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  1. The Royal Book of Jousting, Horsemanship, and Knightly Combat: A Translation Into English of King Dom Duarte's 1438 Treatise by Duarte, 2010-01-11
  2. Jousting With Jesters: An ABC for the Younger Dragon by Martin Springett, 2006-09-01
  3. Jousting for the New Generation: Challenges to Contemporary Schooling by David Loader, 2007-07-20
  4. FireDrakes, Chronicles of the Daemon Knights by David Korinetz, 2007-10-15
  5. Jousting With Shadows (Historical Romance) by Sarah Westleigh, 1998-01
  6. BRITISH Heritage Magazine August/September 2001 Jousting! Knightly Contests of Skills and Horsemanship (Lost Gardens of HELIGAN, A living Museum of 19th-Century Horticulture)
  7. IN BRITAIN - Volume 41, number 8 - August 1986: The Seat of Power; On the Town: Hawick; Doing What Comes Reasonably Naturally; All in a Day's Work; History at Full Tilt: Jousting; Romantic and Troubled; Sweet and Low; The End of the Pier is Nigh by Bryn (editor) (Brian O'Hanlon; Diane McNair-Wilson; Rob Neillands; David Frank, 1986-01-01
  9. Jousting with the Jackal by Madeleine O'Callaghan, 1988
  10. Thomas Kinsella: jousting with evil.(Critical Essay): An article from: Yearbook of English Studies by Maurice Harmon, 2005-01-01
  11. DRAGON #118 (Magazine - February 1987) "Competition Issue: Archery, Jousting, Gladiatorial Arenas, Nibar's Keep Game"
  12. Renaissance Fair: Jousting, March of Cambreadth, Minstrel, All's Faire in Love, Renaissance Magazine, Huzzah!, Itinerant poet,
  13. Renaissance Reenactment: English Civil War Reenactment, Renaissance Fair, English Civil War Society, Jousting, March of Cambreadth, Minstrel
  14. Jousting with rent seekers: Bruce Davie and tax-exempt bonds.: An article from: National Tax Journal by Dennis Zimmerman, 2004-09-01

1. Jousting - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
jousting is a sport and an entertainment for the rich and noble. It consists of martial competition between two mounted knights using a variety of weapons,
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search "Joust" redirects here. For other uses, see Joust (disambiguation) Tilting with a lance at a Renaissance Fair Jousting is a sport and an entertainment for the rich and noble. It consists of martial competition between two mounted knights using a variety of weapons, usually in sets of three per weapon (such as tilting with a lance , blows with the battle axe , strokes with the dagger , or strokes with a sword ), often as part of a tournament Jousting was just one of a number of popular martial games in the Middle Ages referred to generically as hastiludes Though the first recorded tournament was staged in 1066, jousting did not gain in widespread popularity until the 13th century. citation needed It maintained its status as a popular European sport until the early 17th century. Jousting was added to tournaments several centuries after their inauguration. The joust permitted a better display of individual skill and, although dangerous, offered large sums of prize money. Many knights made their fortune in these events, whilst many lost their fortune or even life. For example, Henry II of France died when a shard of his opponent's broken lance went through his visor and into his eye.

2. National Jousting Association The Sport Of Kings
National jousting Association Home of the National jousting Association describing the history, rules, and schedules for modernday Tournament (ring)

3. Jousting
jousting and the Arizona Renaissance Festival, presented by Entertainment Magazine.
The Story of Jousting
Jousting is given the 20th Century roar of approval at the Arizona Renaissance Festival for jousting now, as 400 years ago, is a merrie sport; a make-believe pageant of Sir Galahads and Sir Lancelots, of villainous Black Knights versus the virtuous Red Knights, mounted on thundering steeds, plumes waving, chain mail clanking and the festival crowd sarcastically screaming "Cheat to win!!"
On winter weekends in the Arizona desert, Knights will again strap on the heavy suits of armor, settle astride snorting chargers, take up their lances and tilt with each other. These Knights (actually stunt riders and actors) are regular performers at more than a dozen "Renaissance Villages" around the country and will be battling at the Arizona Renaissance Festival on a tournament field within the Festival park in the foothills of the Superstition Mountains just east of Apache Junction, Arizona.
Words like "pomp, pageantry and chivalry" serve to evoke the romantic aspects of jousting. When you get close to see the dull glow of chain mail next to bright armor, you begin to grasp how tightly woven the joust is with its history. An understanding of today's combats is impossible without the tracing of their ancient roots.
The origins of jousting are believed to be in classical Rome, but the "sport" rose to its greatest popularity in Europe by the 1400's. It all evolved from mock battles in which knights on horseback, assisted by foot soldiers, formed into teams and charged at each other in some wide meadow.

