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         Skydiving:     more books (100)
  1. JUMP! : Skydiving Made Fun & Easy by Tom Buchanan, 2003-01-24
  2. Skydiving!: Take the Leap (The Extreme Sports Collection) by Jeremy Roberts, 1999-09
  3. Freefall: The Skydiving Sea Turtle (Humane Society of the United States) by Lyn Hoopes, 2000-06
  4. Mental Training for Skydiving and Life by John DeRosalia, 2001-02
  5. Naked Skydiving by Jordan Schaffner, 2003-10-06
  6. Skydiving (Living on the Edge) by Shane Mcfee, 2008-01-30
  7. So You Are Considering Skydiving by Jack Earl, 2009-03-26
  8. Jumping Through Clouds: Surviving a Son's First-Jump Skydiving Death by Jane Melbourne, 2003-04-21
  9. Skydiving;: The art and science of sport parachuting by Bud Sellick, 1961
  10. Skydiving!: Take the Leap (Extreme Sports) by Roberts. Jeremy, 2000-08
  11. Skydiving (Blazers, to the Extreme) by Marx, MandyR., 2006-01-01
  12. Skydiving Book by Thomas Fensch, 1980-05
  13. Extreme Skydiving (Extreme Sports-No Limits!) by Bobbie Kalman, John Crossingham, 2006-04-30
  14. Skydiving (Action Sports) by Joanne Mattern, 2009-08

1. Skydiving!, The Nationwide Skydiving Provider skydiving experts will assist you with your skydive. is the 1 choice for United States skydiving. is North America’s premier Skydiving provider. Professional skydive information representatives are standing by to answer all of your questions about the Worlds most wild experience, Skydiving! Our experts are tops in the field and our network of preferred jump sites, the largest anywhere, stretches from coast to coast. No matter if you are making your first skydive or your hundredth, when you go skydiving with, you have made the right choice for the best provider of skydiving nationwide. can help you get your skydiving certification. Tandem Skydiving and AFF Skydiving certification programs are available. Call now and let help you arrange your life’s greatest adventure. Experience the Thrill today. Skydive! Call 1-800-493-JUMP NOW First Skydive
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... Skydiving Movie 2
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Skydiving Atlanta Skydiving Atlantic City Skydiving Chicago Skydiving Dallas ... Skydiving Seattle

2. - The Single Best Source For Skydiving Information
skydiving Forums, Find a Place to Skydive, skydiving Gear Reviews, Learn to Skydive, Safety Articles, skydiving Fatalities, Photos.
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... Links Directory Community: Forums Interviews The Pub T-Shirt Buy one now! Skydiving T-Shirts... Best of the Web Premier Membership Subscribe Today! First Amateur Skydiving Video Contest! By sangiro - 2008-02-27 The Amateur Video Contest is now open for business! Grab some footage, mix in your tunes and edit your way to glory. The winner of our video competition will walk away with a Sony HDR-HC3 HDV 1080i 2.1 Megapixel ... (Rating: 9.06 Votes: 21 Viewed: 5634)

3. Parachuting - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
One type of parachuting is skydiving, which is recreational parachuting, Most skydivers make their first jump with an experienced and trained instructor
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search "Skydiver" redirects here. For other uses, see Skydiver (disambiguation) "Sky dive" redirects here. For the fictional character, see Skydive (Transformers) Tandem Exiting a Super Twin Otter over Chicagoland Skydiving Center Hybrid Formation Over Puerto Escondido, Mexico Tandem In Freefall Over Hinckley, IL Parachuting is an activity involving a preplanned drop from a height using a deployable parachute One type of parachuting is skydiving , which is recreational parachuting, also called sport parachuting. The history of parachuting is not clear. It's known that Andre-Jacques Garnerin made successful parachute jumps from a hot-air balloon in 1797. The military developed parachuting technology first as a way to save aircrews from emergencies aboard balloons and aircraft in flight, later as a way of delivering soldiers to the battlefield. Early competitions date back to the 1930s, and it became an international sport in 1951. Today it is performed as a recreational activity and a competitive sport , as well as for the deployment of military personnel Airborne forces and occasionally forest firefighters

