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  1. Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories: Unforgettable Tales from the House That Ruth Built
  2. It Never Rains in Tiger Stadium by John Ed Bradley, 2008-10-07
  3. Yankee Stadium by Mark Vancil, 2009-11-03
  4. Cowboys Stadium: Architecture, Art, Entertainment in the Twenty-First Century by David Dillon, David Pagel, 2010-11-09
  5. It Never Rains in Tiger Stadium: Football and the Game of Life by John Ed Bradley, 2007-09-04
  6. The Ultimate Baseball Road-Trip: A Fan's Guide to Major League Stadiums by Joshua Pahigian, Kevin O'Connell, 2004-03-01
  7. Remembering Yankee Stadium: An Oral and Narrative History of "The House That Ruth Built" by Harvey Frommer, 2008-09-01
  8. Public Dollars, Private Stadiums: The Battle over Building Sports Stadiums by Kevin J. Delaney, 2003-11-05
  9. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium: Special Edition Guitar Book with 2 CDs (Guitar Recorded Versions) by Red Hot Chili Peppers, 2006-09-01
  10. The Stadium: Architecture for the New Global Culture by Rod Sheard, Robert Powell, et all 2005-07-15
  11. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERSSTADIUM ARCADIUM TRANSCRIBED SCORE (Transcribed Scores) by Red Hot Chili Peppers, 2007-04-07
  12. It's Hardly Sportin: Stadiums, Neighborhoods, and the New Chicago by Costas Spirou, Larry Bennett, 2003-03
  13. Stadium Design (Design Books)
  14. Soldier Field: A Stadium and Its City (Chicago Visions and Revisions) by Liam T. A. Ford, 2009-10-01

1. World Stadiums
Mainly soccer stadiums all over the world with pictures and links.

Central America

South America

Welcome to World Stadiums! We are proud to present you the most comprehensive stadium database on the net, which currently contains more than 10 000 stadiums in over 223 countries and visited by more than 18 000 daily visitors. Note that the left vertical menu is used to search for stadiums by geographical region; the above horizontal menu provides miscellaneous information related to stadiums and this site. We put a great deal of effort into constantly updating our data. So, please do not forget to bookmark World Stadiums, and if you would like to contribute, please feel free to contact us. We are sponsored by Bugarri Shoes . Bugarri Shoes invisibly increase your height up to 10cm/4". If you would like to be taller without anyone noticing, then this is the right place to be! Design by E40 Projects Do you want to be taller? Bugarri Shoes invisibly increase your height up to 10cm/3.6inch!

2. Stadium - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
A modern stadium (plural stadiums or stadia in English) is a place, or venue, for (mostly) outdoor sports, concerts or other events, consisting of a field
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search This article does not cite any references or sources (January 2008)
Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources Unverifiable material may be challenged and removed. This article is about the building type. For other uses, see Stadium (disambiguation) A modern stadium (plural stadiums or stadia in English) is a place, or venue, for (mostly) outdoor sports concerts or other events, consisting of a field or stage partly or completely surrounded by a structure designed to allow spectators to stand or sit and view the event.
  • History of the stadium The modern stadium
    edit History of the stadium
    An interior of the Colosseum . The partial floor is a modern reconstruction; below are the underground vaults and tunnels originally used to house animals and slaves. The word originates from the Greek word "stadion" (στάδιον), literally a "Stand", (a place where people stand.) The oldest known stadium is the one in Olympia , in western Peloponnese Greece , where the Olympic Games of antiquity were held since 776 BC . Initially 'the Games' consisted of a single event , a sprint along the length of the stadium. Therefore the length of the Olympia stadium was more or less standardized as a measure of distance (approximately 190 meters or 210 yd). The practice of standardizing footrace tracks to a length of 180-200 meters (200-220 yd) was followed by the Romans as well. Greek and Roman stadia have been found in numerous ancient cities, perhaps the most famous being the

