Davis - Gone to Earth Foxhunting 1888 On Sale! FOXH-Arthur Alfred Davis - Gone to Earth Foxhunting 1888 Arthur Wardle - Foxhounds Crossing the Stream Foxhunting On Sale! FOXHE-Arthur Wardle - Foxhounds Crossing the Stream Foxhunting Basil Nightingale - Over the Gate Foxhunting - 1898 - 18x24 Inches - Original Image Size On Sale!

32. Blair’s Britain Bans Foxhunting - Advocacy For Animals
UK pro and anti-foxhunting demonstrators When UK Prime Minister Tony Blair announced in 1999 that he intended to push through legislation to ban foxhunting
Features By Month
March 2008
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January 2008
December 2007
November 2007
October 2007
September 2007

33. Foxhunters OnLine
This is the home of the Foxhunters OnLine email discussion list (aka FOL), which allows foxhunting enthusiasts around the world to converse via email about
Welcome to Foxhunters OnLine
This is the home of the Foxhunters OnLine email discussion list (aka FOL), which allows foxhunting enthusiasts around the world to converse via email about topics related to mounted foxhunting. The links below provide information useful to subscribers, or anyone interested in subscribing.
Subscriber Instructions
This page contains instructions and guidelines for participating in the FOL discussion. All subscribers are expected to read this page and abide by the guidelines and instructions here. Failure to do so will result in your inability to participate in the discussion.
List FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about FOL list operation. If you're having trouble, please read this before asking for help. If you find the answer here, you will save both yourself and the list manager some time.
Foxhunters OnLine Archives
All messages sent to FOL are stored in a searchable web archive, so that anyone who is interested can see any messages that have been posted since the list was created on Feb 5, 1996. A search page allows you to search for topics of interest.
Best of FOL
Some of the more eloquent, amusing, or educational contributions to FOL have been collected here for easy reference or amusement. If you have a favorite that's not included here, and think it's worthy of recognition, suggest it to the

34. Encore Editions - Fox Hunting Paintings Prints Home Decor Gifts & Fox Hunt Inter
fine art equestrian fox hunting fox hunt gifts gift items, home decor, home decorating, interior design, canvas painting reproductions, sculptures,
The Art of Fox Hunting Painting Reproductions Canvas Print Reproductions
The Presentation
Heywood Hardy
A Foxhunting Morn Featured Topic
Click on the links below to view: Fox Hunting Equine Wildlife - Foxes Fox Hunting Scenes - Page 1 Page 2
John Emms
Hours of Idleness Foxhounds and Jack Russell Terrier in Kennel Fox Hunting Equine
Sir Alfred J. Munnings
Off to the Meet
View Our Selection Of Victorian Art With Many Foxhunting Images By Clicking Here
You May Also Do Searches by Artist or Subject Below: Under Each Image Displayed Choose Size and Medium In Pull Down Then Add To Cart For Updated Prices
Encore Editions Home Page Framing Options For Prints Product Information The images used on the website are for internet marketing purposes and are lower resolution digital images and are intended to be used for internet marketing and distribution purposes only and are not to be reproduced or copied in any form. The high resolution digital files for these specific prints are maintained by Encore Editions for printing and reproduction purposes. Please allow time for all of these images to load so that you may see many of the paintings and prints. Order your favorite canvas and/or paper prints for yourself, friends and relatives as they make excellent gifts.

Amateur Radio Fox Hunting is a high tech version of hide and go seek . A transmitter is hidden and then the fun begins. The Wed night 7PM hunts are
FOX HUNTING in the TWIN PORTS Amateur Radio Fox Hunting is a high tech version of 'hide and go seek'. A transmitter is hidden and then the fun begins. The Wed night 7PM hunts are non-competetive, and so the teams can talk to each other. The area encompasses the twin ports of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin. The transmitter is hidden only on public property such as parks.
Below are some pictures from a Fox Hunt from the Summer of 2003. The Fox transmitter was hidden in the Archery Range in Billings Park by KB9WLC and Jake.
Also pictured is the Montreal Fox controller (plans from VE2EMM). We use the tape measure beam (built from plans from WB2HOL) almost exlusively for both long distance and close in direction finding. Other equipment used includes active attenuators from plans by WB2HOL, passive attenuators, and doppler direction finders. Check out the links to the left; N6BG has kits available for a nice fox controller with tone decoder. K0OV has a wonderful web site with tons of information. KB6DOL had some excellent pc boards for the doppler project. His web site is not working right now. Far Cicuits has a large selection of pc boards available for lots of projects. Arrow Antenna has a variety of antennas available that are useful for direction finding. This is a GE Exec exciter board from an old GE mobile radio. It has been retuned to the 2 meter amateur radio band and a 146.565 MHz crystal installed. It will function as a fox transmitter when connected to a controller like the one pictured below, or one like WB2HOL has on his web site.

