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         Jump Rope:     more books (100)
  1. Anna Banana: 101 Jump Rope Rhymes by Joanna Cole, 1989-04-18
  2. Jump Rope Training - 2nd Edition by Buddy Lee, 2010-06-04
  3. Over in the Pink House: New Jump-Rope Rhymes by Rebecca Kai Dotlich, 2004-09
  4. Chinese Jump Rope by Sheree S. Marty, 1994-05
  5. Jump Rope Training by Buddy Lee, 2003-04-23
  6. RopeSport: The Ultimate Jump Rope Workout by Martin Winkler, 2007-08-10
  7. Jump Rope Rhymes: A Dictionary (Publications of the American Folklore Society)
  8. Jump Rope (Games Around the World series) by Meachen Rau, Dana, 2005-01-01
  9. Chinese Jump Rope (Klutz)
  10. Jump Rope Magic by Afi Scruggs, 1999-11
  11. The Jump Rope Book & the Jump Rope (Classic Games) by Elizabeth Loredo, 1996-01-04
  12. The Jump Rope Book by Glen Vecchione, 1996-06-30
  13. Jump Rope Rhymes (With a Special 8-Foot No-Twist No-Tangle Rope!)
  14. Red Hot Peppers: The Skookum Book of Jump Rope Games, Rhymes, and Fancy Footwork by Bob Boardman, 1993-02

1. Jump Rope - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
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Jump rope
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search An 1800 depiction of jumping rope A jump rope skipping rope or skip rope is the primary tool used in the game of skipping played by children and many young adults , where one or more participants jump over a spinning rope so that it passes under their feet and over their heads. This may consist of one participant turning and jumping the rope, or a minimum of three participants taking turns, two of which turn the rope while one or more jumps. Sometimes the latter is played with two turning ropes; this form of the activity is called Double Dutch and is significantly more difficult. Children often chant jump-rope rhymes while jumping rope. These can range from pure nonsense to comments on current events. Participants may simply jump until they tire or make a mistake, they may improvise tricks, or they may have to carry out a predetermined set of tricks . People also practice solo jump-roping for exercise. There are hundreds of different tricks/techniques of skipping rope. Most modern-day jump ropes are made of cloth, plastic, beaded string, or plastic-coated wire/cables. Cloth and beaded ropes hold their shape better, while plastic and coated-cable ropes are designed for speed. The optimum length for a jump rope is with the handles reaching up to the armpits while standing on the center of the rope.

2. Jump Rope Rhymes
Collection of jump rope rhymes.
Jump Rope Rhymes
This jump rope rhyme was added by an interested
internet user from Florida. "The Charlie Chaplin rhyme Ellen Mason contributed is
similar to one my mother-in-law, Violet told to me.
She is 104 and is quite alert."
My young man has gone to France,
To teach the ladies how to dance.
When he comes back,
He'll marry me,
And we'll dance the polka 1 2 3
We'll dance the polka 1 2 3.
Mary Bartrop (daughter-in-law) 6265 Copper Leaf Lane Naples FL 34116-6723

3. Jump Rope Rhymes
navy, us navy, greetings Christian Kids Sites Christian Kids Links teen education ministry fun school.
Jump Rope Rhymes
Jump rope rhymes have been around ever since kids have been jumping rope. You probably know a lot of them yourself. Here are some of the traditional ones we know. Are there any new ones that you found? What's your favorite one? Is there a rhyme that we didn't include, that you know of? Send us an e-mail and let us know. Mabel, Mabel Dickey Mississippi Mabel, Mabel, neat and able,
Mabel, Mabel, set the table,
And don't forget the
Red Hot Peppers
(jump Hot Peppers until you
Dicky had a brother,
His name was Tiny Tim.
He put him in the bathtub,
To see if he could swim.
He drank up all the water,
He ate up all the soap. He tried to eat the bathtub, But it wouldn't fit down his throat. Miss Lucy called the doctor, The doctor called the nurse, The nurse called the lady With the alligator purse. How do you spell Mississippi? M (cross arms over chest) I (point to your eye) Crooked letter (cross legs and jump) Crooked letter (cross legs and jump) I (point to eye) Hunch back Hunch back I!

