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  1. Railbike: Cycling on Abandoned Railroads by Bob Mellin, 1996-03

21. Index Of: /2001/railbiking
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22. Aus.Rail Newsgroup Archives - July 1997: Railbiking
Re Unions don t know what s good for them ; Next in thread Wally Cahn Re railbiking ; Maybe reply Wally Cahn Re railbiking ; Maybe reply David
27 Jul 1997 15:16:47 GMT
Some years ago I saw a film, made in Australia, called "Frog Dreaming" In
it was that kid who starred in "ET" (Henry Thomas was it). The film
contained scenes of a bicycle converted for running on a railway. The track
was narrow gauge, but does anyone know where? One station sign said Wood
End, or something similar. Any details of the film location would be

23. Railtrails Australia Forums :: View Topic - Railbikes & Railbiking
Posted Sat 05 Aug, 2006 226 pm Post subject Railbikes railbiking Does anyone have any information about railbikes or railbiking in Australia?

24. Railbikes And Railbiking Pictures - StumbleUpon
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Website review: Railbikes and Railbiking Pictures
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discovered 7 months ago
Elsewhere on the internet, one of the people in these pictures suggests when riding a rail bike one should always wear a helmet and avoid rail lines that have trains on them. Whew thanks for the tip! jasonnavarrette rated 4 days ago
At first I thought this was stupid but then after reading it I decided I wanted one trespar rated 4 weeks ago
You probably wouldn't want to do this in UK Carl-001 rated 5 weeks ago
Railbikes! This seems like an excellent idea for traveling out of use rail lines.

25. Photos From Railbiking 07,2005http// http// A few

26. Category Railbiking
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27. Ryon's Blahg: Railbiking To The Future.
railbiking to the future. well some time has passed i suppose since our last stint but i have good excuses, i ve been in vermo, namely white river jct the
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saying what i say and showing what i show of the things i've surrounded myself with.
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
railbiking to the future.
well some time has passed i suppose since our last stint but i have good excuses, i've been in vermo, namely white river jct the past two weekends skiing and sorting through the hundreds of baseball cards in my basement. i figured i deserved a little time off, my girlfriend broke up with me and i needed a little time to fade out in the wilderness. this weekend was actually extra narly cause it was my pop's 50th bday and all of my family was there, being my mothers 9 brothers and sisters with their 4 element families. ridic.
i made this poster for the party, the photoshop cut and pasting got hella sloppy towards the end (deadlines make me work, just not well) but i finally got it finished at 8 en la noche on thursday so i had to take the midnight bus to vermo to get there on time. well while in south station i sat for an hour and then got on the bus and an hour into the ride realized that i left the poster at south station. after much arguing via telephones with south station the poster was lost and on friday i drove all the way back to boston to make another...i don't mind driving though, i'm most comfortable riding the highways at night, most of the time its what i do in vermont anyways. example: when i was sharing a hotel room with my sis' boyfriend, my solution to boredom was to make the 2 hour drive to ny state and back so i could look across lake champlain, why not?!

28. Panoramio - Photo Of A View From Waimes
Photosharing community. Discover the world through satellite photos.
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29. Railbiking In The 1980's
railbiking in the State of Wisconsin in the 1980 s was rewarding and hazardous at the same time. There was plenty of abandoned or about to be abandoned,1269824

30. Lbw Tue Railbiking
left arrow, up arrow, right arrow, Lbw Tue railbiking, 28 Aug 2001. Larger picture 86.5 kB. Larger picture 82.9 kB. Latest update
Lbw Tue Railbiking 28 Aug 2001
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31. - Magazine Article
Without a railbike, you will never see the desiccated majesty of Carriso Gorge San Smart has done for railbiking what Thoreau did for pondgazing,
The call of the open track
The other night I sat awake in bed, too excited to sleep, intently studying the maps of abandoned railroads spread all around me. "Look, honey, look!" I said to my sleeping wife. "According to this, there's 210 miles of the Colorado midland abandoned east of Glenwood Springs. We could railbike up and over the Continental Divide! Or here, look Nevada! there's 60 miles abandoned between Flanigan and Fernley. We could breakfast in Flanigan and have lunch in Fernley. We could . . . [flipping pages] . . . pedal clear across Nebraska!" That got her. A bilious eye opened. "Why?" she asked.
For the sheer sport of it, that's why. For the thrill of being out in God's good creation all alone, pedaling down a line of steel to some of America's most scenic vistas places you will never see from any highway because no highway can reach them.
No cars can enter here. From railway to the dried-up stream below is a drop of 1,000 feet. To negotiate the gorge the builders added 17 tunnels and a wooden trestle 633 feet long and 185 feet high. It is a railbiker's paradise, and missing it would be a crying shame. That's what I would have told my wife if she hadn't fallen back to sleep.
A railbike is basically a conventional bicycle with magnetic or mechanical guides added to the wheels to keep them steady; an outrigger extends from your seat over to a roller resting on the other rail to keep you from toppling over.

