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1. Home Of The New Jersey Wiffle®Ball Association
Products, pitching tips, team pictures and tournament schedules.
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NJWA Superbat

The NEW bats are for the serious Wiffler. They are blue in color and 2 1/2 inches in diameter, sizes are 34 inches to 38 inches in length and have a custom made handle made of wood that includes a crafty knob on the end and grip tape. The bats are made of super strong plastic and crush the ball.
Official NJWA Monster Bat

The bats are black in color and two inches in diameter, sizes are 34 inches to 38 inches in length and have a custom made handle made of wood that includes a crafty knob on the end and grip tape. Bat Barrels are great for stuffing etc.
Upcoming Tournaments The 11th annual Wiffle®Fest Wiffle®Ball tournament in Trenton, NJ. The fall classic for Wifflers.
Details as they become available. Hope to see you all there. The Wiffle Up Tournament brings together the best of the best. A 12 State traveling tournament with top four teams from each tournament qualifying for the championship in September.. How to..............

Upstate New York wiffleball league. Listing players, standings, statistics and schedule.
Joe Nathan holds a wiffleball, signs contract extension
April 2, 2008
Joe Nathan poses with a wiffleball at the Twins spring training camp in Fort Myers, Florida, just days before he signed a contract extension to remain as the closer for the Minnesota Twins. Nathan agreed to a three-year extension with the Twins, with a club option for 2012. The deal is believed to be worth between $11-$12 million per year. Nathan got off to a good start in 2008 by striking out the first batter he faced, former Twins center fielder Torii Hunter , and picking up a save in the Twins season opener against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. We wish Joe the best of luck, and we thank him for taking time to pose for our staff. Posted in All News MLB Make a $1 donation
Pickle Ball
March 25, 2008
Thanks to Rick, one of our readers, the has been identified as a Pickle Ball. Now that we know what to look for, they can be found quite easily on sites such as and While traditional Wiffle Balls Posted in All News Products Reader Questions Make a $1 donation ...
Mystery Ball
March 17, 2008

3. Wiffleball - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
wiffleball or whiffleball is a variation of the sport of baseball designed for indoor or outdoor play in confined areas. Wiffle is a registered trademark
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Whiffleball Jump to: navigation search Wiffle ball and bat Wiffleball or whiffleball is a variation of the sport of baseball designed for indoor or outdoor play in confined areas. "Wiffle" is a registered trademark of The Wiffle Ball, Inc., which manufactures Wiffle balls from its location in Shelton Connecticut . It is played using a perforated, light-weight, plastic ball and a long, plastic (typically yellow) bat , generally on a triangular playing field. The Wiffle ball was invented by David N. Mullany of Fairfield, Connecticut in when he designed a ball that curved easily for his 12-year old son. It was named when his son and his friends would refer to a strikeout as a "wiff" (actually whiff The game of wiffleball, which sprung from the invention of the popular Wiffle ball, became immensely popular as a backyard, sandlot and picnic game in the 1960s and '70s. Since 1980, the game has also exploded as an organized sport, with many successful sports leagues and tournaments now played across the United States and as far away as Spain. These competitions have been known to draw dozens of teams or more, typically consisting of 2-5 players per team, with widely varying rules and field dimensions. Since 1996, the internet has facilitated the expansion of wiffleball throughout the world, bringing players and teams closer together through hundreds of Web sites. citation needed
edit References
  • 50 Years of Wiffleball Popular Mechanics , December 2003. Retrieved 16 June 2007.
  • 4. Tom's Wiffle Ball Page
    One person s guide to hitting, pitching, and fielding the wiffleball.
    Tom's Wiffle Ball Page
    Welcome to Tom's Wiffle Ball Page! In this page you can learn how to hit, pitch,
    and throw a Wiffle Ball, as well as how to pick your playing field
    and equipment. Enjoy, and most of all, learn something! HOW TO PLAY WIFFLE BALL
    The two ways of playing Wiffle ball are as follows: The official way, and The funner way. THE OFFICIAL WAY:
    The pitcher stands 42 feet away from the batter. Behind the batter is a box or something else to determine
    the strike zone. if it hits the box, its a strike. If not, its a ball. You get 3 strikes per at bat (unlimited foul balls)
    and 4 balls (2 outs per side). The fence is 100 feet away in dead center and like 75 down the lines. from right to left field corner
    is 70 feet. If you hit a grounder past the pitcher, its a single, a fly past him its a double, unless it goes 26+ feet
    past him, then its a triple. If it clears the fence, its a home run. There can be 3 or less people per team, and the
    teams can be uneven. I think you can only have 1 or 2 pitchers per game, but im not sure. There are no baserunners, just ghosties. Ghost runners advance the same number of bases as the person who got the hit to advance them.