36. Fox Hunting - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Fox hunting is an activity involving the location, chase, and killing of a fox, traditionally a red fox, by trained foxhounds or other scent hounds,
Fox hunting
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Fox hunting (disambiguation) Master of foxhounds leads the field from Powderham Castle in Devon, England, with the hounds in front. Fox hunting is an activity involving the tracking, chase, and sometimes killing of a fox, traditionally a red fox , by trained foxhounds or other scent hounds , and a group of followers led by a master of foxhounds, who follow the hounds on foot or on horseback. Fox hunting originated in the UK in the 1500s, but is practised all over the world, including Australia, Canada, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Russia, New Zealand, and the United States. In Australia, the term also refers to the hunting of foxes with firearms , in a manner very similar to deer stalking or spotlighting The sport is controversial, particularly in the UK, where a ban was introduced in November 2004. Proponents see it as an important part of rural culture, vital for conservation and pest control while opponents argue that it is cruel and unnecessary.

37. HOMING IN -- Radio Direction Finding
Team USA positions will be filled based on performance in recent ARDF events, but there will be room for inexperienced foxhunters in some categories.
This is an archived page of the "Homing In" Web site. This page has been updated and the site has moved to a different server to eliminate AOL's banner advertising. Click here for the latest version of this page . Please bookmark to access the "Homing In" site in the future. Thanks for visiting!
Welcome to Homing In
All About Radio Direction Finding (RDF)
Latest RDF News Headlines
The next southern California radio-orienteering practice session will be announced soon. Experts will be on hand to get you started with your own equipment or with loaner gear. Events are scheduled regularly in southern California. For earliest notification of these events, you can join the southern California ARDF mailing list . If you live elsewhere, click to get contacts for other North America ARDF sessions This Homing In site also has results and photos of previous southern California radio-orienteering events , including the Santa Barbara session on February 2. The 2008 USA ARDF Championships will take place May 8 through 10 near Bastrop, Texas

38. Belle Meade Hunt
Newsletter, fixture card, staff, photographs and history. Georgia.

39. Piedmont Transmitter Tracking
Transmitter hunting in North Carolina.
Welcome to Piedmont Transmitter Tracking
the web site dedicated to Getting
ARDF T-Hunting ... How to Help
Carpe Vulpes Send comments or suggestions to

40. Transformation Of Fox Hunting In Mississippi
For many people, fox hunting conjures up images of red clad gentry riding to hounds, yet most Mississippi fox hunting was part of an informal rural
Foxhunters in front of Crystal Cafe, Crystal Springs, MS. Photograph courtesy of Bill Pevey.
Going Inside:
Transformation of Fox Hunting in Mississippi
by Wiley Charles Prewitt, Jr.
Game and hounds are the invention of gods, of Apollo and Artemis. They bestowed it on Chevron and honored him therewith for his righteousness. And he, receiving it, rejoiced in the gift, and used it. Xenophon, On Hunting. For many people, fox hunting conjures up images of red clad gentry riding to hounds, yet most Mississippi fox hunting was part of an informal rural tradition in which local hunters gathered at a good geographical vantage point to simply listen to their hounds run a fox. In south Mississippi a group of fox hunters cling to their avocation despite reversals in wildlife populations, altered interpretations of property rights and changing rural lifeways. This article traces traditional fox hunting in Mississippi from its origin as a communal rural past-time pursued in the open countryside and describes how its devotees adapted it to large fenced areas known as fox pens. Interviews with the participants allow the hunters themselves to describe the forces that influenced fox hunting and their reactions to them. The interviews offer insight into the changing natural and cultural environment of the state and suggest reasons for the resiliency of fox hunting as a rural activity. Dave Hellums, Copiah County, MS, 1994. Photograph by Wiley Prewitt.

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