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21. Canoeing, Kayaking And Innertubing The Clarion River
innertubing has become very popular too in the warmer months. Most recently, kayakers are taking to the Clarion. Whatever your choice, all can be rented
  • Cabins Campground Giftshop Groceries/Gas ... Winter Activities
    Canoeing on the Clarion River
    Canoeing, Kayaking and Innertubing the Clarion River
    To say that canoeing is big on the Clarion River would be an understatement. For almost 30 years visitors to Cook Forest have enjoyed taking upriver canoe trips with the area's canoe liveries. Innertubing has become very popular too in the warmer months. Most recently, kayakers are taking to the Clarion. Whatever your choice, all can be rented locally. There are numerous canoe rentals in the area which offer unguided canoe, innertube and kayak trips on the Clarion River. The river is relatively safe, even for the inexperienced. The rapids are mild (Class I) at normal water levels. Patrons are transported up river to the drop off point and journey down the river, ending up at Cook Forest. Trips from Cook Forest to the Clarion River Dam at Clarion can be arranged also. The river varies in depth from 6 inches to about 8 feet at the deepest, until entering the backwaters of the Clarion Dam. Day trip lengths range anywhere from 4 miles (about 1-1.5 hrs.) to 16 miles (all day) and suffice for those simply wanting to get out and enjoy the sun. For the more adventurous, overnight trips are also available, ranging from 16 to 37 miles in length.

22. Inner Tubing - Surat Thani Attractions - Gusto
Inner Tubing, Surat Thani, Thailand. Get the Gusto! on Inner Tubing. Read reviews, browse photos, find directions, know the scoop.
home asia thailand surat thani ... Deals Google Search with Gusto!
Surat Thani, Thailand

23. Innertubing Pictures From Water Sports Photos On Webshots
innertubing pictures published by heavensent23. innertubing on the Columbia River near Cresent Bar. 1 2 next. Album Info
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          Innertubing on the Columbia River near Cresent Bar
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          • Uploaded by: In Webshots channel: sports Tags: no tags yet Album created: Mon Jan 05 20:17:02 PST 2004
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24. Picture Preview Young Girls Innertubing Down Ski Slope Alyeska
Young Girls innertubing down Ski Slope Alyeska Winter AK SC Composite Model/Property Release info This image is released. AR0008D001&wwwfla

25. Singles Interested In Innertubing
This is a list of people who tagged innertubing as an interest. Meet these singles and other people interested in innertubing on JustSayHi, our 100% free
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Singles interested in "innertubing"
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26. Redpoint Holidays: Innertubing Sunday - Deloitte
innertubing on Sunday morning was the best hangover cure for most with beautiful clear water to wake us up. It was all a bit of a rush this morning but I
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Redpoint Holidays
Redpoint Holidays is a specialist Ski and Activity Holiday company that runs holidays to the Zillertal Valley, Austria.
Monday, July 02, 2007
Innertubing Sunday - Deloitte
Innertubing on Sunday morning was the best hangover cure for most with beautiful clear water to wake us up. It was all a bit of a rush this morning but I think it was worth fitting it in before the journey back to Munich airport. We ran 2 groups with Ossi's top guide Stephan leading the way he managed to find the best Waterfalls! along the route we even had enough time to walk back up and jump in with out the the tubes. After a quick lunch everybody was bundled onto the coach and we waved them off. We had a great time but certainly felt our age when it came to the drinking! Although we went out to the night club later? Clearly we must have been in a different place to the group as we did not see any of them! Labels: Summer Activities posted by Redpoint Holidays @ 8:58 AM 0 comments
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27. Tag Innertubing
Tag innertubing. Back to Sbevis. Related Susan, Smoky Mountains, Dawn, Deep Creek. GeeCasts innertubing on Deep sbevis online, Sbevis

