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  1. Landsailing: From Rc Models to the Big Ones, by George C. Siposs, 1973-01
  2. Land-sailing: From RC Models to the Big Ones by George G Siposs, 1973-09
  3. Landsailing (Action Sports) by Scott Robert Hays, 1992-11

1. ..:: - Home ::..
Provides a general description of the activity, information on events, mailing list, photos and contacts.
(Charlie O'Learys class IV at speed) Landsailing is the sport of moving over sand and land using a board carrying a sail for propulsion by the wind, in other words, it is a sport of sailing and racing on land in modified boats. A landyacht is basically a sailbot that travels on small wheels on the surface of land. It is (the landyacht) a wind-driven board, usually light and comparatively small, mounted on 3 wheels. The front wheel is attached to a certain system of controlling. The sail is about 5 square meters in area (and depends on the type of landyacht). The sailor sits on the board (or sometimes lays on it) while his uses his hands and feet to control the landyacht, note that the landyacht does not use any fuel. The board on which the sailor lays is about 1.7 meters in length (and varies), and it is quite narrow. There are many types of landyachts, what you will mostly see in this site is the Manta and Seagull types. (flags showing the wind speed of 25 mph at the starting line of 1998 Americas Cup Regatta ) A landyacht that is sailing downwind can reach no greater a speed than that of the wind itself. But a landyacht can reach much faster speeds when it sails across the wind rather than being pushed along by it (actually it can go 5 times as fast as the wind), since the landyacht creates a wind from the velocity of its own movement that greatly supplements the natural wind. These principles were only vaguely understood in the early days of landsailing.

2. NALSA's Landsailing Home On The Web.
Information on upcoming sanctioned events, club information and landsailing in general.
About NALSA Events Clubs Images Links ... NALSA Forum Sail Number
Frequently asked

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Welcome to NALSA's web site
Here you will find information on the North American Land Sailing Association (NALSA), upcoming sanctioned events, US club information and landsailing in general. President's State of Dirtboating Address See the Upcoming Events page for information on future events. Americas Cup entry forms: PDF or WORD Processor Americas Cup
2008 Firsts:
Dennis Bassano was first in Class II
Alan Wirtanen (pictured left) led NALSA Class III
John Elsenlohr led Class NALSA IV Ken Jones First in NALSA ClassV Dave Gluek, First in five square (FISLY Class 5) Jorge Bercht, First Manta Twin. Mary Robertson, First Manta Single. Terry Fulbright, won Open Mini class 3 First Open Mini 2 was Howard Haupt Sportsman: Mary Robertson was First Photos (also from speed trials) Detailed 2008 Americas' Cup results .xls Excel file Detailed 2007 Americas' Cup results 2007 Gale results ... Recap from World Championships 2006 2002 Fisly/NALSA 8th Worlds Championship results and photos See

3. Physics Of Landsailing
Explains gravity and aerodynamic forces for the enthusiast. Includes links to related sites.
Physics of Landsailing
“…Science is thinking empirically about reality. Science is acquaintance, not knowledge. It can never be absolute…” “Osho” Rajneesh. Landsailing is a very demanding sport requiring exceptional skills, eye-hand-leg co-ordination of a very high caliber, dexterity, mental perspicacity and high reflexes. There are many types of Landsailing crafts of which class – 3 and class – 5 are more often used. Controlling the craft requires controlling the sail the operation of which is almost akin to normal water boat. You are required to navigate with your legs and the sail you control with a sheet rope – just pull the rope to sheet in and refrain from pulling the rope for sheeting out. It has been well documented that sailboats have the potential to go faster than the accompanying wind! Land sailing crafts can reach 2 to 3 times the speed of the accompanying wind, of course, under ideal situations. Under normal wind conditions, a land sail may reach even 50 mph, but you can cruise within a safer speed of about 20 to 40 mph bracket. The most important aspect of land sailing is the total balance you get in relation to the center of gravity of the craft and the center of action, which should match, merge or coincide. The weight should be evenly distributed in the front, in the mid-section and the rear side. An appropriately balanced sail with that of the mast is bound to build the sail in proper shape; with a ‘twist’ that is idea. What is twist?

