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         Foxhunting:     more books (101)
  1. Fox-Hunting In The Shires by T. F. Dale , 2009-09-14
  2. Fox-Hunting Recollections by Anonymous, 2010-03-01
  3. An introduction to fox-hunting by E S. C Hobson, 2010-06-15
  4. Sport - Foxhunting And Shooting by L. Dorchester, 2008-10-06
  5. Foxhunting in England, Ireland, and North America: A Life in Hunt Service (The Derrydale Press Foxhunters' Library) by Hugh Robards, 2000-11-25
  6. Radnor reminiscences; a foxhunting journal by J Stanley Reeve, 2010-08-20
  7. Fox-Hunting From Shire to Shire; With Many Noted Packs, a Companion Volume to 'good Sport, Seen With Some Famous Packs' by Cuthbert Bradley, 2010-01-10
  8. Fox-hunting past & present by Richard Howard Carlisle, 2010-05-13
  9. Observations On Fox-Hunting And The Management Of Hounds In The Kennel And The Field by John Cook, 2010-04-04
  10. The sport of our ancestors; being a collection of prose and verse setting forth the sport of fox-hunting
  11. A history of the old Berks Hunt from 1760 to 1904: with a chapter on early foxhunting by Frederick Cleave Loder Symonds, 2010-05-13
  12. The Chase: A Modern Guide to Foxhunting by Michael Clayton, 1990-01
  13. The Songs of Foxhunting by Alexander Mackay-Smith, 1974-01-01

41. The Bloody Truth About Fox Hunting
Juxtaposing the cruelties of class with the dictates of custom, fox hunting, like the monarchy, is just another outmoded British tradition.
Hunting the Hunters:
The Bloody Truth about Fox Hunting
by Robin Roth British blue bloods are seeing red, and it's not just the blood of the foxes they kill. "Tally-ho!" is no longer the cry of the English countryside. In England, the trumpet is sounding on the fox hunt and its accompanying way of life, as hunters are being hunted by animal rights activists and labor party leaders calling for an end to the centuries-old tradition. "The unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable," was Oscar Wilde's description of fox hunters, a group who, like the royal family and Britain's conservative parliament, are fast falling from public favor. Juxtaposing the cruelties of class with the dictates of custom, fox hunting, like the monarchy, is just another outmoded British tradition. There are roughly 200 official fox hunts in England, entertaining about 50,000 Britons, and translating to the deaths of an estimated 13,000 foxes and 6,000 fox cubs each year. Belying the barbarities of Britain's oh-so-civilized upper class, fox hunting has come under attack both in England and the United States, where it has increasingly become a favorite pastime of new moneyed interests with old money snob appeal. While British support for the hunt is on the decline, it is an increasingly popular "sport" in the United States., where there are an estimated 171 fox hunting clubs, with 20,000 registered members.

42. Of Fox Hunting And Politicians
Since I’ve not been foxhunting since 1979, I’m a little indifferent to what’s cool. If you think President Bush is out of touch with pop-culture,
Of Fox Hunting and Politicians
by R.G. Williams, Jr. I used to hunt foxes. (Not the four-legged kind, the two-legged kind.) That was what all of us young hip dudes called good-looking girls back in the 70’s. I’m not sure what they call them today – is "babes" still cool? Since I’ve not been fox-hunting since 1979, I’m a little indifferent to what’s "cool." If you think President Bush is out of touch with pop-culture, you wouldn’t believe my detachment. As a matter of fact, not only do I not listen to Britney Spears; I don’t even know what he looks like. No, my pop-culture, fox hunting days are over with. Becoming a Christian and getting married in 1980 ended my days of pursuit. Which brings me to my real point. Scotland is also trying to end fox hunting. (Not the two-legged kind, the four-legged kind.) Although if these sissies get their way, that’s probably next. Yes, it’s true, the land of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, has been taken over by a bunch of panty-waist politicians – sound familiar? After a heated six-hour debate, the bill passed the Scottish Parliament by an 83 to 36 margin. And these folks are quite serious. Participating in a fox hunt could land you in jail for up to six months. The vote did not come without protest however. Quoting the BBC article on the vote

