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         Railbiking:     more detail
  1. Railbike: Cycling on Abandoned Railroads by Bob Mellin, 1996-03

1. Bentley RAILBIKE - Railbikes & Railbiking
Railbikes, Dick Bentley s Railbike Construction Plans, railbiking in the Adirondacks, Railbike Stories, loads of Railbike pictures, and LINKS to Railbikes
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The Amazing Bentley RAILBIKE

The pictures and words found here will try to answer this question. However, one cannot truly discover the magic of RAILBIKING except through experience.
Contact DICK BENTLEY the author of this page by calling
OR e-mail:
You will find answers to, "How much does it COST to BUILD?" and other commonly asked questions on my LATEST Railbike Construction NOTES page!
Information on Bentley RAILBIKE PLANS

LATEST Railbike Construction NOTES
CLICK here to read about a TYPICAL railbike adventure View more Railbiking PICTURES ... Read Viewer FEEDBACK Bentley Railbike CONSTRUCTION PLANS The latest design from a railrider with more than 40 years of railbiking experience. CONSTRUCTION PLANS include 6 pages of text with detailed construction sequence and parts list keyed to the drawings, plus 10 sheets of drawings with most parts rendered full scale. + Easy construction - no welding or complex machining.

2. Railbike Tours, Inc. - Railbike History Page
Research shows that railbiking has been around nearly as long as railroads and bicycles. A railbike patent in the U.S. Patent Office database is dated 1869.
Contact Info History Buying Railbikes Links Request Info Safety ... Home Search Railbike along the scenic Willamette River between Lake Oswego and Portland Enjoy a truly unique experience! For bicyclists and non-bicyclists alike! A s seen on KING-TV's Northwest Backroads, Sunday April 23, 2000 A Brief History of Railbiking R esearch shows that railbiking has been around nearly as long as railroads and bicycles. A railbike patent in the U.S. Patent Office database is dated 1869. Scores of patents for railbike systems were filed between 1880 and 1920 around the world. R ailbikes were once used by railroad companies for track checking, moving workers at work sites as well as going for assistance when the locomotives broke down. Telegraph companies also used railbikes to maintain telegraph lines that often followed railways. In the Midwest and other regions with sufficient winds, workers using railbikes sometimes put up sails to power them along the tracks. L ike its contemporary, the bicycle, railbike design went into decline with the advent of the internal combustion engine and the automobile. A few independently minded designers and tinkerers kept the concept alive for the last 90 years and today there is a resurgence of interest in railbiking.

3. Railbike International, Our Organization Advocates Safe, Legal Railbiking On Leg
Railbike international, our organization advocateds safe, legal railbiking on legally anandoned rails.
Welcome to the website of RAILBIKE INTERNATIONAL Our Association advocates safe, legal railbiking on legally abandoned rails. For over 100 years, people have enjoyed pedaling on ribbons of steel, gliding silently, traffic free. Throughout the world, over a quarter of a million miles of rails have been abandoned, over 80,000 miles have been abandoned in the United States alone. If you are interested in learning about railbiking, we have two publications which you may consider:
RAILBIKE - Cycling on Abandoned Railroads: $22.00 plus $4.00 shipping. 136 pages. Chapters include: History of Railbiking
Railbiking Today
Interviews of Railbikers
Railbike Safety
Designing a Railbike
Do-It-Yourself Construction RIGHT-OF-WAY - A Guide to Abandoned Railroads: $22.00 plus $4.00 shpg.

4. Adventure Cycling Association
Reviews the 100year history of railbiking. Interviews with present-day Ron s Book About railbiking Illustrates and explains how to build simple

5. WebMagic's WebGuide: And Railbiking
Biking on Rails A short section of travelogue with photos concerning railbiking in southern Norway. (Hits 879 Rating 7.00 Votes 3) Rate It
Home : Rails-to-Trails and Railbiking
  • Biking on Rails - A short section of travelogue with photos concerning railbiking in southern Norway. (Hits: 906 Rating: 7.00 Votes: 3) Rate It
  • Cycling on Abandoned Railroads - An article reviewing the book “Railbike-Cycling on abandoned railroads”, which describes the sport of railbiking, an experience of gliding along ribbons of steel in the midst of nature. (Hits: 1155 Rating: 6.75 Votes: 4) Rate It
  • Forbes: The Call of the Open Track - Article from Forbes Magazine about railbiking. (Hits: 655 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Mid Atlantic Rail-Trails - Provides information and maps about the rail-trails in the Mid Atlantic area including the Washington/Baltimore trails. (Hits: 613 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Rail-Trails and Towpath-Trails in Ohio - A listing of Ohio’s recreational trails built on or along abandoned railroad right-of-ways and towpaths of abandoned canals. (Hits: 565 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 1) Rate It
  • Railbiking in Belgium - An account of railbiking in Belgium, with information about renting railbikes on the line. (Hits: 342 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0)

