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         Sailing:     more books (100)
  1. The Complete Sailor: Learning the Art of Sailing by David Seidman, 1995-03-01
  2. Sailing Fundamentals by Gary Jobson, 1998-08-01
  3. Sailing: The Basics: The Book That Has Launched Thousands by Dave Franzel, 2003-04-01
  4. Sailing For Dummies by J. J. Isler, Peter Isler, 2006-06-06
  5. Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started Sailing by John Vigor, Thomas Payne, 2005-08-01
  6. Start Sailing Right!: The National Standard for Quality Sailing Instruction (US Sailing Small Boat Certification) by Derrick Fries, 1997-06-01
  7. Sailing Alone Around the World by Joshua Slocum, 2010-03-07
  8. Sailing Alone Around the Room: New and Selected Poems by Billy Collins, 2002-09-17
  9. The Blue Book of Sailing: The 27 Keys to Sailing Mastery by Adam Cort, 2009-05-07
  10. Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter (Hinges of History) by Thomas Cahill, 2004-07-27
  11. Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012 by Dave Perry, 2008-10-15
  12. Sailing Home: Using Homer's Odyssey to Navigate Life's Perils and Pitfalls by Norman Fischer, 2008-06-03
  13. Sailing Smart: Winning Techniques, Tactics, And Strategies by Buddy Melges, Charles Mason, 1987-04-15
  14. Offshore Sailing: 200 Essential Passagemaking Tips by William Seifert, Daniel Spurr, 2001-11-05

1. Sailing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
sailing is the art of controlling a sailing vessel. By adjusting the rigging, rudder and dagger or centre board, a sailor manages the force of the wind on
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search For either of the songs named "Sailing", see Sailing (song) Wooden sailing boat. Sailing is the art of controlling a sailing vessel . By adjusting the rigging rudder and dagger or centre board, a sailor manages the force of the wind on the sails (main and/or jib) in order to change the direction and speed of a boat. Mastery of the skill requires experience in varying wind and sea conditions , as well as knowledge concerning sailboats . Today most people enjoy sailing as a recreational activity. Recreational sailing can be further divided into racing cruising and "daysailing" or dinghy sailing . There are many production sailboats available, and several of these manufactured models have ownership associations, such as the Islander 36 association. Throughout history sailing has been instrumental in the development of civilization. The earliest representation of a ship under sail appears on an Egyptian vase from about 3500 BC. Advances in sailing technology from the 15th century onward enabled European explorers in Canada to make longer voyages into regions with extreme weather and climatic conditions. Improvements were made in the design of sails, masts and rigging, and navigational equipment became more sophisticated. Ships went further north, stayed longer on the

Online sailing store for parts, supplies, and gear. Includes sailing news, articles, discussion groups, and free email.
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3. Sailing
All about sailing and sailboats including tutorials, gear reviews and howtos, coverage of boats and profiles of places to sail.
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Your Guide to Sailing
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Oldies and Goodies
Top honors in the 800 mile Corona del Mar to Cabo San Lucas race are going to a 50-year-old "oldie" sailed by a bunch of "goodies." Sabrina , a 50-foot wooden "double-ender," has beaten a handful of high-tech "sleds" on corrected time in the annual San Diego to the tip of Baja race. Not that Sabrina 's actual time is anything to be ashamed of she covered the course in three days 22 hours 40 minutes 30 seconds. Fifty-year-old Sabrina was designed by the father of current owner, Chris Calkins. And unlike today's stripped-down speed demons, the woody has all the comforts of home. Describing the race, Calkins said: "We had cushions out, the cocktail table out. We watched the guys on the sleds running their heads off and having to go back and forth, and we just sort of pointed in one direction and went." Calkins' San Diego crew was 41 to 65 in age and most are well-known successful sailors in their own right. Calkins is 62. His navigator, Fred Delaney, is 65. Others were Doug Peterson, the noted designer, Norm Reynolds, who Calkins put in charge, Star sailor Mike Dorgan, Jim Sakesegawa and Bill White. And unlike the post-race antics of many of the sleds' "rockstar" sailors, after tying up in Cabo

4. US SAILING - National Governing Body Of Sailing In The U.S.
Provides information and calendars for US sailing youth and adult championships, junior Olympic regattas and Olympic sailing. Includes news, store, calendar
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Online Education