3. Stadiums Of The NFL-Your Ticket To Every NFL Stadium
Provides information on NFL stadiums from the past to the future; includes photos, seating charts, and ratings and comments for each stadium. s AFC Stadiums NFC Stadiums Past Stadiums Future Stadiums ...
Super Bowl Tickets
More Posters
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Welcome to Stadiums of the NFL. Your ticket to every NFL stadium from the past to the future. AFC Stadiums
Arrowhead Stadium to
Gillette Stadium
NFC Stadiums
Soldier Field to
University of Phoenix Stadium
Future Stadiums
Lucas Oil Stadium to NY Stadium Past Stadiums
Cleveland Municipal Stadium to Sun Devil Stadium STADIUMS OF THE NFL NEWS Storm Rips Hole in Georgia Dome
Alabama and Mississippi State were locked in a thrilling game at the Southeastern Conference tournament. Suddenly, everyone started looking toward the roof of the Georgia Dome, wondering where that rumbling sound was coming from. What they saw was terrifying. Metal scaffolding and a temporary video board swaying back and forth. The huge fabric roof flapping like a flag in a stiff breeze. Two large panels above the upper deck starting to peel away. Small chunks of insulation and debris drifting toward the court.

4. Ballparks By Munsey And Suppes
Facts, figures and photos about ballparks, stadiums and arenas. Ballparks. Baseball parks Basketball arenas Football stadiums
Ballparks Nine Inch Nails Tickets Auburn Hills Nine Inch Nails Tickets Calgary Nine Inch Nails Tickets Cleveland Nine Inch Nails Tickets ...
ncaa championship tickets

5. Texas Football Stadiums
Comprehensive list with statistics and a map for each stadium.

Texas Historical Documents Texas Books Genealogy ... About Me Texas Football Stadium Database
The most comprehensive list of Texas Football Stadiums on the Internet. Tips on taking a picture of your stadium Submit a Correction or Addition How to estimate the capacity of your stadium Click on the map to find your stadium Stadium Links Complete Stadium List
Football Stadiums by County

Top Capacity High School Stadiums

Six-Man Football Stadiums
High School Stadium Statistics
Football Stadiums
by City and School Public School Index A - F G - L M - R S - V ... W - Z Private School Index A - Z Web Stadium Connection for the USA Travel with Hans Steiniger to all 31 NFL Stadiums Michigan High School Stadium Website Is your stadium not listed, incomplete, or incorrect?
Click Here to go to the submission form.
First published 10/15/2002, currently there are stadiums listed. With Photographs
Last updated 03/18/2008 02:36:21 PM
Contact Texas Bob
Last Update 03/12/08 09:28:47 PM R. McSpadden

6. NFL Football Stadiums - Quest For 31
Watch the progress of Hans Steiniger as he attends professional football games in all thirtyone NFL football stadiums in the National Football League,
The Quest for 31
A Crusade to Attend an NFL Game in all 31 Stadiums in the National Football League
Stadium Countdown: 17 Stadiums Down, 14 Remain Main Page Race to 31 Quest for 31 ProShops My Blog ... FREE NFL PICKS Quest for 31 Stadiums:
Buffalo Bills

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Cleveland Browns

Detroit Lions
Football Cheatsheets
Stadiums Visited:
Washington Redskins

Baltimore Ravens

Miami Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings
Vivid Who is Hans Steiniger? Hans Steiniger is your average, moderately paid, tailgating , beer guzzling, Hot Dog Eating, Fantasy football playing, technically savvy, DirecTV NFL package purchasing, lover of this great American pastime that we have dubbed the National Football League. He feels that Professional Football is an experience to be savored with good friends and affable strangers. Home Team or Away, a common interest in the game of professional football unites us all. Originally from Buffalo, NY Hans is a die-hard fan of the Buffalo Bills. He's not a large man, but enjoys local delicacies tremendously and is happy to share those local gems that can be sampled at each NFL football stadium . Included on each page is a football stadium review of NFL Stadiums and a review of local foods available at football stadium concession stand.