32. Adirondack
The letter titled Adirondack railbiking, came from a Dick Bentley of Tupper Lake, We went on a thirty something mile railbike ride on the Adirondack
By Tom Walz
Twenty minutes out and I knew I was in Railbike Heaven!
Only on the rails for a few minutes and I was treated with the sight of Buck Pond (left).
Below, the bridge over the River Beaver.
I carried my sleeping bag, clothes for any kind of weather, food, toiletries, tools, camera, binoculars, three bottles of water and two bottles of my favorite beer.
Here come Sudjai and Dick Bentley to greet me mid-ride.
Heading home, southbound beauty!
M y curiosity was piqued when I saw an article/letter in the 2nd quarter 1996 issue of the "Railbike International Messenger."  The letter titled "Adirondack Railbiking," came from a Dick Bentley of Tupper Lake, New York.  The Adirondacks were where my family went camping almost every year when I was a child.  I just remembered the smell of the pines and the beautiful mountains as I rode in the back of my dad's '56 Chevy station wagon.
         Driving to Big Moose, which basically is a railroad station surrounded by a bunch of summer cottages, I asked the manager of the restaurant in the station if I could park for a few days in his lot to go on a "bike tour".  He said  "No, but there's a parking lot for a trail head right around the corner."  I parked "Wally",  my big green van, in this lot, unloaded  the railbike and gear and pushed the bike to the rails. I wanted to be as discreet as possible and got the bike ready out of view of the station.

33. Railbiking
Subject railbiking. Up. red_ban Won t leave Joined 19/03/2006 211223 Messages 3023 Subject railbiking. Up. maximusotter Too much time;jsessionid=abcTQvw8-s_33c6ZngDFr
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... Member Listing Register Login Railbiking Forum Index Author Message Subject: Railbiking skidzilla
Right at home
Joined: 17/03/2006 20:29:33
Messages: 1043
Location: Fukui-ken (todofuken), Japan
Thought Max might find this amusing.

W e l l H e l l o We're U n h ... w
gojira wa henshin suru mae wa jitsu wa kawaii tokage datta. Subject: Railbiking
Won't leave Joined: 19/03/2006 21:12:23 Messages: 3023 Location: I EAT KIDSS!!!!!!!!!!! Offline wierd tbh. See, there were 3 trees in the garden. 2 of them were ours, and the one, the tree of knowledge of good and evil (dualism) was forbidden, because we didnt need it. The serpent did not lie, just used the truth to his advantage. We did become more like God in that we gained a judgmental responsibility. But the proper way to do that is to recognize the opposing sides as different aspects of the same thing, not two irreconcilable things. So, once we created knowledge of good and evil, black and white, good and bad, in ourselves, we needed two different forces to attribute these sides with. Subject: Railbiking maximusotter Too much time Joined: 17/03/2006 14:10:57 Messages: 6017 Location: Butcher Holler Offline Damn hippies!

34. Riding The Rails By Bike
Okay, if you re like me always on the lookout for a new thrill then railbiking sounds just loopy enough to demand it be tried. But you re thinking,

Show and Features

Culture Watch
Question of the Week Letters of the Week ... Host's View Here's a new one for the athletically inclined tourist: in the foothills of Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington State, you can now literally ride the rails through forests and valleys by pumping the pedals of a jerry-rigged bicycle. It travels, like a rollercoaster car down OR like a highwire act, on top of the tracks. It's called "railbiking." The Savvy Traveler's Tom Banse was game and sent these impressions. Ride the Rails by Bike
by Tom Banse Listen with RealAudio Need audio help? Okay, if you're like me always on the lookout for a new thrill then railbiking sounds just loopy enough to demand it be tried. But you're thinking, what about the trains? A good question, because as railbike entrepeneur Michael Rohde acknowledges, "One train can ruin your whole day." Michael: "The Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad has two routes that they run. During the day, we can run groups on the opposite piece of rail that they're using. We're always in contact with the conductor and with the shop. We have cell phones, all kinds of things to make sure the communication is there." Rohde has handcrafted a fleet of railbikes by buying eight department store mountain bikes and bolting on guidewheels and outriggers. The front wheel rolls securely in place over one rail with the outrigger attached to the other. The safety lecture for newcomers like me is short.