4. Skydiving San Francisco,the Premier Skydiving Center In California San Francisco
skydiving, San Francisco, Freefall is not free skydiving,email us,Skydiveand Host your california tandem trips with us,Closest skydiving center to San
skip to: page content links on this page site navigation footer (site information) ... Contact us
Your Freefall Adventure Begins Here
Reservations Gift Certificates Weekly Specials FAQ's ... Contact us
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Other Adventures Skydive U Skydiving Equipment ... Sonoma Service Skydive SanFrancisco. The Only place to skydive!
Skydive San Francisco
Skydive San Francisco is the premier skydiving center serving the San Francisco Bay area. Our services include first time skydiving courses and advanced solo skydiving instruction. Enjoy a skydive rush and explore the Alexander and Napa valley famous for its scenic country and wines. An incomparable adrenalin rush! Skydive San Francisco can help you make your skydive an unforgettable experience. Take in the amazing views of the California coast from your position in the sky.
"Call now for your skydiving adventure (707) 894-9241"
Tandem Skydive
Take a giant step into the wonderful world of skydiving. Let Us introduce you to the thrill of unassisted flight. with our tandem instruction program. We have developed the safest, and most enjoyable, way for you to make your first skydive. Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! With one hour of orientation and ground instruction you will ascend to skydiving altitude with your instructor. Attached to your instructor, you will exit the aircraft on parachute equipment built for two. Imagine yourself entering the boundless sky in freefall, hearing and feeling the rushing wind as you accelerate to speeds of up to 130 M.P.H.!

5. Skydiving
Observe the motion of the skydiver below. As the skydiver falls, he encounters the force of air resistance. The amount of air resistance is dependent upon
A GIF Animation Observe the motion of the skydiver below. As the skydiver falls, he encounters the force of air resistance. The amount of air resistance is dependent upon two variables:
  • The speed of the skydiver As a skydiver falls, he accelerates downwards, gaining speed with each second. The increase in speed is accompanied by an increase in air resistance (as observed in the animation below). This force of air resistance counters the force of gravity. As the skydiver falls faster and faster, the amount of air resistance increases more and more until it approaches the magnitude of the force of gravity. Once the force of air resistance is as large as the force of gravity, a balance of forces is attained and the skydiver no longer accelerates. The skydiver is said to have reached a terminal velocity. The cross-sectional area of the skydiver
For more information on physical descriptions of motion, visit The Physics Classroom . Detailed information is available there on the following topics: Newton's First Law of Motion Newton's Second Law of Motion Free-Body Diagrams Free Fall vs. Air Resistance

6. Skydiving Schools Worldwide
WHERE DO YOU WANT TO SKYDIVE? To find a skydiving school in your area, click the map or, in the US, simply select your state below.
To find a skydiving school in your area, click the map or, in the US, simply select your state below.
US States Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachutsettes Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New England New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont virginia Washington Wisconsin Wyoming North America is active, building worldwide... WHY SKYDIVE?
Free Window Decal for your car Links

7. - United States Parachute Association (USPA)
The United States Parachute Association and its 34000 member skydivers enjoy and promote safe skydiving through parachuting training, rating,
USPA'S MISSION: The United States Parachute Association and its 31,000 member skydivers enjoy and promote safe skydiving through parachuting training, rating, and competition programs. USPA represents parachute jumping from aircraft and helps keep skydivers in the air.
PARACHUTE ASSOCIATION United States Parachute Association, USPA, and the USPA logo are the
property of the United States Parachute Association USPA 5401 Southpoint Centre Blvd., Fredericksburg, VA, 22407 fax (540) 604-9741

USPA Privacy Statement
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8. Skydive City - Skydiving In Florida, Sky Diving Florida, Sky Diving Orlando, Sky
Skydive City offers skydiving in Florida, sky diving Florida, sky diving Orlando, skydiving Tampa, skydive Orlando, tandem skydiving Florida.
Tandems AFF Training Coaching FAQs ... Staff First Time Jumpers Experienced Jumpers Whether you are planning on making a fun tandem jump or getting certified, Skydive City is the place for you. Tandem Skydive A Tandem Skydive means you are physically attached to an instructor by a harness. Makes a More Tandem Jump Info AFF Training AFF is a way to experience skydiving on your own while working towards getting certified. More Info Flat flyers, Freeflyers, Canopy Pilots, CRW and what ever else you are into we welcome you to skydive city. Coming to Jump?