    5. Wiffleball Network - Home
    The World s greatest wiffleball site! The latest news, stories and happenings. Find tournaments, leagues, players. Add your own information.

    All new wiffler message board. Come speak your mind!

    Locate players all over the country.
    Edit your profile.
    Add your picture! TOURNAMENT TRACKER
    View 2008 tournament schedules and details.
    Add your tournament. TEAMS
    Check out the teams that WIN!
    Add, and Edit your team. WIFFLER LINKS View other wiffle®ball links. Add your own link. WELCOME ! Welcome to the official site of the United States Perforated Plastic Baseball Association.... your key to wiffler found. Simply register here and you instantly put yourself within the "Lost Wiffler" files - open to be found. Registration is FREE. The "Lost Wiffler" database is designed to rescue "Lost Wifflers" from their backyard battles and send them to the baselines of the wiffle wars. Once registered, you gain instant viewing access to the "Lost Wiffler" database. Your next conquest could be right across town. Don't stop there. The "Tournament Tracker" not only provides a detailed schedule of wiffler tournaments nationwide, but also allows you to post your tourneys on the tracker for all wifflers to to see.

    6. Home Page
    Annual tournament held in London, Ohio. Includes photos, history, field directions, rules, prior year results, and related links.
    Home Message Board Contact Us Links Central Ohio's Favorite Slow-Pitch Wiffleball Tournament
    Register Now!
    *NEW* Tourney date Saturday August 2nd, 2008
    '07 Youth League Stats done! has a new website design! Not that it was bad before, but there were rumors of occasional loss of eye sight. Browse the old site at your own risk.
    London is Located in Central Ohio
    Official Sponsors
    Top Stories
    NEW Update 9/28/07
    Look Ma, I'm on YouTube!
    What a great extra inning game as the Cards win 6 to 5. This is footage of one of the two barnyard fields from this year's tournament.
    Compliments of Chris Gallaway of the Potomac Wiffleball league , who played in our tournament on the Nationals.
    The 2007 London Wiffleball Tournament stats are in! We use a nifty stat program that allows us to enter stats from each game for each player, and build a bunch of web pages. Make sure to click this link: 2007 Adult Tourney Stats (Team, Individual, and Career Stats)

    7. Potomac Wiffleball League
    After I replied “this is the commissioner of the Potomac wiffleball League that is standing here” he seemed unfazed – and I knew we were in trouble.
    Each week, the three players with the best combined numbers ( SLG OBA + F%) will be the nominees for POTW . The league will then vote for the winner. Votes are Due at NOON on Friday. Week 1 Nominees:
    • Brett Beyerlin (Mega Maids): Beyerlin helped his team run rule the Rossi Posse, slugging 1.286 and driving in 4 runs with one home run and two doubles. Perfect in the field, he did give up an earned run in one inning pitched but struck out two. Alan Dana Stephen Zigmund (Canvassers): Zigmund had an incredible four back-to-back-to-back-to-back homers all in one inning. He drove in 9 runs, and slugged 2.714. He only tossed one inning, struck out 1 and gave up no hits, while playing errorless in the field.

    Player of the Week (Sp08): Week 1
    Brett Beyerlin
    Alan Dana
    Stephen Zigmund
    Color Commentary
    [2] - posted 2 days ago in POTW
    During each week of the Spring Season, the league will vote on the Game of the Week. The video of the game selected will be posted on the website. VOTES ARE DUE WEDNESDAY AT NOON Week 1 Games:
    • Rossi Posse beat Crazed Mud Puppies (4-1) : Lindsay Fincher drove in the only Mud Puppy run as Rossi Posse just wore down, or annoyed down, their opponents to win their opener. Rookie manager Brian Clapp drove in two, and limped a third home on an error, collecting his first

    8. Wiffle Ball Inc, Wiffleball, Buy All Wiffle Products At Made In Connecticut's Fl
    Wiffle Ball s, wiffleball, full catalog, Made in CT showcase outlet.
    The Connecticut Store- Made In Connecticut's Outlet
    Proudly Presents The Place to Buy Wiffle Ball Products
    Powered By Connecticut Ingenuity The Real and the Original
    Made, As Always, By
    in Shelton Ct
    Ordering, Delivery

    Home To
    The Connecticut Store
    So You'll Know we're for real,
    Read about us in
    Contact Us

    There's a real person on our end of the Email We Have A Secure Shopping Cart. Look for the Symbol. Click here for: The Wonderful Short Story Of The Balls ... Combos No Holes - For Pitching Machines, Bike Polo and More The Official ... Ties The Book 50 Connecticut Icons inc.Wiffle Ball by Charlie Monagan Another classic game Made In CT Our Delivery Charge is ; No Matter how many items you purchase per delivery address within the Lower 48 states. We ship via Priority Mail for smaller deliveries and UPS Ground service for the larger ones. We confirm all orders and usually ship within 24 hours except on Sundays or Mondays. We do ship to APO and FPO addresses by Priority Mail. For orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and foreign countries lest us know your delivery addres and what you'd like to order.