7. College Stadiums By Charlie
Pictures and information on the best college football stadiums by collegecharlie.
@import url(; College Stadiums by Charlie
Neyland Stadium
Notre Dame
Ben Hill Griffin-
Florida Field
The Wolverines played their first game at Michigan Stadium on October 1, 1927 defeating Ohio Wesleyan, 33-0. The stadium dedication game was played on October 22, 1927 with U-M defeating Ohio State 21-0. Michigan enters the 1996 season with a 305-98-15 (.748) won-loss record in its 418 Michigan Stadium games
More on Michigan Stadium

Kyle Field Tiger Stadium L S U Camp Randall Wisconsin Memorial Nebraska Ohio Stadium Columbus More college stadiums More about Neyland Stadium
Neyland Stadium is the home of University of Tennessee football. Neyland Stadium has housed over 22 million fans since the 1950 football season, when official attendance records began being kept. More about Notre Dame Stadium Notre Dame Stadium, maybe the most renowned college football facility in the nation, now qualifies as one of the most up to date as well, thanks to a major addition and renovations that boosted its capacity to more than 80,000 beginning with the 1997 campaign. On football Saturdays, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field is the place to be. Also known as "the Swamp" where "only Gators come out alive," the stadium is home to the SEC powerhouse University of Florida Gator Football Team. It also is the site for high school state championship games each December.