43. Stryker Brigade News: IA, CF Go ‘Fox Hunting’ In Diyala
Operation Fox Hunting began Feb. 27 with elements of the 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division providing support as the Iraqi army cleared
Stryker Brigade News
  • Home Archives Forum ... Archives
    IA, CF Go ‘Fox Hunting’ in Diyala
    4/2 SBCT There are 11 related images to view if you follow the link below. Story by Staff Sgt. Russell Bassett ABU KHAMIS, Iraq – The Iraqi army, with minimal help from coalition forces, is currently clearing al-Qaida in Iraq from one of their last remaining strongholds in “restive” Diyala province the area between Baghdad and Baqubah east of the Diyala River. Operation Fox Hunting began Feb. 27 with elements of the 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division providing support as the Iraqi army cleared Al-Sayahi (the Tourist Road) and another north-south road father east that had both been closed for more than a year due to heavy seeding of improvised explosives by AQI. During the first four days of the operation, IA explosive ordnance disposal, along with route clearance teams from the 38th Engineer Company, found and cleared more than 45 IEDs from the two routes. Three IA vehicles and two CF vehicles were hit by IEDs during the route clearance missions. Three IA were killed and two wounded due to these attacks. In addition to the route clearance missions, IA and CF Soldiers are also clearing numerous towns surrounding the two routes. So far, 15 towns have been cleared. Three AQI operatives were killed during these clearing operations.

44. How To Hunt Foxes
For traditional Fox Hunting on a horse, Go to Fox Hunting. Hunting Foxes . Whistling for foxes is a fun and very satisfying way of fox hunting.
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45. Fox Hunting |
Fox Hunting. Published on Friday, September 28, 2007 by Brandon Richards I didn’t know it then but through fox hunting, my dad was teaching me valuable
Published on Friday, September 28, 2007 by Brandon Richards For those of you who are squeamish, you may want to stop reading here. For the rest of you, you are quiet possibly like myself and not easily surprised or sickened by dead things and their guts. In the darkness I could only make out his form, his gestures, and the occasional words as I followed silently behind. My dad had explained to me how important silence is to being successful, how important following closely in his footsteps is to not falling. We often walked through fields spattered with manure, overtaken with sage grass and unfamiliar to both of us. It was easy to be separated in the dark or fall behind. My pace was quick and sure, stopping only when he stopped. Making no sound, not a breath. We listened for the call of our prey. I remember my dad allowing me to help pull the skin and hold the animal in position while he made cuts to free the animal of its pelt. What was once a familiar furry animal became a gruesome monster-like beast. He taught me:
  • silence is important to hearing
    how to follow when its dark
    how to avoid falling
    how to avoid wrong steps
    how to avoid getting separated from him
    remaining close insures I can see the path
    patience leads to success
    light reveals the truth
    hold still, while he carefully cuts
  • 46. Urban Sports: Fox Hunting
    Fox hunting is, of course, one of the great british pursuits, however in recent times it has become rather controversial, so we had to make a few changes.
    Fox hunting is, of course, one of the great british pursuits, however in recent times it has become rather controversial, so we had to make a few changes. Horses don't really work well in the city, and Rich won't go near horses, in case they are bears in disguise. Luckily motorbikes work nearly as well. For some reason the council objected to our use of rifles in the city centre. So we now use the melee weapon of choice for the gentleman - a cricket bat. It's apparently cruel to hunt real foxes so we had to improvise. This bloke we met down the pub sold us robotic foxes for two hundred quid each. The were really realistic, they ate and bled and everything. But it's OK to hurt robots as they don't have DNA. For some reason our robo-fox supplying mate has been sent to prison before we could take photos. Necessity being the mother of invention, we have started hunting inner city vermin. After Christmas 2001 many parents discovered just how annoying the furby they had got for little Timmy had become and put it out with the rubbish. Evidently they missed the Furby-for-life-not-just-for-christmas adverts. Unfortunately feral furbies are now succesfully breeding and have become quite a nuisance.