9. Welcome To Skydive Arizona, Eloy
Welcome to Skydive Arizona located half way between Phoenix and Tucson, the largest skydiving dropzone in the world with the most extensive skydiving fleet
located half way between Phoenix and Tucson the largest skydiving resort in the world
Skydive Arizona , where skydivers come to explore the possibilities
Skydive Arizona , where ideas are formed and implemented knowing that the only limits are the ones we set for ourselves
Skydive Arizona
But you just might become one if you do! All the Skydive Arizona Upcoming Events!
SkydiveAZ News

What we are up to.. Gift Certificate
The perfect gift!
Arizona Airspeed
4-way and 8-way
World Cup gold medalists News, Tunnel Camps and Schedule. CONSUMER ALERT Skydive Arizona, Eloy Current weather Skydive Arizona is a member of the United States Parachute Association SkyVenture Arizona Indoor Skydiving Go to Skyventure Arizona The Ultimate tunnel experience Check out this fabulous training tool. The only 14 foot state-of-the-art SkyVenture tunnel on the face of the earth! Go with The Arizona Training Center For Coaching and training in the skies over Skydive Arizona or in the Tunnel, check out the great opportunities with our top shelf coaches and organizers

10. Tandem Skydive In Virginia At Skydive Orange! Tandem Skydiving Freefall Jumps! M
Skydive in Virginia Skydive Orange, Tandem skydiving in virginia- tandem skydives, first jump courses and freefall parachute skydiving instruction.
Closest Skydiving to DC, Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland
with a 22 jumper airplane Tandem Skydive First Jumps Tandem Skydive in Virginia
in the Northern Virginia Region Orange, VA 22960 )- hundreds of tandem freefall, static line, and AFF freefall skydives are made every year at Skydive Orange, Virginia. Tandem Skydiving parachute jumps are the most popular first jumps . Although most first time skydivers start with Tandem first jumps, our skydiving instructors will help you learn to skydive whether you start with tandem skydiving AFF , or static line EVENTS CALENDAR making skydiving in Virginia a way of life with thousands of freefall skydives. Though this web page is oriented towards student skydivers, we welcome both new and experienced jumpers to our humble little drop zone to join our strange little family of skydivers. Click for licensed Skydiver jump price. TANDEM SKY DIVE GIFT CERTIFICATES $18 Jumps April 5-6, 2008!
Wednesday through Sunday , our certified United States Parachute Association instructors teach those with adventurous spirits to make their first skydive in Orange, Virginia

11. Skydiving Magazine
The international monthly magazine on the equipment, techniques, people, places and events of skydiving.
P A R A C H U T I N G ' S N E W S M A G A Z I N E Subscriptions
Start a subscription

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Address Changes
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Letters to the editor
Submit news or tips W riters guidelines ... Photographers guidelines Calendar of Events Check the calendar Add your event Classifieds Check the Cl assifieds Place a classified Display Advertising Skydiving's rate card Media requirements Links to advertisers Mailing Lists Question For Our Readers Respond to this month's question Visit the store Gift certificates A special offer Got a Question About the Sport? Ask a question Frequently asked questions Contact Us Published continuously since 1979, Skydiving magazine is the authoritative, independent magazine published by jumpers and for jumpers. It contains the latest news on the equipment, events, techniques, people and places of parachuting. Each colorful monthly issue informs and entertains; it makes the sport safer and more fun for its readers. If you take skydiving seriously, then subscribe today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Here's what's in the current issue:
  • Winguiters Play Again at Boogie in Puerto Rico Proposed Canadian Regs On Track International Parachute Symposium Gets Trial Run in Europe Beverage Company Capitalizes on Leap Day to Garner Publicity