28. Innertubing Questions, Answers, And Photos At
FunAdvice India innertubing questions and answers, browse innertubing photos, and other community members.
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29. BurgNotes: Innertubing On Deep Creek
Labels Daughter, Fatherhood, innertubing. In the summer of 1980, my wife Susan, Tangentializing; innertubing on Deep Creek; How to do this Blog thing
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There are some things that I don't understand.
Friday, May 4, 2007
Innertubing on Deep Creek
Labels: Daughter Fatherhood innertubing In the summer of 1980, my wife Susan, daughter Dawn, son Chris and I went on vacation to the Smoky Mountains. Dawn was 5, Chris was 2. We spent a night camping in a campground in North Carolina next to a small winding creek named Deep Creek. Right outside the park, innertubes were available for rent for a couple of dollars apiece. Susan stayed at the campsite with Chris while Dawn and I rented a tube apiece. We walked, rolling the tubes, past our campsite and up to a bridge about a quarter of a mile up stream.
The water was very shallow and very cold. Dawn sat down on her tube while I got situated on my tube. We held hands as we started floating slowly with the current. As we came to larger rocks, we bounced from side to side on the water. Before very long we came to a spot that was too shallow for me. I became grounded. I let go of Dawn while I stood up and away she floated.
Suddenly, without me holding her back, she picked up speed. She floated faster than what I could follow as the water got deeper. I began to lose ground and she floated around a bend in the creek. I panicked, got out of the river and tried to run ahead to catch her. I could have been the inspiration for the O.J. Simpson commercials as I leaped over campfires and cooler trying to keep track of where Dawn was. I would look into the creek and not see her, but not know if I was ahead or behind her. When I arrived back at our campsite, Susan was sitting next to the creek waiting for us.

30. Ikbis | Innertubing With Ahmad
innertubing with Ahmad. innertubing on Big Bear Mountain with Ahmad Yup, skiing sledding snowboarding, bodylouging and innertubing D
ikbis BETA
Add as a contact Get the latest flash player to see this video var so = new SWFObject('/ikbis_player.swf','ikbis_player','517','443','8'); so.addParam('allowscriptaccess','always'); so.addParam('allowfullscreen','true'); so.addVariable('height','443'); so.addVariable('width','517'); so.addVariable('file',''); so.addVariable('id','84618'); so.addVariable('autostart','true'); so.addVariable('fullscreenpage','/user/fullscreen_video/84618'); so.addVariable('callback','/user/fullscreen_video/84618'); so.addVariable('fsreturnpage',''); so.addParam('wmode','transparent'); so.write('player_81400');
Innertubing with Ahmad ...
This looks sooo fun!
I wish I can head over next weekend! Did you play all of them ? I think you did without Ahmad :D

31. Snow Tubes, Snow Tubing, Innertubing, Snowtubes, Innertubing
Currently available Snow Tube colors. We are overstocked on 44 Rental/commercial snowtubes in purple. Any quantity, $80.00 ea till they are gone.
Welcome to Moore Manufacturing, home of!
Quality Snowtube Manufacturers since 1997
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Desert Camo 44" Rental Snowtube package $89.95 ea . Features 600 Denier Polyester Desert Camo top, Black 40 oz Rental grade Vinyl bottom, Leash, Rubber tube. Package weight 13 pounds ea.

32. White Water Innertubing Holidays
White Water Holidays Austria with Redpoint Holidays.
Innertubing Holidays
White Water Innertubing:
INCLUDED IN INNERTUBING TRIP SEE A PDF - 1.5 hrs Innertubing (approx)
- Specialist Innertubing Guide
- All Specialist equipment needed for the trip
- Transport to and from the Innertubing
- English Speaking Guide
- Support from a Redpoint Resort Guide
"SAVE 30%" when you book for 7 Nights and pre-pay the trip!

33. Tubing (recreation) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Tubing, also known as inner tubing or even toobing, is a recreational activity of riding an inner tube, either on water, snow, or through the air.
Tubing (recreation)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Tubing behind a personal watercraft on the Mississippi River Tubing , also known as inner tubing or even toobing , is a recreational activity of riding an inner tube , either on water, snow , or through the air. The tubes themselves are also known as "donuts" or "biscuits" because of their shape.
  • Variations
    edit Variations
    edit Water
    Two riders become airborne after jumping the boat's wake. Tubing on water generally consists of two forms: towed and free-floating, also known as river tubing. Towed tubing usually takes place on a large body of water such as a lake or river . One or more tube riders (often called "tubers") tether their tubes to a powered watercraft such as a motor boat or a personal watercraft . The riders are then towed through the water by the watercraft. In free-floating tubing, the tube riders are untethered and often conveyed by the current of a waterway. Because of this, free-floating tubing often takes place on rivers and streams (natural or artificial). Major water parks often have specially designed courses for tubing. These may consist of a circular, artificial river on which riders are conveyed or a linear course such as a