    47. Making Light: Fox-hunting In New Hampshire
    Foxhunting in New Hampshire Posted by Teresa at 1113 AM * 44 comments. I mentioned this video last night in one of the comment threads, but it’s such a
    Making Light Incorporating Electrolite Language, fraud, folly, truth, knitting, and growing luminous by eating light. Back to previous post: Go to Making Light's front page. Forward to next post: Early-evening observation Subscribe (via RSS) to this post's comment thread. (What does this mean? Here's a quick introduction.)
    January 8, 2008
    Fox-hunting in New Hampshire
    Posted by Teresa at 11:13 AM * 44 comments Brave New Films , via Daily Kos Schadenfreude Pie Welcome to Making Light's comments section. Moderator: Teresa Nielsen Hayden.
    Comments on Fox-hunting in New Hampshire: David Dyer-Bennet (view all by) January 08, 2008, 11:58 AM
    Abusing Fox news is always in order. All the campaign signs I saw were for Ron Paul, which suggests that this event is much less surprising than it would have been if the protesters had been, you know, actual conservatives. (Instead of radically confused people, I think; Ron Paul is confusing.) Martin Wisse (view all by) January 08, 2008, 12:01 PM
    Why oh why is it that so often when Fox or some other institution that has been blatantly unfair towards the Democrats in particular and the left in general is finally given a piece of their own medicine, it's because they offended some wingnut group?

    48. Fox Hunting With Dogs Outlawed In Britain
    LONDON, UK, November 19, 2004 (ENS) There will be no more fox hunting with hounds in the United Kingdom. After years of quarrelling over a ban on fox
    Fox Hunting with Dogs Outlawed in Britain LONDON, UK , November 19, 2004 (ENS) - There will be no more fox hunting with hounds in the United Kingdom. After years of quarrelling over a ban on fox hunting, Parliament voted last night to end the practice as of February 2005. Animal welfare campaigners are today celebrating their historic victory in the fight to improve animal welfare, but hunt supporters threatened legal action and warned of civil disobedience during the next election. Government proposals to delay implementation of the Hunting Bill until July 2006 were rejected by peers in the House of Lords. Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael said, "the hunting community has known for many years that it would have to prepare for change." Thanksgiving 2003 Blessing of the Hounds (Photo courtesy Troop 1028 He and the government had sought to delay implementing the ban on hunting until July 2006, or even 2007 to give hunt proponents a chance to adjust and to keep the law from taking effect until after the general election, but the House of Lords rejected that motion. "The hunting community say that they are law abiding people so we expect those involved in hunting to cease their activity when they are required by law to do so," said Michael.

    49. Fox Hunting - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Fox Hunting
    Hutchinson encyclopedia article about fox hunting. fox hunting. Information about fox hunting in the Hutchinson encyclopedia. hunting
    Domain='' word='fox-hunting';WordListHost='' Printer Friendly 847,166,502 visitors served. TheFreeDictionary Google Word / Article Starts with Ends with Text subscription: Dictionary/
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    fox-hunting (redirected from fox hunting
    Also found in: Dictionary/thesaurus Wikipedia 0.09 sec. write_ads(AdsNum, 0)
    The pursuit of a fox across country on horseback, aided by a pack of foxhounds specially trained to track the fox's scent. The aim is to catch and kill the fox. In drag-hunting , hounds pursue a prepared trail rather than a fox. hut(3)
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    Email Feedback Sign in Email: Password: Register Your Ad Here Mentioned in References in periodicals archive Alken, Henry Thomas Belford demonstration field sports ... Sassoon, Siegfried Loraine Even today, when debates over British fox hunting arise, the descendants of dukes generally defend it while the great-grandsons of cobblers generally oppose. The end of hunting? How only progressive government can save a great ...

    50. / Fox Hunting In America
    Ask anyone where fox hunting originated and odds are he will respond promptly, “Why, the British Isles, of course.” Indeed, the cry of “Tallyho!
    Login Register Make this your homepage Home ... Discussions Filter Results By All Categories People Places Events Entertainment Magazine Travel Blog Discussions Most Popular Searches: Thomas Paine Thomas Jefferson Music Great Depression ...
    August 1960
    Fox Hunting in America
    Riding to hounds has been as much of a sport among well-to-do Americans as among the British gentry By CAROLINE JONES What we do know, however, is that fox hunting today still adheres to strict rules of protocol established two hundred years ago. It caters primarily to the wealthy because usually only they can afford the cost of a good hunter and the means of keeping him, not to mention the expense of properly outfitting themselves. Good hunters are customarily thoroughbreds, though not the smaller, rather slight thoroughbreds found at the racetrack. And unlike the quarter horses that are bred for speed in short stretches and are commonly seen out West, hunting thoroughbreds are often crossed with heavier breeds for endurance and solidity, are taller and more muscular, and are trained to run long distances (most hunts last all day) and jump a variety of fences and ditches. as if reviewing troops. The Squire of Mount Vernon should be leaning forward.

