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1. Korfball - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the rules, history and philosophy of the basketballlike sport invented in the Netherlands.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search A korfball match in the Netherlands between 'Trekvogels' and 'OZC' Korfball Dutch Korfbal ) is a team ball game, similar in many ways to mixed netball . It is played in over fifty countries. The countries with the most players are the Netherlands and Belgium . Korfball differs from other team sports in that it is a mixed-gender game: a team consists of four men and four women.
edit How to play
Korfball is played either indoors or outdoors on a court divided into two halves called zones . In each zone there is a post (3.5 m, shorter for the young) with a basket at the top. This is positioned at two thirds of the distance between the center line and the back of the zone. The ball is similar to the one used for football (soccer) . There are two teams, each consisting of eight players: two men and two women of each team in each zone (attack and defense). Players score by throwing the ball through the other team's basket. After two goals the teams change zones: the defenders become attackers and attackers defenders. At half-time the teams swap halves of the court.
edit History
Nico Broekhuysen, a Dutch school teacher, learned a game called

2. Home - International Korfball Federation
This is the official site of the International korfball Federation.
INTERNATIONAL KORFBALL FEDERATION Main Menu Home Tournaments Events Calendar Korfball Countries ... Search Partners International World Games Assocation International Olympic Committee General Association of International Sports Federations World Anti-Doping Agency Association of Recognized IOC International Sports Federations About this site Syndicate For the IKF officials only Username
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Bosnian Korfball players attended courses in Belgium
Tuesday, 01 April 2008 Bosnia Herzegovina is one of the smallest korfball countries of the IKF. In 1998, an enthusiast group started korfball and the country became affiliated to the IKF in 2001. From the start there was close contact between the korfball centre, Maglaj, and the korfball club from Badalona (Catalonia). Read more... New korfball coaches in Malawi Friday, 28 March 2008 Daniël De Rudder, former Belgian Coach, and Willemijn Assink, working for the Spirit of Sport Foundation, visited Malawi from 7 – 17 February 2008 to continue the promotion and development of Korfball in ‘the warm heart of Africa’. This programme is supported by ICCO and was well prepared by the Malawi Korfball Federation. Read more...

Information about the game internationally and world championships.
BBC Radio 2 Feature Korfball
BBC Radio 2 featured korfball on Friday 5th January. Former GBR captain, Tom Brady, was lined up by the EKA to be interviewed by sports presenter Jonny Saunders. Listen to the interview here
Find out more about korfball and details of your nearest club , by visiting the EKA website.
Watch a short video about korfball, including the basic rules and action from the World Championships.
Search All Korfball Websites

4. VL Of Sport - Korfball
korfball is a mixed team sport, that combines the best of basketball and netball. The sport originates from Holland. Each team consists of 4 lads and 4
Home Korfball The Game General Information International National and District University Korfball is a mixed team sport, that combines the best of basketball and netball. The sport originates from Holland. Each team consists of 4 lads and 4 girls, half in attack and half in defence. Attackers become defenders and vice versa, after of two goals have been scored. It can be played inside (most often) or outside on grass (mainly in the summer). The Korfs (baskets) are 11.5 feet high and as you can't run with the ball, scoring takes quite a bit of practice . More from The Cardiff University Korfball Club
The Game

5. Contact
What is korfball? US korfball News National Team Events Photo Gallery. USA 13th in 2007 World Championship Brno, Czech Republic
What is Korfball? US Korfball News National Team Events ... Photo Galler y USA 13th in 2007 World Championship Brno, Czech Republic Follow the 2007 World Championships at f USKF History Equipment Announcements ... USKF Board Members Please direct comments and inquiries to USKF last updated

6. YouTube - Korfball Extras
Extras of our korfball project 2007 / Extras de nuestro trabajo de corfbal -2007.

7. Korfball WebRing
Korfbal! The only sport in the world where women and men play on the same team. Korbal was invented by a Dutchman and is played in many countrys around the

8. Didcot Dragons Korfball Team
Based in Didcot, England. Features a description of the basics of the sport and match reports.
Didcot Dragons Korfball Club Korfball Training Fixtures ... Contact Us Welcome to Didcot Dragons Korfball Club. DDKC is now into its 4th year as a club and we try to maintain a focussed but fun attitude. Korfball is a cross between netball and basketball for mixed teams of all abilities and our team members range from novice to experienced. We are always looking for new players so if you like the look of the game, are over 16 and would like to give it a go, then please contact us or turn up to one of our training sessions First month free!! Please feel free to browse through these pages and we always welcome feedback at our postmaster e-mail address. Hot off the press ... January 2007 Saw us win our first match for a while against Abingdon. After 3 years of slugging it out in the first division gaining miserable match experience this was a magic moment for the team. Well done all. Didcot 3, Milton Keynes 5 With one division of just 3 players and one division of with 3 brand new players, the Dragons worked hard to keep the score line to just 5-3 to Milton Keynes. Well done Didcot!

