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         Wallyball:     more detail
  1. The Official Book of Wallyball by Joe W. Garcia, Murray Dubin, 1986-04
  2. Sport de Raquette: Padel, Speed-Ball, Smash, Racquetball, Amorti, Racketlon, Peloc, Wallyball (French Edition)
  3. Official Wallyball Rules and Guidelines For League, Tourament and Recreational Play (paperback) by Joe Garcia, 2002
  4. The Official Wallyball Rule Book by Joe Garcia, 2003-02

Governs and manages all forms of wallyball worldwide. Site contains news, merchandise and information on playing sites, tournaments, leagues, equipment and

2. Wallyball - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
wallyball (known in some places as rebound volleyball) is a fastpaced sport that was invented by Joe Garcia in 1979 and originally called ricochet ball.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources Unverifiable material may be challenged and removed. Wallyball (known in some places as rebound volleyball ) is a fast-paced sport that was invented by Joe Garcia in 1979 and originally called "ricochet ball." The word "wallyball" is a portmanteau of the words " wall " and " volleyball ". Indeed, wallyball is very similar to volleyball. However, wallyball is played indoors, and that is what makes it most popular in the Midwest and Eastern United States, where cold winter weather drives people indoors.
edit Number of Players
Wallyball is played with three players on a side, but variations include two on two and four on four.
edit Court and Equipment
Wallyball is played in a racquetball court which measures 40 feet long, 20 feet wide and 20 feet high. A center line divides the court in half. The net is hung above the center line, traversing the entire width of the court. The net is 3 feet tall and hung at no more than 8 feet above the floor for men's wallyball games and no more than 7 feet 4 1/4 inches above the floor for women. Two service areas are on each side, extending across the entire width of the court and 3 feet from each end wall. The ball is spherical, weighs between 9 and 10 ounces, and is 25 to 27 inches in circumference (the same size as a regular volleyball).

3. CourtMasters Wallyball Home Page
Rob Drake s wallyball site. Contains wallyball description and history, survey, rules, tournaments, leagues and photos.
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Welcome to
CourtMasters Wallyball
I'm a wallyball junkie. I've had the addiction since 1980. I infected my wife with the bug in 1985 and she hasn't been the same since. Therapy hasn't helped me to kick the habit, so here I am, still on the loose, doing what I can to afflict others with the addiction.
Since playing the game competitively several times a week isn't enough for me, I've decided to publish this site. Here you will find a lot of current information about this highly addictive sport.
Since I first published this site in 1998, I've fielded questions from players located all over the world. It's apparent that there are many others in this universe that are also addicted to the sport. The United States Wallyball Association just may be the most important development in the sport since Joe Garcia invented the sport in 1979. I've had the pleasure of working with Joe to create this new player's association. We have very lofty goals for the sport of wallyball. We can't do it alone, so we encourage you to get involved.

4. CLIP 2k - Cached - Similar pages wallyball - The Sports AuthoritySports Authority has wallyball products and a huge selection of other sporting goods at great prices.

5. Wallyball
wallyball action just north and west of Boston. Learn about the wallyball rules and watch the wallyball video.
Serve it up, set it, then spike the ball. Wallyball means good times and good exercise. Get your Wallyball match going today!
Are You Ready for Wallyball?
So you think you are ready for Wallyball? This awesome sport adds a whole new dimension to the exciting game of Volleyball. Featured in a racquetball or squash court, Wallyball provides the element of surprise as an ordinary volley can go whole new direction with spiking the ball off the walls in many directions. Good Wallyball players use this as as a key strategy to confuse and distract opponents. The result can be devastating. The sport of Wallyball takes into consideration hand eye coordination, balance, strength, power and agility. To excel in Wallyball, you must have a good combination of these attributes. Wallyball is a great workout and could be compared to the speed of an indoor soccer game. If you are new to Wallyball, check out the Wallyball Video to learn more about the game. We think you will enjoy this sport. Just be ready for the unexpected, use your general volleyball knowledge, watch the walls and most importantly defend the corners. Good Luck!