8. Accessible Stadiums
U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Disability Rights Section Accessible stadiums The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires new
U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Disability Rights Section Accessible Stadiums The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires new stadiums to be accessible to people with disabilities so they, their families, and friends can enjoy equal access to entertainment, recreation, and leisure. This document highlights key accessibility requirements of the ADA that apply to new stadiums. Other accessibility requirements, such as those for parking lots, entrances, and rest rooms, also apply but these are the same as for other buildings. Compliance with all the accessibility requirements is essential to provide a basic level of access for people with disabilities. To obtain a copy of the requirements for new stadiums and other facilities, contact the Department of Justice ADA Information Line at (800) 514-0301 voice or (800) 514-0383 TDD. Key Features of Accessible Stadiums Seating  Wheelchair accessible seating is required. At least one percent of the seating must be wheelchair seating locations. Each wheelchair seating location is an open, level space that accommodates one person using a wheelchair and has a smooth, stable, and slip-resistant surface.  Accessible seating must be an integral part of the seating plan so that people using wheelchairs are not isolated from other spectators or their friends or family.  A companion seat must be provided next to each wheelchair seating location. The companion seat is a conventional seat that accommodates a friend or companion.  Wheelchair seating locations must be provided in all areas including sky boxes and specialty areas.  Removable or folding seats can be provided in wheelchair seating locations for use by persons who do not use wheelchairs so the facility does not lose revenue when not all wheelchair seating locations are ticketed to persons who use wheelchairs.  Whenever more than 300 seats are provided, wheelchair seating locations must be provided in more than one location. This is known as dispersed seating. Wheelchair seating locations must be dispersed throughout all seating areas and provide a choice of admission prices and views comparable to those for the general public.  Wheelchair seating locations must be on an accessible route that provides access from parking and transportation areas and that connects to all public areas, including concessions, restaurants, rest rooms, public telephones, and exits.  Wheelchair seating locations must provide lines of sight comparable to those provided to other spectators. In stadiums where spectators can be expected to stand during the show or event (for example, football, baseball, basketball games, or rock concerts), all or substantially all of the wheelchair seating locations must provide a line of sight over standing spectators. A comparable line of sight, as illustrated in the figure below, allows a person using a wheelchair to see the playing surface between the heads and over the shoulders of the persons standing in the row immediately in front and over the heads of the persons standing two rows in front. Line drawing showing a side view of people seated in assembly-type seating and a person using a wheelchair seated in a wheelchair seating location behind the spectators. A dashed line illustrates that line of sight for the spectator using the wheelchair and other lines show the line of sight for seated and standing spectators. All spectators can see between the heads of the person in the row directly in front of them and over the heads of the people two rows in front. Figure Showing Comparable Line of Sight for Wheelchair Seating Location  In addition to wheelchair seating locations, at least one percent of all fixed seats in all seating areas must be aisle seats with no armrest, or with a removable or folding armrest, on the aisle side. These seats accommodate people who have a mobility disability but who wish to use a seat that is not a wheelchair seating location.  An accessible route must connect the wheelchair seating locations with the stage(s), performing areas, arena or stadium floor, dressing or locker rooms, and other spaces used by performers. Concessions  All concessions, including food service areas, restaurants, and souvenir stands, must be accessible. For example, lowered counters must be provided where goods are provided and where cash registers are located. Condiments and self-serve food items must be provided within reach of a person using a wheelchair. Access to playing fields, lockers, and spaces used by players and performers  An accessible route must provide access to all public and common use areas including the playing field, locker rooms, dugouts, stages, swimming pools, and warm-up areas. The accessible route provides access for the public, employees, and athletes using the facility. Assistive Listening Systems When audible communications are integral to the use of a stadium, assistive listening systems are required for people who are hard of hearing. These systems amplify sound and deliver it to a special receiver that is worn by the spectator, or to the spectatorþs hearing aid, depending on the type of system that is used.  The stadium must provide receivers for the assistive listening system. The number of available receivers must equal four percent of the total number of seats.  Signs must be provided to notify spectators of the availability of receivers for the assistive listening system. Other Accessible Features Accessible Parking Spaces  When parking spaces are provided, accessible parking spaces for cars and accessible parking spaces for vans are required. Accessible parking spaces must be the closest parking spaces to the accessible entrances and must be on an accessible route to the entrances. Accessible Drop-Off and Pick-Up Areas  If passenger drop-off areas are provided, they must be accessible and an accessible route must connect each accessible drop-off area with the accessible entrance(s). Curb ramps must be provided if the drop-off area is next to a curb. Accessible Entrances  At least fifty percent of the entrances must be accessible. Those that are not accessible must have signs that direct the public to the nearest accessible entrance.  Accessible entrances that have turnstiles must provide an accessible gate or door. Rest Rooms  Each public and common use (including employee) rest room must be accessible. This includes rest rooms in work areas and rest rooms located in sky boxes and suites. Public Telephones  Each bank of public telephones must have one or more wheelchair accessible telephones and these and other public telephones must have the ability to amplify the volume at the handset. A sign must identify telephones equipped with amplification.  At least one public TDD (telecommunications device for persons who are deaf or who have speech impairments) must be provided. Signs must identify the location of the TDD and provide direction from other telephone banks.  For each bank of public telephones with three or more units, at least one telephone must be equipped with a shelf and electrical outlet to permit a person to use a portable TDD. Water Coolers or Drinking Fountains  Drinking fountains must accommodate people who use wheelchairs and people who stand but have difficulty bending or stooping. Half of the units must be wheelchair accessible and the others must accommodate standing users. Visual Alarms  Where audible fire alarms or emergency notification is provided, flashing lights are required in public and common use areas, including toilet and bath rooms, locker rooms, and along public corridors. Signs  Signs that identify permanent rooms and spaces, such as those identifying rest rooms, exits or room numbers, must have Braille and raised letters or numbers so that they may be read visually or tactually (by feeling the characters with oneþs fingers). They must also meet specific requirements for mounting location, color contrast, and non-glare surface. Signs that provide direction to, or information, about functional spaces must only comply with requirements for character proportion, character height, and finish and contrast between the characters and background. ADA Information Line For more information about the ADAþs design and construction requirements, contact the Department of Justiceþs toll-free ADA Information Line at 800-514-0301 (Voice) and 800- 514-0383 (TDD). Detailed requirements can be found in the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The ADA Standards and other useful technical assistance documents are available from the ADA Information Line.