4. Jousting
The background of modern jousting as performed by the New Riders of the Golden Age.
A Knight cannot shine in war if he has not prepared for it in tournaments...
Full contact jousting
I n our beginning...
Bearing in mind that the sport with all of its experts and their experience had passed on some 400 years earlier, we began with only a few horses paired with a strong desire to engage in an ancient and time-honored tradition. It was time that the spectacle of full contact jousting was reborn.
Reviving jousting from scratch left a great deal to experimentation. This process was an evolutionary one, as none of the original participants were still around to ask for advice or assistance. All that remained were some texts left by those who scribed for the sport. Practical experience really needed to be gained, and there is only one way to get that...
Since our inception, and in the more than two decades of our existence, The New Riders of the Golden Age has been established as the premier jousting troupe in the country. Each year we perform from coast to coast for millions of people at Renaissance faires, state and county fairs, and special events. As performers in a show, we follow a script. The nature of the situation and its variables requires that we be open to improvisation. This allows us to keep the show fresh and alive for the audience as well as ourselves. The script sets the pace and gives a foundation to the excitement already existing from our energy.

5. Paragon Jousting And Adventure Theater
jousting Paragon jousting and Adventure Theater.

6. Jousting Championships And Renaissance Faire
The jousting Championships and Renaissance Faire takes place every September in Angels Camp, CA. The event hosts the West Coast s only heavy armor jousting
/*********************************************** * Pausing up-down scroller- © Dynamic Drive ( * This notice MUST stay intact for legal use * Visit for this script and 100s more. ***********************************************/ new pausescroller(scroll_content, "scroller", "", 5000); Don't fear this fine bit of northern California weather.
We can move stages indoors for a nice warm rockin' good time!
Jousts are held both days at 12:30pm and 3:30pm Just
  • New special events Friday! Knight's Feast and Media Day Three stages with jesters, jugglers and renaissance entertainers. Check out the Music Schedule. Take our survey Acres of renaissance village with over 1000 costumed reenactors plus food, drink and vendors Check out last year's photos A totally immersive, all outdoor event The most riders we've ever had! Sword fighting, armored tournament and longbow archery Expanded layout, better parking, more music.
Live Music
Stand Easy (right) returns to the Calaveras Fairgrounds. Band front man, piper John Allan is a world renowned piper and has played with various performers such as Korn, The Chieftains, Michael Flattley, Charlotte Church, The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, and The Tonight Show Band.

7. Maryland Jousting Tournament Association
The oldest jousting league in the United States. Site features the sport s Hall of Fame, competitors handbook, and east coast rules.
Maryland Jousting Tournament

On March 5, 1950, the first meeting of the Maryland State Tournament Association was held in Overlea, Maryland. Since only four people were at this meeting, it was decided that another meeting should be arranged before abandoning all hope of creating a successful organization.
Ken Enfield
Knight of Excalibur
The four people that were at the first meeting were Mary Lou Bartram, George Bartram, Henry Fowler, and Raymond Owen. The second meeting was held at the same locality on March 26, 1950, and 22 riders were present. It was at this meeting that the association was officially organized, and officers elected. The first President was George Bartram, the Vice President, Charles Brady and Secretary/ Treasurer, Mary Lou Bartram. The membership fee of $1.00 was established, and the purposes of the organization defined. It was here too that a standard set of riding rules was first written and approved unanimously by all those present as the proper rules by which jousting tournaments should be conducted. These rules are reviewed each spring, and changes, if approved, are incorporated in the rules. The official name of the organization, at that time, was the Maryland Tournament Association, although it was later named the Maryland Jousting Association, and as of March 1951 it became known as the Maryland Jousting Tournament Association, Inc.

8. Welcome To The American Jousting Alliance - California Jousting Training
The purpose of the American jousting Alliance is to present safe, entertaining, exciting, and competitive jousting tournaments and shows.

9. - The Home Of The World Finger Jousting Federation
The Lord of the Joust at the State of the WFJF 2008. The complete transcript can be found in the press release and in the headlines section of the Forum.