6. Main
With King and Queen of the Court , league and tournament information and photos.
@import url(; Minnesota Wallyball
Can you dig it?

Minnesota Wallyball History

Local Sponsors

Steve's World of Wallyball

Wallyball Information Network
Central Courts Thursday Night League

Thank you for visiting us!
All product and service names are trademarks or registered marks of their respective companies.
Steve's Wallyball Forum

Wallyball Tournaments
Playing Locations in Minnesota Home of the 2003 AUWP Wallyball National Tournament ... Wallyball Pictures Click here to add text. 2008 Minnesota Wallyball Tournaments (Click on Wallyball Tournaments link for more info) December 8th, 2007 Triples Turkey FUN Charity Tournament White Bear Lake Sports Center and Armory - Minnesota Combined Age Triples Tournament White Bear Lake Sports Center and Armory - Minnesota 26th Annual Minnesota State Tournament Central Courts - Minnesota Masters Wallyball Tournament LifeTime Fitness - Eagan - Minnesota

7. La Mesa Racquetball & Wallyball
Located in La Mesa, California, USA. Home of the world s largest wallyball league.
La Mesa Racquetball is open to the public and offers nine indoor courts. We are home of the World's largest Wallyball league.
Come play where the best play. Whether your sport is racquetball or wallyball, La Mesa Racquetball is THE place to learn and improve your game. We offer instruction, leagues, and definitely the best atmosphere in town. Click on the ball below to visit other wallyball web sites in the ring.
4330 Palm Avenue, La Mesa, CA (619) 460-3500

8. Wallyball_Rules_Page
wallyball is not just volleyball played in a racquetball court. It is a separate sport with separate rules, and playing the sport requires the development
@import url(; Wallyball
How do you play wallyball?

Wallyball is not just volleyball played in a racquetball court. It is a separate sport with separate rules, and playing the sport requires the development of a separate set of skills. Wallyball is a faster game than volleyball and as a result, it is a harder game to master.
Wallyball seems to be most popular in the Midwest and East, where the weather drives people indoors looking for fun and exercise. Probably the most famous wallyball players of all time were President George Bush, who gave up his horseshoes for wallyball during his presidency and his son President George W. Bush.
Today there are millions of players worldwide.
Wallyball is more than just off the wall; it's crazy, wild, and exciting!
How, where and when was wallyball created?
What is the difference between a volleyball and a wallyball ball?
Most wallyballs are the same size and weight of a standard bladder volleyball however, regulation wallyballs are made of rubber instead of leather.

9. Dick's Sporting Goods - Team Sports: Volleyball: Wallyball
Dick s Sporting Goods Buy wallyball products from the leading online sporting goods retailer.
Thank you for visiting Dick's Sporting Goods. If you need assistance with shopping on our site, please call us at 877-846-9997 and a customer care representative will be happy to assist you. Please inform the Customer Service representative that you require assistance. var pr_page_id; var pr_zip_location ='../'; var pr_write_review; var pr_read_review ='#showReviews'; var pr_style_sheet = '/include/pr_override.css';

10. Wally Ball
wallyball is like volleyball in the racquetball court. The game of wallyball is fast paced and fun for everyone. The league will play 3 vs.
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Wally Ball
Wallyball is like volleyball in the racquetball court. The game of wallyball is fast paced and fun for everyone. The league will play 3 vs. 3 and games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Registeration: December 1st-29th Team Cost: $75.00 per team (plus $10.00 per nonmember) Individual Regsiteration Cost: $25.00 members/ $50.00 nonmembers Season beings: Tuesday January 10th

11. UT RecSports - Activities - Wallyball
wallyball. Ways to play. Informal Recreation. Who can play? Informal Recreation is open to any currently enrolled UT student, RecSports members,