9. - Stadium Information
Information on stadiums throughout the United States. Brought to you by, Your Source for Sports Travel.
JOHNNYROADTRIP.COM STADIUM INFORMATION YOUR SOURCE FOR SPORTS TRAVEL HOME CITIES SCHEDULES TAILGATING ... NEW YORK YANKEES TICKETS Click a link below for information on stadiums throughout the United States. You will be taken to an individual stadium page with seating charts, parking, and other information. New cities and stadiums are constantly being added to! Click here and we'll let you know when they become available! AMHERST, MA ANN ARBOR, MI Michigan Stadium, Crisler Arena, and Yost Arena (Michigan) ANNAPOLIS, MD ... WINSTON SALEM, NC SEND THIS PAGE TO A FRIEND!! This information will be used only to send this email and will not be stored or seen by anyone. Privacy Policy Your Name: Your E-mail: Friend's E-mail: HOME CITIES GREAT SPORTS TRIPS SCHEDULES ... SITE MAP . Subject to Terms and Conditions and . Click here to send feedback or problems. Click here for: Baseball Bats Baseball Gloves Softball Bats Tickets

10. Baseball Almanac - Baseball Ballparks, Stadiums, Fields, Parks And Domes
Baseball Almanac researches baseball ballparks, stadiums, fields, parks and domes and provides every bit of statistical ballpark information possible.

Site Navigation
Yankee Stadium, The Polo Grounds, Griffith Stadium, Wrigley Field, and countless other homes for Major League franchises bring instant memories, both good and bad, to our minds. Imagine yourself playing at Ebbets Field with the legendary Abe Stark Sign along the outfield wall - hit it, and you would have won a free suit! You would also know this is where the first televised game was played and where Jackie Robinson played his first Major League game. Newer ballparks are being built almost yearly to maximize team profits while older stadiums are becoming relics of the past. Baseball Almanac is pleased to present to you the information you need to contact any current ballpark AND walk through a few green fields of yesteryear. "I don't know. They (naked fans in stadium) had bags over their heads." - Yogi Berra Ballparks Modern Analysis American League Ballparks National League Ballparks At-A-Glance

Ballpark Orientations

North, South, East or West Ballpark Orientations
North, South, East or West Current Contact Information
Current Contact Information

Team Chronology

Team Chronology

Up to the minute conditions.

11. National Football League Stadiums
Virtual stadium tours of every Major League Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey facility in use today, plus old buildings long since demolished, Cory Suppes About Advertising ... Ballparks Virtual Mall CFL Past Present Future Stadiums NBA Past Present Future Arenas NCAA Past Present Future Stadiums NFL Past Present Future Stadiums Aloha Stadium Arrowhead Stadium Bank of America Stadium Candlestick Park ... University of Phoenix Stadium NHL Past Present Future Arenas Olympic National Football League Tickets Arizona Cardinals Tickets Atlanta Falcons Tickets Baltimore Ravens Tickets ... Theater Tickets
Present National Football League Stadiums

Arrowhead Stadium

Bank of America Stadium
... Suppes

12. Cool Hunting: Three New Stadiums
Already the largest stadium in Europe, Foster + Partners will expand seating capacity to 106000, ensuring an even more raucous match,
Cool Hunting
var zflag_nid="590"; var zflag_cid="52/1"; var zflag_sid="1"; var zflag_width="750"; var zflag_height="175"; var zflag_sz="18"; 4601 entries since 2003
video Reader Finds archive Three New Stadiums by Tim Yu In the era of starchitecture, few projects pose more of a challenge to renowned architects than the scale and complexity of a city's crown jewel, the stadium. With a few recent stunning examples in the works, we thought we'd take a closer look. Camp Nou
FC Barcelona
Camp Nou is getting a major makeover courtesy of British architects Norman Foster + Partners . Already the largest stadium in Europe, Foster + Partners will expand seating capacity to 106,000, ensuring an even more raucous match, but the most eye-catching part of the redesign is the multi-colored exterior and retractable roof. Made of polycarbonate and glass, the exterior panels can change color and tilt, patterning the entire stadium or transforming it into a giant screen. Think of it as a macro-pixelated television. The renovation will be completed for the 2011/12 season. Now if they could just keep Lionel Messi healthy that long.