12. Perris Valley Skydiving And Vertical Wind Tunnel - California Skydiving, Skydivi
Perris Valley skydiving and Vertical wind tunnel offers skydiving Orange County, San Diego area skydiving, skydiving Los Angeles, Indoor skydiving in
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Click here to return to the Perris Valley Skydiving home page.
Perris Valley Skydiving
' + 'PO Box 1823
' + '2091 Goetz Rd
' + 'Perris, CA 92570-9315
' + '(800) 832-8818 / (213 or 714) SKYDIVE
' + 'Manifest: (951) 657-3904
' + 'Fax: (951) 657-6178
' + 'Email:' + ' Macromedia and Flash are trademarks of Macromedia, Inc.' + '
Please make sure Java Script is turned on in your Browser's preferences. Click here to return to the Perris Valley Skydiving home page. Perris Valley Skydiving PO Box 1823 2091 Goetz Rd Perris, CA 92570-9315 (800) 832-8818 / (213 or 714) SKYDIVE Manifest: (951) 657-3904 Fax: (951) 657-6178 Email: HTML Printer Friendly Version Welcome to Perris Valley Skydiving skydiving Southern California , we offer a variety of exciting jump packages, state-of-the-art equipment, a highly trained staff, and an array of other luxurious amenities. Our premier attraction is our indoor skydiving flight simulator, as well as a large fleet of skydiving aircraft, the Bombshelter Sports Bar and Grill, swimming pool, and picnic areas. We can even book your travel accommodations! Book some time at California's Skypark now at

13. Skydiving At Skydive Elsinore: Southern California Skydiving, San Diego Skydivin
Located in Lake Elsinore. Drop zone includes a bunkhouse, camping, and spaces for recreational vehicles.
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Welcome to Skydive Elsinore
Welcome to Skydive Elsinore located approximately one hour away from both San Diego and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. Skydive Elsinore is nestled in the scenic Elsinore Valley, home to Southern California's largest natural lake and next to the beautiful Ortega Mountains.
TWO-fer Tandem Internet Special
INTERNET SPECIAL! 2 Tandems and 2 DVDs for $586 ($30 SAVINGS).
The United States Armed Forces conduct freefall training at the Skydive Elsinore DropZone
Around the DZ is a collection of fun shots of DZ regulars, students and visitors caught on camera. Look for new photos weekly.

14. Skydiving At Hawaii's Most Exciting Activity Tandem For Honolulu Oahu Waikiki
Based in Honolulu. Providing tandem and accelerated freefall classes. Site offers photos and videos of local skydiving.

Hawaii history trivia:
Did you know that the first parachute jump in Hawaii was made way back in November 1889 before there were airplanes? The first records of any flight in Hawaii go back to July 1889 with Professor Melville flying in a hot air balloon off Punchbowl. On November 18, 1889, a balloon flight was made by Mr. Joseph Van Tassell also off the slopes of Punchbowl. As the trade winds took the balloon out to sea, Van Tassell parachuted out of the balloon into Keehi Lagoon. In February 1897 Professor James Price flew in a balloon ascending to 3,000 feet above "Remond Grove" on Oahu before parachuting safely back to earth.

Click to see

our skydiving photos
Skydiving in Hawaii's most exciting activity tandem Oahu's North Shore video sky diving for Honolulu Aloha photo parachute sky divers
The World's
Most Beautiful
Skydiving Center

Learn to Skydive

Girls of Destination X
SAFETY FIRST ... Party in Paradise '08 Hawaii's Most Exciting A ctivity To experience tandem skydiving at the World's Most Beautiful Drop Zone call or use our online reservations.