Special Events



... Services Activities



Bench Press
Youth Camps
Wallyball Ways to play: Informal Recreation Who can play? Informal Recreation is open to any currently enrolled UT student, RecSports members, and UT staff/faculty and spouse with a RecSports membership. Where can I play? Courts for Informal Recreation are offered at Gregory Gym (GRE) and at the Recreational Sports Center (RSC) What else do I need to know? Certain courts are available for reservations ahead of time. Look here for details. Search RecSports: UT Austin Home UT EID Contact Us Accessibility ... Staff Intranet
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12. Wallyball Tournament :: Events Calendar
wallyball Tournament. Friday, March 14, 2008 600 PM 1155 PM. Sign up in advance to play; or come to cheer on the participants. Campus Location
OSU Home Catalog Calendar Find Someone ...
Events Calendar
Guest Calendars
Event Details
Wallyball Tournament
Friday, March 14, 2008 6:00 PM - 11:55 PM Sign up in advance to play; or come to cheer on the participants. Campus Location: Dixon Recreation Center ( campus map Room: Racquetball Courts Address: 425 SW 26th Street City: Corvallis State: OR Cost: Free Contact: Intramurals Office Contact Phone: Contact Department: Recreational Sports This event appears on the following calendars: Events Calendar, Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-4501
About the OSU Events Calendar
Contact us with your comments, questions, and feedback

13. UMass Amherst Intramurals - Wallyball
wallyball Logo. Divisions Men, Women, CoRec Regular Season Format Round Robin Seedings None Playoffs Single elimination. In order to play a team must
Welcome to
Campus Recreation
For the Record
  • Check out our quarterly intramural sports roundup!
    Late Fall Winter Spring ... Intramural Sports Wallyball Divisions: Men, Women, Co-Rec
    Regular Season Format: Round Robin
    Seedings: None
    Playoffs: Single elimination
    To play, a team must:
    • Turn in a completed roster by the entry date to 215 Boyden Attend the mandatory captains meeting For more info please check our FAQ section or call us at 545-2693 Don't have a team or looking for a few extra players? Attend the singles meeting
    To qualify for playoffs, a team must:
    • Have been represented the mandatory captains meeting Maintain a 2.75 civility/sportsmanship average during league play Win two (2) games during the regular season Have been represented at the mandatory playoff drawing
    UPDATES Schedules and Results Playoff Brackets SIGN-UP INFO Rules
    Roster Form

    Entries due: Team Minimum: Suggested Max: Available Game Times Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu Play Starts: MEETING DATES Singles Meeting: 19 Boyden Captains Meetings: 2/7 at 6:00pm 249 Boyden SCHEDULES AND RESULTS Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Ball @ 6:30 Bump @ 7:00 Hit @ 6:30 This page is maintained by University of Massachusetts Amherst Site Policies

14. IM Wallyball
IM wallyball League Mondays Wednesdays 810 pm @ Merrill Gym racquet courts wallyball Playing Rules. Choice of Court Side or Service.
IM Wallyball
League Play Begins: Monday, Apr. 21
Playoffs/Championship: Week of May 19

Team Registration begins April 4, 2008.
BASIC RULES: (Comprehensive rules listed below.) 1. Matches: the best 2 out of 3 games. Each game is played to 21 points.
2. Scoring: every time the ball is served, a point is scored by the winning team (called rally score).
3. Server: the team who wins a point, becomes the next server. The team rotates, clockwise, to serve.
4. In the 3rd and deciding game , when either team reaches 18 points, a "freeze" occurs, whereby standard side-out volleyball scoring will apply. (Only the team who serves may earn a point.)
5. Varsity / Club players: Only 1 member of the women's varsity or men's club team may play on a team.
6. Team Makeup: A team consists of 4 players (may be co-ed, or single gender). Two players play front row (left front, right front) and two player play back row (left back, right back). The right back player is the server. 7. Back row players