9. [ Sheffield Hallam Korfball Club ] | Boing Boing Sheffield Hallam
Website of this Sheffield student club, featuring fixturs and player profiles.
[ sheffield hallam korfball club ]
boing boing sheffield hallam
S h e f f i e l d H a l l a m K r f b a l l C l u b we have moved...
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10. Korfball - Wiktionary
similar to netball, where players attempt to throw a ball into a basket atop a pole. Retrieved from http//
From Wiktionary
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edit English
Wikipedia has an article on: Korfball Wikipedia
edit Etymology
From Dutch korf basket ball
edit Noun
  • A non-contact unisex team sport orignating from Holland , similar to netball , where players attempt to throw a ball into a basket atop a pole.
  • Retrieved from " Category Sports Views Personal tools Navigation Search Toolbox

    11. Armenians Play Korfball « Life Around Me
    korfball is a Dutch game and it is being played in Armenian since 1990s. korfball is a mixed team sport, that combines the best of basketball and netball.
    var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));
    Life around me
    To my mom Winter recollections
    Armenians play Korfball ...
    Korfball is a Dutch game and it is being played in Armenian since 1990s. Korfball is a mixed team sport, that combines the best of basketball and netball. The sport originates from Holland. Due to it being mixed, it is the most social sport in the world and this has accounted for its rapid growth, especially within Universities.
    This is the only game where both boys and girls play together in the same team.
    Originally the Dutch korfball association concentrated almost entirely on improving its own organisation and little attention was paid to the internationalisation of the sport. It was only after the formation of the International Korfball Federation in 1933 (comprising the Dutch and Belgian associations) that the further development of korfball came to be seriously considered. Korfball was, however, demonstrated at the Olympic Games of 1920 (Antwerp, Belgium) and 1928 (Amsterdam , The Netherlands).In the first half of the century, the underlying philosophy of korfball often appeared to be too progressive: namely that korfball is played by both sexes on equal terms. But times have changed considerably. We approach the twenty-first century in an era of greater parity between the sexes and, as the only mixed team sport, korfball both satisfies and confirms this trend. Hence, it has embarked upon a rapid expansion, taking korfball further into the Americas, Eastern Europe and South East Asia

    12. Welsh Korfball
    Another factor may be the disbanding of the Excalibur korfball League, which has reduced the level of competition in both Wales and the South West it’s
    var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));
    Welsh Korfball
    Unofficial site for news about Welsh korfball