34. St. Petersburg Times: Weekend
Aug 5, 2004 Inner tubing to inner peace . Inner tubing to inner peace; Art; At the museums One by land, one by sea; Dine; Food and wine events Text-only News sections
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Inner tubing to inner peace
A float down the Rainbow River means spiritual renewal to some; to others, it's just a relaxing getaway from life's stresses.
By AMY ELLIS Published August 5, 2004 [Times photos: Ted McClaren] Justin Strickland, 9, paddles toward his mother as they float down the Rainbow River on a recent Sunday morning. DUNNELLON - The antidote to a steamy Florida afternoon is a cool river, a flotation device and the willingness to leave all cares on the shore. It is pretty difficult to fret about office politics, money woes or world events from an inner tube. With shade trees overhead, a lazy current gently nudging you along and only the squawk of assorted waterfowl to fill your ears, you have to work pretty hard to resist a Zen-like state of peace. Though options for water sport in Florida are plentiful, one of the best places to indulge in the quintessential summer ritual of tubing is the 5.8-mile Rainbow River, about two hours north of Tampa. This pristine river system discharges nearly 500-million gallons of cool, clear water a day, making it the fourth largest freshwater spring in Florida and the eighth largest in the world.

35. Inner-tubing At Cherokee Park - A Photoset On Flickr
Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and
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36. Inner Tubing - Education Resource - StudySphere
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Inner Tubing
Home Sports Recreational Activities /Inner Tubing
American Red Cross Lifeguarding
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The Physician and Sportsmedicine: News Briefs
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StudySphere is an outstanding resource for homework help, special education, music school, cooking school, charter schools, art schools, technical schools, traffic school, film schools, catholic schools, etc. Submit a Site About StudySphere HAB Technologies LLC LessonStudio ... Older Site

37. Inner Tubing In Alabama : NPR
Reggie Smith, the selfproclaimed King of Tubing, has spent the past 23 years perfecting the art of floating down a river on an inner tube.

38. Inner Tubing In Waterways At Lihue Kauai - Kona Hawaii Hotel Maui Honolulu At Ik
Inner Tubing in Hawaii? Not the first image that pops into your head is it? Well, inner tubing is alive and well in Lihue, Kauai, and can make for a fun,
kona hawaii hotel maui honolulu at
Inner Tubing In Waterways at Lihue Kauai
13 Jun, 2007 Adventure Kauai Scenic Points Inner Tubing in Hawaii? Not the first image that pops into your head is it? Well, inner tubing is alive and well in Lihue, Kauai, and can make for a fun, highly memorable adventure for individuals and families alike. The beginning of the tour involves a 4-Wheel vehicle tour of the lush greenery of old Lihue Plantation, where sugar cane was grown for processing into sugar. Irrigation waterways for the sugar cane were hand dug by plantation workers in about 1870 for watering of the sugar cane crops. A scenic section of these waterways has been reserved by Kauai Backcountry Adventures for an inner tube adventure. Check out a Kauai Tubing video here: Yes Virginia, there is inner tubing in Kauai!
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  • Kauai Vacation Rentals said
    am June 13 2007 @ 3:57 pm We almost tried this when I was at Kauai researching to put together the website for Hale Makai cottages.
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    39. How To Plan An Inner Tubing Trip On The Cedar River |
    How to Plan an Inner Tubing Trip on the Cedar River. There is no greater way to cool off on a hot summer day than taking a dip in nice cool water.
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    40. John Tichenor, Outdoor Activities - Hiking, Photography, Inner
    Hiking, Tubing, VA, WW John Tichenor - James River, Dolly Sods, Mono Lake, Red River Canyon, KY. Other activities XCO skiing, Washington State etc. added
    John Tichenor
    Photography and trip logs of great places in the Unitied States.

    James River, VA 1997. Click for other years.
    Dolly Sods, WV 2001
    Red River Canyon, KY
    Mono Lake, CA - Tufa's Notice: For all other photos write for data base host. My web design site:
    Proudly designed for older browsers.
    A personal listing
    of Outdoor activities, clubs, Art and Entertainment in the Virginia and West Virginia area. A Paddling Buddy. BearTown , West Virginia. A great pile of rocks. Fine Art by John Tichenor. SplashZone Cobble Stones Park and Virginia's Largest Public Pool Shangri-La
    Coming soon: Lake Drummond, Virginia. John Tichenor 's e-mail address

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