    51. FAIR ACTION ALERT: Fox Hunting Trumps Peace Activism At Washington Post & NYT
    Last Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of London to protest military action against Iraq, rallying in what the London
    The FAIR site has been redesigned! This page is available for archival purposes only and has not been updated since January 2005. Please update your links. To access the new homepage, go to . You may also wish to visit the advanced search page or the archives page.
    September 30, 2002 Note:
    Please read the recent update to this alert.) Last Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of London to protest military action against Iraq , rallying in what the London Independent called "one of the biggest peace demonstrations seen in a generation" (9/29/02). Yet neither the Washington Post nor the New York Times saw fit to run a full article about the protests, instead burying passing mentions of the story in articles about other subjects. In contrast, both papers showed real interest in another recent London march of comparable size last week's protest against a proposed ban on fox-hunting. The Washington Post ran a 1,331-word story about the fox-hunting protest on the front page of its Style section (9/23/02), while the New York Times ran a short Reuters piece on page A4 (9/23/02), which it followed up with an op-ed exploring the class politics of the hunt (9/24/02). A

    52. KERRON CROSS - The Voice Of The Delectable Left: Urban Fox Hunting
    Now I m someone who campaigned tirelessly for a total ban on fox hunting to be introduced by Parliament, but Gem does make an interesting case for the
    @import url(""); @import url("");
    KERRON CROSS - The Voice of The Delectable Left
    Labour's Number 1 Political Blogger - "Labour’s Iain Dale, but funnier."
    Friday, August 18, 2006
    Urban Fox Hunting
    "Bring back fox hunting", says Gem
    Now I'm someone who campaigned tirelessly for a total ban on fox hunting to be introduced by Parliament, but Gem does make an interesting case for the re-introduction of fox hunting.
    Yes, Gem is a Tory (as we have established), but she is also an animal lover - so why does she want to see foxes ripped limb from limb?
    Well in recent years she has had 3 pet rabbits killed by foxes. (You would not believe the efforts the family go to to try and protect their rabbit, but somehow still the foxes get in and take the rabbit from it's hutch.)
    The most recent killing was a couple of weeks ago. It felt like a family member had died - it sounds extreme, but when you love animals and form a bond with a beloved family pet it is extremely upset when they are taken from you.
    So now Gem is on the war path. She is so determined to address the problem of foxes locally she is considering setting up the

    53. Threadless T-Shirts - Fox Hunting
    fox hunting. Submitted by. nbright on Dec 07 07. More by nbright. See all 9 designs. Average score. 2.58 out of 5. Number scored. 1425 people,designs
    Shop our full catalog Check the stock chart Teeriffic Photos 12 Club ... Order Status Username: Password: Forgot Your Password? Checkout Howdy, stranger fox hunting
    Submitted by: nbright on Dec 07 '07 More by nbright See all 9 designs
    Average score: out of Number scored: 1,425 people Scoring finished: 111 days ago Comments: 81 comments Design forum nbright on Dec 02 '07 you can view a bigger version here. 4 days later Afromation on Dec 07 '07 Cool great work $5 Tonteau on Dec 07 '07 That's great work, man. polynothing on Dec 07 '07 $5 nice! on Dec 07 '07 This is amazing, 5$ ever so much. jstumpenhorst on Dec 07 '07 sweet drawing! pickledbib on Dec 07 '07 awesome... xiaobaosg on Dec 07 '07 Sweet~ Tedikuma on Dec 07 '07 Haha! Cool... phones on Dec 07 '07 kitsune!
    on Dec 07 '07 Pretty awesome. olie! on Dec 07 '07 This looks like something that would be printed for sure The Jolly Brewer on Dec 07 '07 down with the toffs! sonmi on Dec 07 '07 holy shit! hershel on Dec 07 '07 looks like a print.... andyg on Dec 07 '07 THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5$$$$

