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         Windsurfing:     more books (105)
  1. The World Kite and Windsurfing Guide by Udo Hoelker, 2010
  2. Start Windsurfing Right (US Sailing Certification) by James Coutts, 2002-01
  3. Windsurfing by Peter Hart, 2005-01-01
  4. Windsurfing by Simon Bornhoft, 2001-07
  5. Dancing With the Wind: A True Story of Zen in the Art of Windsurfing by Laurie Nadel, 2001-10
  6. A Beginner's Guide to Zen and the Art of Windsurfing by Frank Fox, 1988-07
  7. Learn Windsurfing in a Weekend (Learn in a Weekend Series) by Phil Jones, 1992-05-12
  8. Windsurfing with Ken Winner: A complete illustrated guide to a fast-growing sport by Ken Winner, 1980
  9. Windsurfing (Outdoor Pursuits) by Ken Winner, 1995-04-21
  10. Windsurfing: Step by Step to Success by Rob Reichenfeld, 1993-03-01
  11. The Book of Windsurfing: A Guide to Boardsailing Techniques by Mike Gadd, 1986-11
  12. Windsurfing Secrets by Carl Solf, 2007-05-06
  13. The Windsurfing Funboard Handbook by Clive Boden, Angus Chater, 1998-01-01
  14. A Complete Guide to the Sport of Windsurfing by Glenn Taylor, 1979

1. Windsurfing Online
windsurfing magazine is your source for latest on the sport,the pros, equipment, stepby-step instruction, upcoming events, clinics, and travel.
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2. Windsurfing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
windsurfing is a surface water sport using a windsurf board, also commonly called a sailboard, usually two to five meters long and powered by a single sail.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search A windsurfer with modern gear tilts the rig and carves the board to perform a planing jibe (downwind turn) close to shore in Maui Hawaii Robby Naish riding waves in Sylt , Germany. Windsurfing is a surface water sport using a windsurf board, also commonly called a sailboard, usually two to five meters long and powered by a single sail. The rig is connected to the board by a free-rotating flexible joint called the Universal Joint (U-Joint). Unlike a rudder-steered sailboat , a windsurfer is steered by the tilting and rotating of the mast and sail as well as tilting and carving the board. This method of controlling the board's direction is called the free-sail system. The sport combines aspects of both sailing and surfing , along with certain athletic aspects shared with other board sports like skateboarding snowboarding waterskiing wakeboarding and kitesurfing . Although it might be considered a minimalistic version of a sailboat , a windsurfer offers experiences that are outside the scope of most other sailing craft design. A windsurfer holds the world speed record for sailing craft (see below); and, windsurfers can perform jumps, inverted loops, spinning maneuvers, and other "freestyle" moves that cannot be matched by any sailboat. Windsurfers were the first to ride the world's largest waves, such as Jaws on the island of Maui , and, with very few exceptions, it was not until the advent of tow-in surfing that waves of that size became accessible to surfers.

3. :: ::
A nonprofit, volunteer-based association of windsurfers working to improve windsurfing for everyone.
Home About USW Directory Join US Windsurfing! ... 2002 Rankings NEWS 48 Hours on the Causeway A great weekend of racing finished out on Sunday with winds that were way down from the 25 knot peaks of Saturday. There was enough wind though for 2 races to be run ( a total of 7!). The two days of racing in challenging and shifty winds allowed for many changes in the lead of each heat. Making it to the top mark in the top group did not mean you would be there at the bottom, as timing your rounding with an approaching gust was crucial. Avoiding the 'weed mats' was important as well if you did not want to be sailing backwards after taking the lead!
The top racers at the event were all close in each race, making the total scoring very close amongst the top 4 (sorry Peter, Simona gave me too much San Fernando!) Fernando eventually came out on top (starting line antics aside), Ron Kern was as always Mr Consistent, and the Windsurfer of the Year Alex Morales was neck and neck with him, and the tie breaker gave him third! Peter Ifju showed that all the time he put in over the last year was worth it with some great sailing, taking one bullet as well.
It was great to have a group of sailors from far away come and join us for the race as well! Thanks to Team Texas: John Jay Ernst and Kirk Simmons for trekking down after the Midwinters, and to Rick Whidden from Maui Sails for sticking around to join the fun on Saturday before heading back North. The Kona crew was there as well with John in the lead, team captain Mike in second and Jim (better late than never) rounding it out. Also making the race fun to watch on and off the water were the Formula hotties err uh women, ladies or girls (whatever the PC word is): Dominique, Natalie and Nancy out there doing battle and having fun. The Junior fleet was the biggest we have ever had in Miami with 6 coming to race this event, Alex Stahnkie from Calema came out on top.