15. 1 800 SKYDIVE Houston, Texas - Skydive Spaceland 1800SKYDIVE- For Skydiving In H
For skydiving in Houston, Texas. Skydive Spaceland uses the most advanced equipment, and training in Texas.
HOME LEARN TO JUMP PRICES NEWS ... CONTACT For skydiving in Houston, Skydive Spaceland has the newest, most modern facilities. We are located on a 130-acre private airpark in Rosharon, Texas just 30 minutes south of downtown Houston on Highway 288 ( see map and directions ). We are the only sky diving facility in the Houston area built from the ground up exclusively for skydiving. We offer the safest and most efficient way to learn to sky dive with our exclusive Tandem progression and Skydiver Training Program (STP), developed by the most experienced skydivers in the industry. Get your skydiving license in a week! Sign up for our free e-newsletter! Learn to fly a plane at Spaceland's flight school! Spaceland will host the U.S. Parachute Association National Championships in 2009! More Skydive Spaceland news... skydiving houston skydiving programs houston ... POLICIES Want to learn how to fly a plane, or get advanced pilot ratings? Visit our flight school online

16. Home Page :: Skydive In Michigan At Tecumseh (Skydiving Michigan)! Michigan Skyd
Skydive Michigan at Tecumseh, Michigan s oldest skydiving drop zone. Experience the adrenaline rush of tandem skydiving, accelerated freefall training (AFF) home contact us discussion forums Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 your first skydive directions to the drop zone ... F.A.Q. UPCOMING EVENTS go to calendar
Skydive in Michigan at Skydive Tecumseh!
Skydive Tecumseh is Michigan's #1 and longest running drop zone. Seasoned skydivers and people just like you come from all over the country (not just Michigan) to jump with us! You've seen it on TV and in the movies, but how can you make a skydive? This is the real deal! Click over to the " your first skydive " link on the left to find out what it takes to jump out of an airplane. Believe us when we say that we'd be more than happy to throw you out! ;) We offer Tandem, AFF or IAD skydives for your first skydiving experience, it's an unbelievable experience that's waiting for you at Michigan's leading drop zone, Skydive Tecumseh.
Nov 3, 2007 @ 09:39 am
Skydive Tecumseh will re-open for the season April 4, 2008
Our 2007 season has ended for student and tandem jumps, we will re-open April 4, 2008. If you would like to make a reservation for the 2008 season call us at 517-423-7720 or email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Blue Skies!!

17. Skydive Oregon : Learn To Jump In Molalla, Only 45 Minutes From Portland
Skydive tandem, harnessed to a professional skydiving instructor or, jump solo wearing your own parachute! Call today to speak with one of our experienced

Skydive Oregon

Gift Certificates

Skydive Students

First Jump

Tandem Freefall Skydives

AFF Solo Freefall Skydives

Skydiving Videos
A-License Program

Experienced Jumpers
Skydive Information
Skydive Oregon Calendar Skydive Facilities Dropzone Information About our Aircraft Common Skydive Questions Driving Directions ...
First Jump
Experience the thrill of freefall on your very first jump. Skydive tandem, harnessed to a professional skydiving instructor or, jump solo wearing your own parachute! Call today to speak with one of our experienced instructors.
Experienced Jumpers
Skydive Oregon is about skydiving. Skydive from the newest and fastest Super Otter in the skydiving world. Enjoy spectacular views of Portland and the Oregon mountains in freefall. Swoop across the NW’s best pond.
Skydive Facilities
Skydive Oregon Airport is privately owned and dedicated to skydiving. Skydive from our large, modern aircraft while your friends watch you fly your parachute from the spectator picnic and viewing area.
Tandems available
Group and cash discounts available
Skydive Oregon Gift Certificates
Call 1-800-934-5867 Skydive Oregon Oregon Reservations: 1-800-934-JUMP (5867) or