    9. Wiffle Ball
    . You’re the Batter on offense and the Pitcher and Fielder on defense. Score as many points as possible and......Wiffle Ball. Developed by Skyworks.
    Wiffle Ball Developed by Skyworks Description You’re the Batter on offense and the Pitcher and Fielder on defense. Score as many points as possible and finish with at least one more point than your opponent at the end of the five (5) or seven (7) inning game. How to Play Hitting
    Place cursor near your hitter; click and hold until the Pitcher delivers a pitch. To swing, thrust mouse forward and release. The faster the thrust, the harder the swing. The red box next to the Batter is the Strike Zone - swing at pitches that are in the Strike Zone.
    Click on the pitch name in the upper right hand corner of the game screen to scroll through your choices, including:
    - Straight
    - Curve L (Ball Curves to Left)
    - Curve R (Ball Curves to Right)
    - Sinker (Ball Drops Down)
    - Riser (Ball Rises Up)
    After you've selected your pitch, click and hold on the area around the Batter where you want to start the pitch delivery. That point will be marked by a black crosshairs. Thrust the mouse forward. Thrust speed determines speed and amount of English on the pitch.
    Keep an eye on the Stamina Meter located below the pitch selection screen. The harder your pitches, the quicker your pitcher will lose strength, which in turn will make your pitches easier to hit.

    10. Fast Plastic
    wiffleball, wiffle, Fast Plastic The Wiffle®Ball National Championship.

    Listing of players, records, polls and schedule.
    WIFFLEBALL - IT'S NOT JUST FOR KIDS...IT'S ALSO FOR NERDS RUN FRENZY OPENS 2007 SEASON Two-on-two games can get ugly sometimes. This past Sunday's season opener was one ugly soambitch. Forty-nine damn runs were scored in one game, so, that was the ONLY game played - players didn't feel much like carrying on after all that. With defending champion Lance on the DL, Aaron, Los, Bells and C carried on and had trouble with the strike zone all day -with the possible exception of C whom had some actual practice before today's game. AARON AWAITS A LOS FLYBALL TO COME DOWN GAME ONE: LOS/C BELLS/AARON Boozers pitcher "Bells" had a nightmarish second inning, allowing two many runs to leagally print on this website. Aaron and Los had some control issues, but nobody had hitting issues as (maybe a league record) 49 runs came across - and that's a kind number. Aaron hits the first homer with the new blue pinch-hitting bat. And everybody loses desire to play wiffle for a short while. *New stats page, video and podcast to follow in the coming days. Check the

    Is there still a new champion of the Fresno wiffleball League? Yes. Mike C and his Dayton Drunks have won the 2007 Championship.
    THE FRESNO WIFFLEBALL LEAGUE - EVEN FRESNO IS EMBARRASSED IS A COMMISH ALLOWED TO WIN? BY MIKE SEAY/ DORKTOWN.NET Was there a full load of players for the Fice Cup? No. Is there still a new champion of the Fresno Wiffleball League? Yes. Mike "C" and his Dayton Drunks have won the 2007 Championship. "I know that Los and Aaron weren't here, but I still had to beat the past two FWL Champions so I feel good about mine." said a content Mike. In both victories, Dayton had big jams to get out of in the final innings, having to bring in 1999 tournament MVP "Too Late" to calm things down (actually he made things even more interesting). "I was one bad pitch away from losing in both games...but here I am...still champ." said a still in shock C. Lame footage provided by

    13. Iowa Wiffle®Ball Association
    Iowa wiffleball Association It s not just kids stuff anymore! Iowa Wiffle®Ball Association. Iowa wiffleball Summer Schedule is. Wiffle Slam V
    Rules Contact Us Iowa Wiffle Ball Association
    Iowa Wiffleball Summer Schedule is:
    Wiffle Slam V September 8 th 2007 º Corner of 4 th
    ‘Contact Us’ by email or call: 515-554-5331 for registration info!
    (League on Monday nights 5:30 * Corner of 4 th
    American Legion Park Wiffle®Ball is property of Wiffle, Inc. of Shelton, CT. We have no affiliation with this company. We are just big fans! This is a not for profit league/page. We are just glad that Wiffle®Ball exists and want to continue to spread the love of this great game.