Getting Started is Easy

Find a Place To Sail

Find a Place to Learn
... oard of Directors Meetings Sailors are the only waterway users in the country who voluntarily increased their PFD usage in the last 10 years Working With Government to Protect the Sport of Sailing What if all sailboats small or large were required to carry expensive transponders on board? What if all sailors, guests and crew were required to carry a special marine identification while on the water? Do these ideas sound outrageous or impossible to you? The government has seriously considered implementing these regulations and if it weren't for US SAILING's efforts to represent sailors' best interests by working with federal agencies to ensure the largest number of sailors can safely enjoy their time on the water, these regulations - and others - might be a reality today.
America's waters are used by numerous types of vessels, from cargo ships and military to fishermen, powerboat racers, jet skiers, sailors, and more. Our waterways are getting more and more crowded and therefore they are considered by government to be increasingly more dangerous (not only because so many boaters can prove to be hazard to each other, but also pose a threat to national security). There are a number of national boating organizations that work to get boaters' rights represented with the national government. However, US SAILING is the only boating organization representing sailing exclusively.

5. Sailing Magazine
sailing Magazineit’s “the Big one,” people say. It’s full of beautiful pictures and instructive material on all aspects of sailing.
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Welcome to SAILING Magazine
SAILING is a national magazine that is set apart from its competition by its oversize pages and fresh, honest reporting. The magazine is meant for sailors who, above all else, are interested in sailing, reading about it, and enjoying it through the many pictures and incisive text. While SAILING has a reputation as the big, beautiful one, once again it is set apart from its peers, by its many columns on design (from yacht designer Bob Perry), boat tests (largest boat tests done by U.S. magazines), elaborate monthly departments on gear and its fast-growing technology, on sailing technique, and on sailing news, as well as hard-hitting expressions of opinion by publisher-editor Bill Schanen and columnists Red Marston and Chris Caswell. Each issue brings you a wealth of information from every corner of the sport.
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2008 SAILING MAGAZINE Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited

6. Redirect To The Sailing Main Index
Interactive ezine about the world of sailboat racing. Includes articles, interviews, editorials, rumors, and message board.

7. Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page
Collection of sailing information with a bent toward Tall Ships and maritime history.
"For the truth is that I already know as much about my fate as I need to know. The day will come when I will die. So the only matter of consequence before me is what I will do with my allotted time. I can remain on shore, paralyzed with fear, or I can raise my sails and dip and soar in the breeze."
- Richard Bode, First you have to row a little boat W elcome to my sailing page of internet sailing resources. Please browse though the material or use the table of contents . If you discover items on the net I've missed, don't hesitate to contact me , so I can enjoy them and reference them for the use of others. The research group I'm in is very interested in developing tools to help people find items of interest to them in the World Wide Web. We have some ideas, but to better understand how people are currently finding things, if you wouldn't mind, please mail me how you found this page, which would be very helpful. Thanks. Mark.
Table of Contents
Some Local Stuff I've collected
Current Affairs
Tall Ships
Mailing Lists ...
Other People's Stories - Tales of ordinary sailing adventures!
Sailboat Chartering
Sailing Books, Videos, Bookstores and Publishers

8. Sailboat Racing, Equipment, Tactics, And Techniques From Sailing World Magazine
The latest performance sailing equipment, tactics, racing, and sailing techniques from sailing World magazine.
Home Videos eNewsletter Classifieds ... Sourcebook AC_FL_RunContent('codebase',',0,0,0','width','387','height','384','src','/featureSlideshow/features','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','/featureSlideshow/features' ); Highlights All New Video Player Click here to view Sailing World 's new video player, which includes Gary Jobson's footage of the Rolex Yachtsman/Yachtswoman of the Year ceremony, 2008 Acura Key West Race Week, and more. Carbon Tape by West System Engage your boat in the carbon-fiber revolution, one strip at a time. "Gear Up" from our March 27, 2008, SW eNewsletter Sailing World Podcast Series While his former teammates on Alinghi were trying to salvage Alain Gautier’s trimaran, which they capsized during training last weekend, Peter Holmberg was in the U.S. Virgin Islands, sailing the same waters upon which he and his brother learned to sail 40 years ago. We took a moment to catch up with the most famous sailor to call St. Thomas home. Photos Sailing Blog Tue Mar 11 13:59:33 EDT 2008 Waiting for the Wind There we were, a fleet of Grand Prix boats and 1,000 or more anxious crews all in Miami for the Acura Miami Grand Prix. But there was a problem. No wind! Key West suffered the same problem in January when two days were lost, one for no wind and another for too much. What is going on in the world? Is global warming having an effect on sailing? At least stronger winds kicked up later in week.