35. NetVisits Web Directory - Railbiking
railbiking railbiking. NetVisits Web Directory » Sports Recreation » Sports » Cycling » railbiking. railbiking. No listings found in railbiking
Web Directory Add Your Url Guidelines NetVisits Web Directory ... Cycling Railbiking
No listings found in Railbiking

36. What Do You Do Once Your Fwc Gets You There? [Archive] - Wander The West Forums
called railbiking we do it only on unused tracks never on main lines.great railbiking looks interesting and fun. I could imagine going a long way before

Wander the West Forums
Wander the West WTW Lounge PDA View Full Version : what do you do once your fwc gets you there? lqhikers 07-11-2007, 06:48 PM thought i would start this discussion with one of our hobbies once we set up camp(of course you have to be next to a railroad track!) called railbiking we do it only on unused tracks never on main lines.great way to see country that you cannot get to any other way,also great way to view wild life. would love to hear about fellow fwc&atc campers hobbies! drive slow and enjoy "its the journey" erod 07-11-2007, 07:17 PM railbiking, never heard of that one...we climb (leaving in 1 hour), mtn bike and ski. sometimes we just chill, go for a swim and/or have a few beers. cool thread! 07-11-2007, 09:49 PM Hike, swim, Jeep, eat, drink, talk, walk the dogs, sightsee. Sometimes all of that, sometimes just one or two. While I've walked rails I've never ever seen it done with a setup like that. EdoHart 07-12-2007, 12:04 AM Hike, mtn. bike, explore, base for back packing, cook, swim, amateur astronomy, soak in hot springs, jet ski/water ski, the occasional air show. I've started using the dogs to pull me on a skate board and I've seen off road skate boards, but their pretty expensive, so I'll have to see how well they adapt to on road before dishing out that kind of money.
Railbiking looks interesting and fun. I could imagine going a long way before realizing it.

37. MAKE: Blog: More Rail Bikes...
Krazmo writes This guy has well thought-out railbike plans for sale, as well as some interesting stories of his railbiking adventures - Link.
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Technology on Your Time
More rail bikes...
Awesome, we posted up an old photo from 1895 of a "Railway velocipede" and of course, turns out, there are makers out there building and using these. Here are a few that were sent in.
  • Railbike along the scenic Willamette River between Lake Oswego and Portland - Link. Krazmo writes - "This guy has well thought-out railbike plans for sale, as well as some interesting stories of his railbiking adventures Link. Somewhat related: Icebike racing - Link.
DIY Projects Transportation Permalink ... Comments
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38. Info On, Or Experience With, Rail Biking? - Portland Bike Forums (by BikePortlan
I don t know about the legal aspects of railbiking in Oregon. S/N, you re right about the questionable legality of this railbiking thing the place i

39. Mariann Es Norbi BXLben: Szabiek BXLben - Railbiking
After longlong time of unsuccessful trials, we managed to do the famous railbiking activity close to Namur - although the weather did not look promising
Mariann es Norbi BXLben
vas¡rnap, jºlius 29, 2007
Szabiek BXLben - Railbiking
Bar elegge rossz ido van Belgiumban, a Villa Norbert azert mukodik! Sot ez az esos-huvos nyar ugy latom egyre jobban felertekelodik az otthoni melegrekordok tukreben. Szabi es Reka szegenyek azert neha eleg esos idoben neztek meg a BXLi nevezetessegeket, ugyhogy eleg ambiciozusnak tunt, amikor kitalaltam, hogy menjunk el railbike-olni szombat du. A penteki esi bulibol meg szakado esoben jottunk haza, reggel 8kor meg mindig esett az eso, es 12ig teljesen felhos volt az eg. De mivel mar majdnem 1 eve szerettem volna railbike-olni de sosem jott ossze vmiert, most nem engedtem: ha torik, ha szakad megyunk :)
es csodak csodajara, du 1tol elkezdett kisutni a nap, es egesz du ragyogo napsutes volt, igaz 20-23foknal alig tobb, dehat ha nem esik az eso, az fantasztikus idojaras itt! :)
Szoval megszerveztuk a csapatot: Natasa, Balazs, Gabor, Anna (Mariann unokatesoja), Reka es Szabi, es elindultunk Namur fele . 8 ember mindosszesen 2 railbike, ugyanis 2en mindig pihennek, 2en pedig hajtanak.
kb. 4kmet kell tekerni, aztan termeszetesen (hiszen Belgiumban vagyunk) felerunk egy apatsagba, ezuttal

40. WorldRailFans :: View Topic - Need Info Regarding Abanondoned/under-used Rail Wo
RAILBIKE is precisely what some people do with some of the abandoned I think I would like to try railbiking, only I m not sure how to get started.

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