4. Jump_rope (on
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5. Video Of Jump_rope - Photobucket - Video And Image Hosting
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7. Jump Rope Videos - Watch Video About Jump Rope On Mefeedia
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Search across 15,000 video sources.
Jump Rope Videos
11 videos / jump rope video widgets / media rss:
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Hit by Rope

from Most Recent on March 25, 2008
9 views Author: walkingbanana Added: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 23:16:20 -0800 Duration: 37I fail at jump roping also in: jump paul rope korea ...

from HIP,HIP,HIP HOP!!! on June 06, 2007
18 views Hiphop music from Eraser Klick posted 8 months ago. also in: music hiphop
Human Jump Rope

from CollegeHumor Newest talentshow Videos on December 14, 2007 30 views "If you like what you see, please e-mail them a dollar." Uploaded Friday, Dec 14 67 likes . also in: jump comedy street rope ... Tokyo Jump Rope from CollegeHumor Newest Videos on November 15, 2007 9 views "They can also hop a mean scotch." Uploaded Thursday, Nov 15 16 likes . also in: comedy japan "Never Be Fat Again" Author Raymond Francis Gives His Weight Loss Tips. And With Jump Snap Even The Fat Guy Can Jump Rope!!! from on June 28, 2007

8. Jump Rope Videos
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10. Jump_Rope Trade Shows
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11. Jump_rope.jpg
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12. Jump Rope - Games - Http://
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13. Gallery :: Yoga Fitness Weekend :: Jump_rope
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Yoga Fitness Weekend
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14. Jump_rope Video Izle Watch Jump_rope Video Jump_rope Vidyo Jump_rope Videosu Jum
jump_rope Video izle, Watch jump_rope Video, jump_rope vidyo, jump_rope videosu, jump_rope Picture, jump_rope Download VIDEO, jump_rope Resim,
Kremole .Com
very sweet site like a kremole :)
Tokyo Jump Rope Show A group of people jumping rope with amazing movements.
Total Rank 0 user like this video Watch this Video >> User: Netvideotv Tag Clouds: Tokyo Jump Rope Amazing ... Dance Categories: Entertainment
Human Jump Rope
Pretty amazing human jump rope. Practicing this had to suck.
Total Rank 1 user like this video Watch this Video >> User: sarkeX Tag Clouds: Human Jump Rope Categories: Comedy
12 Jump Rope Variations To Burn 1000 Calories In 60 Minutes
Jump Rope Hip Hop Dance
Ultimate Jump Rope showing you how to jump rope this week with russian professional!
Total Rank 0 user like this video Watch this Video >> User: ultimatesportsguy Tag Clouds: Ultimate Sports Guy Jump ... Funny Categories: Comedy Sports
Jump Snap: The Ropeless Jump-Rope Review
DOG SHOW (jumping Rope) By Dr. GERTES

15. Nba_Pacific/Jump_Rope ~ ~ All About Your Blog
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16. Jump_rope « Rss2go
National Toy Hall of Fame Old LEGO, Erectors and more … Box, Checkers, Crayola Crayons, Duncan Yo-Yo, Easy-Bake Oven, Erector Set, Etch A Sketch,
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17. Curing Your Dieing Tamagotchi (Tamacraze101)
jump_rope jump_rope jump_rope jump_rope jump_rope jump_rope jump_rope dorotchi dorotchi dorotchi dorotchi dorotchi
View Full Version: Curing Your Dieing Tamagotchi
Title: Curing Your Dieing Tamagotchi
- October 20, 2007 12:47 AM (GMT)
1. When your Tamagotchi is dieing IMEDENTLY Restart your Tamagotchi (Aka push the Restart button on the back of your Tamagotchi)
2. After that go to "Download"
- October 31, 2007 12:59 AM (GMT)
- October 31, 2007 05:41 AM (GMT) Yeah, it is a good trick, but it is a bummer for V4 and V4.5 when you lose your age, pre-school, school, and job. It is a great trick though, so great job on finding it.
Shannon - November 1, 2007 07:08 AM (GMT)
Tamaedith - November 2, 2007 09:53 PM (GMT)
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19. MBG Video Library
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