Premier Partner
We are currently looking for a premier partner Partners We are currently looking for partners "We have seen great strides taken on the path of greatness by the WFJF this past year . . . though with great achievement comes concern." - The Lord of the Joust at the State of the WFJF 2008. Finger jousting has been featured in the March issue of Atlanta Magazine on page 100. Check it out by purchasing a copy of the magazine or visiting our Media - Coverage webpage. The complete transcript can be found in the press release and in the headlines section of the Forum. New membership cards, bumper stickers, and letters are now offered with the official membership! The WFJF has released the 2007 Unabridged Finger Jousting Rules and Regulations. This can be downloaded on the website in the latest press release or by going to the Basics webpage. There you can find the complete set of rules for official play. The LaGrange Invitational Video is now on YouTube in two different clips: Part One and Part Two. The WFJF donated another sum of money to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The WFJF is a supporter of the MDA and tries to help out at local functions. Do what you can for this great organization today!

10. Unicycle Jousting
The two guys in the picture are rick raddatz (in the white helmet) and brian lewis (in the green helmet). it was taken on the Microsoft redmond campus about
The two guys in the picture are rick raddatz (in the white helmet) and brian lewis (in the green helmet). it was taken on the Microsoft redmond campus about 1989 or so. brian invented this lunacy when he was at oregon state univ. in the mid 70s. the lance is an 8 foot wooden dowel...the sort of thing that's normally used to hang clothes on. it has a tennis ball on the end, with silicone caulk on it. we discovered that the lance tends to skitter wildly on the shield, which is both dangerous and makes it difficult to get a good hit. the caulk minimizes this: it makes the lance tip stick to the shield long enough to get a decent hit. the shield is about 30 inches in diameter, made of 3/4 inch plywood, and has a sturdy horizontal brace (also 3/4 ply) along where your forearm goes. there's a handle on this brace near one edge, and along the center is a leather sleeve for your left forearm. we've found that it's important to wear a glove that comes well up your right arm: brian got his skin pinched between the lance and the shield, requiring stitches. we also decided that we needed to establish some rules: the blow must come from the tip of the lance, and must be aimed at the center of the shield, favoring "low and inside" so that any deflections will go between the riders and not across them, and will not ride up, where it might hit the rider in the face or throat. the riders must attempt to pass to the right...that is, the way americans and mainland europeans drive, not like brittons, japanese, and australians. the shield must be held perpendicular to the blow.

11. Jousting For Justice | Progressive Politics With A Maryland Tilt
My fingers are crossed here, but it seems as if jousting for Justice has been restored to its more festive appearance. I ve also installed some safety
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Jousting for Justice
Progressive Politics with a Maryland Tilt Maryland Trivia Jousting is the state sport. Seriously. User login Username: Password: Navigation Who's online There are currently users and 10 guests online. Our Sponsors Your Ad Here Recent blog posts more Search About the Author Stephanie Dray is a writer , a storyteller , a game designer , and a political activist. She serves as the Maryland State Coordinator for the Rapid Response Network and as the communications director for the Baltimore County Young Democrats . In a former life, she was also a communications lawyer.

12. International Jousting Association 1k - IJA HomeThe International jousting Association (IJA) is a world wide governing Promote an international standard of certification in jousting and related skills

13. ThinkGeek :: R/C Jousting Knights
R/C jousting Knights Control your jouster, knock off your opponent, and claim your destiny!
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Zoom More Images A Noble Pastime of Times Past Jousting...a hastilude (Middle Ages martial game) of much renown. Everyone knows the images of armored knights on horseback charging toward each other, the splintered lances, the jubilant crowds. But the real reason for jousting has been hidden in the dust of time. Until now! The truth is medieval people hated skinny trees. So, they invented jousting as a way to get rid of them. And now it's time to bring that excitement to floors near you. Each set includes two R/C horses, lances, and two brave riders. The goal is simple: knock your opponent off their horse. Because when you do, their control over their horse stops (so they can't cheat!) All you need is floor space, and you can form tournaments of your own. Since tournaments usually lasted days and days, think of all the work you can ignore as you joust! Could a nobler goal than procrastination exist for the office? We think not. Tilt away, ladies and gentlemen, tilt away!

14. Estes Park Longs Peak Scottish Irish Highland Festival
International tournament held at the Longs Peak Scottish and Irish Highland Festival.

15. Jousting With The Lancet: More Data, More Debate Over Iraqi Deaths | Center For
jousting with the Lancet More Data, More Debate over Iraqi Deaths. Submitted by Diane Farsetta on Tue, 02/26/2008 1736.
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Jousting with the Lancet: More Data, More Debate over Iraqi Deaths
Submitted by Diane Farsetta on Tue, 02/26/2008 - 17:36.
Topics: human rights international Iraq journalism ... U.S. government U.S. soldier carries a wounded Iraqi child ( Marine Corps photo It's one of the most controversial questions today: How many Iraqis have died since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion? That there is no definitive answer should not come as a surprise, given the chaotic situation in Iraq. Still, it's an important question to ask, for obvious humanitarian, moral and political reasons.