4. Landsailing, Iceboating, Kites, And Kite Buggies.
Information about landsailing, Iceboating, Kite Buggies. Plans for building a small landsailer, sailing locations, pictures, and links to related sites.
The Colorado home of Landsailing, Iceboating, and Kite Flying.
Online Store

... Contact Us Feb 29 , 2008 If you are in the Denver Colorado area, be sure to watch the 6:30 PM broadcast of Colorado Getaways on CBS Channel 4 Saturday March 8th. Dave and I took reporter Paul Day and photographer Steve out for a day of sailing on Georgetown Lake. They both had some great runs. . Check out the new section on Sailing Instructions and Tips . Basic sailing to advanced techniques. Be sure to read all sections. Dates for Playas 2008 are in! The dates for the 2008 event are April 17-20, the weekend of the full moon. Come down and enjoy a wonderful weekend of sailing, camping and making new friends. Email me if you have any questions. This is the best event you will ever attend; just bring what you sail and sail what you bring. If you are planning on attending Playas and have an extra bunk in your camper, or would be willing to rent accomodations to a friend let me know . Do you have a camper or trailer you might want to rent for the weekend? He is willling to compensate you (rather well) for a bed off the ground. Not looking for anything fancy, just a bed out of the wind. Check out a video of some sailing at Playas here We recently purchased a Santana 21 sailboat , check out some pics and info here I have been elected, (through no fault of my own), as webmaster for the new home of

5. Wind Wheels Title Page
landsailing information with links to other landsailing sites on the web.
Sponsored by Seven Ravens METALWORKS
Custom Welding, Polishing, Fabrication AND Sculpture in STAINLESS STEEL
Featured studio in the summer 1998 edition of Artnet 2000 Wind Wheels
Online Landsailing Journal
Bringing the sport of landsailing to the WWW since 1996
- photo page
Log on with Clyde
- links to manufactures, plans, websites
Wind Wheels - The Text Version
- download landsailing information text file

Link to the classic original Wind Wheels home page Landyacht Design
New MSN Group

Landsailer and Iceboat design and construction
Landyacht World Speed Record Current record of 116.7 mph was set 3/20/99 by 'Iron Duck' Iron Duck Speed Record Contenders Miss Wisconsin Windjet Orignal Windjet - new land craft - Lake Lefroy, Australia JavaSingle preliminary velocity prediction for new land craft - 136.3 mph in 30 mph wind results based on: (approximate dimensions - estimated from photographs of the new yacht) frontal area - cockpit, axle and fairings - 26 sqft ? sail area - 85 sqft ? aspect ratio - 12 ?

6. LakeWind LandSailing
Learn to Landsail in the California High Desert. Reach speeds over 60 mph in a landyacht, powered only by the wind.
This web site was created for FREE at Visit to get your free web site - no programming required. Javascript is either disabled or not supported by this browser. This page may not appear properly. Landsailing has been around for nearly one hundred years. Enjoy this adventurous sport of sailing across dry lake beds, beaches, and even large parking lots. These particular landyachts are capable of going two to three times faster than the wind itself, up to 65 miles per hour!
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7. Midstates Land Sailing Association
Find an introduction to the activity in Kansas and Oklahoma. Includes contacts, events and links.
Midstates Land Sailing Association
The Midstates Land Sailing Association serves land sailors in Kansas and Oklahoma. This site primarily will serve as an introduction to land sailing and a calendar of upcoming Association events. Introduction to Land Sailing
The popularity of land sailing is growing rapidly. Land sailing involves a land sailer, which can also be called a sand yacht, land yacht, or dirt boat. It is basically a boat with wheels that moves via sail power on firm ground or paved surfaces. More than ever before, you can find people sailing in parking lots and in urban parks. Dry lakebeds and other hard sand surfaces are probably still the most popular places to land sail. Land sailing is still considered an "Extreme" sport, but it is being enjoyed by an ever increasing and diverse set of athletes. Many water sailors are attracted to the sport since they have already mastered many of the skills necessary to be a successful land sailor. More and more new people are being attracted to the sport, however, who have no previous sailing background. It is definitely not necessary to have a sailing background in order to become successful at land sailing. The first modern land sailers began to appear in the 1960s and 1970s. These yachts were primarily designed for dry lakebeds, and the sport was largely confined to the American Southwest, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Many of the sailers were homebuilt out of a variety of materials, creating very unique boats. Now, however, many companies produce micro-yachts which are rugged, but light and inexpensive. They can easily be taken apart and transported. Best of all, they are easy to learn on.

