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         Kendo:     more books (101)
  1. Kendo: The Definitive Guide by Hiroshi Ozawa, 1997-07-31
  2. This is Kendo: The Art of Japanese Fencing by Junzo Sasamori, Gordon Warner, 1989-12-15
  3. Looking at a Far Mountain: A Study of Kendo Kata (Tuttle Martial Arts) by Paul Budden, 2000-11-01
  4. The Shambhala Guide to Kendo: Its Philosophy, History, and Spiritual Dimension by Minoru Kiyota, 2002-04-16
  5. The Heart of Kendo: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Philosophy and Practice of the Art of the Sword by Darrell Max Craig, 2002-12-24
  6. Kendo: Elements, Rules, and Philosophy (Latitude 20 Book) by Jinichi Tokeshi, 2003-07
  7. Kendo (Martial Arts) by Jeff Broderick, Ed Chart, et all 2004-11-01
  8. The Way of Kendo and Kenjitsu: Soul of the Samurai by Darrell Max Craig, 2004-05-25
  9. Complete Kendo (Complete Martial Arts) by John J. Donohue, Kathleen Sweeney, et all 1999-06-15
  10. Kendo by Chris Mooney, 2005-03-25
  11. Master of Kendo (Choose Your Own Adventure #176) by Edward Packard, 1997-02-10
  12. Kendo (Collins, Paul, Martial Arts.) by Paul Collins, 2001-12
  13. Kendo by Jeff Broderick, 2005-04-30
  14. Kendo by KIYOTA, 1995-01-07

1. Kendo - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
kendo ( , kend ?), or way of the sword , is the Japanese martial art of fencing. kendo developed from traditional techniques of Japanese swordsmanship
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Focus Weaponry Hardness Semi-contact Country of origin Japan Creator Naganuma Sirōzaemon Kunisato (長沼 四郎左衛門 国郷), attributed Parenthood Kenjutsu Olympic Sport No Kendo kendō , or " way of the sword ", is the Japanese martial art of fencing . Kendo developed from traditional techniques of Japanese swordsmanship known as kenjutsu Kendo is a physically and mentally challenging activity that combines strong martial arts values with sporting-like physical elements. Practitioners of kendo are called kendōka kendōka , meaning "one who practices kendo", or kenshi kenshi , meaning "swordsman". Kendo is practiced wearing traditionally styled clothing and protective armour ( bōgu ), using one or two bamboo swords (

2. KENDO America
Information about kendo, the way of the sword, the art of Japanese Samurai swordsmanship. The martial art of kendo is practiced using a bokken (wooden
About Kendo Kendo in the
United States
Find Kendo Near You ... Kendo Links
Find Kendo around
the World Kendo References
and How-to's
Kendo Marketplace Kendo World
!THE! English language
magazine about Kendo. Kendo Rank and
Promotional Examination
Tournament Results Newsletter and Bulletin ... Contact Us Welcome Congratulations to Team USA
on their 2nd place finish at the 13th WKC.

K endo, the Way of the Sword is the art of Japanese Samurai Swordsmanship. It is rooted in the traditions of Budo, the Martial Way. It is both exhilarating and demanding to learn. In these pages we'd like to provide some information about Kendo and Kendo in the United States. Find Kendo Near You

3. Kendo: The Sneaker Boutique For Women
2007 kendo Inc.

4. Kendo
The largest inventory of Shinais, kendo Bogu, kendogi, Hakama, Shinai, Bokken (Bokuto), Accessories (Zekken, Tsuba, Shinai Parts, Bogu Bags, Shinai Bags, Inc.
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Martial Arts
Quick Links

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You are here: Home Kendo Welcome to the largest Kendo Equipment store in the world. We proudly carry the largest inventory of Shinais, Kendo Bogu (Kendo Equipment), Kendogi (Keikogi - Kendo Uniform), Hakama, Shinai, Bokken (Bokuto), Accessories (Zekken, Tsuba, Shinai Parts, Bogu Bags, Shinai Bags, Protectors, and much more). We are the official sponsor for the Canadian National Kendo Team. Kendo Bogu (Protective Equipment) Kendo Shinai Bamboo Sword Kendogi - Top Quality Kendo Uniform Hakama ... Kendo Combination Set You will find more than 40 different types of Shinai bags and cases. E-bogu shinai bags are very popular among the Kens... Various types of combination sets. Bogu, Bokken, Bogu bag and Shinai Bag, Kendogi and Hakama...