4. The House Boardshop - Windsurfing Boards - Windsurfing Gear
windsurfing Boards windsurfing Gear. Save up to 50%. has the largest selection of windsurfing Boards and windsurfing Gear on the web.
var PATH=''; Help Desk View Cart Track order Windsurfing Boards - Windsurfing Gear House Windsurfing Windsurfing Boards - Windsurfing Gear
Windsurfing Boards - Windsurfing Gear
Windsurfing Boards - Windsurfing Gear. Save up to 50%. has the largest selection of Windsurfing Boards and Windsurfing Gear on the web. Over 25 years of great prices and outstanding service. All orders shipped within 24 hours M-F.
Windsurf Boards
Windsurfing Packages Windsurfing Sails Windsurfing Masts ... Sunglasses has been one of the premier online windsurf shop for over 25 years. We specialize in windsurfing products such as windsurfing boards windsurfing packages windsurfing sails and other windsurfing gear . We carry all major windsurfing brands such as Bic Windsurfing Boards Chinook Windsurf Booms Exocet Sailboards F2 Windsurf Boards ... Pacific Windsurfing Boards and Starboard Sailboards . You simply will not find more major windsurfing brands than at The House. All orders ship within 24 hours Monday through Friday.
Over the years as a premium windsurf shop we have been supporting the windsurfing community with the best prices, best service and the best selection on

5. Ten Steps
Written for beginning windsurfers by the Cal Sailing Club, Berkeley, CA.
The 10-Step Guide to Windsurfing (Version 1.2) Bill Prinzmetal
(with help from Jane Robbins and Peter Kuhn) July 1996 This guide was written for beginning windsurfers in the Cal Sailing Club . We are putting it on the net in hopes that it may assist other beginning windsurfers. Note that this guide is not intended as a substitute for instruction by a professional windsurfing school or sailing club. Furthermore, after mastering beginning windsurfing, there is still a world of new skills to master (see Where to go from here). We have divided this guide into 10 sections. Choose the section that you want to work on: Selecting your equipment and site Carrying the rig Uphauling the sail Start-up sequence ... Where to go from here! The guide assumes knowledge of sailing terms and concepts. If you do not know a tack from a jibe, a broad reach from a beam reach, or are clueless about clews, click here for sailing terms Each of the ten sections includes basic instruction, some helpful hints and miscellaneous information. Some of these hints concern safety and we feel that it is important that you read them. We would like your feedback on this site so that we can improve it. Also, if you are in the San Francisco Bay area, visit our sailing club in the Berkeley Marina.

6. The Windsurfing Classifieds - Used Windsurfing Gear
The windsurfing Classifieds is your one stop shop for new and used windsurfing gear, for sale, by owner.
IMPORTANT: This website is now FREE. No more charges to sell gear. Please do support us by clicking on the Google ads. C O O L F E A T U R E S G E A R Gear Wizard - Not sure what you want? Click here to let the Gear Wizard help you find all the gear that you need. Boards - Click here for the complete list of Boards available on the site. Sails - Click here for a complete list of Sails available on the site. Dealer Coupons - Wanna great deal? Click here for coupons from your local dealer. If your dealer does not have any coupons listed be sure to ask them why! Rig Components - Click here for a complete list of components available on the site. Fins - Click here for a complete list of Fins available on the site. Gear Auction - Wanna buy gear on auction? Click here for a list of Gear Auctions. Auctions only last two weeks so be sure to place your bid before it's gone! Water Wear - Click here for a complete list of Water Wears available on the site. Miscellaneous - Click here for a complete list of miscellaneous items available on the site.

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Watersport center for the Florida Keys, with Hobiecat catamarans, windsurf gear and windsurfing lessons, kayak, kitesurf and kitesurfing.
Call us to reserve your rig, toll free 877 453 9463
With over 20 years of windsurfing experience in the keys, we will help you enjoy our great sailing conditions. Come and relax!!!
From our new location, at mile marker 74.5, you can go just across the road to a nice beach with easy launching. See picture, click here!
We just renewed our rental fleet and have a nice selection of Bic and Exocet boards to match the local conditions. Aerotech and Ezzy sails to go with that.
While the Keys are never a VERY windy spot, from October until the end of April we usually have 3-4 days of good short board sailing a week.
If you are on vacation and can go sailing any time the wind blows, it can often be more often that you can catch a good session.
The Keys environment with its warm and shallow water is ideal for beginners and intermediate sailors, the perfect spot to work on your waterstarts or jybes.
Windsurfing is child's play easy!!!
Lessons available starting at 6 years of age.