6. RAILBIKES's Home Page
An association of railbike enthusiasts organized to promote safe and legal railbiking on abandoned rails. Provides newsletter, Railbike International
Name and Address:
Railbike International
11 Library Place
San Anselmo, CA 94960
FAX: 415.453.8888 EMAIL:
Business Description:
Railbike International is an association of railbike enthusiasts organized to promote safe and legal railbiking on abandoned rails.
Also available is the quarterly Railbike International Messenger (R.I.M.) newsletter ($16./year) and various other railbike publications, plans and abandoned railroad maps. Email us your mailing address or call 1-415-453-8886 for more information. Let me know what you think about my page. Send mail by clicking here Railbiking is not new. In 1908 Sears and Roebuck offered a railbike attachment in its catalog designed to adapt the common bicycle for railbike use. In the late 1800's several railbike models were available commercially and were used by the general public as well as by telegraph and railroad company employees.
Today railbiking is alive and well but has been called the world's slowest growing sport. In Europe, dozens of locations offer railbikes for rent on abandoned track now dedicated to recreational railbike use.
One of the goals of Railbike International is to establish dedicated railbike facilities in the United States similar to those in Europe.

7. The Folding Society: Railbiking
The Folding Society gets a mention on this web page devoted to last years velocipede (railbike) rally held at Hampton Loade station on the Severn Valley
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The Folding Society
The Folding Society is for all those with an interest in folding cycles. Membership is free - if you are interested in folders, and want to be a member, then you are already a member!
Thursday, March 23, 2006
The Folding Society gets a mention on this web page devoted to last years velocipede (railbike) rally held at Hampton Loade station on the Severn Valley Railway in the UK. Looks like the velocipedes themselves also qualify since their outriggers seem to fold in.
Readers with long memories may recall that the London Underground apparently used an f-frame Moulton converted to a rail bike. posted by Paul Evans at 7:12 PM
Previous Posts

8. Bicycle Hacks - A Photoset On Flickr
railbiking. My bicycle hacks a railbike, Green Machine, adult sized kids tandem, chopper bike, and historical Green Machine pictures
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9. YouTube - Railbiking -- Collision
Enjoying the scenery on a railbike. No overtaking possible !

10. Costa Rica Railbiking
Railbike Adventure is a tour on transformed bicycles equipped with special attachments patented internationally, which run on the route of the train,
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Costa Rica Railbiking
The tour includes: - Railbike for every participant
- All the necessary safety equipment for the tour- helmet, vest, radio
- Informative material about the tour
- Snack box to eat on the way ( fruits, energy bar, water, juice)
- Typical snack in Atenas ( traditional chicken served with drink or coffee)
- Pick up of tourists from selected hotels. Requires prior arrangement.
Biking tours in the South Caribbean
Duration: 2 hours.

11. MoBikeFed WebSite Search And Tags/Categories/Keywords :: Railbiking
MoBikeFed WebSite Search and Tags/Categories/Keywords railbiking.

12. General Talk : Railbiking?
railbiking? Post new topic Reply to topic Post Posted Wed Jan 09, 2008 439 pm Post subject railbiking? Reply with quote. Is this legal?