9. Guide To Sailing And Cruising Stories
sailing and cruising stories and webpages, sailing around the world, used sailboats for sale, sailing magazine, yacht ocean voyages.

10. Your Smartguide To Sailing
Your Smart Guide to Smart sailing. Category, Clubs Unique Clubs, University sailing Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Category, Commercial

11. Sailing Source
sailing information and news. The top sailing companies in boatbuilding, sailmaking, marine hardware and services. sailing organizations and yacht clubs.
Welcome to the Sailing Source
Since 1995, Sailing Source has provided hosting and news services to the marine industry. Our clients include Harken JBoats Beneteau USA Neil Pryde Sailmakers ... Royal Ocean Racing Club , and hundreds of other classes, clubs and events at the pinnacle of the sport. Our services include design, webhosting, database architecture, content management systems, search engine registration and optimization. See our Sales page for complete information on getting your business, class or club online here, and how we'll get you noticed. Our latest big project (started in June of 2002) is Scuttlebutt Europe , a free daily newsletter covering the global racing scene with a focus on European events, builders and news. Nearly 15,000 sailors receive it via email each day. Add it to your myYahoo! account:
Other News Sources

12. US Sailing Course And Online Sailing School
US sailing course and school. Lessons about sailboats, navigation and safety. Navigation and design calculators. Online videos and sailing test.
This online sailing course is designed to present basic and advanced information about sailboats and sailing in US waters. This course is not designed to substitute for a US SAILING certification course or on-the-water training by a sailing instructor, but may be used as one of the tools in preparation for taking a certified course or in continuing your sailing education. Go To Cruising Council's Website - US SAILING's website for cruising sailors. The Many Different Ways to Experience Sailing Go To NEW FLASH Navigation Interface !!!! US SAILING is a non-profit organization, founded in 1897 and mandated by congress, the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act of 1978, to be the national governing body of the sport of sailing. US SAILING is responsible for the selection of the Olympic Team, the Paralympic Games Team, the Pan American Games and World University Games Teams, and the annually designated US SAILING Team , US Disabled Team, and US Youth Team US SAILING has the highest standards in small, keelboat and off-shore sailing courses and lessons. It only makes sense to Join and learn to sail with US SAILING.

13. Blue Water Sailing Magazine
Blue Water sailing Magazine The World s Best Cruising Magazine.
The World's Best Cruising Magazine Current Issue: April 2008 April 2008
Latest News
Turn Your Offshore Cruising Dreams Into Reality
02 Apr 2008: The Cruising Rally Association has an Offshore Sailing Symposium coming up April 5-6 in Newport, ... read more
31 Mar 2008: Just weeks after its finish in San Francisco, where it racked up a newreference time ... read more
Maltese Falcon up for sale
31 Mar 2008: According to, Tom Perkins has put Maltese Falconon the market for 115 million euros ... read more
Don't miss our Premier Cruising Boats of the World 2008 Special Issue - Available Now!
31 Mar 2008: read more
Durban 2010 and Beyond dismasted in Pacific Ocean
13 Mar 2008: Durban 2010 and Beyond, one of the ten yachts competing in the Clipper 07-08 Round ... read more
Sign up now for the Bermuda Cruising Rally
12 Mar 2008: Join World-renown sailor/circumnavigator/author Tania Aebi as she leads a new Rally from her hometown of ...