18. Howstuffworks "How Skydiving Works"
skydiving is an immensely popular extreme sport. Learn about skydiving safety and watch a video on skydiving and skydiving equipment. RSS Make HowStuffWorks your homepage Get Newsletter Search HowStuffWorks and the web:
Destinations Related Categories:
REFERENCE LINKS Print Email Cite Please copy/paste the following text to properly cite this How Stuff Works article:
How Skydiving Works by Marshall Brain
Inside This Article Introduction to How Skydiving Works A Typical Skydiver Jump Skydiving Equipment Packing a Parachute Parachute Deployment Sequence ... articles
Q: What is a drogue chute?
A : A small parachute that the skydiver uses to pull out and open the main canopy.
Skydiving is one of those things that you probably see all the time. Pretty much every major soft drink has done a commercial with skydivers in it. Lots of action films feature skydivers. Skydiving appears in reality shows and is a mainstay of the military And it's easy to see why. The sport definitely has an edge to it. There is something about leaping from a plane and falling through the air at 120 miles per hour that really gets people's attention. Have you ever wondered how skydiving works?

19. Skydive New York , New Jersey And Connecticut Premier Tandem Skydiving Center An
The number 1 skydiving and parachuting school in New York serving the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for over 20 years. The Ranch has outstanding
Let one of our experienced tandem instructors take you for the rush of a lifetime with confidence. With no worries about the technical aspect of the equipment, all you will need is a 15 minutes training from your instructor and you will be ready to throw yourself out the airplane. Get Licensed! Liked the thrill? You can progress towards your license in our Instructor Assisted Freefall (IAF). With as little as 13 jumps you
can also be part of a world-wide community of skydivers. SEX IN THE CITY's Kristin Davis jumps at the Ranch ...she untangles herself from the harness and begins jumping up and down, giddy and euphoric. "Let's go again!, right now!" she yells over and over.
Fear? What fear?
"The best comparison I can make is to the buzz of..."
NBC's Today Show with Ann Curry Watch Ann Curry realizing Peggy Andrews' dream of taking her father skydiving for his 70th birthday on NBC's Today Show.
Play Video
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Skydive The Ranch has no hidden fees.
All the prices below have gear rental included. IAF Level 1 (First jump, Tandem)

20. Skydive Sebastian - Skydiving Florida, Florida Skydive, Skydive Florida, Skydivi
Skydive Sebastian offers, skydiving florida, Florida skydive, Skydive florida, skydiving south florida, Florida skydiving, Orlando skydiving.

Click here for info about The Carnivale Boogie! April 10-13, 2008 Ultimateflite is hosting "Carnivàle" - organizing in all disciplines. Wing suiting, Freeflying and Formation Skydiving with manufacturers available to provide equipment and advice. Sponsored by Performance Designs, Mirage Systems, Tony suits, Alti-2, Cypres, SkyVenture Orlando, Skydive University, Flexvision, UPT Vector, Ski Rixen Cable Ski, and Sky Systems

Welcome to Skydive Sebastian!
"Skydiving over the Florida Coastline"
Welcome Video
Recent DZ Photos!
Skydivers' Video Album Boogie Photo/Video Albums
Sebastian Beach Jumps!
We skydive right on the Florida Treasure Coast. In addition to all the great skydives and fun at Sebastian, you'll enjoy one of the best locations a drop zone can ever hope for. We are located right on the Florida Coast east of Interstate 95 allowing our visiting skydivers to enjoy an incredible view of the Sebastian Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean while in freefall as well as all the pleasures the Florida Coast has to offer when they aren't skydiving. Check out some of the local coastal activities available in Sebastian when you're not skydiving. A world class skydiving recreational center, catering to Skydivers from their first jump to the highest levels of proficiency in all skydiving disciplines. In a beautiful park-like setting, our facilities, which spread over 7 acres, include our main hanger, a spacious team building which includes complete bathroom and shower facilities and an on-site Restaurant and Tiki Hut for our post jumping Happy Hour activities. The staff at Skydive Sebastian is committed to making everyone feel at home around or DZ whether they are a first-time tandem skydiver, a recent AFF graduate, one of our regular experienced skydivers or a traveling skydiver spending a vacation at our DZ.

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