10. South Padre Islands Windsurfing And Kiteboarding Headquarters
Provides lessons, rentals, and lodging, or in complete packages. Also sells main brands of kiteboard equipment. South Padre Island, Texas.
It's all about the wind Phillip Money, former U.S. Production Board Speed Record Holder and owner of Windsurf Inc welcomes you to South Padre Island's extreme watersports center, and the only full service Windsurfing and Kiteboarding operation on the island.
Located directly on the Laguna Madre, you can launch straight from the shop! Highly experienced, certified instructors are available for beginning to advanced lessons. Windsurf Inc. is also a fully stocked retail and rental store with windsurfing equipment rigged and ready to go, which makes sailing more enjoyable and changing gear hassle free. Our windsurfing rental fleet, consists of the latest Bic and JP boards, Neil Pryde sails and carbon masts, are always in great shape, and rigs are available for sailors of all skill levels. Kites, boards, and accessories are also available for purchase.
Current weather conditions on SPI are:
  • Wind: 21 mph Gust: 29 mph Direction: SSE Temperature: 74 deg
25th Sep 2005
We've just unloaded some great soft and hard top surfboards for those odd times there is no wind. Softtop boards rent for $20 a day and hardtop boards rent for $30 a day.

11. Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association
Current news on sailing site improvments, education programs, businesses, people, and other topics related to windsurfing in the Gorge.
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Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association
Working to enhance windsurfing in the Columbia River Gorge Navigation: About Us River Access Youth Programs Events ... Become a Member Today! Mark your Calendars: First swap meet of the season: Date: April 27th Location: Windance Windfest Weekend: Date: June 28th and 29th Location: Event Site Gorge Freestyle Frenzy: Date: July 6th - 20th Location: The Hatchery King of the Hook: Date: August 9th Location: Inside the Hook Did you know? CGWA became Washington State Park's "Adopt-A-Park" sponsor in 2002 at Doug's Beach. Check back for the 2008 beach clean up date, coming soon!
Summer is coming!
Meet the new Waterfront Park
Construction at Hood River's newest swim beach has begun. This beach is located West of the Event Site, at the site formerly known as "Lot 6." For more information about the park, check out
Thanks for your feedback!
CGWA recently surveyed our members to learn more about your interests and priorities for the upcoming years. We are currently compiling the information and forming a work plan for the next few years so that we can effectively implement the goals and priorities that you raised. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
You can make a donation to CGWA at any time...

12. ::
Offers windsurfing lessons, rentals, and sales at Bird Island Basin in the Padre Island National Seashore at Corpus Christi, Texas.

Register Log in $0.00 Checkout JavaScript Menu by var dmWorkPath = "menu/data.files/"; BREAKING NEWS March/April Newsletter now posted. Go to menu bar and click on "Newsletter" Hours OPERATING HOURS EVERY DAY Feature Picture
Rob Warwick freestyling at Bird! 2007 Closeouts Directions Directions From Austin Houston San Antonio Dallas Airport Your Location Kayak rentals/sales
About Us Windsurf the longest undeveloped barrier island in North America.
Only a short drive from Corpus Christi Texas, Worldwinds is located in the Padre Island National Seashore at Bird Island Basin. This half-mile stretch of beach on the protected Laguna Madre is internationally recognized as one of the top windsurfing sites in the mainland U.S.A.
A shallow saltwater lagoon with a sand bottom and unobstructed wind, the Laguna is the perfect teaching classroom and a favorite location for sailors of all levels . Try new equipment from JP Australia, F2, Fanatic, Mistral, Quatro, Maui Sails, Ezzy, North, Chinook, Powerex, Hawaii Pro Line, True Ames and Maui Fin Co.. All of our Padre Island National Seashore Photo by Ranger Phil Slattery, PINS