13. Leonard's Cam World: Stadium And Ballpark Webcams
Locate and View Live Webcam and Photo Views of stadiums and Ballparks.
Plus Tropical Storm, Hurricane and Cyclone Webcams and Tracking Information
Insure and Go
CHEAP UK TRAVEL and HOLIDAY INSURANCE Valid Across The UK. Covers Business Travel, Adventure Sports, Snowboarding, Skiing, Backpackers, and More. FREE Kids Coverage. CLICK HERE FOR AN INSTANT QUOTE! Worldwide Webcams Cruise Ship Cams Webcam Hotsites Airport Webcams ... Satellite Views
Ballpark and Stadium
Webcams, Photos and Information
NFL Stadiums
Major League Ballparks Minor League Ballparks
United States and Worldwide Webcams

Bookmark This Page and/or Any Individual Directories With Links To Your Favorite Webcams. Use The Following Links To Let Us Know About Cams That Are Not Working Other Cams We Should Add or To Link To Us
All of The Information Provided Throughout This Web Site Is Strictly For The Convenience and Entertainment of Our Visitors. We Do Not Guarantee Nor Endorse Any Specific Products, Services, Prizes or Statements Listed On These Pages or Other Pages Linked From Them.

14. Home
Arena Digest arenas hockey stadium football arena football.
@import "/css/style.css"; @import "/css/layout.css"; @import "/css/system.css"; Get College Football tickets and NFL tickets from your fastest source is your source for NFL tickets including the Super Bowl Rose Bowl Packages , and College games Get premium football tickets for all NFL reg. season games NFL playoff games and Super Bowl tickets from! NFL football stadium seating charts and tickets
03/27/2008 2:37 PM - Though there's virtually no chance the Minnesota Legislature will consider the funding of a new Minnesota Vikings (NFL) stadium during the current legislative session, legislators are laying the groundwork to debate the topic in the next legislative session. Read More...
03/27/2008 12:44 PM - The owners of a CFL expansion franchise in Ottawa want to build a parking ramp next to Frank Clair Stadium to ease parking woes. Not so fast, says a former owner of the previous CFL team: make the fans walk. Read More...

15. Ashe Armstrong Stadiums
His name also lives on at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Arthur Ashe Stadium, one of the grandest facilities of any tournament – Grand

16. Steel Stadiums - The Leading Bleacher Company In Graham Texas Offers World Class
Steel stadiums – the proven industry leader with the experience in manufacturing a variety of venue developments from bleachers and aluminum seating to
As a proven industry leader, Steel Stadiums has the experience in manufacturing a variety of venue developments from bleachers and aluminum seating to grandstands and press boxes. From professional sports, college and schools facilities, to rodeo arenas, motor sport grandstands and private entertainment venues. Steel Stadiums delivers the state-of-the-art facility you demand.
About US Process Seating ... School Bleacher Manufacturer

17. UEFA Euro - Rain, Mud, New Stadium & Managers
In terms of which stadiums we have in the game, we wanted a very different approach to what you see in FIFA. Of course with the tournament being in Austria
var sOwner="EA_UEFA"; var isLoggedIn=false; var usrHasBlog=false; User Info collection wishlist Blog Posts:
Blog Created: Feb '08
Blog Tools Most Recent Posts Add Friend New Post Blog Index PC Games PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 Sony PSP Xbox Xbox 360 GameCube Wii Nintendo DS Pocket Wireless N-Gage PlayStation Dreamcast DVD Comics Movies Television Anime Stars GO Friends Last Post: View Notes No notes... DugBuzz Last Post: View Notes No notes... Last Post: View Notes No notes... Last Post: View Notes No notes... Peer-IGN Last Post: View Notes No notes... Tal-IGN Last Post: View Notes No notes... Greggy-IGN Last Post: View Notes No notes... Erik-IGN Last Post: View Notes No notes... Aktrez Last Post: View Notes No notes... Last Post: View Notes No notes... Hil-IGN Last Post: View Notes No notes... teh_Mike-IGN Last Post: View Notes No notes... daveyclay Last Post: View Notes No notes... Jess-IGN Last Post: View Notes No notes...