5. Kendo World Magazine
A quarterly magazine devoted to kendo, but also with sections dealing with koryu, iaido, jodo and naginata. Articles on history, philosophy, and techniques.
Kendo World FAQ Downloads Links Contact Us ... Books
Recent Updates
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE KENDO WORLD TEAM :) Kendo World Magazine 4.1 has been shipped to subscribers from Singapore. It should arrive in your letter-box by the second week of January 2008. ... The 55th All Japan Kendo Champs were held yesterday, with Osaka policemen taking 3 of the top 4 places, 1st and both 3rd places. For...
  • Read More Osaka 1st, Kanagawa 2nd, and Saitama 3rd. This is the 4th year in a row that Osaka and Kanagawa had met in the finals, with this time... Read More The All Japan Police Kendo Champs are to be held at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo this coming Friday. Our own Michael Ishimatsu-Prime will be there... Read More The World Naginata Champs have finished in Belgium, with Japan taking first place in all categories, except Rythmic Naginata, where the host Belgium... Read More 5th dan Murayama Chinatsu, 33 year-old police officer from Saitama, made today her third victory at the All Japan Women's Kendo Championships. A... Read More The Grading Book + DVD is shipping now. The first comprehensive book on sitting and passing gradings to come out in English. Check out the details... Read More Now on sale in conjunction with the International Naginata Federation, a range of commemorative goods for the upcoming 4th World Naginata Champs,...

6. Kendo
kendo. The way of the Sword. hajime! Words Terms. A glossary of words, descriptions and competition terms. Helpful if you re just getting started.
The way of the Sword
A glossary of words, descriptions and competition terms. Helpful if you're just getting started. Back to Galvan's CyberDojo Home Page

New York City kendo Club was on Health and Fitness segment on NY1 News. (ONLY in New York City Metro area) You can watch the video on Time Warner Cable
NYCKC article from New York Times READ ARTICLE New York City Kendo Club was on 'Health and Fitness' segment on NY1 News.
(ONLY in New York City Metro area)
You can watch the video on Time Warner Cable
On Demand Channel 1110 (NYC Lifestyles > Health).
Click here to watch the VIDEO
Musou Jikiden Eishinryu, Tatehiza no Bu
Iaido Video by Noboru Kataoka
Muso Jikiden Eishinryu, Seiza no Bu

Iaido Video by Noboru Kataoka

8. AUSKF - All United States Kendo Federation
Governing body for kendo in the United States of America. Links, newsletter, calendar, seminars, study guide and general information.
All United States Kendo Federation
(AUSKF) Home Page
Welcome to the Web Site of the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF). Here, you'll find news and background information on Kendo and Iaido as it is organized in the 49 states of the continental U.S.* Use the links at left in the navigation panel to find:
  • - information on national events such as promotional exams, national team championships, the official AUSKF newsletter , and meeting times and places of the next AUSKF board meeting.
    - information specific to the practice of the art of Iaido.
    Member Federation and Dojo Listings
    - information on the regional federations and listings of contact information for individual dojo within the regional federations.
    - information and application forms for promotional exams, tournaments and other AUSKF events.
    Officers and Board Members
    - contact information for the current AUSKF officers and board of directors.
    - miscellaneous information such as links to foreign kendo organizations, university clubs, and vendors of kendo equipment.

9. H R K C   O N L I N E
News, club history, pictures, kendo origins, resources, equipment and related information.
T H E H A R V A R D - R A D C L I F F E K E N D O C L U B
h t t p : / / w w w . h c s . h a r v a r d . e d u / ~ k e n d o / T H E H R K C ::




K E N D O ::


EQUIPMENT GUIDE ... ADDITIONAL RESOURCES P E O P L E :: MEMBERS ALUMNI SPONSORS OTHER KENDO CLUBS ... k e n d o @ h c s . h a r v a r d . e d u H a r v a r d U n i v e r s i t y :: F i r s t F l o o r , U n i v e r s i t y H a l l C a m b r i d g e : : M a s s a c h u s e t t s 2 1 3 8 P R A C T I C E S C H E D U L E :: TUES . 21:00 :: 22:30 . MAC MEZZANINE FRI . 18:00 :: 19:30 . MAC MEZZANINE SAT . 12:00 :: 13:30 . MAC MEZZANINE

10. KENDO - El Camino De La Espada
Provides information on vocabulary, photos, history and other links. English/Spanish/(Japanese mail only)

Let us hear from you.

Let us hear from you.