13. Extreme Windsurfing
Extreme windsurfing is windsurfing and kitesurfing leader of the MidAtlantic region. Our extensive school, constantly updated Demo center, a sandy beach,
Home About Us Events Lessons ... Contact Us Shopping cart Your cart is empty
Returning customers, please, Login
Demo Boards
Boards Sails ...
Book your trip today.
Demo boards SUPER SALE! Board Volume Construction Condition Remarks Price Starboard Pure Acid 80 Technora As New Near perfect, used < 5 times. Starboard Evo 90 Wood As New Near perfect, used < 5 times. SOLD Mistral Syncro 90 C+ Repaired to good condition Starboard Kombat 97 Technora A Paint scuffed off nose. Starboard Carve 101 Technora As New Starboard I-Sonic 101 WOOD As New Near perfect SOLD Starboard S-Type 115 WOOD As New Near perfect Starboard Start S Toughskin As New Starboard I-Sonic 122 Wood As New Near perfect Starboard Carve 122 Wood As New UV Yellowing Starboard Kombat Aero Wood A Starboard Carve 144 Technora As New Starboard Carve 144 Wood A Near Perfect Starboard I-Sonic 145 Wood A+ Slight UV yellowing otherwise "As New" Starboard Apollo Wood B Repaired by Donny Bowers, new fin SOLD Starboard Rio M Toughskin A Minor EVA tears on nose Starboard Phantom 301 Toughskin B CB Sticky Starboard Phantom 320 Sportech B SOLD Starboard Phantom 301 Toughskin B Nicked EVA Ellens Board Extreme Windsurfing is windsurfing and kitesurfing leader of the Mid-Atlantic region.

14. Tampa Bay Windsurfing Lessons St Petersburg Windsurfing Lessons Tampa Bay Windsu
St Petersburg and Tampa Bay windsurfing offering Tampa Bay windsurfing Lessons, Tampa Bay Florida windsurfing Lessons, and Tampa Bay windsurfing
Latest Video!
~ Video Archive ~

Please call ahead:
Britt Viehman
Windsurfing in Florida
North Beach Windsurfing School in Tampa Bay Florida provides Tampa Bay Windsurfing Lessons Tampa Bay Windsurfing Instruction and Tampa Bay Windsurfing Rentals for beginners, intermediates, up to advanced Windsurfers.
Now offering Windsurfing Gear!
Great Savings! 5% online discount!
Discounts on rig packages! Multiple sail discounts, etc!
We teach and equip windsurfers of all abilities.
  • Boards: Starboard, F2, Fanatic, Exocet, Bic Sails: Maui Sails, Severne, Gaastra, Rig Components: Chinook, Maui Sails, Streamlined Harnesses: Da Kine
In the Spring, we have 3 day Beginning Windsurfing Clinics as well as the Sail Easy Intermediate Windsurfing Clinics Our US Sailing certified Windsurfing Instructors are trained to provide you with top-quality teaching methods and techniques in your Windsurfing Lesson, so you will enjoy it with a smile. Located on beautiful Tierra Verde, in Tampa Bay near St. Petersburg, Tampa or Clearwater on the west coast of Florida, we emphasize a fun and safe Windsurfing experience that will leave you smiling. Please call ahead for lessons and rentals.

15. Big Air Windsurfing, Pistol River-Floras Lake, Oregon Coast
Daily windsurfing Weather for the windy Oregon Coast near Pistol River and Floras Lake. Online windsurfing Catalog. Helpful, Friendly advise from Mike and
Big Air Windsurfing Highway 101-Langlois-Oregon Coast ++++++++++++ phone We are located 5 minutes from Floras Lake and 40 minutes from Pistol River We feature
North-Naish-Windwing-Sailworks-Simmer Sails F2-Mistral-Naish-Seatrend-Bic-Tiga Boards Da Kine-Chinook-Powerex-Fiberspar-O'Neill-Hotline-Rainbow Fins- True Ames Fins New Kitesurfing Gear and Much more Daily windsurfing weather updates