    54. Fox Hunting In Full Cry Prints By James Seymour At
    Fox Hunting in Full Cry Prints by James Seymour at Choose from over 500000 Posters Art Prints. Value Framing, Fast Delivery,
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    This high-quality art print is expertly produced to capture the vivid color and exceptional detail of the original.
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    Framed Art Print
    Cleo Walnut Veneer (2 3/8")
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    Fox Hunter's Meeting
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    Fox Hunting in Full Cry
    Artist: James Seymour Type: Art Print Size: 29 x 24 in Item #: Usually ships same day Our Price: Additional Services: See it Mounted See it On Canvas See it Laminated Recommend item to friend Send image as an E-card James Seymour (4 items) English Art (9,155 items)

    55. Anti-Fox Hunting Petition
    A ban of fox hunting should be applied immediately. Why you ask? Well because it is cruel. You may say the Foxes are pests but. They are not and I can prove

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    We, the Undersigned, endorse the following petition:
    Anti-Fox Hunting
    • Signatures: Goal: Deadline: See Full Petition Email this Petition
    Ban fox hunting now!
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    Number Date Name Country 3:20 pm PDT, Mar 25 nicola monaghan Ireland 9:46 am PDT, Mar 25 Anonymous United States 12:55 pm PDT, Mar 21 ellisa skelding United Kingdom 4:09 pm PDT, Mar 20 cassandra coleman United States 1:59 pm PST, Feb 28 Chrissie Shilvock United Kingdom 3:52 am PST, Feb 19 WOOOO up yours United Kingdom 6:07 am PST, Feb 12 max johnson United Kingdom 4:18 am PST, Feb 12 danielle Read Australia 5:01 am PST, Feb 11 Anonymous United States 8:25 pm PST, Feb 10 Jennifer Elliott United States 1:28 pm PST, Jan 31 dylan power United Kingdom 1:27 pm PST, Jan 31 Oliver Wong United Kingdom 12:29 pm PST, Jan 30 Kyna Crain United States 11:04 am PST, Jan 30 samantha lawson Iraq 1:49 am PST, Jan 30 jarrod smith United Kingdom 9:40 am PST, Jan 29 billy cheng Kazakhstan 9:36 am PST, Jan 29

    56. Claudia Coleman - Equine And Fox Hunting Art
    collection of sporting paintings by Claudia Coleman, Samabel Australian Terriers, art instruction for kids, and items for sale.
    American Sporting Artist Claudia Coleman NEWS! The Spring 2007 issue of Just Terriers has a feature article on Claudia by award winning author Jessica Jahiel. Check it out! Welcome to the North Carolina studio of American artist Claudia Coleman. She specializes in equine and dog portraits, fox hunting scenes, and landscapes. With 40 years experience as an artist and a lifetime with horses, her work continues to raise the bar among her peers. In this site you will find old work and new, changes in approach or palette, all proving once again that life as an artist is a journey, not an end. sniff out the info below! "City Boy" City Boy is a well known Thoroughbred jumper going back to Buckpasser. His temperment is powerful, arrogant and tolerant, and now in semi-retirement, he rules his paddock and demands attention. 30" x 36"