11. Hawaii Kendo Federation
Independent organization based in Hawaii. Contains links, history, news and articles.
Aloha and welcome to the Hawaii Kendo Federation website. There are 16 participating Kendo dojos in the HKF. To find out more about the HKF's member dojos (e.g., practice schedule, contact information), please click on the dojos link. The events page contains write ups of HKF events, visits and taikai results. Visit history to find out more about how Kendo came to Hawaii and the senior senseis that have shaped it. Kenkyukai is name given to the monthly study group that meets on the first Friday of every month. This page covers Kendo fundamentals and concepts. Upcoming HKF Events: Happy St. Patrick's Day! Apr 5 , 8:30am Aiea Taiheiji Kendo Tournament Nov 8 All-Hawaii State Championships in Waiakea Nov 9 Dan/Kyu Exam Click here to see the HKF calendar for 2008. Home Dojos Events History ... Links Updated 17 Mar 2008 Send comments and questions to our

12. Kendo
kendo is Japanese fencing. It means the way of the sword . Swords used to be a main weapon in Japanese warfare for many centuries.
Travel Living Japan A-Z Forum ... Sign in for a personalized experience. Don't have an account yet? Sign up now Korean
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Have you recently entered Japan? newsletter Keeping you up to date on Japan travel and living related issues and site updates. Click here to subscribe! forum Any questions? Ask them on the question forum Sponsored Listings Japan - Order FREE Brochure! About vacation plans and specialty travel. Tour Packages Guided and individual tour plans. Car Rental The cheapest rates in Japan! Home Martial Arts Kendo basic information Kendo is Japanese fencing. It means "the way of the sword ". Swords used to be a main weapon in Japanese warfare for many centuries. They continued to be the symbol of the samurai into the 19th century.

13. Obukan Kendo Club :: Welcome
BCKF Senior Championship The British Columbia kendo Federation will host the 1st Annual BCKF Senior Championship on Saturday, March 29th at the Steveston
New Beginners Class
Our next beginners class starts on Friday, April 4th at 6:30pm.
This class overlaps with the last session of the previous class. Obukan senior members are encouraged to show up a little early to help out.
If you are interested in joining Obukan, please refer to the " Beginners " page where you will find more information. If you still have questions, please contact our Club President . If you have prior kendo experience, please contact Hancock sensei, our Chief Instructor
Our next beginners class starts April 4th. To register, please visit the THPRD website and search for keyword "kendo".
Practice Times and Locations
Conestoga Recreation Center
9985 SW 125th Ave.
Beaverton, Oregon 97008
Map to Conestoga Recreation Center

Sunday Kendo Keiko 3:00-5:00 pm in room 201 Monday Iaido 7:30-9:00 pm in room 201 Wednesday Kendo Keiko 7:30-9:00 pm in room 201 Friday Kendo Keiko 6:30-8:30 pm in the gym
Richmond Elementary School
2276 SE 41st Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97214 Map to Richmond Elementary Dojo Thursday Kendo Keiko 7:15-8:30 pm in the gym The last Thursday of each month is dedicated to iaido and kendo kata practice
Join Obukan Kendo Club
If you are currently practicing kendo at another dojo, and would like to join the Obukan Kendo Club, please print and fill out the application below, and bring it with you to a practice (fee information and dojo rules are included). You will also need to contact our Chief Instructor

14. ¢Æ Kendo Equipment Online Store --
Online kendo equipment shop with delivery from Korea.

15. Eguchi USA -Kendo BOGU Equipment Suppliers- Est.1919 In Japan
Eguchi USA has been providing kenshi throughout the world with quality, Japanese made kendo equipment since 1992. Through its own manufacturing facility and
  江口剣道防具店 Eguchi USA Kendo Pro Shop
黒龍 Black Dragon Set 玄武 GENBU Bogu Set 青龍 SEIRYU Bogu Set SPRING SPECIAL SALE Kendo Gifts Kendo Gifts Eguchi exclusive design necklace in silver. Sterling Silver. 18" silver chain. Comes in 3 varieties: 剣道(KENDO), 剣(KEN), and 心(KOKORO). TEZASHI 1.5BU 風神FUJIN TSURU HAKAMA
Our History
Shinai Bukuro
Contact Info
Keodo Pro Shop
1840 W. 220th St. Suite #320
Torrance, CA 90501
* Business Hours * Mon-Fri Sat Closed *Get Driving Directions to Our Store!!* FROM: Address or Intersection: City: State: ZIP Code: Country: Canada United States home sitemap contacts conditions of use ... blogplus

16. Dartmouth Kendo Club
Located in Hanover, New Hampshire. Club information, pictures, kendo basics, practice times, and resources.
Welcome to the Dartmouth Kendo Club We are at the beginning of a new term. Please join us in practicing kendo! We always welcome beginners. Home About Kendo Events Practices People Contact: Blitz 'kendo.'

