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  1. La vertiginosa moda del jorkyball.(deporte): An article from: Contenido by Gabriel Rello, 2004-07-01
  2. Sport de Ballon: Moto-Ball, Calcio Florentin, Ballon de Rugby à Xv, Korfball, Jorkyball, Ballon Au Poing, Goal-Ball, Fistball, Torball (French Edition)
  3. Sport Dérivé Du Football: Football à Trois Côtés, Baby-Foot, Subbuteo, Tennis-Ballon, Rollersoccer, Jorkyball, Football à 7, Foot à 5 (French Edition)

1. Jorkyball - Soccer 2 On 2 Official Web Site
Translate this page Site officiel de l organisme de tutelle du football en salle 2x2 informations sur son fonctionnement et informations sur le sport.
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The Gold Rush

Become the #1 Jorker of your own Club, your Country, the World...... Competitions
Events Calendar, Results, Standings, News, Photos and more... E-shop
Official licensed products for you from our authorized dealers... World Licensed Clubs
Browse our database and look for the club nearest to where you leave... Archive
Pictures, Videos, Press Review, Reports and more... Official Suppliers
Companies authorised to sell Jorkyball products, equipments and serv... Add your mail to newsletter! select language Deutschland France Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Portugal Spain FIJA Sports' Season 2007-2008
The Official Calendar of the FIJA Sports' Season 2007-2008 / Calendrier officiel de la Saison Sportive de la FIJA, 2007-2008. March / Mars 2008, JB Braga, Portugal; July / Juillet 2008, JB Hornu, Belgium FIJA Braga 2008's Final Results
L’Equipe de la France a gagne’ la 8eme COUPE D’EUROPE DES NATIONS FIJA et le JORKYBALL PARISIEN a conquis la 1ere COUPE DU MONDE DE CLUB FIJA à l’occasion de l’événement Internationale de Braga, Portugal pendant le we 28-30 Mars.

2. Jorkyball - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
jorkyball is a modified form of 2 on 2 soccer taking influence from squash. It is played in a 10m x 5m cage on artificial turf with the possibility of using
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Please help introduce links in articles on related topics (November 2006) Jorkyball is a modified form of 2 on 2 soccer taking influence from squash. It is played in a 10m x 5m cage on artificial turf with the possibility of using the walls to place the ball.
edit History
2 on 2 Jorkyball was invented by Gilles Paniez ( French ) in 1987. It started in a garage in Lyon, France. Jorkyball is now a trademark.
edit Game elements
The pitch of 2x2 Jorkyball is a parallelepiped . Dimensions are:
  • Length: 9,80 m Width: 4,80 m Height: 2,70 m
The ball is in hand-sewn felt. It weighs 200 grams.
edit External links
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A guide to the twoa-side version of football. Includes rules, history and details of where to play.
Home Overview Rules History ... Gambling
Welcome to the website
This website is designed to give you as much information as possible about the new and exciting sport of jorkyball. You may not of heard about it before but it is steadily growing in popularity across Europe and America.
The sport is loosely based on the traditional game of football, but the major difference is that it is a two a side game as opposed to the normal eleven.
We have compiled a list of clubs and federations around the world so if you are interested in taking up the sport all the information you need to start playing should be contained in this website.
If you have any questions about the sport or if you have some additional information that we could add to the website please do not hesitate to contact us by using the E-mail link below.

4. 4 Man Soccer
Includes a description of the game, rules, and where to play.
Modified Soccer
You head to the gym hoping to find enough people to get a game of indoor soccer going. Upon arriving at the gym, you notice that its pretty empty. There are only 3 other guys in the soccer gym. Just as you are about go give up on the idea and head home, one of the guys runs up to you and asks if you up for a game of jorkyball, cause they need 4 players.
"Its just like soccer, only smaller." he exclaims. We can play in the racket ball room. Its really simple and quite a rush. You agree to give the game a chance. The next thing you know you there is a soccer ball ricocheting of the wall, flying towards your head. Your first reaction is to duck, but instead you jump up and block it with your body. Then you kick forward. The ball rushes towards the goal, past both opponents. Then you hear a clang, the clang of the ball hitting the goalpost. You see the goal's net moving. You have scored. Jorkyball is the 2-on-2 version of soccer. It's played on a smaller court, usually indoors. Jorkyball is a more relaxed game than traditional soccer, but it is very fast paced. It has become very popular because it is much easier to get a game going because you need only 4 people, not Soccer's 22. Jorkyball is a new twist on the world's favorite sport. It has been called "the sport of the new millennium." Its first big event was at the 1990 Football (soccer) World Championship in Italy. Its popularity has grown tremendously since then. Now clubs can be found in France, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the USA.

5. Torneio De Jorkyball On Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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Torneio de Jorkyball
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7. Jorkyball
jorkyball summary from The Virtual Library of Sport.
home Jorkyball A new sport: two-a-side soccer in a cage invented in 1987 in a garage in Lyon, France, trademarked and brought to the attention of the public by Gilles Paniez and Pierfrancesco Iazeolla. The cage is of approximately 50 square meters. It is a fast game into which tactics and logic are important: three sets at stake, seven goals needed to win a set.
The goals are small. In order to ensure a well-balanced play in the small area, the back can invade the opposing centre field only to a limited degree. At the same time, the areas around the goals are protected. More The International controlling body is the Federation of International Jorkyball Associations - a multi-lingual site There are Associations in France, Italy, Spain and England.. It provides the Rules If you have any questions about the sport, then ask our jorkyball librarian Fortunatius
For more about the game:
Online Guide to the sport (history, rules, overview, world-wide clubs and associations).