15. Kansas State Collegian
Apr 24, 2007 David Hembree, senior in mathematics, attempts to block a spike by Lance Neher, senior in management, during a wallyball match Thursday
var story_id = 2876805; var sectionname = 'News'; var sectioncategory = 'Campus News'; var isectioncategoryid = '2,';
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Intramural wallyball provides indoor alternative to volleyball
By: Brie Handgraaf Issue date: Section: News Media Credit: Lyndsey Born David Hembree, senior in mathematics, attempts to block a spike by Lance Neher, senior in management, during a wallyball match Thursday evening at Peters Recreation Complex.
Students who want to play volleyball but don't have enough players can try a spin-off: wallyball.
"Wallyball is a variation of volleyball played in a racquetball court with two players on each team," said Alex Foltz, junior in marketing. "The ball is played off the walls, which you can use to your advantage."

16. I Dig Wallyball
wallyball, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, bmx, skating, skysurfing and more.
Sanction website
The general concepts of wallyball are very similar to indoor volleyball. The game is played in a racquetball court with a net strung across the short way at the mid-point of the area. This midpoint is typical defined by the back line of the racquetball serve area. The net is normally hung at a top vertical height of at the same as is for volleyball. Some courts also have the lower drilled holes/rings for a women's' height net. The ball is of similar size to a volleyball, but is made of a latex material very like a racquetball. Due to the pressure and surface of the ball, if you do get thwacked with it, it stings a bit more than a standard volleyball opinion, but then again, I've been hit much harder in wallyball than.
Play consists of one team serving the ball from a marked area within 3 feet from their sides back wall over the net where the ball must be returned
with a bump or closed fist on the initial hit off the serve by the opposing team.

17. Registration Begins For Basketball, Wallyball : The University Daily Kansan
Intramural basketball and wallyball teams may start registering today. Registration can be done at http// The University Daily Kansan Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
  • News Sports Opinion Jayplay ... Home
    Registration begins for basketball, wallyball
    Teams begin to form for spring intramural events
    Intramural basketball and wallyball teams may start registering today. Registration can be done at By Whitney Hamilton Contact Thursday, January 17th, 2008
    Registration for intramural basketball and wallyball start today and end at noon Jan. 22. The registration is quick and can be accessed online. Registration will only be for basketball and wallyball. Ben Prahl, intramurals director, expects a large turnout and is excited to introduce wallyball to the students. Wallyball is like volleyball, but instead it is played indoors. The original name for the game was “ricochet ball” when Joe Garcia invented it in 1979. Wallyball used to be a league before becoming apart of intramurals this semester. “I like it because wallyball adds a whole new dimension to volleyball that I really enjoy,” Amanda Sorell, Lincoln, Neb., freshman, said.

18. Racquetball/Wallyball Courts: SAC Facilities: Indiana University South Bend
Racquetball/wallyball Courts SAC Facilities Indiana University South Bend.
Student Activities Center Search: Athletics Club Sports Fitness Programs Intramural Sports ... IU South Bend Home Racquetball/Wallyball Courts
The 100,000 square foot Student Activities Center features three competition racquetball / wallyball courts.
1700 Mishawaka Ave. P.O. Box 7111
South Bend, IN 46634
Phone: (574) 520-IUSB
Last updated: 20 July 2005
2008, The Trustees of Indiana University

19. Wallyball | Pavilion Sports | PRO Sports Club
wallyball is an exciting fast paced game that resembles volleyball, yet it is played in the confines of a racquetball court.

20. Skates's Wallyball Court
Sand Volleyball Court wallyball Court 1 wallyball Court 2 Player List Tiles At the net 1 Playing wallyball 2 Playing wallyball 3 Playing wallyball 4
Home About Wallyball FAQ History of Wallyball ... Links Archived Survey Results About USWA History of USWA Mission Statement Board of Directors ... Player List Skates's Wallyball
Privacy Statement

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