16. Jousting, Maryland State Sport
jousting became the official sport of Maryland in 1962 (Chapter 134, Acts of 1962; Code State Government Article, sec. 13308). Maryland was the first state
Maryland State Sport - Jousting
Maryland State Team Sport - Lacrosse
Jousting became the official sport of Maryland in 1962 (Chapter 134, Acts of 1962; Code State Government Article, sec. 13-308). Maryland was the first state to adopt an official sport.
  • The last annual Maryland State Jousting Championship was held Oct. 6, 2007 at Petersville Farmer's Woods, Brunswick (Frederick County). The Championship has been sponsored since 1950 by the Maryland Jousting Tournament Association
  • Jousters at St. Margaret's, Annapolis, Maryland, July 2005. Photos by Diane F. Evartt.
    Jousting tournaments have been held in Maryland since early colonial times but became increasingly popular after the Civil War. Retaining the pageantry and customs of medieval tournaments, modern competitors are called "knights" or "maids", and many dress in colorful costumes. Men, women and children compete equally with skill and horsemanship determining the class. Tournaments conducted in Maryland are "ring tournaments" which involve charging a horse at full-gallop through an 80-yard course toward suspended rings. Using a long, fine-tipped lance, the rider has 8 seconds to complete the course and "spear" the rings, scoring points accordingly. From three equally-spaced arches, rings are hung 6 feet 9 inches above the ground and range in diameter from one-quarter inch to nearly two inches depending upon the skill-level of the contestant. A family sport, jousting skills frequently are passed from one generation to the next.

    17. Peep Jousting
    For proper Peep jousting you need a proper arena. Instead, I have my trusty microwave. It s only slightly soiled, and it even has a rotating plate in the
    check out more peep fighting
    return to
    or visit
    PEEP JOUSTING - Part One: Tournament Setup
    I've had these Peeps for about three years. Every year I plan to do something with them, but never do. Until now. Who cares if they're stale and more sugary cement than marshmallow? I'm not eating them, I'm melting them! For proper Peep Jousting you need a proper arena. Instead, I have my trusty microwave. It's only slightly soiled, and it even has a rotating plate in the middle for better "cooking." It was a wedding present, making it about six and a half years old now. Since this was to be a tournament, and not just torture, I figured each Peep should have its own identity. Being too lazy to give them names, I simply numbered them with a Sharpie. To make things a little more interesting I used both purple and pink Peeps. The Peeps would compete among their own color to be The One True Pink Peep and The One True Purple Peep. These two victors would compete for the title of Ultimate Peep. I wound up with eight pink Peeps and eight purple Peeps. Each side would have four quarter-final matches, two semi-finals and one final. I wondered how well Peeps would stand up to multiple trips to the microwave, fearing victory would be declared not by who struck who first, but by who didn't melt quite so much.

    18. V&A And The National Archives | The Tudors | Joust
    An interactive demonstration of jousting in the court of Elizabeth I, by the Victoria and Albert Museum.
    You need Flash to see this activity. Click here to download Flash

    19. Amateur Jousting Club Of Maryland
    Home page of the Amateur jousting Club of Maryland.

    20. SCA, Inc. | Society Equestrian Officer
    Society for Creative Anachronism s resources for jousting and other mounted combat. Includes rules, handbooks, and regional contacts.
    Society Equestrian Officer
    SEO Deputies
    Equestrian Insurance
    Links of Interest
    Interkingdom Eq. Competition (IKEqC)
    Back to:
    SEO home page Society Marshal's page

    New to equestrian activities? Start by contacting your kingdom's Equestrian Officer and/or visiting your kingdom's equestrian website. Many kingdoms have email lists which are useful to get started and meet other equestrians in your area.
    Society Equestrian Marshal
    Mu'allemah Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Alaa'iiyiyya (Willa Rose)
    Latest Announcements
    Background checks If youths are part of adult combat (i.e. they are in a kingdom that lets them fight with adults from age 14 in rapier, and age 16 in heavy combat), then background checks are not required of Marshals. If it is combat between youths with adult supervision, then the Marshals should have background checks. (January 15, 2008) State of Equestrian Affairs - July 2007 To join the interkingdom SCA Equestrian Mailing list , e-mail

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