    14. Wiffleball - Wikipedia
    Translate this page Il wiffleball è uno sport, simile al baseball, che si pratica su campi all aperto o al coperto. Questo gioco fu ideato dallo statunitense David N. Mullany
    Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.
    Vai a: Navigazione cerca sport ¨ solo un abbozzo contribuisci a migliorarla secondo le convenzioni di Wikipedia Il wiffleball ¨ uno sport , simile al baseball , che si pratica su campi all'aperto o al coperto. Questo gioco fu ideato dallo statunitense David N. Mullany nel ; ¨ stato ideato principalmente per poter giocare a baseball anche d'inverno, senza dover spendere un capitale in palle di cuoio, molto costose e facilmente rovinabili con l'acqua. Si gioca in un campo ridotto con palline di plastica bucate e mazze anch'esse di plastica. L'area di strike non ¨ a discrezione dell'arbitro de definita dal battitore ma ¨ sempre fissa e corrisponde ad un pannello posto dietro al battitore. Se la palla colpisce il pannello ¨ strike, altrimenti no. Le regole generali rimangono uguali al baseball (strike, inning, out) ma subiscono alcune modifiche. Per l'eliminazione di un corridore dopo la battuta basta bloccare la palla e non serve lanciarla su un sacchetto. Un corridore gi  sulle basi invece si pu² eliminare colpendolo con la pallina quando non ¨ su un sacchetto. Nel wiffleball le squadre sono da 5 persone, solo tre per² vanno in difesa: il lanciatore e due difensori.
    modifica Voci correlate
    modifica Collegamenti esterni
    Sport di squadra Balle pelote ... Pes¤pallo Wiffleball Tsan Broomball Calcio Calcio a 5 ... Palla eh!

    15. Wiffle Ball (ds: 2007): Reviews
    Hone your pitching, fielding, and hitting skills in Wiffle Ball Advance. All in the privacy of your own DS. No need to go outside ever.
    GameSpot GameFAQs SportsGamer Metacritic ... RSS in all of metacritic in film and video in music in games in books in television
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    xx Brain Voyage xx Bratz: Super Babyz Bubble Bobble Double Shot xx Chicken Hunter xx Command and Destroy xx Diary Girl xx Disney Friends xx Double Sequence: The D-Virus Invasion xx Dragon Hunters xx Dream Pinball 3D Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts Eco Creatures: Save the Forest xx Elements of Destruction FIFA Street 3 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates xx GoPets: Vacation Island xx Harvest Moon DS Cute xx High School Musical: Work This Out! Homie Rollerz xx Hurry Up Hedgehog! xx Imagine Figure Skater Indianapolis 500 Legends Insecticide Jackass the Game xx King of Clubs Lost In Blue 3 xx xx xx Major League Baseball 2K8 Fantasy All-Stars Mega Brain Boost Miami Nights: Singles in the City MX vs. ATV Untamed ... Paint by DS xx xx Pet Pals: Animal Doctor xx Petz Wild Animals: Tigerz xx Powershot Pinball Constructor Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Professor Layton and the Curious Village Puchi Puchi Virus xx Puppy Palace xx River King: Mystic Valley xx Rondo of Swords Sega Superstars Tennis Spiderwick Chronicles, The

    16. Welcome To The Arizona Wiffle Ball League
    May 15 Gambo Ash AZ Wiffle Ball at Surprise Stadium! Arizona wiffleball Player Database! Help us keep you informed! Players Page
    Schedule Standings Pictures Information ... For Sale
    Welcome to the Arizona Wiffle Ball League! page updated 01-05-05!
    HIGHLIGHTS! HOT TOPICS ARCHIVES ARIZONA RANKINGS! Top 10 Teams (Competitive Division) 1. Golden State Wifflers 2. Vipers 3. Dream Police 4. Nads 5. Wolverines 6. 92 Green Team 7. Heat 8. RickelPickle 9. Balco's Bombers 10. Wifflezilla (Recreation Division) 1. 92 Green Team 2. Sabers 3. Hats For Bats 4. Rookies 5. Dead Money 6. Balco's Homeboys 7. Tigers 8. Caged Devils 9. Eastsiders 10. Oprimidos (Upcoming Events:) New Years 2 on 2 Classic on Dec 29th in Phoenix, AZ! Dec 29th Signed Up Team List Team Entry Form New website under development Field Setup Help Wanted! Looking for players to help setup the fields. Up to $25 towards your entry fee! 6 people needed each tourney. Email if interested. 2007 City of Glendale Tourney Results! 25 teams would show! Two would rise to the top!