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Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2008 4:39 pm Post subject: Railbiking? Is this legal? It looks cool, but is it legal?
That last picture is insane!
They're all from this site:
The thing I have to askis it legal? Is it something people can only do on rails that never have trains on them, and even then, is there some sort of legal issue or something based out of sue-happy America? "Yes, we're here from the department of justice and we're here to adjust the beds." Doug McKenzie Back to top Display posts from previous: All Posts 1 Day 7 Days 2 Weeks 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year Oldest First Newest First Kizzume Forum Index General Talk All times are GMT - 8 Hours Page of Jump to: Select a forum Information How-tos, FAQ's and information Announcements Suggestions General Introductions General Talk Rants and Blogs Politics World Politics U.S. Politics

13. Ball State Daily News
While it may sound like a cycling version of the gokart track at Disney World, railbiking is slightly more entertaining.
var story_id = 1303206; var sectionname = 'Sports'; var sectioncategory = 'Sports'; var isectioncategoryid = '1,';
The Ball State Daily News Online
DN Links
Who was the best coach to leave Ball State during Tom Collins’ tenure? Randy Litchfield Tracy Roller Michelle Salmon Ronny Thompson Other Submit Vote View Results
WILL'S WILD WORLD OF SPORTS: Railbike cycling has yet to hit big in Indiana
Will O'Hargan Section: Sports
Originally published: 2/3/04 at 12:00 AM EST
Last update: 1/4/06 at 5:15 PM EST Will O'Hargan is a sophomore telecommunications major and writes 'Will's Wild World of Sports' for the Daily News . His views do not necessarily agree with those of the newspaper.
In Indiana, railroads are everywhere. That's how a state more known for auto racing got the nickname "Crossroads of America." It may keep the name from the highways, but it originated from trains.

14. Railbiking Photo Gallery By Karel Karel At
Translate this page Karel Karel profile all galleries railbiking, tree view thumbnails slideshow. railbiking. previous page, pages 1 2 3, next page. foto4.jpg
profile all galleries >> Railbiking tree view slideshow
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15. Railbiking Anyone?
A few months ago while internet surfing, I discovered the sport of railbiking. If you ve never heard of it, I m not terribly surprised. I certainly hadn t.
Railbiking anyone?
Google sponsored links
document.write(''); Deamer A few months ago while internet surfing, I discovered the sport of railbiking. If you've never heard of it, I'm not terribly surprised. I certainly hadn't.
I'd describe it, but I think this picture describes it much better.
Almost all of the websites I could find were either terribly out of date or were hocking some bizarre 4 wheeled contraption.
So have any of you ever done this before? Live near abandoned railroad track? Know where some are?
I'd really love to try this out, (maybe even build one) except all the tracks around here are very much in use, and as one of the only websites about it I could find states, "It only takes one train to ruin your whole day."
(Mods, if you think this totally doesn't belong here, go ahead and move it. I would have put it in alt/culture, only no one would ever see it.)
The BikeForums Team -adv- This is an archived thread, you can find the full version of this thread, with images, links and more content here
Ready to buy?

16. BikeSuperHub Directory- Railbiking
BikeSuperHub railbiking, RSS Feed. Categories. @Shopping and Services (3). Sort by PageRank Hits Alphabetical. Regular Links

17. : Cycling/Railbiking
Using modern materials and fabrication processes, Railbike Tours, Inc. builds safe and efficient railbikes for use on authorized railroad lines for the
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18. Qango : Recreation: Sports: Cycling: Railbiking
Qango Directory railbiking, all of Qango only this category, Options. Home Recreation Sports Cycling railbiking. Suggest a Site
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19. Railbiking
railbiking. ongoing tinkering and exploring, begun 2004. A quiet and humble underground of homespun inventors have been experimenting with different ways
Railbiking ongoing tinkering and exploring, begun 2004 A quiet and humble underground of home-spun inventors have been experimenting with different ways to put a bicycle on an abandoned railroad for years, and I am merely an upstart with a lot to learn. Many elements of this project are in line with the same motivations behind much of my other work- that of blurring the lines between what is allowed and what is illicit in terms of property, borders, and land use. This design, made from an old three-speed cruiser that my friend and I found on the street in front of our house, uses a lifting wheel-guide and outrigger attachment designed by Richard Bentley . Much of the work on the bicycle itself was done at Free Ride! , a bike recycling collective in Pittsburgh with which I am a coordinator.

20. Album: 20010828-tuesday--railbiking
photos2001 henrik 20010828tuesdayrailbiking. Up. img 0040 img 0040, img 0041 img 0041, img 0043 img 0043, img 0044 img 0044. img 0045 img 0045
henrik : 20010828-tuesdayrailbiking
img 0040
img 0041
img 0043
img 0044
img 0045
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img 0048
img 0049
img 0050
img 0051 img 0052 img 0053 img 0054 Photo album generated by album from Dave's MarginalHacks on Mon Apr 29 02:50:06 2002

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