    13. - Sports Rules - Korfball
    This document explains the rules of korfball and has links to official rules and other explanatory information. It is a page in the Rules section of
    Sports Rules
    Index to Rules
    Korfball Rules
    Official Sources
    Rules from the British Korfball Association as a PDF file (1.75 Mb) The same rules in HTML Rules for beach korfball in HTML More information on the PDF format Sports Rules
    Index to Rules
    Ralph Hickok
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    14. Korfball - Wikipédia
    A korfball (hollandul a korfbal szó kosárlabdát jelent) egy csapatban játszott labdajáték. Legtöbben Hollandiában és Belgiumban zik, de egyre inkább terjed
    A Wikip©di¡b³l, a szabad enciklop©di¡b³l.
    Ugr¡s: A korfball (hollandul a korfbal sz³ kos¡rlabd¡t jelent) egy csapatban j¡tszott labdaj¡t©k. Legt¶bben Hollandi¡ban ©s Belgiumban űzik, de egyre ink¡bb terjed a vil¡g m¡s orsz¡gaiban is. A korfball a t¶bbi csapatj¡t©kt³l abban k¼l¶nb¶zik, hogy mindenk©ppen koeduk¡lt, vagyis fiºk ©s l¡nyok egy¼tt j¡tssz¡k, ennek megfelelően egy csapat n©gy l¡nyb³l ©s n©gy fiºb³l ¡ll.
    szerkeszt©s Hogyan j¡tssz¡k?
    A korfballt mind szabadt©ren, mind teremben szokt¡k j¡tszani egy k©t t©rf©lre osztott p¡ly¡n. Mindk©t t©rf©len tal¡lhat³ egy ¡llvany (felnőttekn©l 3,5 m magas, fiatalabb koroszt¡lyokn¡l alacsonyabb is lehet), tetej©n egy kos¡rral. Ez az ¡llv¡ny a p¡lya v©g©től a t©rf©l harmad¡n¡l van fel¡ll­tva. A j¡t©khoz haszn¡lt labda nagyon hasonl­t a focilabd¡hoz. Egyszerre k©t, nyolcfős csapat j¡tszik, amelyek c©lja, hogy az ellenf©l korfj¡ba (kosar¡ba) juttass¡k a labd¡t. A k©t csapat a k©t t©rf©len (t¡mad³ ©s v©dekező t©rf©l) el van osztva, ­gy csapatonk©nt egy t©rf©len k©t l¡ny ©s k©t fiº tal¡lhat³. Pontot a labda kos¡ron fentről-lefel© t¶rt©nő ¡tjuttat¡s¡val lehet szerezni. Fontos szab¡ly, hogy a labd¡val sem futni, sem azt pattogtatva vezetni nem szabad, valamint, hogy a fiºk csak a fiºk, a l¡nyok pedig csak a l¡nyok ellen v©dekezhetnek. Minden m¡sodik g³l ut¡n a j¡t©kosok t©rfelet v¡ltanak, ­gy a kor¡bbi v©dők t¡mad³k lesznek, a t¡mad³k pedig v©dők. F©lidőben – sok m¡s sporthoz hasonl³an – a korfballban is a szerepek helyett a t©rfelek cser©lődnek.

    15. Alexa - Browse: Korfball
    Most Popular In korfball. The most visited sites in all korfball categories. Thumbnail image of 8. British korfball Association

    16. Korfball --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
    Britannica online encyclopedia article on korfball game similar to netball and basketball, invented in 1901 by an Amsterdam schoolmaster, Nico Broekhuysen.
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    17. Korfball World Championships Await Hope Students / 2007-2008 / Archive / Sports
    Hope Sports Releases Archive 20072008 korfball World Championships Await Hope Students.
    @import url("/ezpublish/design/pressreleases//stylesheets/main.css"); hope college public relations press releases
    Left menu
    Korfball World Championships Await Hope Students
    Posted September 28, 2007 What started as a Hope College professor's idea to introduce a coed sport unique to America has turned into a dream come true for several Hope students who will be part of the USA team in the Korfball World Championship when they are held in Brno, The Czech Republic, in late October and early November. Korfball is the world's only coed team sport and resembles the game of basketball. Korf is a Dutch word for basket.  There are baskets at each end of the court, but no backboards.  There is no dribbling; only passing.  A team consists of four players, two men and two women.  Each successful shot is worth one point. Longtime Hope physical educator and softball coach Karla Wolters introduced Korfball to the West Michigan sports scene in 2005 when she began teaching a class in it.  In the fall of 2005 Hope entertained a Korfball team from Europe.  The next summer a team comprised of Hope students and recent alumni traveled to Europe for a series of games.  Last fall Hope hosted the tryouts for the USA team that will compete in the World Championships.  Wolters serves on the governing board of USA Korfball. " Our Hope Korfball players are thrilled to be part of the USA Korfball team that will be competing in Brno," said Wolters. "It is a dream come true to be able to compete with the world's best Korfball teams for the World Cup. We are also looking forward to learning about Brno and the surrounding area as none of us have ever been in the Czech Republic before. We aspire to play with passion, enjoy the entire experience and represent Hope College and the USA well in our travels."

    18. NcomN - Sports Korfball
    korfball. Be the first to add content to this catgegory. + Add Content. SubCategories of korfball (Select a topic for more information and people ncomn

    19. - Korfball Coaching
    Nottingham City korfball Start Page. Please enter the Nottingham City korfball site by clicking below.
    Free Web space and hosting from Search the Web
    Nottingham City Korfball Start Page
    Please enter the Nottingham City Korfball site by clicking below. if(window.OAS_AD) OAS_AD('Bottom');

    20. Flickr: Search
    We found 1482 results for photos matching korfball. View Most relevant • Most recent • Most Companies korfball Tournament Uploaded on 23 July 2005

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