16. Barbados Windsurfing: Surfseekers ..... The Wind Hunters
Besides Hawaii, Barbados is one of the best wave windsurfing spots of the world. The chances of wind are high and the waves are perfect for jumping and
DISCOVER DREAM ENJOY Discover Travel Info Accommodation Vacations ...
Click To View Special Adventure Packages from Barbados Holiday
: Barbados Windsurfing
Surfing Windsurfing Kite Surfing The best time to spend your windsurfing vacation in Barbados is the period of time when the cooling trade winds blow with high consistency over the island's shores, namely from mid November to the end of June. But that does not mean the rest of the year couldn't be as good or even better. During the hurricane season which starts 1st of June all the way through to November all sorts of conditions are possible. The trades usually blow at a moderate windspeed. Mostly used sails are 5.0 - 5.5 m2 followed by a sail size around 4.7 m2. But it definitely does not mean you should leave your 4.5 m2, 4.0 m2 or 3.5 m2 at home. The waves in Barbados are by far not as mighty and powerful as in Hawaii, although they can reach mast high and above. They can be excellent quality waves and they are forgiving. Compared to Hawaiian waves, they are slower and not as powerful but as perfect to be good enough to let a top wave professional have a good time. On the other hand, wave beginners don't have to really fear anything. Get information from a local before your first ride out and you will be fine. The spot to windsurf in Barbados, is the area of Silver Sands, where the conditions are challenging yet forgiving. To describe Silver Sands in one sentence: it is a wonderful spot for beginners and top guys alike.

17. US SAILING Windsurfing Course And Schools
US SAILING windsurfing course and schools. Simulation Drills Online videos and test.

Credits and References
This windsurfing course is designed to present basic information about windsurfing. This course is not designed to substitute for the US SAILING certification course or on-the-water training by a US SAILING windsurfing instructor, but may be used as one of the tools in preparation for taking a certified course or in continuing your windsurfing education.
See: Windsurfing Certification Requirement
References: Start Windsurfing Right - US SAILING
All presented information may vary depending upon the sailboat, skill of the sailor, weather conditions, etc.
( Click here to make this your default homepage!! )
The Course Is Divided Into 13 Parts :
Windsurfing Terms

Self-Test on Parts of the Rig and Board

Windsurfing Safety
Knots To Know ... Sailing Videos ( For comments: Contact US SAILING Webpage Last Updated Number of hits as of 5/30/2003

18. Maui Windsurf Company
windsurfing, windsurf, maui,Maui Windsurf Vacation Packages,Maui Windsurf Accommodation,Cars,Windsurf Rental.
English / Japanese
HELP WANTED! Come and work for The Maui Windsurf Company
Click here for more info! ALOHA and welcome to The Maui Windsurf Company Website. Maui...Our exotic location in this tropical windsurfer's paradise, our dedication to the highest quality of customer service and our superb selection of the newest and best windsurfing equipment has made us the premier windsurfing shop on Maui.
The Maui Windsurf Company ideally located minutes from popular windsurf, kite and surf spots like Ho'okipa, Spreckelsville, Kanaha and Kihei.
The Maui Windsurf Company can provide you with all the services you will need to make your windsurfing vacation a great one!
If you're looking to buy windsurf equipment online please remember that our extremely competitive prices include shipping to anywhere in the U.S.
Our one-stop service center includes:
- Windsurf equipment at competitive prices.
- Online shopping shipping to the U.S. Mainland included!
- First class Windsurf and Surf Rental
- Maui's only drive-through rental pickup - Windsurf and Surf Lessons - Complete vacation packages - Windsurfing van rental Your Maui Windsurf Company Team!

19. Naish Hawaii Home Of Windsurfing And Kiteboarding In Hawaii
High performance kites and kiteboards, windsurf boards, rigs, and accessories. Includes dealer information and photos.

20. Windsurfing Bible Home Page
windsurfing Bible, Home page of 16 books of windsurfing instruction.
The Windsurfing Bible
Burr Hazen Links Introduction Necessary Knowledge Light Wind In the Beginning ... e-mail Burr The Windsurfing Bible is a series of books of instruction, in 3 parts: Beginner Instruction and Light Wind Windsurfing Intermediate Skills and Moderate Wind Windsurfing Advanced Techniques and High Wind Windsurfing Some books are free and others may be purchased individually or as a group. For example, the four books in Part 2, The books are downloaded from this web site to your computer, which takes about 2 minutes. Techniques are taught in 6 steps, followed by detailed explanations of all mistakes made in each step. The books are fun, funny, and will help you advance to the next level. Get the next book as you progress. Click the links to read samples of the books and to receive download information. Click below for books currently available 1. How's about this book (Free) Part 1, Beginner Skills (4 Books for $16.97) Part 2, Intermediate Skills (4 Books for 6. Beachstart 7. Fast Tack ... 1. How's about this book The Introduction to The Windsurfing Bible is FREE and will give you a deeper understanding of windsurfing and your own windsurfing ability. You also will learn which books of

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