8. Landsailers At WindPower Sports
landsailing is a fast, fun and safe sport. Manta Landsailers the WindJammer and TwinJammer The Manta can be set up for landsailing action in 5 minutes.
@import url("../css/product.css"); Shop online or call: Free Shipping on orders $99 or more. Details Shop Online or Call:
Manta Landsailers
Manta Landsailers
The single-seat WinJammer landsailer and the two-place TwinJammer landsailer are the land yachts that revolutionized landsailing. These wind powered vehicles use the materials and design concepts of ultra-light gliders, Manta has created landsailers so light, yet so rugged and potent. They give high performance landsailing on any hard, flat surface - your local parking lot, beach, dry lake bed , or field. Using the natural free energy of the wind, you can accelerate quickly to over twice the speed of the wind! The current landsailing speed record is mph , set March 20th 1999, set here at Ivanpah Dry Lake, 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas. The Manta can be set up for landsailing action in 5 minutes. The ultra-lightness is revolutionary because it permits exciting operation even in small areas. The WinJammer weighs just 70 lbs, with a fully battened sail of 45 sq/ft and a turning radius under 6 feet. The TwinJammer weighs 105 lbs, carries 59 sq/ft of sail and has a turning radius of 8.5 feet. The incredible acceleration and maneuverability let them make the most of any site. For more information on the sport of landsailing please visit the

9. Landsail
Searching the web for ideas I found the design of the Manta landsailer to be practical Major inspiration came from the fine Colorado landsailing site,
Landsailing After some time sailing boats, I was sitting at my desk at work when a fellow sailed by the window on a skateboard while holding a small windsurfer sail. My mind wandered... Searching the web for ideas I found the design of the Manta landsailer to be practical approach. My approximation was around $150 for materials.
Major inspiration came from the fine Colorado landsailing site, which also features many variations on the landsailer form that might adapt well to your particular tools and materials. Rick Hypes' site has grown to become a major influence in DIY landsailing. Performance This thing is a blast to sail and goes about 35mph in 15-17 mph wind on asphalt and is controllable in tight turns. With a heavy wind, the acceleration resembles a small two-stroke motorcycle. I have yet to sail it where I can fully open it up but 45mph might be the safe limit. At times the windward rear wheel lifts, adding to the fun. An Avocet bicycle computer calibrated to my front tire measures speed. Most areas like parking lots run out of room at maximum speed and at that point you have to turn quickly. Being able to corner well is one reason to keep the center of gravity low and have tires that grip well.
The front-to-rear weight distribution doesn't seem very critical as long as your weight is just in front of the rear axle. The center of the sail area should be about above the center of gravity of the landsailer with pilot. There are more precise explanations involving the center of effort in relation to the center of lateral resistance....... blah blah. You can figure it out nicely if you crack a sailing book and consider traction variables.

10. Land Sailing Tours :: Home
Land Sailing Tours America s premier land sailing adventure travel service - providing Reno and Las Vegas Nevada visitors of all ages with world-class
Welcome to Land Sailing Tours
America's Premier Land Sailing Service Full Day* (8 hrs) Leave in the morning, sail a mini regatta, win prizes! Area 51 Territory (9 hrs) Sail Nevada's super-secluded X-15 emergency landing site! Half Day (4 hrs) Leave midday, sail a mini regatta, win prizes! Hourly Las Vegas Please call for availability * Includes lunch GET BLOWN AWAY! Land sailing is so much fun and it's the perfect escape from reality. You'll get an unmatched sense of freedom as you blast across the wide open desert near Las Vegas, Reno, or mysterious Area 51 in Nevada. Have the time of your life being the captain of your own land yacht! WIN COOL PRIZES! Race your friends at your own land sailing regatta. Three.. two.. one.. GO! the ultimate way to set yourself free... Book online or call 877-770-SAIL - if you reach voice mail, please leave a message. Also, be sure to read the detailed FAQ's page before calling or confirming your reservation. Thank You! Book A Trip About Pictures FAQ's Reservations call toll-free: 877-770-SAIL
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11. Alexa - Sites In: Landsailing Site info for Site Info icon Wind Wheels Online landsailing Journal Includes photos and related links.