    57. "Fox Hunting" (Harper's Magazine)
    Foxhunting of the future If members of the hunt clubs forsake the horse for the wheel, it must of necessity come to this January 1896
    HOME SUBSCRIBE ARCHIVE SUBJECTS ... SKIP to main content USERNAME PASSWORD Subscriber? Lost password? Jan Feb ... Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec PREVIOUS NEXT TITLE
    Fox Hunting
    DEPARTMENT Archive PUBLISHED February 19, 2008 Sarah Lyall, “Tally Ho! A Determined Crew Hunts for Fox Hunters” The New York Times , February 18, 2007: For their part, the hunters argue that they have changed their ways and now make every effort to legally ride around after artificially laid scents, a practice that a pro-hunting member of Parliament once said was about as exciting as “kissing one’s sister.” Any chasing of foxes that may or may not occur, the hunters say, is entirely accidental. Fox-hunting of the future: If members of the hunt clubs forsake the horse for the wheel, it must of necessity come to this January 1896 Lucy C. Lillie “Autumn in England,” October 1886: My companion was eagerly inquisitive about hunting in America ; he did not cherish the idea prevalent some twenty years since that the buffalo was to be found on Broadway, nor did he feel that in a chase in America the red man could be hunted; still, his ideas of prairie shooting were about as misty as mine of hunting in England; he had an idea, he said, of taking a little run across Colorado, and thought perhaps three weeks would do it nicely. Perhaps I ought to record of him that he went on his little run, taking six months for the journey, and investing in good Western property.

    58. Brits Outlaw Hunting With Dogs, House Of Commons Wins Ban Of Quintessential Engl
    Nov 18, 2004 Opponents of fox hunting dressed up as foxes and deer outside Parliament to (AP) Britain outlawed fox hunting in England and Wales on
    CBS News
    document.write(''); Advertisement Search CBS News The Web Tips Home World
    Brits Outlaw Hunting With Dogs
    House Of Commons Wins Ban Of Quintessential English Pasttime
    LONDON, Nov. 18, 2004 addthis_pub = 'mprosellini'; addthis_logo = ''; addthis_logo_background = 'FFFFFF'; addthis_logo_color = '336699'; addthis_brand = ''; addthis_options = 'favorites, digg, delicious, live, technorati, newsvine, google, facebook, myweb, myspace, more'; addthis_caption_share = 'Bookmark / Share'; addthis_caption_email = 'Tell a Friend'; addthis_offset_top = 3; addthis_offset_left = 0; E-Mail Story
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    Text Size: A A A Opponents of fox hunting dressed up as foxes and deer outside Parliament to dramatize their opposition. (AP)
    Related Fast Facts United Kingdom Learn about the people, economy and history.
    (AP) Britain outlawed fox hunting in England and Wales on Thursday as elected legislators won a dramatic standoff with the House of Lords to ban a popular country sport that is despised by many urbanites. The formality of royal assent followed within 45 minutes.

    59. Fox Hunting: Blogs, Photos, Videos And More On Technorati
    52 days ago in publisher fox hunting news paper · No authority yet. Photo of animalblog Posts tagged Fox hunting per day for the past 30 days. hunting
    The spotlight is on independent films, filmmakers, and festivals in the new indie film channel
    Up Entertainment
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    Up Politics Sports Technology
    Up Blogs Photos Videos Blogger Central ... Developers Up
    44 posts tagged Fox hunting
    Subscribe search in entire post tags only of blogs with any authority a little authority some authority a lot of authority in language all languages Arabic (العربية) Chinese (中文) Dutch (Nederlands) English French (Fran§ais) German (Deutsch) Greek (Ελληνικά) Hebrew (עברית) Italian (Italiano) Japanese (日本語) Korean (한국어) Norwegian (Norsk) Persian (فارسی) Polish (Polski) Portuguese (Portuguªs) Russian (Русский) Spanish (Espa±ol) Swedish (Svenska) Turkish (T¼rk§e) Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
  • Rita Mae Brown 2008/ 03/ rita-mae-brown.html Time Magazine has an interview with Rita Mae Brown which is worth a read. I have enjoyed a number of her books – including High Hearts which is set during the Civil War with much of the action taking place within a 70 to 80 mile radius of Charlottesville- and also books involving fox hunting since my brother and his wife are part of that set in Charlottesville. 11 days ago in Michael-In-Norfolk - - Coming Out In Mid Life Authority: 52
    Film Review: The Other Boleyn Girl 2008/ 03/ 04/ film-review-the-other-boleyn-girl/
    Bill Clinton news story, CLINTON GOES FOX HUNTING. goes fox hunting_1009178

    News Bill Clinton CLINTON GOES FOX HUNTING ... add your comments
    Caption: Former President of United States Bill Clinton . campaigns for his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, at Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy. Las Vegas, Nevada - 05.11.07
    Click for the Bill Clinton Gallery

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