    17. Baseball Extras: Wiffleball
    David Mullany the Elder patented the Wiffle Ball (US No. 2776139), got a second mortgage on the house, took out some loans, and started marketing the
    How it all began: It was a lazy summer afternoon in Fairfield, Connecticut, 1953. Thirteen-year-old David A. Mullany and his friend were locked in another marathon game of backyard ball. The boys used a broom handle and a plastic golf ball, because every kid knows you can't play hardball in the yard. "We had tried playing with tennis balls at first, but one day my friend's mother was hanging laundry and I drilled a shot through her arms and into the backdoor light." David's father, David N. Mullany - a former college and semipro pitcher - watched his son trying to throw a curve with the plastic golf ball, and he got an idea. "Whether they're playing the outfield or infield, warming up or just throwing the ball around, everyone is always trying to throw a curve," he told a Network News Service reporter thirty years later. "Then it hit me. If you could take a plastic ball and make it curve, you'd probably have something." He needed something - his auto polish business had gone bust; he was broke and unemployed. The elder Mullany called a friend who worked at the nearby Colt Firearms factory. Besides guns, the company made packaging products. "They made a plastic-ball gift box for Coty, the perfume company," said Mullany. "The mold was still there so my friend pulled off some samples for me." He brought them home, and that night he and his son sat at the kitchen table with white plastic hemispheres, a few razor blades and some scotch tape. With a baseball, a pitcher throws a curve by creating unequal spin on the two sides of the ball. David N. Mullany reasoned that a plastic ball could be made to curve if its two hemispheres were of unequal weight. Father and son cut holes, diamonds, and other shapes out of the balls, to create an imbalance. Then they'd tape two halves together and try out the ball. The Mullany's finally concluded that it was the shape of the holes, rather than the precise volume of plastic removed, was the critical factor in the ball's performance. The ball that worked best had eight oblong holes on the top half, and a solid bottom.

    18. Turners Wiffleball League
    Western Massachusetts wiffleball with August tournament plus summer and fall leagues.
    Script not shown use site map Wiffleball play since 1998. All wiffleball tournaments and leagues are for players of any age. There will be some changes to the league when we start playing again at our new location in Southwick. Prices will be changed to $5 per team plus $20 per player. Nobody will be allowed to play until they pay. All player applications must be approved by the commissioner. Players who have been disruptive in the past will be rejected. No individual player stats will be kept.
    Tournament News There is no tournament planned for this year.
    League News
    We don't anticipate resuming play before the 2008 season. Dean has resigned as commissioner. Fritz is now in charge. Email Fritz at with your comments and suggestions.
    Contact Info Fritz can be found at Weather Forecast Weather Maps Site design by Ken "Fritz" Kaczman

    19. Wiffleball Players, Wiffleball Meetups, Events, Clubs And Groups In Your Area
    Meet others in your local area that enjoy a game of wiffleball! wiffleball is played in backyards everywhere and loved by all ages and genders alike.
    @import url(; @import url(; @import(""); var memberId = 0; var topicId = 10403; document.body.className += (!document.body.className) ? 'hasJS' : ' hasJS'; s.pageName="TOPIC: home""wiffleball" s.eVar1="ic" s.campaign="ic" s.eVar7="gj" s.eVar6="ec" s.eVar8="fsgt" s.eVar9="lsgt" s.eVar2="" s.eVar3="alien" s.prop1="alien""" s.eVar10="v3" s.prop2="TOPIC: home (wiffleball)" Whatever your interest. Wherever you are. Jobs!
    • Sign In ... Recreation Wiffleball Meetups Everywhere GA_googleFillSlotWithSize( "ca-pub-6712932617380765", "meetup_www_navbar_lhs_atf_120x600", 120, 600 );
      Find Wiffleball Players and Wiffleball Meetups
      Country USA Canada Great Britain Australia Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia-Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Cayman Islands Central Africa Chad Chile China Colombia Comoros Congo Congo (Dem. Rep.)

    20. Wiffleball T-Shirts And Gifts : : Shop Over 150 Million Unique Pro
    CafePress has over 24 unique , wiffleball designs on more than 837 TShirts and Gifts. Narrow your search with topics like funny wiffleball, or sports,
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    "Wiffleball" T-Shirts and Gifts
    Related Topics: i heart wiffleball I love wiffleball WSWA mlw ... humor Win big in cool sports gear. Show your athletic spirit in a sporty baseball cap or jersey, hang your extreme sport on a wall calendar, carry your sports gear in a messenger or tote bag. Score! Featured Products
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