18. College Gridirons-Covering All D-1A College Stadiums
Information and pictures of Division 1 college football stadiums.
ACC Big East Big Ten Big Twelve ... Mid America n Mountain West Pac 10 SEC Sun Belt ... FootballTicketsOnline fdsa


Alamo Bowl Tickets
Your Thoughts We want to hear what you think about this website. Tell us your thoughts whether it is a problem, suggestion or complaint.
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College Bowl Tickets First Place Tickets College Gridirons: A Guide to all Division 1-A College Football Stadiums!
Big Ten

Conference USA

Mid American
The New
Coming Late Spring/Early Summer!
hg Most Visited Stadiums on in February 2008 Ohio Stadium Neyland Stadium Beaver Stadium Williams Brice Stadium ... Sanford Stadium Trying to establish a sports-betting bankroll? Boost it by clearing a casino bonus guides you to the best casino online Merchandise More Posters PrimeSeatTickets Rose Bowl Tickets Orange Bowl Tickets ... College Football Recruiting COLLEGE GRIDIRONS STADIUM NEWS
Steel to soon be erected at Michigan Stadium After four months of construction that has been interrupted at times by frequent snow and cold, the first steel shall rise soon at Michigan Stadium. The University of Michigan began a three-year $226 million renovation of its historic football stadium soon after its final game against Ohio State on Nov. 17. The initial work has included excavation of several tons of earth, including removal of the old visitors locker room; the drilling and pouring of foundations; and the construction of two new out-buildings on the north side of the stadium.

19. Man Admits Terror Threat Against NFL Stadiums - NFL -
Feb 28, 2008 A former Wisconsin grocery clerk pleaded guilty Thursday to making bogus Internet postings warning of terrorist attacks against seven NFL
Skip navigation Web MSNBC with NFL Scores College hoops Baseball ... Fan zone More features Mobile Blogs Message boards TV listings On U.S. news Politics World news Business ... Poker on NBC
Man admits terror threat against NFL stadiums
Wisconsin man made bogus Internet postings warning of attacks in 2006
NEWARK, N.J. - A former Wisconsin grocery clerk pleaded guilty Thursday to making bogus Internet postings warning of terrorist attacks against seven NFL stadiums in 2006. Jake J. Brahm admitted he posted false information that so-called dirty bombs would be detonated at stadiums having games on Oct. 22, 2006. Brahm had said the stadiums were in Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Oakland, Cleveland and New York City. He admitted the reference to New York was intended to indicate Giants Stadium, in East Rutherford, N.J., where the Jets played the Detroit Lions that day. Brahm, 22, of Wauwatosa, Wis., pleaded guilty to a one-count indictment that had been handed up exactly a year earlier. The charge, part of the Patriot Act, accused him of willfully conveying false information that the stadiums would be attacked by terrorists with weapons of mass destruction and “radiological dispersal devices.” Brahm remains free on bail and faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine when sentenced June 5 by U.S. District Judge Jose L. Linares.

20. Michigan High School Football Stadium
I just got a new forum for the discussion of stadiums. Feel free to post info on your stadium here at the Stadium Forum at Searns Football Message Board.
Michigan High School
Football Stadium
I have placed a History of the site page on the site and you can link to it HERE . I have future projects of the site located there as well. I have just added a new page to the site. This page deals more directly with what I require in the form of needs for the site. Take a look at it HERE . I also have the page for the infill companies and what fields they have done in the state in regards to high schools, take a look at it HERE
I just got a new forum for the discussion of stadiums. Feel free to post info on your stadium here at the Stadium Forum at Searns Football Message Board The Lists
A B C D ... YZ
Big 16
Big Eight Big Nine Big North ... Wolverine
Some Other Groups

Region Upper Pennisula Northeast Northwest Southwest ... Region Key Whats New! I have just did a minor page change to this site. I added a new page to take care of clutter at the top of the site. Links to other High School Stadium Databases Texas High School Stadium Database Ohio High School Stadium Information Michigan High School Football Links Michigan High School Athletic Association Michigan High School Football Conference Standings Michigan Sports Radio Michigan High School Helmet Project ... Michigan High School Football Coaches Association Current Number of Page Views

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