8. YouTube - Jorkyball
Search settings. Filter videos that may not be suitable for minors Note some videos not suitable for minors may still appear in search results. jorkyball

jorkyball. Comprehensive information on jorkyball, including rules, where to play, history, clubs, teams, association, organization, soccer, Gilles Paniez,
Main Directory Jorkyball JORKYBALL - GENERAL Suggest a Site

10. Jorkyball — Blogit, Kuvat Ja Muuta WordPressissä
Questa settimana in puntata abbiamo parlato di Uniracer, Air Combat, jorkyball e Bridge. Come ve la cavate voi con le carte?
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Blogs about Jorkyball
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DISCUSSIONE: CARTE SI? O NO? Questa settimana in puntata abbiamo parlato di Uniracer, Air Combat, Jorkyball e Bridge. Come ve la cavate voi con le carte? Racontateci le vostre esperienze e le vostre preferenze! Sport Attack
wrote 1 month ago : DISCUSSIONE: CARTE SI? O NO? Questa settimana in puntata abbiamo parlato di Uniracer, Air Combat, Jorkyball e Bridge. Come Tagit: air combat BRIDGE UNIRACER XX ADRENALINA XX ... XX SPORT LAB XX
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11. Jorkyball Videos ESnips Folder
jorkyball Videos. jorkyball Videos eSnips Folder By jorkyball® Madrid on Nov. 23 2005. Size 39.4MB. 34 View(s)
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12. Jorkyball

13. Jorkyball Videos, Jorkyball Clips, The Jorkyball Movies In The
This site contains jorkyball videos,jorkyball clips,jorkyball movies Aggregate jorkyball videos Youtube video,vmusic video,video clips,funny videos,home

14. Jorkyball Video Clips > Jorkyball Videos >
Watch jorkyball video clips and search more videos with the video search engine.
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Jorkyball Video Clips
Jorkyball video clips updated regularly from thousands of video content providers. Watch jorkyball videos or use the video search engine to find other video clips.
Browse recently added jorkyball videos Ranking: 5
Axe Jorky - Isodelta 31 03 08
Vid©o 5
Added: 1 days ago Duration: 6 min sec Category: Sports Channel: YouTube Tags: Axe Ing©nierie Jorkyball Ranking: 5
Axe Jorky - Isodelta 31 03 08
Vid©o 3
Added: 1 days ago Duration: 8 min 23 sec Category: Sports Channel: YouTube Tags: Axe Ing©nierie Jorkyball Ranking: 4
Jorkyball part1
RDV samedi prochain
Added: 3 days ago Duration: 37 sec Category: Sports Channel: YouTube Tags: jorkyball chatillon johan Ranking: 4
Jorkyball part2
ou dimanche alors?
Added: 3 days ago Duration: 48 sec Category: Sports Channel: YouTube Tags: Jorkyball chatillon johan Ranking: 4
Crit Int©rim - Axe Jorky 25 03 08
5¨me set du match
Added: 6 days ago Duration: 9 min 13 sec Category: Sports Channel: YouTube Tags: Axe Ing©nierie Jorkyball Ranking: 4
Crit Int©rim - Axe Jorky 25 03 08
1er set du match
Added: 6 days ago Duration: 8 min 53 sec Category: Sports Channel: YouTube Tags: Axe Ing©nierie Jorkyball Language: German Ranking: 3
champion de france 2007-2008
bruno tape l'incruste Allez SGDB
Added: 1 weeks ago Duration: 1 min 54 sec Category: Sports Channel: YouTube Tags: FOOT sgdb jorkyball Language: Romanian Ranking: 2
tres beau but bruno
meme au ralenti ca vas vite

15. Jorkyball à Eybens - AOL Video
Présentation du jorkyball à Eybens. Reportage sur le jorkyball à Eybens diffusé sur telegrenoble. Basket Meylan 2008. Not Yet Rated
var sitedomain="";var siteState="http%3a%2f%2fvideo%2eaol%2ecom%2fvideo%2ddetail%2fjorkyball%2da%2deybens%2f2025306393"; var pagehostUrl="";var vid_playerURL="";var MTeens=1; Search Hot Searches: Britney Spears Dolly Parton George Clooney 'Leatherheads' ... See More query_value=0;vid_location="";vid_pageUrl=""+window.location;vid_pmms=0;
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16. Having A Ball.(jorkyball)(Brief Article) | Newsweek International | Find Article
Having a Ball.(jorkyball)(Brief Article) from Newsweek International in News provided by Find Articles.
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Having a Ball.(jorkyball)(Brief Article)
Newsweek International March, 2003 by Krieger, Liz
Content provided
in partnership with Tired of playing the same old games? Try a round of Jorkyball. Developed in France 10 years ago, the sport mixes racquetball, squash and soccer. Two-player teams square off in an enclosed court with a synthetic grass floor and Plexiglas and foam walls. The object is to put the ball in the other team's goal, using the walls to pass and shoot.
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17. Free Keywords ODP : Sports : Soccer : Jorkyball
Official jorkyball site covering the game. Also FIJA, the International Federation of jorkyball Association. Multilingual site (English, French,

18. Dave’s Football Blog » Jorkyball!
Well, we’ve got a football game just for you — jorkyball. It’sa twoon-two soccer game in a room roughly 10 meters long, 5 meters wide and 3 meters high,
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Published by Dave at 7:00 am under Association Football futsal , but the playing field is just way Jorkyball wallyball . Teams play a best-of-3-sets format, and 7 goals wins a set. The game was invented in France, which explains why most of the major tournaments are played there (Spotted on The Offside Share/Email This Trackback URI Comments RSS
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19. Jorkyball Web Directory.
Visit the most comprehensive jorkyball Directory on the Web.
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20. - JORKYBALL METZ - 27 - Male - FR -
MySpace profile for jorkyball METZ with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more.

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