12. Landsailing - Sail Sand Point
landsailing offers a natural step from shore to sea. Most youth are not exposed to sailing in their everyday lives. Most schools cannot offer sailing as a

13. Landsailing
The Search for the Holy Gale, landsailing regatta, July 4th 1995 on the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. (c)1995 Jonathan Neher. Jumpin Jon Neher.
More Landsailing "The Search for the Holy Gale," landsailing regatta, July 4th 1995 on the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. (c)1995 Jonathan Neher "Jumpin" Jon Neher

14. BOTW Directory - Recreation > Outdoors > Landsailing
Find landsailing information at Best of the Web. Top rated websites. Take time out for recreational activities, discover theme parks or enjoy outdoor
Directory Submit Site Free Advertising Sign In ... Sponsor This Category Free for 60 Days - Customize your message and appear alongside search results. Start your Free Trial today! Top: Recreation: Outdoors: Landsailing: ... - Highlights information about blokart sailing. With latest news postings, list of sport equipment dealers and download gallery. Ice Flyer - Wind Flyer - Provides pictures and information related to ice sailing. With technical details, local ice condition reports and equipment checklist. International Land and Sandyachting Federation - Highlights land and sand yachting competition details including the game’s rules. With news updates and information about the council. Lakewind Landsailing - Gives basic information about land sailing and list of places to land sail. With related links and photo gallery. North American Land Sailing Association - Shows information about the association, upcoming planned activities and land sailing in general. With dealer listing. Ohope Beach Sand Sailors - Browse over for-sale yachts available. With events calendar, weather condition reports and related links.

15. SWLS Home
Home of Southwest landsailing, landsailing information, events and photos. Southwest landsailing is Back. Sorry for the long delay; it takes a lot
Southwest Landsailing is Back. Sorry for the long delay; it takes a lot longer to rebuild a completely crashed site than I ever imagined! several of the pages are still being built, but the most used ones are up.
The landsailing season is here the America's Cup was a great success with good wind and many races in all NALSA classes BlowKarts were there with a separate event, running many races with about 30 racers fron New Zealand and the US and a way-of- the-future electronic scoring system. World landsailing speed record still holds . Although there have been many attempts at setting a new record, Bob Dill and Bob Schumacher are still the fastest at 116.7 mph (187kph). The record was attained in 1999 in the Iron Duck, a fixed wing asymmetrical craft. (more info)
Landsailing has come a long way in the last few years with significant development in both the open (big, fast) classes and the emerging mini yacht class. Aggressive marketing by Blokart has rekindled the interest in small, portable landsailers. May 22, 2007

16. Land Sailing Tours :: About
Depending on the venue, land sailing is available yearround. Featured on ABC regional television in 2005; repeat future airings TBD (check local listings)
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America's Premier Land Sailing Service Quick Facts A privately owned outfitter and guide service that began as Nevada Pathways in March 1995. Full and half day packages are available including hourly sailing options. Depending on the venue, land sailing is available year-round. Featured on ABC regional television in 2005; repeat future airings: TBD (check local listings). Other cable network television coverage occurs during special events. Land sailing equipment currently provided by blokart ; subject to change at different venues. Current venues include desert locations in Nevada and California - with most trips based from Las Vegas or Reno, Nevada. Venues in development include locations in Arizona and Aruba. Founder's Message Thank you for visiting! Land sailing is an extremely fun, addictive, easy-to-learn sport that delivers an incredible sense of freedom and thrill. In fact, many people have returned here from

17. Sierra Area Landsailing Association - What Does SALA Stand For? Acronyms And Abb
What does SALA stand for? Definition of Sierra Area landsailing Association in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary Area Landsailing Association
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SALA (redirected from Sierra Area Landsailing Association
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18. NcomN - Recreation > Outdoors > Landsailing
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For years my two hobbies have been landsailing and bicycling. About ten years ago I decided to see if I could combine these hobbies by building bicycles
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20. Landsailing T-Shirts And Gifts : : Shop Over 150 Million Unique Pr
CafePress has over 6 unique , landsailing designs on more than 325 TShirts and Gifts. Narrow your search with topics like funny landsailing, or buggying,
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Related Topics: kitebuggying buggying kitebuggy land sailing ... love Outdoors Gifts Go on an outdoor-themed safari adventure right now. Express what the outdoors means to you - from gorgeous sunsets to getting chased by exotic wildlife while lost in the wilderness. Live to wear, share and tell about it on t-shirts, posters, wall clocks and more. Featured Products
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1 - 6 of 6 designs on 325 products (You can also mouse over any product link below to preview it.) Click any of these designs to see products Sort by: Bestselling Newest Arrivals See This Design On: Addicted To Landsailing Kids Dark T-Shirt Kids Dark T-shirt Addicted To Landsailing Maternity Dark T-Shirt Maternity Dark T-Shirt ... More products See This Design On: Addicted To Landsailing Light T-Shirt Light T-Shirt Addicted To Landsailing Fitted T-Shirt Fitted T-Shirt ... More products See This Design On: Landsailing Rocks Kids Sweatshirt Kids Sweatshirt Landsailing Rocks Button 2.25" Button

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