17. SCKF Home Page
Member dojos, fees, calendar, references, links and general information.
Southern California
Kendo Federation
About the SCKF
Member Dojo


Email Announcements

Deadline reminders:
FIK Brazil Shinpan Seminar
North South tournament
AUSKF Japan Exchange Tour
AUSKF Kodansha Shinsa
application Nito Seminar early registration Team SCKF tshirt order (fundraiser) News and Upcoming Events FIK America Zone Shinpan Seminar 3/29-30/08, Sao Paolo, Brazil SCKF Shinpan Seminar 4/6/08, Venice Dojo 8am-2pm, 3dan and above (bring bogu) AUSKF Board Meeting and Kodansha Shinsa 4/12-13/08, Detroit MI SCKF Shinpan Seminar 4/6/08, Venice Dojo 8am-2pm, 3dan and above (bring bogu) Sato Sensei Seminar 4/19/08, OSULA North-South Tournament 50th Anniversary 4/20/08, Wilson Park Nito Seminar 4/25-27/08, Salt Lake City UT SCKF Championships 6/22/08, Wilson Park All United States Kendo Championships 7/3-6/08, Las Vegas (page includes Team SCKF info and trip info Support Team SCKF: buy a tshirt or water bottle!

18. Midwest Kendo Federation - Home
Welcome to the Mid West kendo Federation Website. The Mid West kendo Federation was established in 1974. To learn more about the History of the MWKF,
@import "";
Midwest Kendo Federation
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Midwest Kendo Federation
Welcome to the Mid West Kendo Federation Website. The Mid West Kendo Federation was established in 1974. To learn more about the History of the MWKF, please click here here. Were you browsing the web looking to find out about Kendo? No problem, please click here to learn more about Kendo. Looking for a place to practice Kendo in the Midwest area? Click here for a listing of clubs. Beginners and advanced practitioners welcome. The members of the MWKF not only take part in many tournaments, but we also hold two annual tournaments. For information on upcoming tournaments and for the results of recently held tournaments please click here. Every organization needs leadership. Our current President is Les Wilson of Choyokan Dojo, IL. Mr. Wilson is an attorney and a 4th Dan in Kendo. He is very approachable and all of us appreciate his long service to kendo here in the Midwest. Click here for a word from our President.

19. Welcome To Cascade Kendo Kai
Headquartered on Mercer Island, we represent one of 19 kendo clubs that can be found in the Pacific Northwest. Our club members meet Wednesday evenings at
Cascade Kendo Kai is affiliated with the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation Senior sensei Paul Kurose
Sensei Gary Imanishi, grandson of Northwest kendo pioneer Umajiro Imanishi
More pictures
Welcome to Cascade Kendo Kai
Headquartered on Mercer Island, we represent one of 19 kendo clubs that can be found in the Pacific Northwest. Our club members meet Wednesday evenings at our Mercer Island dojo, found in the Commmunity Center at Mercer View Imanishi-sensei giving instruction at Mercer Island We also keiko on Saturday mornings in Seattle's Historic International District at the Nisei Veterans Club , which was built originally to house the Hokubei Butokukai, formed in 1936. Open keiko at the Nisei Veterans Club It is our mission, at Cascade Kendo Kai, to develop, with sincere devotion, determination, compassion and respect, an organization that is dedicated to the personal growth of each of its members through the traditions of kendo.
Practice schedule and fees
Please join us for practice! All ages and levels are welcome. We have open keiko twice a week:

20. The Doshikai Kendo & Iaido Dojo
kendo is the art of Japanese fencing. The art is practiced with Japanese fencing armor called Bogu and with a bamboo sword called a shinai .

Video Contact Us About Us ... Gordon Fisher - Bushido
Member of the All US Kendo Federation (AUSKF) Download the Doshikai Student Handbook
"The Dojo for the Serious Student"

Studying the Japanese sword arts of Kendo Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido and ZNKR Iaido
Location: 138 Main Street in Acton, MA. Kendo is the art of Japanese fencing. The art is practiced with Japanese fencing armor called "Bogu" and with a bamboo sword called a "shinai". The training for kendo is very intense. Iaido is the art of drawing the Japanese sword. Students do not make contact in this art, but visualize imaginary opponents while performing different attacking and defending senarios. Both the arts of kendo and iaido can be defined in this "Concept of Kendo" established by the All Japan Kendo Federation in 1975: The purpose of practicing kendo is: To mold the mind and body, To cultivate a vigorous spirit through correct and rigid training, To strive for improvement in the art of kendo, To hold in esteeem human courtesy and honor, To associate with others with sincerity, And to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself. Mr. Barry Poitras practicing iaido:

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