14. San Francisco Sailing Home
Resources for sailing on the bay.
cddcodebase = "/NavBar/";cddcodebase551184 = "/NavBar/"; Home San Francisco Northwest Southern California ... Articles
www Site
Web Site News
Tides and Currents »
Golden Gate San Francisco, CA Tide 2008-04-03 Low Tide
High Tide
Low Tide
High Tide Bay Area Resources
  • 2007 Jessica Cup
  • Big Boat Series 2007
  • International Knarr Regatta
  • America's Cup Videos ... more » Search Company: Databases
  • Yacht Find
  • PHRF Ratings
  • Rig Dimensions
  • Maps with Latitude and Longitude Additional Sailing Resources Additional Sailing Resources Build yourself a boat and learn to sail. The physics of sailing Sailing T.V. Some useful sailing knots Racing basics Tips for beginner sailors America's Cup official web site America's Cup China Team Options for Sailors with Disabilities Women Aboard Tide Tool for Palm Pilots NOAA Charts Currents/Navigation Program Rules of the Road 2005-2008 Racing Rules U.S. Sailing Association Sponsors Featured Article »
  • Starting Strategy
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    15. ISAF : Home Page
    ISAF is the governing body for the sport of sailing. It provides information on World Standings, Race Officials, Sailors, Olympic Classes.
    Marketing Newsletter Meetings Search Sailor Login ISAF code: Password: Remember me Register Forgotten password Home page News ... Boat Classes Latest ISAF News LEHTINEN And SOUTER Lead Women's MR Worlds Fresh conditions continued on day two of the BSPORT ISAF Women's Match Racing Worlds as Nicky SOUTER moved into a tie for the lead with Silja LEHTINEN. Light Conditions At Yngling Europeans 03 Apr 08 Court Ruling To Decide America's Cup Date 02 Apr 08 ISAF Mid-Year Meeting Papers Published 02 Apr 08 ISAF Highlights Keel Failure Safety Concerns 02 Apr 08 News Index News Search RSS Feeds Introductory Rules Want a simple one-page guide to racing on the water? - you need the Introductory Rules for Racing - click here for more details... Olympic Games Visit our Olympic section to get all the latest news including the draft Notice of Race and qualified nations - click here for more details... Women's Match Racing Worlds The 2008 ISAF Women's Match Racing World Championship take place in Auckland from 1-6 April - click here for the latest updates... Class Applications for IHC Applications are invited from Classes wishing to become involved in the ISAF In-House Certification (IHC) scheme - click here for more details...

    16. MIT Sailing - Welcome!
    Boasts its fourth fleet of Techs, as well as a wide variety of other craft. Site provides calendar, links, picture gallery, and general information about
    @import url(""); @import url(""); MIT Sailing Pavilion

    17. Sailing - Stanford University Official Athletic Site
    The Stanford sailing Team got the spring season off to a good start this past weekend, competing in the North Points 1 and 2 Regattas hosted by CSU Monterey
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    18. Sailing - Sailing Information Resources
    Website containing the best and most thorough information for all sailors. Sail into our sailing resource site.
    You have e-sailed to - a website that gives sailing enthusiasts the best and most thorough information about sailboats and yachting. Here, you will find facts and advice pertinent to sailing 's purpose is to provide sailors with a wealth of information about every aspect of sailing , ranging from terminology navigation and sailing equipment , to newsroom classroom and weather You are currently viewing a frameless version of the page.
    Please select what interests you. Home (FRAMES) Home (NO FRAMES) Sailboats Equipment ... About Authors

    19. WindPath | Fractional Sailing
    WindPath sailing offers a exciting new Fractional sailing Program. Fractional sailing is day to day access to a luxury sailboat in your local waters for a
    @import '/site/designs/shared/css/menu.css'; Welcome to WindPath! We have broken all the rules; offering an exciting new fractional sailing program. WindPath is the easy, affordable, and sensible alternative to yacht ownership. An introduction to fractional sailing. Enjoy day-to-day access to a luxury sailboat in your local waters for a fraction of the cost of actual ownership. Not a sailor? No Problem! Our fully-accredited US Sailing training program gives you the confidence and skills necessary to pilot your yacht. Our technology makes it happen. Our proprietary applications handle maintenance, scheduling, communication, and our check on/off process. News and Events Find out about new locations, trade shows, announcements and other WindPath happenings. Start Your Own Sailing Business
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    Site Index Tell a Friend ... Join our Mailing List
    WindPath and the WindPath Sailing logo are registered trademarks of WindPath Sailing Inc.

    20. Hoofer Sailing - Home
    sailing and windsurfing club at University of Wisconsin Madison.
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    View Full Calendar Home Front Page Find Out More About the Sailing Club - Attend a Ground School - Want to find out more about Hoofer Sailing Club? This is the place for you! In a FREE on-land presentation, a knowledgeable instructor will guide you through an introduction to how the club works, the safety rules, and a tour, with the answers to all your questions along the way. New members must attend a Ground School before signing up for their first lesson. Non-members are welcome to attend to find out more about the club. These lessons are offered weekly throughout the season and are available for ... Sign up at

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